Backstreet Rookie Episode 12

Backstreet Rookie Episode 12 Recap

Kang Ji Wook suggests Dae Hyun is using Saet Byul to get over Yeon Joo and he feels uncomfortable about that.  Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) is taken aback. Kang Ji Wook says Yeon Joo is provoked by Dae Hyun’s closeness to Saet Byul. Dae Hyun says Kang Ji Wook has that wrong. Kang Ji Wook is clear, if Dae Hyun isn’t romantically interested in Saet Byul, he must make that clear. Dae Hyun asks why Kang Ji Wook is saying this to him. Kang Ji Wook declares he likes Saet Byul.

Unaware she’s being discussed, Saet Byul pops over and tells both men the shoot is about to start. She’s all smiles as she leads Kang Ji Wook and Dae Hyun into the convenience store. Kang Ji Wook is led to hair and makeup. Irked, Dae Hyun heads to the back room to apply some himself.

As the cameras roll everyone is interested in being serviced by Kang Ji Wook leaving Dae Hyun nervously scanning without the girls swooning over him.   When Kang Ji Wook steps outside for photos, Saet Byul hands Dae Hyun a tonic for nerves. She notices he put on makeup. She finds it adorable.

In the backroom, Dae Hyun removes the makeup.

Saet Byul tells Kang Ji Wook to stop trying to one-up Dae Hyun. She declares Kang Ji Wook must be jealous of the better-looking Dae Hyun. Kang Ji Wook can’t believe what he’s hearing. Dae Hyun preens at how passionately Saet Byul defends him…until she drops the age bomb and declares someone turning 30 needs tender care. She warns Kang Ji Wook to be kind.

Han Dal Sik (Dae Hyun’s friend) and Hwang Geum Bi (Saet Byul’s friend) deal with the shock of finding out they were each other’s fantasy turned nightmare.  Dal Sik is too distressed to work. Geum Bi sobs in her bed.

Kang Ji Wook tells Saet Byul he’s tired of hearing about Dae Hyun. Saet Byul declares Dae Hyun is into her. Kang Ji Wook notices the hand signal communication between Dae Hyun and Saet Byul. He sighs in frustration.

Dae Hyun’s father tells his wife they should go to the convenience store to offer their son support.

Dae Hyun shows the audience their tripe / ramen recipe. He mentions the local eatery that sells the tripe. Department Head Bae objects. Dae Hyun counters that he’s the owner of the convenience store and doesn’t work for anyone but himself. Saet Byul rips into Department Head Bae. Dae Hyun is grateful.

Yeon Joo hears about the incident and leaves to sort it out. Director Jo watches her go unable to stop her.

Saet Byul loves how bold Dae Hyun was with Department Head Bae. Kang Ji Wook declares she was cooler. A boy shows looking for Dae Hyun. He arrives just in time to check the boy out. Saet Byul watches Dae Hyun pretend to check out the boy and take the boy’s “credit card”. She smiles at his generosity.

Yeon Joo and Department Head Bae enter the convenience store. She apologizes for her employee’s behavior. Department Head Bae apologizes. Dae Hyun tries to smooth things over. Saet Byul stops him and tells Yeon Joo to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Saet Byul drags Dae Hyun into the back room and lectures him on being firm. Saet Byul declares she won’t stand by and let others walk over him. Dae Hyun says he’s hired a good employee. Saet Byul declares she’ll be his guardian angel. Smiles all around.

Yeon Joo reports to Director Jo that everything is resolved and she’ll be happy to get out of this neighborhood. She says this as she passes Dae Hyun’s mother and father. Dae Hyun’s mother declares that Yeon Joo said that indirectly to them. Yeon Joo says she didn’t see them and greets them. Dae Hyun’s mother points out that this is a good neighborhood but the people are poor which must be the root of Yeon Joo’s distaste. She tells Yeon Joo not to spout her negativity where others can overhear. Dae Hyun’s parents leave. Yeon Joo sighs and leaves.

Saet Byul finds an English workbook one of the high school girls left. She opens and reads one of the lessons. Dae Hyun startles her when she’s concentrating. Dae Hyun asks if she wants to return to high school. She says she’ll take the high school equivalency test one day. She says she’ll be a convenience store manager one day. Dae Hyun reminds her she wanted to be a florist. Saet Byul counters that watching Dae Hyun interact with the boy was inspirational. Dae Hyun notes that is a secret between himself and the boy. Saet Byul says he’s bool. Kang Ji Wook watches them. Saet Byul admits he’s her inspiration. Dae Hyun laughs. He jokes that she’ll never be able to get over him. Kang Ji Wook wishes Saet Byul would smile like that at him. Dae Hyun tells Saet Byul to go home. Saet Byul declares she’ll stay. Dae Hyun says he’s turning 30 and needs his beauty rest. Saet Byul is sheepish that Dae Hyun overheard her conversation about his age. Dae Hyun points out he has no wrinkles and leaves the store in her care.

Kang Ji Wook notices that Dae Hyun styled his hair like him. Kang Ji Wook says he’ll stay with Dae Hyun since he’s going home. Kang Ji Wook declares he can pull an all nightery but Dae Hyun can’t do that anymore. They declare they can work all night. They burst through the convenience store door. They inform Saet Byul they’ll work through the night. Saet Byul heads to the back room to take a nap.

The next morning, Kang Ji Wook finished his 25 hours working at the convenience store and filming wraps up. Yeon Joo thanks Dae Hyun for his cooperation. She leaves. The production team starts to pack up. Dae Hyun is taken aback when Saet Byul ask for the half the day off to attend Eun Byul’s showcase. Dae Hyun suggests he attend too. Saet Byul pretends she didn’t hear that. She assures him she’ll be back soon. But when Kang Ji Wook’s manager arrives he reminds his client that he has another work appointment. Saet Byul tells Kang Ji Wook that she can go to the showcase by herself. Kang Ji Wook is forced to leave. Dae Hyun doesn’t mind the turn of events.

Saet Byul is there when Eun Byul’s girl group arrives to the cheers of fans. They lock eyes. Saet Byul holds up flowers for her sister. Eun Byul mouths thank you and heads into the studio. Eun Byul falls during the performance. She continues the performance even with a bloody nose. The photo of Eun Byul goes viral. Her manager doesn’t look happy.

Saet Byul returns to the convenience store and admits she couldn’t watch the performance. Eun Zo sends the video of Eun Byul falling, getting up and finishing the performance. Saet Byul is proud of her sister. She calls Eun Byul and tells her she did well to preserve. Eun Byul admits she wanted to share her thoughts with her sister, who is her mother and father. Both sisters tear up. Eun Byul tells Saet Byul she’ll give her big sister a good life. Saet Byul cries and tells Eun Byul to keep working.

Dae Hyun notices the tears in Saet Byul’s eyes. Dae Hyun says Eun Byul was cool to preserve. Saet Byul admits she was proud of her sister. Dae Hyun says he knows about caring for family. Saet Byul thanks him for his understanding. She offers Dae Hyun flowers. He’s touched. Saet Byul tells him to put them in a vase.

The mean girls meet with Eun Byul. They want a photo with her. Eun Byul recalls her manager warning her about unauthorized photos. She tries to resist but they insist. They show Eun Byul photos they have of her that could hurt her career. They blackmail her for money. Eun Byul gets a phone call from Kang Ji Wook offering his congratulations. The mean girls overhear. Kang Ji Wook warns Eun Byul to stay vigilant and protect her image. The mean girls have an idea.

Dae Hyun realizes he hasn’t seen Dal Sik for several days. He goes to Dal Sik’s apartment. He’s not responsive. Dae Hyun assumes the meeting with Dal Sik’s fan didn’t go well. Dae Hyun brings Dal Sik to the convenience store and feeds Dal Sik. He responds. Dae Hyun tells Saet Byul that Dal Sik met his fan and it was a man. Dal Sik counters his fan was a terrible woman. Dae Hyun wants details. Dal Sik yells at Saet Byul. Neither Dae Hyun or Saet Byul understand what’s wrong with Dal Sik.

Eun Byul pleads with Kang Ji Wook to help her just this once. He tells her hanging with bullies created this issue. Eun Byul swears she wasn’t a bully. She says other student made fun of her for not having parents and being poor. Eun Byul wanted to be strong. She says the mean girl promise to delete the harmful photos if he meets with them. Kang Ji Wook recalls Saet Byul declaring he was Eun Byul’s guardian angel. He sighs.

Kang Ji Wook meets with the mean girls and gives them an autograph. After the meeting he tells Eun Byul to break it off with the mean girls. Eun Byul cries and asks Eun Byul not to tell Saet Byul. He puts his arm around Eun Byul to comfort her. The mean girls take a photo miffed that he’s warm to Eun Byul but cold to them. They vow to pay him back.

The noodle recipe is a hit and the traffic at the convenience store picks up.

The story about Eun Byul’s falling down adds interest as the debut song is promoted. Saet Byul, Dae Hyun, Kang Ji Wook, Geum Bi, and Eun Zo smile when they watch the performance.  Of course, the mean girls watch it too.

When Eun Byul goes to see Saet Byul at the convenience store, both sisters hug thrilled. Saet Byul introduces her sister to Dae Hyun. The mean girls text photos that upset Eun Byul. She shows Saet Byul. They are interrupted when Dae Hyun appears with a celebratory treat for Eun Byul. Both sisters plaster smiles on their face. They step outside.

Just as Saet Byul demands to know what’s going on with the photos, Eun Byul is summoned to call the mean girl leader, which she does. Money is demanded. Saet Byul is angry that Eun Byul hung out with those girls creating this situation. Eun Byul counters she needs a solution not a lecture. Saet Byul tells Eun Byul to send her the photo. Eun Byul strides away.

The next morning, Saet Byul worries. Dae Hyun texts and requests she come in early.

Saet Byul arrives at work. Dae Hyun says he has something for her to do. She grouses but agrees. He leads her into the storage room where he’s set up a desk for her to study for her high school equivalency test. He vows to help her. He suggests they get started. Saet Byul is touched. Dae Hyun jokes he’s a cool boss. Saet Byul hugs him and thanks him. Dae Hyun pushes her away. Then he hugs her saying he wanted to do that first. He tells her to work and study hard. Saet Byul salutes him and agrees. He leaves. She starts studying with a smile on her face.

That was sweet!

Dae Hyun tells himself he was amazing.


Saet Byul tells herself Dae Hyun is amazing.

The feedback on the video promotion is positive especially the noddle recipe.  Yeon Joo and her staff are thrilled. Department Head Bae calls Dae Hyun pretentious and says he was all that when he quit the headquarters team.

In her office Yeon Joo remembers when Dae Hyun told her he quit headquarters. He was sure it was the right thing to do. She searches the records and finds a voice phishing campaign that Dae Hyun led before he left.

Yeon Joo demands Department Head Bae tell her why the campaign was switched from her to Dae Hyun and why he was disciplined for it. Department Head Bae says Director Jo didn’t want Yeon Joo to find out. Yeon Joo is surprised by this. Department Head Bae vows her to tell her everything if she keeps it a secret. Turns out Director Jo asked Dae Hyun to take the blame to spare Yeon Joo. In return Dae Hyun made sure Yeon Joo never learned of his sacrifice to which Director Jo agreed expecting that request.

Saet Byul studies during her shift. It isn’t as easy expected. She decides to take a break. She primps expecting Dae Hyun to relieve her soon.

Dae Hyun walks to the convenience store wondering if Saet Byul is studying and needs his help.

Yeon Joo intercepts Dae Hyun outside the convenience store. She demands to know why Dae Hyun didn’t tell her. She cries and hugs Dae Hyun. She promises to make everything right. Saet Byul can’t believe her eyes.

My Thoughts

Eun Byul’s troubles and triumphs dominate. Writer Son Geon Joo focused on Eun Byul’s performance fall which ended up getting positive press, which engaged the mean girls to blackmail her for a meeting with Kang Ji Wook and money, which led Eun Byul to admitting part of the issue to Saet Byul when she showed her the photos the mean girls blackmailed her with. Understandably Saet Byul was upset that her sister’s decision to hang out with the mean girls created the situation where she could be taken advantage of. Eun Byul flounced off declaring she needed solutions not censure. Kang Ji Wook warned Saet Byul to disassociate from the mean girls but it was too late. Kang Ji Wook promotion video for the store was a hit. He clearly saw Saet Byul adore Dae Hyun again and again. It rankled.

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) created a study spot for Saet Byul.  Dae Hyun was a sweetheart when he created the study area in the back room. Saet Byul hugged him in gratitude. Dae Hyun pushed her away. Then he hugged her saying he wanted to hug her first. I found that sequence awkward. But at least Dae Hyun initiated physical contact with Saet Byul. That appears to be a step towards the personal, not only professional. I had to laugh when Dae Hyun styled his hair to be similar to Kang Ji Wook’s. That’s another move to position himself for Saet Byul. Then came the revelation that Dae Hyun took the fall for a project Yeon Joo once managed and agree to leave the headquarters team if Yeon Joo never found out. Though the explanation was paper thin it made Yeon Joo realize that Director Jo  had ousted Dae Hyun by using her. She went to Dae Hyun and promised to make things right and hugged him. Who was more surprised, Dae Hyun or Saet Byul?

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) found out her sister was being blackmailed. Saet Byul was dismayed to learn Eun Byul was being sent unflattering pictures. She scolded her sister for associating with people that would do that. Eun Byul didn’t want to hear that and left. Kang Ji Wook also warned Eun Byul about associating with the mean girls. Eun Byul meekly agreed. Eun Byul told Kang Ji Wook that the mean girls offered a haven from the unkindness of her classmates. Now there are multiple photos of Kang Ji Wook that could be used against him. The snoopy reporter, who seems to have vanished, has photos of Kang Ji Wook and WB, the mean girls have photos of Kang Ji Wook and Eun Byul. Will the mean girls now blackmail Kang Ji Wook? I must say Kang Ji Wook a sweet guy but doesn’t stand a chance against Dae Hyun. Even he can’t believe it sometimes. Finally, Saet Byul and Dae Hyun continue to grow their positive working relationship. When Dae Hyun set up the study area, that wasn’t just a professional move, it was a personal one to make her happy. It worked.

Ji Chang Wook’s channel has a behind the scenes video of episode 5:

I rank this episode as good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Backstreet Rookie Episode 12
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ was jealous of any attention Saet Byul 🥋⭐ gave Ji Wook 🐶. Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ was so kind and shone his brightest as he worked with the little boy to “buy” items with the “dream card”. Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ preparing a study area and materials for Saet Byul🥋⭐ to prepare her for taking the GED was another sweet highlight. Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ is the epitome of a kind soul.

    My heart broke for Saet Byul🥋⭐ when Eun Byul’s 🎶⭐ “mom for hire” got to see Eun Byul 🎶⭐ debut, but Saet Byul 🥋⭐ was denied … why didn’t Eun Byul 🎶⭐ take the bouquet❓⁉️ Eun Byul 🎶⭐is so foolish to evolve Ji Wook🐶 with the bullies. It is time to involve the police in a blackmail investigation.

    Yeon Joo💃 did NOT help herself in the eyes of Dae Hyun’s parents with them overhearing her tell Director Jo Seung Joon 🤵 that the C-store’s neighborhood didn’t suit her. I was glad that Yeon Joo💃 recognized Seung Joon 🤵 used Dae Hyun to cover her failure, but I was not happy to ran back to Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️. This leaves me with 2 conclusions:

    1) Yeon Joo💃 IS a golden parachute 🪂 employee (AKA nepotism). Even if she got her initial job on her own merit, she did NOT earn her latest promotion … that was earned by Seung Joon 🤵 blaming her failure on Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ and pressure from her top stockholder mother.

    2) Yeon Joo’s💃 bridge to Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ has ALREADY BEEN BURNED. She started the fire and her mother poured on the accelerant to incinerate every last speck of that bridge”s foundation. While Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ may be able to endure humiliation, having his parents humiliated ensured that a union between Yeon Joo💃 and Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ WILL NOT HAPPEN, her mother made sure.


    • Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ is the epitome of a kind soul.

      Eun Byul 🎶⭐is so foolish to evolve Ji Wook🐶 with the bullies.
      We could create a list of all the foolish things Eun Byul has done in this series.

      Yeon Joo💃 did NOT help herself in the eyes of Dae Hyun’s parents with them overhearing her tell Director Jo Seung Joon 🤵 that the C-store’s neighborhood didn’t suit her.
      I was pleased Dae Hyun’s mother called Yeon Joo on those words.

      Yeon Joo’s💃 bridge to Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ has ALREADY BEEN BURNED…While Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ may be able to endure humiliation, having his parents humiliated ensured that a union between Yeon Joo💃 and Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ WILL NOT HAPPEN
      I agree. I hope Dae Hyun doesn’t waver but fear his kindness could be interpreted as doing so.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur that “I was pleased Dae Hyun’s mother called Yeon Joo on those words.” -KJT. Yeon Joo needed to be aware her words impact others.

        Liked by 1 person

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