It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 15 Recap

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 15 “The Tale of Two Brothers” 

Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) is clearly drugged via the juice given to him by Head Nurse Park Haeng Ja (aka Moon Young’s mother). He wonders if Moon Young and Kang Tae have made up. Moon Young’s mother decides she needs to handle Kang Tae. She calls him with Sang Tae’s phone. She laughs and tells Kang Tae to meet her at Moon Young’s house.

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) enters the house and finds his brother and Moon Young’s mother in the library. He rushes to Sang Tae who is clearly drugged. Moon Young’s Mother laughs knowing he must be seething. She says Sang Tae is drugged and will wake soon. She’s sorry Moon Young isn’t here. She wanted to see which one he’d choose to save. Kang Tae demands to know why she’s doing this. Moon Young’s Mother declares he ruined her perfect artwork. Kang Tae can’t believe she considers her daughter art. Moon Young’s Mother explains the plastic surgery changed her face so the resemblance is gone. But Moon Young is her mini-me and owes everything to her. Kang Tae declares Moon Young is a person. Moon Young’s Mother yells that he’s a failure in Moon Young’s life and should be discarded. She offers him the chance to take his brother and leave. Kang Tae refuses. Moon Young’s Mother offers him the chance to kill her. Then Moon Young will hate him and that will dissolve their relationship. She laughs and declares this would be a happy ending for all. Kang Tae declares her ending will never happen and he’ll never give up on Moon Young. Moon Young’s Mother asks if he wants to know about his mother. She says she first met in this library.

Flashback…Kang Tae’s mother enters the library where Moon Young’s Mother works. She explains she’s from the employment agency. Moon Young’s Mother tells her to do her job and leave her alone. When she takes a break from writing she sees Kang Tae’s mother interact with Moon Young over a bird with a broken wing. Kang Tae’s mother reports the interaction to Moon Young’s Mother relaying that Moon Young thought the injured bird should be killed. Moon Young’s Mother agrees with her daughter’s choice. Kang Tae’s mother offers to help Moon Young mentioning a hospital that her eldest son goes to. Moon Young’s Mother says she’s not interested.  Later she gets her revenge when she stabs Kang Tae’s mother in the tunnel.

Kang Tae can’t believe his mother was killed for something that trivial. Moon Young’s Mother declares she could allow her daughter’s mental state to be besmirched. Kang Tae rushes her and pins her on the desk. He starts choking her. Moon Young’s Mother eggs him on. She tells him not to become weak. Kang Tae gets grip when he remembers Moon Young’s declaration that she still cared for her mother. Moon Young’s Mother’s mother stabs him with a syringe. She calls him a weak man. As Kang Tae struggles with the drug, Moon Young’s Mother’s says she and Moon Young are alike.

Moon Young rushes into the room and declares she’s nothing like her mother. She takes a sharp object and goes to stab her mother. Kang Tae intervenes, his hand receiving the object just like the first episode. Kang Tae murmurs the Moon Young promised not to kill. He falls to the floor. Moon Young cradles him. She begs him to wake.

Moon Young’s Mother tells her daughter cutting her hair won’t work. She pulls back on Moon Young’s head and croons to her daughter. She picks up the pen and positions it to plunge into Moon Young. Sang Tae intervenes and bashes Moon Young’s Mother in the head. Sang Tae yells that she can’t hurt his brother and sister. Moon Young’s Mother’s lays on the floor and clutches her head.

Wow! Way to go Sang Tae!

The camera reveals the young Moon Young holding a young Kang Tae with a young Sang Tae clutching the book titled World’s Best Fairy Tales.

Awk! Tears! Is the book Moon Young’s father read to her?

Director Oh Ji Wang watches as the police bring Moon Young’s Mother’s mother to the squad car. She tells Director Oh that she’s won. Moon Young and Kang Tae will never be together. Director Oh doesn’t believe that is a given. Moon Young’s Mother says humans are week. Director Oh counter humans stick together and lean on each other. He asks if she’ll ever be human. The police take her away. Director Oh asks what she did to Patient Park. Moon Young’s Mother muses that woman was a great actress.

Flashback…Moon Young’s Mother writes detailed instructions which PP follows to the letter.

Moon Young’s Mother says the play is over so PP is no longer needed. She tells Director Oh PP is acting somewhere else. Director Oh says she needs to act somewhere else too. He tells the police to take her away.

Moon Young watches Kang Tae sleep off the drug and worries that he might not wake. Director Oh asks if Kang Tae doesn’t wake, will she commit suicide like Romeo did? Moon Young asks if he’ll wake. Director Oh says Kang Tae will wake. He leaves the room. Moon Young takes Kang Tae’s hand and holds it to her face.

When Director Oh exits, Sang Tae demands to know if his brother will be okay. Director Oh assures him. Sang Tae declares Head Nurse Park was a bad person, lying to him and hurting his siblings. Director Oh commends Sang Tae for saving Moon Young and Kang Tae’s lives. Sang Tae declares he saved lives and smiles.

Moon Young cries that Kang Tae always gets hurt because of her. She remembers her mother declaration they are the same because they share the same blood. Moon Young says Kang Tae’s life will be miserable because of her.

Pulled over for an illegal U-turn Publisher Lee Sang In ignores the police officer while repeatedly calling Moon Young and Kang Tae without either answering.  The police officer yells he almost hit a deer. Publishing coworker Yoo Seung Jae and Nurse Nam Joo Ri arrive to resolve the arrest. As they walk down the hallway, Seung Jae wants an explanation. Publisher Lee won’t offer one. He takes Joo Ri aside and asks if Moon Young and Kang Tae are okay. He says some have a hard time having a normal life. Joo Ri says those with misfortunes will turn the corner and have only happiness. Seung Jae considers the sentiment sappy.

Sang Tae describes the event to Jo Jae Soo (Kang Tae’s friend) repeatedly. Jae Soo says he’s proud of Sang Tae and declares him the best. Jae Soo wonders when Kang Tae will wake. Sang Tae declares Moon Young needs to kiss him, like a princess kisses a prince.

Kang Tae wakes in Moon Young’s bedroom. He looks at his bandaged hand. He exits the room. In his room he sees Sang Tae asleep. He turns and Moon Young approaches. She asked if he slept well. Kang Tae confirms this. He says he had a long dream and nightmare. Moon Young takes his hand and says it wasn’t a dream it was real. She wants to talk.

In the library, Kang Tae sees the evidence it was real. Moon Young says it happened just a few hours ago. She says it is over, they are alive, and her mother was arrested. She asks Kang Tae to leave. Moon Young says she has feelings. She’ll never forget what he and Sang Tae endured because of her. She believes they’ll never be able to forget or forgive her. Kang Tae says they can overcome the events of the day. He suggests they consider it a nightmare. Moon Young tells him to stop pretending to be okay. She doesn’t want to see him pretend again. It will torment her. She won’t live like that. She tells him to move out tomorrow. Kang Tae asks if she means it. Moon Young confirms it. She says she wants to be alone like she was before. She walks away.

Moon Young has a point about it not being healthy for Kang Tae to pretend. But her plan to self isolation isn’t healthy either.

Moon Young tells herself she said we she had to say.

The next morning, Seung Jae has a theory that something happened at Moon Young’s house based on Seung Jae and Publisher Lee’s actions. Joo Ri’s mother and Joo Ri ask if it is true. Publisher Lee and Jae Soo lie about what happened, brushing it off as a lover’s quarrel. Seung Jae doesn’t believe them.

Kang Tae finds his brother still sleeping. He gently wakes him. Sang Tae asks if Kang Tae is okay. Kang Tae says his hand hurts. Kang Tae hugs his brother. He thanks him for saving them. Sang Tae asks why Head Nurse Park did that. Kang Tae says she only pretended to be nice but wanted others to be unhappy. Sang Tae cites Moon Young’s Mother’s last book about a female serial killer that killed happy people. Kang Tae is surprised Sang Tae read the book. Sang Tae explains he found it at the psychiatric hospital, and read it up to page 63. Sang Tae says the book was boring. Sang Tae asks if Head Nurse Park was like the character in the book. Kang Tae confirms that. Sang Tae asks what to do with the dinosaur that Head Nurse Park gave him. Kang Tae says he’ll throw it away. Sang Tae agrees then changes his mind. He says the person that gave him the dinosaur is bad but the dinosaur isn’t bad. Kang Tae agrees the dinosaur isn’t bad. Sang Tae gently stroke the dinosaur.

Wise words from Sang Tae.

Moon Young remembers yesterday’s events. Kang Tae says he’s going to work after breakfast and there is soup to eat.

Downstairs Kang Tae asks Sang Tae what he’d say if Moon Young asked them to move out. Sang Tae says they are a family and should live together. Sang Tae says if they leave, they should take Moon Young with them. Sang Tae says Moon Young would be bored living without them. Kang Tae asks what he’d say if Moon Young wanted to live alone. Sang Tae declares he’d say “over my dead body” and that would win the argument. Kang Tae laughs

More wise words from Sang Tae.

Kang Tae offers his letter of resignation to Director Oh. He says he wants to relax. Director Oh admits he was thinking about doing the same. Kang Tae asks if he’s thinking about resigning because of what happened. Director Oh admits he should have known what was going on. Kang Tae asks for a final session. Director Oh agrees and asks what’s on his mind.

Moon Young comes down and Sang Tae tells her the breakfast choices. He asks about her head, if it hurts. Sang Tae say the woman was evil because she didn’t want Moon Young to be happy. Moon Young tells Sang Tae the illustrations are no longer necessary. She doesn’t want to publish the book. She’s terminating the contract. He tells her she must pay 3 times the rate. She tells him to move out by the end of the day. Sang Tae says “over my dead body” and says he’ll win the argument.

Kang Tae shares that Moon Young’s Mother’s actions have crowded his brain and he can’t breathe. He lied to Moon Young that he could overcome it. Moon Young didn’t believe him. Director Oh observes being together is painful and being apart is painful. Why not suffer together? Director Oh guesses Kang Tae wanted to kill Moon Young’s Mother. Kang Tae confirms this. He couldn’t because he thought about Moon Young. Director Oh points out the person that challenges him can also save him.

Moon Young drapes all her furniture. Publisher Lee and Seung Jae arrive knowing she intends to quit writing. Publisher Lee suggests if she can’t write fairy tale, try a different genre. Moon Young says she doesn’t want to write anymore. Publisher Lee suggests a sabbatical. Moon Young states she has no more stories to tell. She plans to sell the house. She tells Publisher Lee he’s free. Publisher Lee declares he needs her. Moon Young tells him to get lost. Seung Jae believes Moon Young is serious. Publisher Lee declares fairy tales is the only way Moon Young can communicate with the world. If she doesn’t write them, that means she’s given up.

After the session Kang Tae asks if he can plant a tree at the psychiatric hospital. Director Oh agrees.

Moon Young tries to sleep but dreams of her mother. Kang Tae puts Mang Tae in her hand. Moon Young wakes. She tells him to leave the house. She wants Mang Tae but doesn’t want Kang Tae. He asks if she’s really going to live alone. Moon Young says she can’t live among the general public, so alone is best for everyone. Kang Tae says she can’t live alone anymore because she’s experienced warmth, love and family. He cups her cheek and says she’s a kid that needs love. She pushes him away and hides under the covers. Kang Tae asks if she wants to hear a story. Moon Young does not.

The Tale of Two Brothers…two brother both harvested their rice. The older brother worried about his little brother and secretly donated a sack of rice. The little brother worried about his older brother and secretly donated a sack of rice. They noticed that had the same amount of rice. The brothers repeated the donation cycle for days.

Kang Tae asks if Moon Young knows the moral of the story. She says nothing as she clutches Mang Tae.  Kang Tae says the moral is siblings that love each other should live together so they don’t do pointless work. Moon Young grouses that isn’t much of a moral. Kang Tae shares that Sang Tae came up with the moral. Kang Tae asks if she likes him and his brother. Kang Tae answers for her. Kang Tae tells her not to waste time. He doesn’t care where they live as long as they are together. Moon Young says nothing. Irked, Kang Tae yells. Moon Young doesn’t like that. Kang Tae claims he voice sounds loud in the room. He tells her to rest and leaves. Moon Young stares at Mang Tae.

Sang Tae is watching his cartoon when a defeated Kang Tae enters. He says he may have made things worse. Sang Tae asks if he followed his instructions. Kang Tae says he told her the story. Sang Tae bets Kang Tae made the story boring. Kang Tae sighs.


That evening, Sang Tae and Kang Tae sit down to eat. Moon Young arrives and asks to talk to Kang Tae.

She asks when he’s going to leave. She tells him to leave. Kang Tae says they can’t leave because their apartment is flooded from a water pipe burst.

The staff discusses if they should tell the patients if Director Oh is retiring. Director Oh says they should go out to eat.

Joo Ri calls Moon Young to ask for a favor. She asks her to look in on her sick mother. She says others are busy. Moon Young says she can’t help and hangs up.

Moon Young arrives at Joo Ri’s mother’s house. She finds her watching TV and eating popcorn. Moon Young asks Joo Ri’s mother is sick. She says that at her age, she’s always feeling less than optimal. Moon Young grouses about Joo Ri manipulating her. Joo Ri’s mother reveals food ready and waiting. She tells Moon Young to sit and eat. Joo Ri’s mother says many people care about Moon Young.

Flashback…Kang Tae calls Publisher Lee and asks for his help. Publisher Lee, Joo Ri, Seung Jae and Joo Ri’s mother come up with a plan. Joo Ri’s mother wants Moon Young’s favorite foods from Kang Tae. Publisher Lee shares that Moon Young hasn’t been writing or eating. Joo Ri’s mother says she’s doing this for Kang Tae. Seung Jae says she’ll prepare something other than food. She calls Jae Soo and asks for some of his time. She thinks he likes her.

Moon Young sits. Joo Ri’s mother sits and tells her to eat. Joo Ri’s mother shares that Kang Tae called Publisher Lee who in turn asked her for help. Joo Ri’s mother chuckles they played her well. She puts a quail egg on Moon Young’s spoon. Moon Young asks why everyone is being nice to her. She says she’s not family. Joo Ri’s mother says she appreciates the Moon Young likes Kang Tae for who he is even though he has nothing to offer. Moon Young cries and eats with gusto. Jae Soo arrives and says he’s hungry.

Kang Tae and Sang Tae plant the tree. He hangs the family portrait on it. Sang Tae asks if this is their mother’s tree. Kang Tae tells Sang Tae whenever they miss their mother they need only come here. Sang Tae tells their mother this photo is the new portrait with Moon Young who looks better with long hair. Kang Tae tells his mother he grew up well. Sang Tae agrees. He hopes his mother’s tree grows big and strong. Kang Tae promises to take care of Sang Tae from now on. Sang Tae declares that Kang Tae wasn’t born to take care of him. Sang Tae says older brothers take care of younger brothers. That’s why he hit the bad woman and protects Kang Tae when he sleeps. Kang Tae chuckles and agrees Sang Tae was born to take care of him. Sang Tae declares the time has come for Kang Tae to take care of himself. He’s got things to do. He wishes his mother well and walks away. Kang Tae laughs and wishes his mother well and follows his brother.

What a sweet scene.

Jae Soo tells Moon Young stories about Kang Tae. Moon Young agrees that Kang Tae can be fake sometimes. Jae Soo shares Kang Tae’s wish to travel. Moon Young barks that isn’t crazy.

Moon Young arrives home to find Sang Tae waiting on the steps holding his sketch book. Sang Tae notices she smells like alcohol. Moon Young asks the excuse that Kang Tae will use tomorrow. Sang Tae says over my dead body. Sang Tae wants to show his sketches. Moon Young says she’s retiring. Sang Tae says if Moon Young does, he’ll publish a book with another author. Moon Young says he’s not loyal. She agrees to look at his sketches. He shows a photo of Kang Tae sleeping and smiling. Sang Tae says he’s happy, not faking it. Tears fill Moon Young’s eyes. Sang Tae asks why she’s crying. Moon Young says it is beautiful. He asks if she wants it. Moon Young does want it. Sang Tae gives her the sketch. He says he wants to publish the book and take it to his mother and show her the book. Sang Tae says they wanted a tree for her at the psychiatric hospital.

Another sweet scene.

Moon Young visits their mother’s tree. She apologizes. Kang Tae stands next to her. He says he followed her. He says she likes to kidnap; he likes to follow. Kang Tae says he wants to impress her and will keep trying. He wants to overcome and cope with their reality. He asks her to stop pushing him away.  Moon Young walks away. Kang Tae follows and offers his hand. He asks how she’ll compensate for it. She apologizes and walks away. Kang Tae follows again. He yells that he loves her. She turns. Kang Tae says he loves her. Moon Young turns to leave. Kang Tae says it again and again while he follows her. He asks why she’s leaving. Irked he yells his love and follows her. Moon Young smiles.

Patient Kan, Patient Joo, and Patient Yoo watch the twosome and note others should consider a stay at the psychiatric hospital. Patient Joo declares love changes things.

At the house, Moon Young stares at the dried flowers Kang Tae got her. He arrives and declares his love again. Moon Young tells him to stop and tries to walk away. Kang Tae stops her and asks what she’s going to do about it. He lightly kisses her. He stares into her eyes.

He picks her up and puts her on the desk. He leans into her. She leans back. He keeps coming.

My Thoughts

The aftermath was the challenge. Writer Jo Yong wrapped up Moon Young’s Mother’s interaction early in the episode but the impact was felt throughout the remainder. Moon Young decided Kang Tae and Sang Tae were better off without her and tried to kick them out of her house and life. Their various responses had the same underlying message…we won’t go. Sang Tae scored with sweet insightful conversations throughout the episode. This character is the great gift to this series. Kang Tae lied to Moon Young they could overcome but she knew he was lying and called him on it. Director Oh pointed out that being miserable together was better than being miserable apart. Kang Tae had only to convince Moon Young. Sang Tae succeeded by offering a beautiful sketch of a happy Kang Tae. It touched Moon Young’s heart (and mine). Kang Tae succeeded when he got miffed and wouldn’t stop. Moon Young is a bullheaded person, and enjoyed Kang Tae not suppressing himself. She wasn’t quite sure how to handle his switch from sweet to heat. This couple has a heat factor, sorely lacking in most kdrama couples.

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) stopped Moon Young literally and her words stopped him from hurting her mother. Kang Tae used his hand to stop her from hurting her mother. Kang Tae had every right to be incensed at the filmy reason Moon Young’s Mother’s gave for killing his mother. I wanted to throttle her myself. But his memories of Moon Young’s painful admission that the woman was her mother stopped him. Kang Tae and Sang Tae scenes were lovely this episode. Sang Tae has fully embraced being a big brother. His declaration that Kang Tae wasn’t born to take care of him because that was his job, was perfect and laid to rest an old wound. Kang Tae had to lobby hard to get Moon Young fed and receptive for his loud, long declarations of love. When Kang Tae leaned into Moon Young, the heat in the scene ratcheted up. I love how Kim Soo Hyun can turn sweet to heat on a dime. More please.

Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) fell back to her tried and true…push people away. Moon Young was stuck and unable to cope with the effects of her mother’s actions. Kang Tae tried almost every trick in the book to get her to engage. Joo Ri’s mother pointed out that Moon Young has a cadre of people that care. Moon Young couldn’t deny that fact as tears brimmed. Sang Tae’s sketch of Kang Tae, the man she loved, touched her heart. Kang Tae’s repeated declarations of love at the end of the episode made freed her from the sorrow she was mired in. He demanded that she listen to him. Moon Young appreciated his irritation. But she was unsure when he leaned in, lifted her in his arms (swoon), and placed her on the desk and changed the tenor of their encounter.

Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) is a big brother in every sense of the word. Sang Tae bashed Moon Young’s Mother to save Moon Young. Sang Tae speaks the truth in a clear direct way. He told Moon Young he wanted to publish the book with her. He played the termination penalty on her, just like she did with him. He refused to leave when she told him to. Moon Young first opened back up to Sang Tae. His sketch of Kang Tae was lovely. Sang Tae noted Kang Tae wasn’t fake but happy. His declaration that he was born first and therefore born to take care of his little brother was logical and touching.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?

Our family is together and happy. I want to see a camper van populated by Sang Tae, Moon Young, and Kang Tae just like Sang Tae’s sketch.

The supporting characters wrap up well. Publisher Lee and Joo Ri should agree to date. Will Jae Soo and Seung Jae inch closer? Will Director Oh resign?

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.




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8 comments on “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 15 Recap
  1. studiomarie says:

    I am not looking forward to this drama ending. I have laughed and cried. I like how the fairy tales relate to each episode. I enjoy the stories as much as the drama. I can relate to the pain of overcoming a childhood trauma. Sang tae, Gang tae and Meong Young are survivors. I love how they are a family.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I like how the fairy tales relate to each episode. I enjoy the stories as much as the drama.
      Writer Jo mixed it up how embedded the story was each episode. Cleverly done.

      I can relate to the pain of overcoming a childhood trauma. Sang tae, Gang tae and Meong Young are survivors. I love how they are a family.
      You are a survivor too. I always like the message that family isn’t determined by blood.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Snow Flower says:

    Yay for ST! Hitting the evil witch with a fairy tale book was a pure genius!

    I never thought that I would enjoy KT yelling. I liked how KT and MY switched roles. In the beginning, she was the one pursuing him (although for rather selfish reasons.) Now he’s the one pursuing her because he knows that they are each other’s cure.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I never thought that I would enjoy KT yelling. I liked how KT and MY switched roles.
      Not suppressed KT was able to get angry and pursue what he wanted. Previously he’d watched express those traits but didn’t allow himself.

      Yay for ST! Hitting the evil witch with a fairy tale book was a pure genius!
      The book title was a clever tie to the series.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Yep, Sang Tae’s “weapon” was very apropos.


  3. Snow Flower says:

    The gang conspiring together to trick MY into visiting JR’s mom just for the two of them to have a nice meal- more pure genius! Having a home cooked meal with mom is the first step towards healing. KT understood that and planned it well.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Jane Tilly says:

      That was a sweet 🍭 collaboration done by the people who care about Moon Young and Gang Tae to get her to eat. It never hurts to know that people care about you when you are wallowing in misery.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I appreciate the writer being realistic about there being an aftermath that needed to be dealt with … do many dramas tend to gloss over the aftermath and wrap everything up with a pretty bow … and they lived happily ever after.

    “Moon Young has a point about it not being healthy for Kang Tae 🩺 to pretend. But her plan to self isolation isn’t healthy either.” -KJT. Moon Young 🚬 ✍ was not wrong to say that she would be suffocated by Gang Tae 🩺 showing his masked face to her and Sang Tae 🦕. I concur Moon Young 🚬 ✍ living in solitude would not be good for her either.

    This was Sang Tae’s 🦕 episode to shine. He came to Moon Young’s 🚬 ✍ rescue knocking out mommy dearest. I had to chuckle at Sang Tae 🦕 not being able to give up “Dooley’s mom”, the brontosauros stuffed animal given to him by nurse Park. “Dooley’s mom” didn’t do anything wrong. Hmm … doesn’t that apply to Moon Young 🚬 ✍ as well❓⁉️ I 💗 Sang Tae’s 🦕 not moving out … “over my dead body”. Sang Tae 🦕 was also the one who told Moon Young 🚬 ✍ about the tree the brothers planted for their mom. Over these episodes Sang Tae 🦕 has developed into a big brother who protected his siblings.

    How can Moon Young 🚬 ✍ resist Gang Tae 🩺 as he turns on his charm and sweetness❓⁉️

    I think this is the most syscinct wishlist I’ve seen to date, but it is all I could wish for as well.


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