Backstreet Rookie Episode 14

Backstreet Rookie Episode 14 Recap

Yoo Yeon Joo (Dae Hyun’s ex-girlfriend) can’t stop thinking about him. In hindsight she realizes he was fabulous and she didn’t appreciate him. She vows to get him back. She arrives at the convenience store with a hopeful smile on her face. It fades when she sees Dae Hyun give Saet Byul flowers inside the convenience store. She gets back in her car.

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) gives Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) the red tulips. She asks why. He tells her he’s wishing her the best on her high school equivalency test. He asks her to take care of the convenience store while he’s working at headquarter. Dae Hyun tells her the red tulips symbolize passing the test. He says there’s another reason. He steps close, Saet Byul closes her eyes thinking he’ll kiss her. The moment is interrupted when Dae Hyun’s sister strides into the store. She knows Dae Hyun is working at headquarters so she’s here to help Saet Byul.

Yeon Joo’s mother meets her daughter for drinks. Yeon Joo tells her mother that Dae Hyun left headquarter to protect her. That surprises Yeon Joo’s mother. Yeon Joo explains she would have been suspended but Dae Hyun took the blame. Yeon Joo declares she’s going to get Dae Hyun back. Her mother threatens to fire Dae Hyun. Yeon Joo counters she’ll lose her as a daughter. Her mother declares she must stop Yeon Joo from making this mistake. Yeon Joo counters she has the right to choose for her life. Yeon Joo leaves with her mother shaking her head.

The next morning, Dae Hyun coughs as he wishes Saet Byul to have a good day. She feels his face and notes it is warm. She suggests he take the day off. Dae Hyun teases that she’s jealous he’ll see his ex-girlfriend. Saet Byul denies it. They salute each other. Dae Hyun tells Saet Byul to study well. Saet Byul tells Dae Hyun to work well. Dae Hyun leaves for headquarters.

At headquarters, Dae Hyun thinks of the other convenience store managers wishing him well as he enters the building.

Saet Byul is surprised when Eun Byul’s manager comes to the convenience store.

Jung Eun Byul (Saet Byul’s sister) and Dae Hyun’s father enjoy facials and relaxing at home. She’s shocked when Saet Byul calls that her manager is at the convenience store. Eun Byul rushes out. Dae Hyun’s mother comes home and asks her husband what he’s doing. He says he was sad because his friends are going on the trip. They wrestle.

Eun Byul finds her manager at the convenience store. Her manager tells her she’s still in the girl group. Eun Byul cries and thanks her manager for giving her another chance. The 3 other girls walk in. She rushes to them. Hugs all around.

Director Jo gives Dae Hyun the task of changing a manager’s mind that is planning to switch to a rival company.

Dae Hyun arrives at the convenience store. He notices the foot traffic is light. Yeon Joo arrives to help. She says it is business. They enter the convenience store. Dae Hyun introduces himself to the owner. He says he’s a store owner as well. The owner pushes them out of the store. Dae Hyun calls down the stairs. The owner tells them not to come back.

Dae Hyun tells Yeon Joo the injury isn’t her fault. Dae Hyun realizes he left his bag. He coughs and exits.

At the convenience store, Dae Hyun’s sister asks for cash not credit. Saet Byul is suspicious.

Dae Hyun’s father’s friends get the in cab to head to their vacation. Dae Hyun’s father tells them to have fun. He wishes he were going too.

At the airport the friends are thrilled to going on vacation. They call the travel agency. They learn they are at the wrong airport. They dash past an elegant woman into an available cab.

Dae Hyun’s father is bummed alone at home. The elegant woman calls him and says she is Hong Jang Mi. Dae Hyun’s father is shocked. She asks if he has time to meet tomorrow.

Dae Hyun tells the store owner he can mind the store while the man goes to an appointment. He assures the man he can handle it as he is a store owner himself. Dae Hyun gets the keys and the man leaves.

Dae Hyun’s sister leaves bags full on items. Saet Byul sees the Dae Hyun’s sister did NOT pay and she took the cash she got from the customer. Saet Byul is NOT happy.

Dae Hyun’s mother and father eat. Dae Hyun’s mother sees Jang Mi on the TV. She asks her husband if he still longs for Jang Mi. She declares she never wants to see her again. Dae Hyun’s mother gets a call from Yeon Joo’s mother to come over tomorrow. She wonders why. Dae Hyun’s father offers to join her. She declines and goes to bed.

Saet Byul studies but it isn’t easy. She thinks about calling Dae Hyun but decides to figure it out on her own. She calls Dae Hyun to report she’s done with the assignment he gave her. He tells her to give him her answers. He checks her results. She doesn’t get every question right. Dae Hyun doesn’t understand how she gets the hard one rights and the easy ones wrong. Dae Hyun tells her he won’t see her today because he’s taking care of another convenience store. Dae Hyun says once Saet Byul passes the high school equivalency test, she should consider college. She’s stoked. He encourages to study hard.

Dae Hyun’s father meets Moon Jang Mi. They catch up. Dae Hyun’s father says he runs a convenience store. She’s impressed. He says he’s married with two adult children. Jang Mi is divorced and with an adult child. She tells him she came to return the money she borrowed. She knows he must have suspected foul play after she disappeared with the money he stole from his father’s safe. He pushes the money back. She tells him to take it because it includes interest. He accepts. Jang Mi wants to see her former friend who just happens to be Dae Hyun’s father’s wife. Dae Hyun’s father says he doesn’t know where the friend is. He leaves. Dae Hyun’s mother calls him. She comes up behind him. They are startled to see each other. Dae Hyun’s mother says she’s heard to meet Yeon Joo’s mother. Dae Hyun’s father says he met an old army friend.

Yeon Joo’s mother asks if Dae Hyun’s mother is doing well. Dae Hyun’s father sees the two ladies are meeting on the other side of the eatery. He motions to Jang Mi to come to him. They leave.

Yeon Joo’s mother congratulates Dae Hyun’s mother on her successful son. Yeon Joo’s mother declares Dae Hyun should stop running the store now that he’s working at headquarters.

Saet Byul tells Dae Hyun’s sister she can’t come in the convenience store. Saet Byul tells her that she can’t steal from the store anymore. She shuts the door in Dae Hyun’s sister face. She promises to teach Saet Byul a lesson next time they meet.

Han Dal Sik (Dae Hyun’s friend) struggles to find inspiration. He remembers Hwang Geum Bi (Saet Byul’s friend). His heart hurts. He heads outside. He sees Geum Bi everywhere. When he runs into her for real, he touches her. They are both startled. She asks why he looks bummed. He admits he’s blocked and can’t draw. Geum Bi demands to know where in the story he’s stuck. She declares she can help him.

Dae Hyun’s mother reports that Yeon Joo’s mother wants Dae Hyun to close the convenience store and work strictly at headquarters. Dae Hyun’s mother admits the convenience store may be overloading Dae Hyun. Dae Hyun’s father admits his friend paid him back.

Saet Byul sees Dae Hyun’s wrapped wrist when he returns to the convenience store. He assures her he is well. He sends her home. He coughs. She tells him to take medicine.

Geum Bi explains the story idea she has for the comic. Dal Sik loves it. He’s inspired and starts to draw with fever.

Saet Byul arrives home and looks at the cologne she got for Dae Hyun. She changes and hurries back to the convenience store with her gift. She sneaks in and is startled to see Dae Hyun passed out. She rushes to his side.

At the hospital Dae Hyun’s parents agree Dae Hyun has too much on his plate and closing the convenience store is best. They send Saet Byul home noting her exam is tomorrow. She leaves.

At home, Saet Byul studies and worries about Dae Hyun. He calls. He tells her he’s doing better thanks to her coming back to the store. She says she wanted to see him. He teases her than she’s still a kid to him. Saet Byul chides him to take care of himself. Dae Hyun gives her advice for the test tomorrow. He wishes her good night and good luck.

Saet Byul arrives to take the exam.  She applies herself diligently. She recalls moments that Dae Hyun helped her study and smiles. After the exam, she’s full of energy.

Yeon Joo tells Dae Hyun’s mother the company will pay the hospital bill because Dae Hyun overtaxed himself working for the company. She suggests the family let the company run the convenience store. All the profit and none of the work. Dae Hyun’s mother says her mother suggested the same thing. Dae Hyun’s mother assures Yeon Joo her mother was polite. Saet Byul arrives. Dae Hyun’s mother asks her to care for Dae Hyun. She leaves. Yeon Joo hopes Saet Byul’s test went well. Yeon Joo informs Saet Byul that Dae Hyun’s convenience store may be run by the company in the future so Dae Hyun doesn’t have too much on his plate. Saet Byul points out the convenience store is important. Yeon Joo agrees but says the headquarters job is the better opportunity for Dae Hyun. She enters his room. Yeon Joo checks Dae Hyun’s hand. She tells Saet Byul that Dae Hyun fell because of her. Dae Hyun wakes and sees Saet Byul. He asks about her exam. He’s surprised Yeon Joo is there. Yeon Joo tells him she’ll leave now that he’s feeling better.  Yeon Joo overhears Dae Hyun and Saet Byul talk. Their easy rapport rankles.

Dal Sik and Geum Bi chat comfortably with each other. Geum Bi knows that Dal Sik has worked hard to make the comic a success. She offers to hug him. Dal Sik admits he wants to hug her but he doesn’t want to lose his creative edge. He says once the comic is complete, they can hug.

At dinner, Dae Hyun is surprised when his parents recommend the company run the convenience store. Dae Hyun isn’t interested. His mother points out that Yeon Joo said the store and headquarter job is too much. Dae Hyun’s father agrees with his wife. Dae Hyun isn’t happy with their advice.

Saet Byul recalls Yeon Joo’s words that the headquarter job is Dae Hyun’s dream.

Dae Hyun tells Yeon Joo that she had no business interfering. He says he’s rather run the convenience store than be at headquarters. Yeon Joo points out the convenience store owner that was considering switching companies agree to stay. She says he’s a natural and the company needs him. Dae Hyun declares his first priority is his store. Yeon Joo suspects Saet Byul plays a role in that priority.

Dae Hyun buys Saet Byul a nice meal to celebrate the hard work on the exam. Saet Byul eats with relish. Dae Hyun says the headquarters wants him to leave the convenience store. Dae Hyun shares the company offered to run the store, make Saet Byul assistant manager, until Dae Hyun is done working at the headquarters. Saet Byul thinks about Yeon Joo’s advice to think about Dae Hyun. She tells him he should accept the company’s offer. Dae Hyun says she may not like the new manager. Saet Byul assures him she can handle whoever the company selects as manager.

Department Head Bae is surprised when Yeon Joo offers him the role of manager at Dae Hyun’s convenience store. She says it will be a personal favor. She tells him to make it miserable for Saet Byul and get her to quit. Department Head Bae promises to do his best.

Outside the eatery, Dae Hyun wants the gift Saet Byul got him. He takes her to a lovely rooftop. He says he has something to tell her. He holds another bouquet of red tulips. He admits he knows what red tulips mean. Saet Byul knows they mean love. Dae Hyun shares he thought love at first sight was what worked for him. Dae Hyun says Saet Byul changed that. Now he believes destiny is made with past and present experiences. Dae Hyun says Saet Byul is special to him. He asks if he can be special to her. He offers the red tulips.

Saet Byul stares at the red tulips. Then she locks eyes with Dae Hyun.

My Thoughts

Dae Hyun admits he has feelings for Saet Byul. Writer Son Geon Joo let our couple have a romantic moment. At the beginning of the episode Dae Hyun claimed the red tulips were to root Saet Byul to success on her exam and commend her hard work. At the end of the episode, Dae Hyun admitted that he knew exactly what red tulips mean…perfect love. In a lovely moment he offered Saet Byul the red tulips and asked her to accept the flowers and him in her life. Saet Byul is on the cusp of having her dream come true. Will she accept Dae Hyun?

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) told Saet Byul that she was special to him. Dae Hyun took Saet Byul to a perfectly staged rooftop and declared Saet Byul was special to him and he wanted to be special to her. Ji Chang Wook delivered that moment in his own way – vulnerable, hopeful, and caring. Dae Hyun is being manipulated by Yeon Joo to join the headquarters team. Yeon Joo isn’t dumb, she knows Saet Byul is her biggest impediment. She tasked Head Department Bae with the task of forcing Saet Byul to quit when he took over for Dae Hyun as the convenience store manager. What Yeon Joo doesn’t understand is that she and her mother torched the relationship with Dae Hyun. He isn’t going to forget the rude treatment Yeon Joo’s mother metered out to his mother and father. He isn’t going to forget that Yeon Joo never trusted him. I don’t see Dae Hyun being swayed by Yeon Joo in any way. While he was subservient during their relationship, now that it has ended, Dae Hyun has been forthright with Yeon Joo that it is over. But Yeon Joo won’t go quietly. Yeon Joo needs to get a grip, history won’t repeat itself.

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) wants what is best for Dae Hyun. Once again Saet Byul was manipulated by Yeon Joo, because she wants what is best for Dae Hyun. How can Saet Byul assume she or Yeon Joo knows what Dae Hyun wants? Didn’t Saet Byul learn that listening to Yeon Joo what is best for Dae Hyun doesn’t work out well? Based on Yeon Joo’s words that the headquarters job was Dae Hyun’s dream job, Saet Byul was willing to encourage Dae Hyun to work at the headquarters claiming she could handle any manager the company sent to the convenience store. Will she regret those words?

Ji Chang Wook’s channel has a behind the scenes video of day 7 include a set up snippet of the roof top scene:

I rank this episode as almost very good, 7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Backstreet Rookie Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m glad to see Yeon Joo💃 recognized what a great guy Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ is … now go away Yeon Joo💃, you blew you chance BIG TIME‼ Yeon Joo💃 told Boon Hee 👩‍🦱 that Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ working as a consultant is his chance to live his dream … was it his dream or Yeon Joo’s💃 dream❓⁉️ Of course Yeon Joo💃 decided she would make Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ into the man she wants ✳ Yeon Joo💃, QUIT pressing your agenda on others! ✳. I hope Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ continues to follow his OWN dream.

    Saet Byul🥋⭐ was right to be suspicious of Dae Hyun’s sister Moochy 🧳. It is bad enough that Moochy🧳 steals store merchandise, but to take cash from the register is criminal. I 💗 when Saet Byul🥋⭐ locked her out of the store.

    Dad Yong Pil 🧥 was so dumb to meet his first love and pretend he did know her friend Boon Hee 👩‍🦱, who is his wife … dumb, dumb, dumb…gonna come back to bite cha’

    Geum Bi 👸and Dal Sik 🇯🇲 finally came together with her inspiring his latest web toon episode.

    It was awesome to see Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ return Saet Byul’s🥋⭐ feelings❣ I truly think Yeon Joo💃 no longer stands a chance, it’s just that she will not likely stop trying anytime soon. Yeon Joo’s💃 plan to get rid of Saet Byul🥋⭐ will come back to bite her … I look forward to Yeon Joo’s💃 further downfall in Dae Hyun’s🍭🧍‍♂️ eyes.


    • go away Yeon Joo💃, you blew you chance BIG TIME‼
      She made her bed and has to lie in it.

      It was awesome to see Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ return Saet Byul’s🥋⭐ feelings❣
      It was a sweet moment.


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