It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 13 Recap

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 13 “The Father of the Two Sisters” 

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) looks at the note he found at his brother’s work area that says “I will come for you.” He knows the butterfly changed his existence. He’s upset the butterfly could Moon Young’s mother. He hopes Moon Young never knows. He doesn’t want her to suffer or be hurt. If she lives without emotions she won’t care. Yet the guilt over his mother and brother rips at his heart.

The next morning, Moon Young calls to Kang Tae that she and Sang Tae are leaving for the photo studio. The address is on the garment bag. Kang Tae eyes the bag. He unzips the bag to see the outfit chosen for him. In the pocket is Man Tae and a note from Moon Young that reads “thanks to Mang Tae I no longer have nightmares. Thanks to you and Sang Tae, I have a family. You’ve made me happy. I do want Mang Tae back.”

Awk! Tears!

Moon Young dresses in the suit and exits the house with determination.

May I say Kim Soo Hyun looks resplendent in that suit?

The photographer positions Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) and Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) for the photo. Sang Tae spots Kang Tae enter and tells the photographer. Sang Tae smiles. Moon Young looks surprised. She locks eyes with Kang Tae. He walks forward. Moon Young and Sang Tae smiles. Kang Tae asks if he’s too late. Moon Young and Sang Tae’s grins let him no. Moon Young teases she was going to photoshop him in. Sang Tae complements Kang Tae’s suit. Kang Tae compliments Sang Tae’s suit. The photographer positions them. Kang Tae looks at his family. They all smile and the photo is snapped.

Awk! Tears!

Publisher Lee Sang In returns home from his visit to his father. Publishing coworker Yoo Seung Jae exits her room and tells him she’s off to research with Moon Young. Publisher Lee says he kept his phone off as she advised. Seung Jae pulls him aside indicating Joo Ri is still in the bedroom. Seung Jae says the strategy is working. She tells him not to bring up the blind date first. Publisher Lee points out the blind date was a lie. Seung Jae tells him to keep his mouth shut. She leaves.

Seung Jae is the crafty mind that came up with this strategy!

Publisher Lee knocks on Nurse Nam Joo Ri door to let him know he’s back. She says she’s studying and rejects his offer of food. Publisher Lee brings up the blind date and brags it went well. Joo Ri says she must study. Publisher Lee exits.

Ha! He could not keep his mouth shut.

Joo Ri is bothered by Publisher Lee’s report about his blind date.

Seung Jae grouses that Moon Young is late. Moon Young overhears her grumbles when she arrives. Sang Tae and Kang Tae arrive. Seung Jae gushes how handsome Kang Tae looks. Moon Young glares. Seung Jae takes Sang Tae to a different section. Moon Young tells Kang Tae his psychiatric hospital uniform suits him better. Kang Tae likes the suit. Moon Young orders him not to wear is. Kang Tae agrees and notes Moon Young doesn’t look comfortable in either. Moon Young yells that he shouldn’t wear the suit as he walks away.

Sang Tae isn’t interest in the sample illustrations Seung Jae has prepared for him. Further more he says there should be minimal talking in a library. Seung Jae suggests Sang Tae’s illustration counter balance the intensity of Moon Young’s stories. Sang Tae refuses saying that would make the story bland. Seung Jae declares him cool.

Moon Young finds Kang Tae reading the Cheerful Dog. She tells him that Jae Soo told him that Kang Tae liked that book and that he kept much of his thoughts and feeling hidden. Moon Young says she asked Jae Soo why Kang Tae was upset. Kang Tae asks what Jae Soo said. Moon Young shares Jae Soo advised her not to pry and she didn’t. As she turns to walk away. Kang Tae says he is tired of looking after others as a job. He says he’s changed his perspective. Now he considers it his life’s work to protect his family, no matter what. Moon Young asks if she’s part of his family. Kang Tae confirms she is and takes her hand. Moon Young smiles. Kang Tae smiles.

Sweet moment!

At the front desk, Patient Yoo tells her caller to leave her alone. She puts down the receiver forcefully. She tells the nurse she won’t accept calls from him again. Head Nurse Park Haeng Ja asks who the caller was. The nurse reports it was Patient Yoo’s father.  The nurse says she’d not want to see a father that declares her possessed. Head Nurse Park reminds the nurse she only knows Patient Yoo’s side of the story.

Joo Ri’s mother brings Publisher Lee his supper in his room. She chuckles that he reads children’s book. Publisher Lee says that is his job. He appreciates the food. He admits he was embarrassed to join them for supper. He shares his lie with Joo Ri’s mother. She chuckles. She offers information about her daughter. Joo Ri was closer to her father who has her rock. When her father died, Joo Ri had to become an adult. She relies on herself and doesn’t want to rely on others. Joo Ri longs for someone she can lean on. Publisher Lee thanks Joo Ri’s mother for the tip.

Sang Tae rushes upstairs once they get home. Moon Young says she’ll put the family portrait over the fireplace. She suggests Kang Tae move into her room. Kang Tae declines because it was her parent’s room. Kang Tae asks if he wanted to live somewhere else would she come?

She asks if Sang Tae has started having the dreams again. She vows to shred the butterfly and kill it. Kang Tae smiles and hugs her. Kang Tae says if the butterfly shows up, don’t kill it. Moon Young asks why. Kang Tae jokes he might get scared and run away. Moon Young says she’d track him down. Moon Young suggests a pinky swear. She seals it with a kiss. They both chuckle.

Sang Tae watches his TV show. Sang Tae enters their bedroom and sits on Sang Tae’s bed. Sang Tae asks why Kang Tae’s cheeks are red. Kang Tae says the shower was hot. Sang Tae asks if Kang Tae kissed Moon Young. Kang Tae admits he did. Sang Tae says a kiss is better than fighting. Kang Tae asks who Sang Tae’s favorite person is. Sang Tae declares the cartoon character is his favorite. He tells Kang Tae to keep quiet while he watches the show.

The next day at the psychiatric hospital, Patient Kan tells Sang Tae his mural is going well. Sang Tae asks if Patient Kan is okay after the incident on the bus. Patient Kan thanks Sang Tae for helping him. He returns one of Moon Young’s books. He says he enjoyed it and recites his favorite part to remember, overcome, and let your soul grow. Sang Tae says that’s his favorite part. Patient Kan asks about drawing butterflies. Sang Tae says he’s doing it in his sketch book. Patient Kan wonders if butterflies will be on the mural or he’ll exit the psychiatric hospital first. Sang Tae sagely states which one of them finds to the door to their issue first. Patient Kan hopes they find their doors together.

Joo Ri tries to wake Patient Kan. She doesn’t respond.

At the nurses’ station, Joo Ri believes the visitor will come.

Kang Tae shows Director Oh the note. Director Oh says it is like a warning from the butterfly. He waves to the other notes that are blanked out that Kang Tae produced. Kang Tae says they weren’t written by the same person. He thinks someone sent them to PP. Director Oh advises Kang Tae trust no one in the psychiatric hospital, even him, and to never leave Sang Tae alone.

Over lunch, Kang Tae tells Sang Tae not to wait until his shift is done to go straight home without talking to strangers. Sang Tae points out he knows to do this. Sang Tae shows Kang Tae his initial butterfly sketches and says he’s not a coward. Kang Tae smiles and says Sang Tae is the protector. Sang Tae declares he’s a big brother to Kang Tae and Moon Young. Kang Tae smiles more.

Kang Tae calls Moon Young who is working at home. Kang Tae wants her to have Publisher Lee or Seung Jae at the house while she works. Moon Young counters she likes solicitude. Kang Tae presses her to lock the doors. Moon Young smiles and says it is wonderful to have someone worry about her. Someone comes up behind Kang Tae and calls him oppa. That gets Moon Young’s ire up. Kang Tae hangs up. Moon Young stares at the phone.

Patient Yoo her hair in pigtails asks Kang Tae where she is. He says the psychiatric hospital.  Kang Tae shows her his badge and introduces himself. Patient Yoo says she’s 8 years old. Joo Ri dashes up relieve to have found Patient Yoo.  She leads Patient Yoo away.

Joo Ri tells Kang Tae that Patient Yoo has a dissociative disorder due to abuse she suffered as a child.

Patient Yoo sees bruises and a young face when she looks in the mirror.

Joo Ri says her parents believed her possessed and sold her to a neighborhood shaman. Director Oh decided to treat her when he went to see her for a physic reading.

Moon Young’s father suffers an attack. The medical team gathers. Director Oh says they need to move him to a padded room.

Moon Young reviews Sang Tae’s drawings. She offers feedback. The faces need definition and the bodies need to be redrawn. Sang Tae admits drawing faces is hard for him. Moon Young suggests he copy his facial reference cards. Sang Tae doesn’t want to copy because it wouldn’t be his work. Moon Young tells him to study other people’s faces, make his own facial references cards, and redraw the illustrations.

That was constructive feedback.

Head Nurse Park tells Kang Tae that Moon Young’s father is going downhill. She suggests Kang Tae let Moon Young know so she can prepare herself.

Publisher Lee waits for Joo Ri at the bus stop. He walks her home. She asks why he did that. Publisher Lee says it is late and he wanted to make sure she got home safely. He blurts out the blind date was a lie. He says his father does require a monthly blind date. Joo Ri asks what his ideal woman is like. Publisher Lee thinks back to Joo Ri’s mother’s words and says he wants someone to lean on him when things get rough. Unfortunately, he misspeaks and says he’d think of her like a daughter. Joo Ri declares him a pervert and strides away.

Poor Publisher Lee. His tongue gets him in trouble.

Kang Tae finds Moon Young working when he gets home. She says she has a rough storyline. Kang Tae asks if the threesome find what they’ve lost. Moon Young asks if he wants to know the ending. Kang Tae shrugs that he’s curious. Moon Young asks about the girl calling him oppa. Kang Tae clarifies it was an older patient. Moon Young remarks on the young voice of the patient.

Kang Tae start to tell her about her father. Moon Young stops him and says Director Oh called her suggesting she visit her father soon. Moon Young says parents want forgiveness before they die but why do children need to provide it. Kang Tae wonders if Moon Young would regret not forgiving her father. He reminds her of King Donkey Ears and her advice to not suppress one’s feelings. Kang Tae says she won’t be able to see her father ever once he dies. Moon Young counters she doesn’t want to see him and she has nothing to say to her father.

Kang Tae thinks of the story Moon Young told him she hated as a child…The Tale of Two Fathers. Moon Young says she hated the father. He knew his daughters were abused by their stepmother and he did nothing. Moon Young believe those that turn a blind eye to abuse are worse than the abuser. Moon Young’s conclusion is the daughters were almost killed by their negligent father.

The next day at the psychiatric hospital, Patient Yoo doesn’t want her father near her. His calls to her but is blocked by the staff. Kang Tae arrives in the lobby and Patient Yoo hides behind him. From the balcony, Director Oh yells to break up the commotion.

In his office, Director Oh firmly tells the father that if he continues to pressure his daughter to donate her organ, he’ll call the police. The father begs Director Oh to help him. He’s afraid he’ll die without the transplant. Director Oh points out that that father did nothing while his wife abused his daughter. Director Oh yells that the father sold his daughter to a shaman and abandoned her. Director Oh says the father should kneel before his daughter not him.

Patient Yoo sees the bruises on her body. Kang Tae asks if she asks her father for help. Patient Yoo says her father never does anything. The father approaches Patient Yoo. Kang Tae asks if he should remove her father or stay by her side and keep her safe. Patient Yoo tells her father he did nothing when she asked for his help when mother abused her. Patient Yoo says she hated him for abandoning her in the house and selling her to the shaman. She cries he never came back. She cries she hates him. The father walks away. Kang Tae holds Patient Yoo who appears as a little girl.

Awk! Tears!

Moon Young sits in her room and thinks about Kang Tae’s words that her time with her father is short while staring at the family photo.

Sang Tae asks Jo Jae Soo (Kang Tae’s friend) to look annoyed. He sketches the facial expressions he requests. Sang Tae says Jae Soo’s expressions are all the same. Seung Jae appears per Sang Tae’s request. She makes the facial expression he requests. Sang Tae doesn’t like them but Jae Soo does.

Joo Ri leaves for the day. Moon Young calls and suggests they have a drink.

At Moon Young’s house, Joo Ri notices she’s not in a great mood. Moon Young says she called her so she doesn’t have to hold in her feelings. Joo Ri says she shouldn’t get drunk. Moon Young asks if their places were switches what would have happened. Joo Ri teases her mother would have smacked Moon Young for her rudeness. They laugh.

Kang Tae watches Patient Yoo sleep during the night shift.

Publisher Lee waits for Joo Ri. Her mother says she’ll be home late. Publisher Lee doesn’t want Joo Ri drinking with Moon Young. Joo Ri’s mother says to leave the two friends alone. Her mother says Moon Young was the first friend Joo Ri brought to the house. She remembers there was something going in Moon Young’s family. Publisher Lee doesn’t know the details of Moon Young’s difficult childhood.

Moon Young’s father wakes and tells Head Nurse Park there is no one he can ask forgiveness of. She holds his hand and listens. He says he killed his wife. He says she hummed a song after she killed.

Flashback…Moon Young’s mother hums the song. Moon Young’s father drinks downstairs. He knows he has brain tumors that will kill him and change his behaviors. He bursts into the bedroom. He sees his wife is in a good mood. She confirms this. He flips the radio to the news which reports the stabbing death of a woman (Kang Tae/Sang Tae’s mother). When the report details the son’s inability to recount what happened, Moon Young’s father asks his wife where the new housekeeper is. Moon Young’s mother says she won’t be coming back because she crossed the line. She laughs. She exits the bedroom. He follows. He accuses her of killing the woman. She promises no one will ever know. Moon Young’s father says when he dies, Moon Young will be left alone with her and become a monster just like she is. She laughs in his face. Moon Young’s father realizes there is no hope for his wife and his daughter is doomed. He pushes Moon Young’s mother over the railing to her death.

Wow! That explained a lot.

Moon Young’s father says he killed his wife. Head Nurse Park listens and says nothing. Kang Tae sees Head Nurse Park in the room and enters. He asks if she needs anything. Moon Young’s father says Moon Young saw everything. She was there when he killed his wife. He murmurs she was just a little girl, but she saw everything.

Flashback…Moon Young’s mother is dead. Moon Young’s father cries next to her body. Moon Young observes this from the railing. Her father’s puts her mother’s body in the basement. Moon Young observes this. She waits for her father on the stairs. He claims he went fishing. The body plunges to the bottom of the lake. Moon Young looks at his shoes and sees they are dirty.

Kang Tae asks if Moon Young’s father tried to kill Moon Young. He says he was worried that she might become a monster like his wife. He cries Moon Young did nothing wrong, it’s all his fault.

Moon Young tells Joo Ri her mother scared her. She could never meet her mother’s expectations. No one came to rescue except one person. But her mother blocked her from escaping. Joo Ri asks about her father. Moon Young says her father did nothing. Once he read her a fairy tale book. Moon Young says she’ll never forget that he did that.

Kang Tae and Head Nurse Park leave Moon Young’s father’s room. Head Nurse Park says that Moon Young grew up well considering everything she had to deal with.

The next morning, Kang Tae returns to the house and finds Moon Young asleep on the couch. He covers her shoulder with the blanket. He watches her sleep. He takes her hand.

At the psychiatric hospital, Moon Young’s father’s flatlines.

Dressed in black, Moon Young accompanies by Sang Tae and Kang Tae stands in front of the memorial marker for her father. Sang Tae asks if that’s Moon Young’s sad face. Moon Young says she’s not sad. Sang Tae doesn’t believe her. Kang Tae says Sang Tae’s name. Sang Tae murmurs Moon Young is lying. Kang Tae asks if she’s ready to leave. They turn and walk away.

As they reach the parking area, Moon Young turns and looks back.

Flashback…Moon Young’s father reads Moon Young the fairy tale book. Moon Young says she must be a princess because she lives in the forest. Her father declares he built the castle so his daughter could be a princess. He hugs Moon Young. Smiles abound. He strokes her hair. He reads her more from the book.

Moon Young turns around and walk to the car with Kang Tae and Sang Tae.

Jae Soo, Publisher Lee, Joo Ri, Seung Jae and Joo Ri’s mother discuss her father’s death. Joo Ri says Moon Young’s father was a long-standing patient at the psychiatric hospital. Kang Tae calls Joo Ri’s mother to request sides. When he arrives Joo Ri’s mother saying it’s a bit annoying that he only shows up to take food to others. She asks if he’s okay. Kang Tae says he’ll be okay. Joo Ri’s mother tell his to live his best life to honor his mother.

The portrait is over the fireplace. Moon Young wonders if she should sell the house and start over. Kang Tae likes the idea. Moon Young says she’ll sell the house, start a publishing business with Publisher Lee, buy a camping van for Sang Tae who should quit working at the psychiatric hospital once the mural is done. Then they can go on their adventure trip. Kang Tae likes the idea. He suggests she buy him suits and take care of him for the rest of their lives. Moon Young chuckles that Kang Tae isn’t a great candidate for a kept man. Kang Tae chuckles. Moon Young asks what Kang Tae wants to do. What’s his dream? Kang Tae wants to go to school. That surprises Moon Young. She doesn’t like in person classes because other girls will want him. She says on-line classes only. Moon Young says she grew up like a princess in this castle. But a princess is a tough life. Only the ending is happy. Kang Tae says a happy ending matters. She smiles. He smiles.

The next day the trio walks to the psychiatric hospital entrance. They agree to meet after their duties are complete and go home together.

Patient Kan tells Sang Tae that someone donated to his mural. Sang Tae is shocked to see a large butterfly just like the double butterfly pendant Sang Tae’s mother’s murderer wore painted on the mural. He declares he didn’t paint that. He says that butterfly as on the lady that killed his mother. That gets Moon Young’s attention.

Flashback…A young Moon Young watches her mother put on the butterfly pin. She tells Moon Young butterfly correlates to psycho. Her mother explains this is a one of a kind pin. She smiles and asks if she looks pretty.

Moon Young looks at the distraught Sang Tae. He says that butterfly killed his mother. Moon Young says no. Tears roll down her face. Moon Young rushes away. Kang Tae grabs her. She says it isn’t true. Kang Tae can’t tell her it isn’t true. She screams it isn’t true and rushes away. Kang Tae looks at his empty hand. A tear rolls down his face.

A woman wearing the butterfly pen drives and smiles. It is Head Nurse Park!!!!


My Thoughts

Didn’t expect that. Writer Jo Yong surprised with the reveal of Head Nurse Park wearing the butterfly pen, humming, and smiling. What is going on? How does she fit into the equation? Besides that, the episode focused on the new family of Sang Tae, Kang Tae, and Moon Young. They supported Moon Young when her father died. Kang Tae heard Moon Young’s father’s confession that he killed his wife. The flashbacks showed he dumped her in the lake, so she’s dead. When the butterfly was drawn on Sang Tae’s mural it set him off as planned. Moon Young was shocked when Sang Tae explained that the butterfly killed his mother. Moon Young knew the butterfly pen was a one of a kind and only worn by her mother. Kang Tae’s fears were realized when Moon Young understood her mother killed their mother. She couldn’t cope and fled leaving Kang Tae behind. Publisher Lee and Joo Ri continue to be a possibility couple. I was hoping they’d progress a bit more this episode when he returned from visiting his parents. Her jealousy was the perfect catalyst but Publisher Lee squashed that when he confessed the blind date was a lie.

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) worst fears were realized. Kang Tae heard Moon Young’s father’s deathbed confession with Head Nurse Park that he killed his wife and Moon Young saw it. The flashbacks confirmed Moon Young’s mother killed Sang Tae’s mother. She confessed it to Moon Young’s father. Kang Tae didn’t want Moon Young to learn that her mother killed his. He didn’t want her to feel the pain of that reveal. It happened. In that moment, Kang Tae went after Moon Young but was unable to offer the denial she desperately wanted to hear.

Writer Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) dealt with her father’s death. Moon Young turned to Joo Ri to tell her story of the father that didn’t save her from her mother like the episode’s fairy tale. Moon Young did have a happy memory of her father reading a book of fairy tales to her. One happy moment. A low bar, but it was important to her. Moon Young didn’t see her father before he died. I didn’t expect her to. But the shock of the episode was Sang Tae’s distress about the butterfly pin someone painted on the mural. Sang Tae’s declaration the butterfly killed his mother. Moon Young’s mind clicked to the correct conclusion. Her mother killed Sang Tae & Kang Tae’s mother.  She doesn’t yet know her father killed her mother to save her. Can she accept that truth on top of what she learned in this episode?

Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) told Moon Young that the butterfly killed his mother. Sang Tae articulated that clearly. His distress didn’t stop him from making the declaration. That’s progress. He was directly confronted with the butterfly on his mural. That was invasive and cruel to put it on Sang Tae’s happy mural. Sang Tae didn’t lose it. He got upset, but he kept it together. This time Moon Young couldn’t do the same.

The seventh track of the OST is “Puzzle” sung by Yongzoo:

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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14 comments on “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 13 Recap
  1. Snow Flower says:

    I was surprised by the big reveal too, although there were couple of times I thought Nurse Park’s behavior was odd. For example, she told Director Oh that Patient Park Ok Ran was not coming back. By the way, where is Patient POR?
    If Nurse Park is indeed MY’s mom, how did she survive? Even if the fall did not kill her, she still would have been injured and unconscious, and likely not able to swim out of the lake. Did someone help her?

    Poor Patient Seon Hae and poor MY. They both had to suffer abuse from their mothers while their fathers did nothing. I understand why MY never visited her father for so many years.

    Liked by 3 people

    • beez says:

      Was it you, Snow Flower, or you, DramaDazed? Who first posted that Head Nurse was behaving weird?

      But like y’all are saying, where did patient “forget her name” vanish too? I was sure she was the one that left the threatening note for Sang-tae. After all the note appeared after she had been at the Mansion. Speaking of which, something about the camera shots when Gang-tae found the note made me suspect Escaped Patient What’s Her Name, is still in the house!
      Which is why if I won the lottery tomorrow I would never want a house that’s so big people could be partying and living a whole life in the west wing and I’d never know it. (And you couldn’t hear when a criminal penetrates the house from somewhere so far away from your bedroom.)


      • Snow Flower says:

        I admit that I did not suspect Nurse Park. After all, she seemed a little quirky but still nice. She gave ST the mama dinosaur and looked friendly. The first odd thing I noticed was her reaction at the disappearance of Patient POR. Poor patient. I have a bad feeling she has become a collateral damage. It was she who delivered the note to ST’s desk, but she was probably instructed by Evil Nurse. I still don’t believe that Evil Nurse is the mother though.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Patient POR. Poor patient. I have a bad feeling she has become a collateral damage. It was she who delivered the note to ST’s desk, but she was probably instructed by Evil Nurse.
          I’d like an explanation where the patient is. Is she dead in the basement?

          Liked by 1 person

  2. DramaDazed says:

    Like Snow Flower, I had an inkling from Nurse Parks behavior, something seemed a little too perfect sometimes, like an act, and the weird patient Ok response.

    The title of this episode and the difference in how Park looks from the glimpses we have had of MYs mother makes me wonder if Park is her mother’s sister who also happens to be psycho. The dad’s worry about MY having a family trait would have more weight too, if that were the case.

    I thought Kang Tae’s pursuit of Moon Young instead of staying to console Sang Tae shows growth. And Sang Tae wasn’t clinging to his brother. I don’t remember…did we hear what advice Director Oh gave KT when KT revealed the butterfly connection to MY? Right at this minute, I am wondering if the director knows Nurse Park is really a patient.

    Now, I think it’s Moon Young’s turn to turn toward a healthier outlook and I think her acknowledging the one good thing she remembers from her father is a start.

    Liked by 1 person

    • beez says:

      DramaDazed – I agree with you about everything except I don’t see it as growth that Gang-tae stayed to comfort Moon Yeon as Sangtae was upset too. That’s an impossible situation and is exactly why I felt Gang-tae and Moon yeon would not suit as a couple.
      The reason why I felt he should’ve comforted Sang-tae first is Sang-tae doesn’t have the same reasoning capability that MoonYeon has to think things through while he’s upset. Taking care of Sang-tae is not a responsibility that Gang-tae can turn off or just ignore when it’s not convenient. It’s similar to when we have children.
      And even if I’m wrong about who should be his first priority, this is why I feel they won’t make it or it will be a life of hell for Gang-tae.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        OMO, is Nurse Park pretending to be Moon Young’s mother or is she Moon Young’s mother❓⁉️ Nurse Park could be Moon Young’s mother as Moon Young’s dad was already having brain 🧠 tumor issues and may have been mistaken about the death and body disposal. I think it is more likely Nurse Park maybe a crazy sister or someone who witnessed Mr Moon tossing his wife off the balcony … but I’m not counting out the theory of Nurse Park being mommy dearest.

        ” I am wondering if the director knows Nurse Park is really a patient.” -DD. I suspect Durector Oh might suspect … he told Gang Tae not to trust anyone at the hospital … although I’m not sure if he knows Nurse Park SHOULD BE a patient. Nurse Park has acted odd at times, it is most likely she is the one sending hints and threats and was the one lurking in Moon Young’s house. Did she eliminate patient Park or is patient Park, who traumatized Mr. Moon, Moon Young’s mother❓⁉️


    • The title of this episode and the difference in how Park looks from the glimpses we have had of MYs mother makes me wonder if Park is her mother’s sister who also happens to be psycho. The dad’s worry about MY having a family trait would have more weight too, if that were the case.
      That’s an interesting idea. Head Nurse Park has not said she had plastic surgery which is the standard explanation why flashback characters and current characters don’t match. I am struggling with Head Nurse Park being MY’s mother.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. beez says:

    I’m confused by one thing – either Dad is guilty of being a standby watcher type abuser or he actually strangled MoonYeon when she was a child? Which is it? And if both parents were abusing her that’s stomach sickening.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Snow Flower says:

      It looks like the dad turned a blind eye to the psychological abuse. He turned on his daughter after he realized what a monster his wife had been and became afraid that MY would end up like her mother. Poor MY…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. beez says:

    Somebody else called Nurse Park strange and weird looking (I can’t remember if it was here on kjt’s blog or somewhere else), but I thought to myself “Hmmmmm, I didn’t notice her being or looking weird”; but I guess that person was right. But maybe I didn’t notice her looking weird because I’m used to her from my repeated watching of A Werewolf Boy. I do remember thinking she looked a little odd in that movie the first time I watched it. But she looked really beautiful in that last scene of It’s Okay. (I don’t believe she’s Moo Yeon’s mother for a number of reasons. Number 1 being MY’s dad would’ve recognized her and 2) being that the show makes sure we don’t see MY’s mom’s face in any pictures. I think Nurse Park is a psycho who has read MY’s mom’s books and in her head as taken on her identity or she’s Mom’s sister bent on revenge.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Snow Flower says:

      The actress is very beautiful and talented. I remember her from The Crowned Clown (Queen Dowager bent on revenge) and My Country (leader of spying gisaengs).

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    For someone who publishes words for a living, Lee Sang In 📚 does not have a way with words.

    It was chilling to see the butterfly 🦋 in the mural be EXACTLY as Sang Tae 🦕 drew it in his sketch pad.


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