Flower of Evil Episode 11 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 11

Flashback…Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) gives birth to their daughter Baek Eun Ha. Baek Hee Sung (aka Do Hyun Soo) (Lee Joon Gi) and Ji Won stare at their daughter being held by the nurse. Tears fill Ji Won’s eyes as she declares she’s beautiful. Hee Sung admits he’s worries their daughter won’t like him. Ji Won chides him. When Eun Ha cries Ji Won believes that their daughter has a flood of emotions just like they do.

Do Hae Sue (Do Hyun Soo’s sister) researches the mark on a green bracelet. She finds an image linked to an article on the hospital’s overseas volunteer program. She sees the image of the members. Front and center is Mr. Baek. Hae Sue sees a closeup of the green bracelet. She knows it was worn by the accomplice when he gave her the fish charm and his phone number at her father’s funeral. She hears a noise outside her apartment window. She looks but doesn’t see anyone. She returns to her computer and sees more pictures of Mr. Baek.

Detective Choi Jae Sub (Choi Young Joon) drags Ji Won out of the team meeting. He knows she knew things, manipulated the investigation and lied to them. Team Lead Lee Woo Cheol (Choi Dae Hoon) demands that Detective Choi release Ji Won’s wrist. Officer Im Ho Joon (Kim Jin Woo) makes sure Ji Won is okay. Ji Won says that this is between Detective Choi and herself. They go to the roof to chat.

Ji Won asks how he found out. Detective Choi doesn’t want excuses. He asks when she found out. She tells him. He asks if her husband knows she knows that he’s Hyun Soo. He doesn’t. Detective Choi says he can prove her husband is Hyun Soo and he’ll use it and keep her out of it. Detective Choi believes that Ji Won was manipulated by her husband. Detective Choi assumes her husband killed Hee Sung. Detective Choi counters that Hee Sung’s parents are involved. She falls to her knees and begs for the chance to prove that her husband isn’t what the world and Detective Choi assume he is. She sobs. Detective Choi kneels and says he can’t do it. They’ll raid CEO Yeom tonight, arrest her husband tomorrow, and she’ll keep her mouth shut. He walks away as Ji Won cries.

Hyun Soo and Reporter Kim Moo Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) review the plan. If something happens to him, Moo Jin will provide the location of the humans to be sold to the police. He shares he’s hidden a listening device in the money.

CEO Yeom Sang Cheol looks at the picture of the accomplice. Hyun Soo enters his office with the money. CEO Yeom’s man scans the bag. Hyun Soo turns on the listening device. CEO Yeom smells the money and orders his man to count it.  As Moo Jin listens, Hyun Soo asks when he’ll get the address of the humans being sold. Hyun Soo calls Moo Jin and shares she’s found something out and she has a favor to ask.

At the police station, Team Lead Lee briefs the team about the raid. Detective Choi returns and states Ji Won won’t be participating tonight. He lies that Ji Won’s daughter is sick and had to leave. Ji Won enters and says her daughter is fine and she’ll join them. Detective Choi urges her to go home to her daughter. Ji Won insists on participating.

CEO Yeom provides the address of the humans being sold. Moo Jin uses the voice modulator to call Ji Won with the address.

Ji Won tells the team. They mobilize. Detective Choi tells her to stay. Ji Won refuses. Detective Choi counters she’s too emotionally involved. Ji Won counters Detective Choi couldn’t do it if the situation where reversed. She points out that Hyun Soo will only talk to her.

CEO Yeom burns the address. Hyun Soo asks about the accomplice. CEO Yeom holds an envelope with the accomplice’s face, name and address. But the transfer is interrupted by a phone call. The contact name is Mr. Baek. CEO Yeom snatches the envelope and answers the phone. Mr. Baek tells CEO Yeom to eliminate Hyun Soo because he’s working with the police and Mr. Baek will double the money. CEO Yeom thanks Mr. Baek for the information. Mr. Baek says Hyun Soo lives under a false identity so he’s vulnerable and the police don’t trust him. CEO Yeom hangs up and order his man to get the money. He asks Hyun Soo if he wants to be buried in the land or sea.

Mr. Baek leaves his study to find the real Hee Sung worried that Hyun Soo will kill him. Mr. Baek assures his son that won’t happen. The doorbell rings. It’s Hyun Soo’s sister. The Baek family is shocked. Hae Sue apologizes for coming late and asks to speak with them. The door is unlocked and she enters the house.

CEO Yeom’s men are chased by the police. Team Lead Lee handles one with a baton. Detective Choi and Ji Won chase another. When they corner him, the man reveals his knife and tries to stab Detective Choi. Ji Won pushes Detective Choi out of the way and takes the blow. She’s wearing protective gear. Detective Choi tackles the man. Ji Won tells Detective Choi he’s stupid for not wearing protective gear. Detective Choi chides her for interfering. Ji Won tells him she has something she must do.

CEO Yeom’s man attacks Hyun Soo. He’s too big for Hyun Soo to handle. CEO Yeom watches his man toss Hyun Soo around until he collapses. CEO Yeom asks why Hyun Soo is working with the cops. Hyun Soo asks who said so. CEO Yeom asks Hyun Soo who he told, because that’s who told him. CEO Yeom says Hyun Soo that he will die. He orders his thug to tie up Hyun Soo. The fire alarms go off.  The thugs find Moo Jin “testing” the fire alarm. Moo Jin sprays the thug with the fire extinguisher and yells for Hyun Soo to escape. CEO Yeom says Hyun Soo isn’t going anywhere. Moo Jin flees. The thug follows. Moo Jin hides in the parking garage.

Hae Sue looks at the family photo over the Baek’s mantle. Her back is to the door where Hee Sung listens and gnaws on his fingernails. Mrs. Baek is surprised that Hae Sue and Hyun Soo have reconnected. Mr. Baek points out Hae Sue’s awareness that Hyun Soo is acting as their son puts them at risk. She shares that Hyun Soo told her their son is in a coma and they asked him to assume his identity. Mr. Baek ask why she came. Hae Sue shows him the green bracelet printout. She asks for the volunteers. She says they must be on edge about the reinvestigation of the Yeonju murders. The Baeks confirm this. She assures them her brother had nothing to do with their father’s activities. Mr. Baek says they believe that too. He asks what the bracelet’s significance is. Hae Sue shares that the accomplice attended her father’s funeral wearing that bracelet. The Baeks are shocked. Hae Sue believes if she sees the man’s face again, she’ll recognize him. Hee Sung is obviously upset as his parents struggle to keep their composure.

Hiding under a car, Moo Jin decides to do a live feed of his situation. He tells his audience to call the police. CEO Yeom’s man pulls him from under the car and bashes him repeatedly. Moo Jin broadcasts until CEO Yeom’s man grabs his phone and smashes it. CEO Yeom clears out his office after tying Hyun Soo up. He throws gas on everything and declares Hyun Soo will die a painful death. Hyun Soo tells CEO Yeom to tell him who betrayed him. CEO Yeom smashes the listening device, takes the money, tells Hyun Soo this is his own fault, and holds his lighter up high. Then a gun is put to his head. Female hangs cock the gun. CEO Yeom closes the lighter. Hyun Soo sees his wife motion CEO Yeom into the office. Hyun Soo is stunned. They lock eyes. She asks if he’s okay.

The police find the humans to be sold including the young victim from the first episode. Officer Im asks the young boy what happened. The boy says as long as he can go home, everything will be fine. Team Lead Lee asks Detective Choi where Ji Won is. He lies that her daughter’s fever spiked. Team Lead Lee says he knows Detective Choi wouldn’t lie without a good reason. Detective Choi sighs.

Flashback…Ji Won says she has to find her husband. Detective Choi says he’ll arrest him tomorrow morning. He warns she only has tonight.

Hyun Soo can’t believe his wife knew. She goes to handcuff CEO Yeom but he gets the advantage. He throttles Ji Won. Hyun Soo literally rips the door handles off that he’s ties to. He starts to throttle CEO Yeom. Ji Won pulls him off CEO Yeom. She yells at him that Detective Choi know who he is. She orders him to run. Hyun Soo stands there in shock. Ji Won yells at him to run, not look back, and never come back. Hyun Soo stands there. Ji Won yells that he can’t keep taking the blame for his sister. She yells at him to leave. Hyun Soo starts to walk away. He stops, considers, and decides he has no choice but to leave. Ji Won cries as her husband walks away.

The police get the CEO Yeom’s thug under control. Moo Jin rushes to CEO Yeom’s office. He lies that he’s there for a story. Ji Won call for police backup.

Hyun Soo drives away and cries remembering Ji Won’s declarations. He pulls over. He calls his wife.

CEO Yeom is led away.

Ji Won sees who is calling and doesn’t answer. Hyun Soo calls again. Ji Won cries and doesn’t answer. Hyun Soo will her to pick up. Hyun Soo declares this isn’t their ending. He calls again. Ji Won gets out of a taxi and stands in front of the car.

Hyun Soo exits the car and walks to his wife. She asks why he’s doing this to her. She says he can’t live as Hee Sung anymore. Running away is his only option. She asks what else he wants from her. Hyun Soo can’t believe she knew and didn’t dump him. Ji Won can’t believe he doesn’t know why she tried so hard to protect him. Hyun Soo sobs and grabs his heart. He sobs he’s sorry. He declares he was wrong to hurt her and cause her such pain. Ji Won hugs him and declares protecting him was the only thing she could do. They sob together. Hyun Soo says he wants to go home. Ji Won agrees. She tells him whatever happens, they begin again at home.

Mr. Baek says he’ll look for the information she wants but can’t guarantee he’ll find what she needs because it two decades ago. Hae Sue is thankful that he’ll look for the data. She stands to leave.  Mrs. Baek follows and asks if Hae Sue remembers anything in particular about the accomplice. She lies it could help her husband find the accomplice. Hae Sue remembers the accomplice’s fingernails were short as if he had a habit of gnawing them. The camera cuts to Hee Sung gnawing on his fingernails. He stops when he hears Hae Sue’s words. He stares at his hands.

Flashback…The accomplice leaves a voicemail for Mrs. Nam not to interfere. Now we see a series of moments and Hee Sung’s face is revealed.

Hee Sung knows he’s in trouble.

At the hospital, CEO Yeom is patched up. He feigns an issue when the doctor walks away. He overwhelms the single police officer guarding him and grabs the key to the handcuffs. He unlocks them.

Ji Won and Hyun Soo return home. Hyun Soo looks at the family photos and cries. Ji Won cries too. They lock eyes. Ji Won hugs her husband, the man she loves. Hyun Soo hugs her back. She cries. He cries. They kiss.

CEO Yeom looks at the picture of the accomplice. It’s Hee Sung. He murmurs he has one more chance. He laughs.

Hee Sung gnaws his hand while Mrs. Baek demand to know what her husband will do. Mr. Baek says Hae Sue can’t prove her claim. Mr. Baek says he’s already taken care of Hyun Soo. The gets Hee Sung’s attention. Mr. Baek yells at his son to stop gnawing on his nails. He hits his son. Mrs. Baek yells at her husband. Hee Sung asks why it had to be Hyun Soo that he hit that fateful rainy night.

Flashback…Hee Sung tells CEO Yeom that he’ll handle the situation. He asks if Mrs. Jang remembers his face. CEO Yeom assures her she doesn’t. He runs into Hyun Soo when he darts into the road.

Hee Sung murmurs that Do Min Seok (Do Hyun Soo’s Father) wouldn’t let him be. He knows that Do Min Seok told him what to do and he did it. Hee Sung says Do Min Seok threatened his parents. He cries that he didn’t want to help Do Min Seok but he had no choice. He asks if they’ll protect him.

Flashback…Do Min Seok tells his young son not to run in the woods or he could fall of the cliff.

Hyun Soo shares the memory with his wife. He admits he doesn’t remember much from that incident. Ji Won asks why he continued to wear the watch. Hyun Soo says it made him feel good. Ji Won shares that she heard Hyun Soo tells Hae Sue that he never loved her. Hyun Soo cries. Ji Won says he’s crying because he loves her. Hyun Soo says he’s not capable of love. He says he is a liar. Ji Won says she knew that he cared for her early in their relationship by the kind things he’d do for her. She says when her father died, he stood by her and supported her without pressuring her to grieve in a particular timeframe. Ji Won declares she can feel his love. Hyun Soo tells his wife he loves her. He kisses her hand. He repeats the declaration. Ji Won says tomorrow the world will judge him by another filter. Hyun Soo says that doesn’t matter. Ji Won urges him not to forget he loves. Hyun Soo says odd to trust him.  Hyun Soo tells more of his story. He says he survived multiple near-death experiences before they met. Hyun Soo says his relationship with Ji Won is the oddest and best part of his life’s story.

The next morning, Detective Choi arrives at the house to arrest Hyun Soo.

Hae Sue goes to Moo Jin and demands to know why he didn’t answer he calls. She sees his face. Moo Jin admits he doesn’t know if Hyun Soo is okay. Moo Jin admits Ji Won knows the truth about her brother.

Ji Won talks to Detective Choi on the phone. She asks him not to handcuff him. She promises to bring her husband out in 30 minutes. Hyun Soo sits up. Ji Won says Detective Choi is there to arrest him.

Ji Won leads her husband out of the house to a waiting Detective Choi. They are holding hands. They stare at Detective Choi.

My Thoughts

The accomplice’s identity is revealed. Writer Yoo Jung Hee revealed that Hee Sung is the accomplice. We waited and wondered. By process of elimination, the accomplice HAD to be associated with the Baeks. Hee Sung’s return from a coma finally made an impact. The flashbacks revealed Hee Sung as the fingernail gnawing hatted man in all the flashbacks that had blurred his identity previously. Do you believe Hee Sung’s claim that he didn’t want to help Do Min Seok and only did so because Do Min Seok threatened his parents? How did Hee Sung end up in a coma? Mr. and Mrs. Baek couldn’t have picked a more ironic person to fake being their son, than the son of the serial murder their own son supported. I was worried Hae Sue wouldn’t leave their house but she got out. She doesn’t know that the fingernail gnawing observation pointed the finger (pun intended) at Hee Sung.

Baek Hee Sung aka Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi) declared his love. He’s brainwashed himself for years with the mantra that he’s incapable of love. Ji Won broke down the barriers and pointed out the obvious. He loves her, their child and their life. Hyun Soo saw the truth. He declared his love for his wife. Together they vowed to face the scrutiny of the investigation and the public’s reaction together. Hyun Soo was desperate to save Ji Won when CEO Yeom attacked her. He was rightfully enraged as he choked CEO Yeom the same way the human trafficking criminal choked Ji Won. But Ji Won pulled him off and told him to flee. He didn’t want to but she convinced him. Hyun Soo drove away but pulled over. He called Ji Won willing her to pick up. She did one better; she used the tracking device in his watch and came to him. Hyun Soo clutched his heart, which he does when he feels deep emotion, and declared he wanted to face their future together.

Detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) stood by her man. Detective Choi confronted Ji Won privately after Ji Won demanded it. She begged Detective Choi to look away and let her prove her husband wasn’t involved. She knows Hyun Soo did not kill the village foreman. Ji Won had several cool moments this episode – she took the knife meant for Detective Choi because she had the protective gear, she put the gun to CEO Yeom’s head forcing him NOT to drop the lighter and torch her husband, she found her husband after he called her and agreed to stand together. At home Ji Won finally heard the three little words, “I love you”, that Hyun Soo believed he didn’t feel. He was wrong and Ji Won was right. She knew he loved her from an early point in their relationship.

Behind the scenes video of episodes 9-10:

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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10 comments on “Flower of Evil Episode 11 Recap
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Another stellar episode! This drama is well paced. We are given some answer, but more questions pile up. What exactly was the dynamic between Do Min Seok and Baek Hee Seong? How did Min Seok die? How did Hee Seong end in a coma? Who killed the village elder and why?
    I love the tension-filled romance between Ji Won and Hyun Soo. I hope their strong love for each other will help them deal with the trouble ahead. I am very worried about Hae Soo noona. I hope she is not killed off and gets a chance for romance with Reporter Kim.
    I am happy that the little kid and the other victims are safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • …more questions pile up. What exactly was the dynamic between Do Min Seok and Baek Hee Seong? How did Min Seok die? How did Hee Seong end in a coma? Who killed the village elder and why?…worried about Hae Soo noona. I hope she is not killed off…I am happy that the little kid and the other victims are safe.
      More answers did indeed lead to more questions. I was worried that Hae Sue wouldn’t survive her encounter with the Baeks but as you note, she isn’t out of danger yet. I was relieved to see the child from the first episode saved and safe.


  2. Nicola says:

    WOWZA!!! I didn’t think that anything could beat episode 9 in terms of the tension packed emotions but boy did this one deliver. I was glad to see Reporter Moo jin man up for once and follow through although he got beaten up for it but I am sure he will use it to his advantage considering it was live streamed 😊. What was going on Hae soo’s mind by going to the Baek’s house in the middle of the night with her requests! I don’t know how to read that girl. Is she playing dumb or crazy as a fox? Don’t know how the hairs on the back of her neck didn’t stand up during their inquisition because it sure did for mine. Another great performance by Hee sung. You could literally hear him tearing through his fingernails listening to Hae soo describe him. The rescue scene was quite dramatic and intense but why is it that these cops cannot hold on their suspects LOL. They keep escaping from their custody. I am still not liking Detective Choi and even moreso this episode. I have said it before, something is off with him. Fine he has made it known that he will be arresting Hyun soo the following morning but he shows no compassion for Ji won when he arrives just that same smug look he always has like the cat that swallowed the canary. Ugh! I just hope they got lots of (ahem) loving done the night before in case Hyun soo doesn’t see daylight for a while. Lets see if Detective Choi goes after Reporter Moo jin too. Afterall his involvement in this fiasco should be considered aiding and abetting a fugitive. The dramatization with Hyun soo and Ji won were so beautifully done when they finally talked openly about his childhood and his earliest memories. How she tenderly and patiently explained what love is (I died a thousand times) watching them. He is such a masterful actor. I think we were all not really surprised to learn that the accomplice was Hee sung so at least that mystery has been solved. I am on the fence though in terms of how involved he was with the killings and why. He does not really exhibit the typical clinical narcissistic traits of a psychopath and I go back to his pleadings with his parents to allow him to meet Hyun soo and explain (what?). There is some vulnerability about him that I can’t put my finger on. Oh and one more thing…I have such a hard time reconciling the role of Mrs Baek in this drama. She is so different from the mom she played in “I Will Go To You When The Weather Is Nice.” More drama to come next episode. Lots of other questions to be answered. From the previews it appears that Hae soo turns herself in and hopefully it is before the public gets wind of Hyun soo’s arrest because what I know from K dramas, these Koreans are merciless with their demand for blood once someone is perceived as “guilty.” I also want to see more scenes of Eun Ha. I miss seeing her cute face and adoring fawning on her father. He sure needs that now. How great was his portrayal of the nervous father when he lays on Eun Ha in the nursery and his one line answer to Ji won about what he was feeling was “worry.” So true for every parent but for him it included additional factors. I will have to binge watch something else in the meantime till episode 12 (sigh). Ta! for now.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I was glad to see Reporter Moo jin man up for once
      He did his best to handle the thug though physical altercations are clearly not his strength.

      The dramatization with Hyun soo and Ji won were so beautifully done when they finally talked openly about his childhood and his earliest memories.
      I was relieved they were candid, honest and supportive.

      He does not really exhibit the typical clinical narcissistic traits of a psychopath and I go back to his pleadings with his parents to allow him to meet Hyun soo and explain
      Was he forced to help as he claimed? Or was he a willing participant?

      Lots of other questions to be answered
      Yes there are…only 5 episodes left.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Yep, it was about time Reporter Kim Moo Jin 📰 manned up. His distraction DID make a difference for Hee Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 in being able to get away.

      “Was he [original Hee Sung] forced to help as he claimed? Or was he a willing participant?” -KJT. I suspect the original Hee Sung 🧮 was a willing participant at some point in his adventures with Do Min Seok. Didn’t he acquire and murder the taxi 🚖 drivers wife AFTER Do Min Seok was dead❓⁉️

      Gong Mi Ja 👩‍⚕️💊 and Baek Man Woo 👨‍⚕️ received a golden egg with Hee Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 dropping into their lap … the perfect scapegoat 🐐 to blame the crimes of their son, the original Hee Sung 🧮 on and keep Man Woo’s 👨‍⚕️ workplace unaware of his son’s issues or disappearance. They ARE culpable in their son’s crimes by concealing the original Hee Sung 🧮 and his murderous actions. Is it odd that a murderer Hee Sung 🧮 stopped and took care of Hyun Soo 🧍‍♂️🗜 after he hit him with his car❓⁉️ i want to know what happened next that put him in s multi-year coma.

      “Don’t know how the hairs on the back of her [Do Hae Soo 🎬🎨🖌] neck didn’t stand up during their inquisition because it sure did for mine. “- Nicola. I completely agree, I found the encounter very creepy and wonder if Hae Soo 🎬🎨🖌 will be killed before she gets out the door. If Detective Choi 🕵️‍♂️ is consistent, he thoroughly grill Reporter Kim Moo Jin 📰 … we shall see.

      I liked the time Ji Won 🕵️‍♀️ and Hee Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 spent together, it was good to have honesty between them and I 💗 that Hee Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 came to the realization that he did love Ji Won 🕵️‍♀️. I’m curious to see what happens next.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I suspect the original Hee Sung 🧮 was a willing participant at some point in his adventures with Do Min Seok.
        I’m leaning that way too.

        i want to know what happened next that put him in s multi-year coma.
        That’s nagging me too.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. se says:

    I really am enjoying this drama. MCW gave best of her performance yet.

    There were a heart touching moments in this episode like when ji won was attacked and hyun soo struggling to untie himself.

    calling her multiple times saying this can not be their end and when he said i want to go home

    It’s really heartbroken at the same time sweet when hyun soo declares his love while crying.
    can’t wait for nxt week!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. DramaDazed says:

    I’m a little surprised at the reveal just over half way, to me it indicates another twist somewhere. I sure hope Hae Soo will be ok… Reporter Kim seems to have changed a lot since the beginning.

    One point – JaneT, if I am remembering right, I don’t think they found the taxi drivers wife’s body? Maybe she escaped and took the opportunity to run away from her murderous nut job husband? I don’t know that she adds to the story dead or alive.

    I still think daddy Baek is a suspect in some aspect, and mom must be somehow responsible for the coma. Kim Ji Hoon is certainly acting sufficiently creepy. I’ve seen him be goofy sweet (Matchmakers Lover) and sad intense (Goddess of Marriage) – he works a lot. Bad news family!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      You’re right DD, the body of the taxi driver’s wife has not been found after searching the area that Do Min Seok’s other victims were found.

      I concur that each member of the Baek family is suspicious in their own way … the original Hee Sung IS creepier than Daddy Baek, but both are skin crawlingly creepy.

      Liked by 2 people

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