What am I blogging next? 08/20

August 2020 Blogging

I’ll finish these series in early August…
A. Backstreet Rookie. This SBS 16 episode series airing on Friday and Saturday conclude Aug 8, 2020. This series is strengthening as it airs. I like this series.

B. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Also known as Pyscho but It’s Okay, This 16 episode TVN series airing on Saturday and Sunday concludes Aug 9, 2020. I love this series. It started strong and hasn’t faltered.

I’ll blog this series throughout August…

Flower of Evil. The 16 episodes of this TVN network series air Wednesday and Thursday from Jul 29, 2020 – Sep 17, 2020.

I’ll start this series at the end of August…
Alice. The 16 episodes of this SBS network series air Fridays and Saturdays from Aug 28, 2020 – Oct 17, 2020.
Why am I watching this show?
* Joo Won – one of my cadre of cuties (actors I regularly watch). This is his comeback drama after completing 21 months of mandatory military service on Feb 5, 2019.  I am bubbling with enthusiasm to see him act again. His last series was 2017’s My Sassy Girl
* Kim Hee Seon – I last saw her in 2015’s Angry Mom where her lead character was the heart of the show.
What’s this show about? Hotel Alice is where time travelers stay prior to travelling back in time. In this sci-fi romance a woman and a man separated by death, meet again.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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10 comments on “What am I blogging next? 08/20
  1. beezrtp says:


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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Flower of Evil and Alice were both on my watchlist, so I’m excited you will be recapping both of these.

    The next 10 days or so are going to be busy, I wish you well on keeping up with all those recaps❣

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  3. Snow Flower says:

    Both of these look very promising, so I will give them a try. I usually prefer binge watching, but I also like to discuss dramas as they air.

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  4. Kay says:

    Great choices for August 🙂 I’ll be watching both of these. I’m beyond excited for Flower of Evil and having Lee Joon Gi back on our screens 🙂

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  5. Kirst says:

    I’m looking forward to both these shows. Lee Joon Gi is such a good actor and has played varied roles, I can’t wait to see what he does with this character. Backstreet Rookie has been fun and It’s Okay – totally gripping.

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