Would I Date Him? Sweet Munchies

This time on “Would I Date Him?” I reflect upon the leading man from the series Sweet Munchies.

Our candidate: Sweet Munchies’ Park Jin Sung portrayed by Jung Il Woo, needs money and lies to procure it.

Jung Il Woo is one of my cadre of cuties, an actor I regularly watch the series they are in. Favorite dramas of this fine actor include Haechi, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and 49 Days.

Background. Chef Park Jin Sung operates a small eatery with a partner. He loves his father and brother. But when the double whammy hits – his father gets into an accident AND his partner pulls out, securing money to pay the medical bills and keep the business open is a must. Conventional loans are denied and loan sharks won’t supply the amount needed. Jin Sung’s friend at a network must find a gay chef for her soon to be produced TV show. Jin Sung decides to lie and become the chef for the show. Complications ensue.

His pluses:
WILLING TO ADMIT MISTAKES…EVENTUALLY. Jin Sung initially lied for money and doubled down on the lie for romance. People he loved and liked were hurt by his actions. Jin Sung admitted his mistakes to those he hurt, including the public, and accepted the consequences.
CHARMING. Jin Sung was kind, considerate, and sported a cute crooked smile.
HE COOKS AND CLEANS. Jin Sung did everything in his eatery from concept, to cooking and cleaning up after himself. Yes, I want that in my life.

His minuses:
LIED. You could argue his first lie was secure funds to solidify his family and business. But he kept lying because he liked the director of the show. Anything built on a lie has a foundation of quicksand.

Is he my next date?
YES. Granted, Jin Sung’s lies are red flags. You’d have to be on your guard to see if this pattern repeated itself. Though Jin Sung learned from his mistakes, that’s not why I’d date him. It is the kind, considerate core of Jin Sung that is worth dating.

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2 comments on “Would I Date Him? Sweet Munchies
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I’d probably go out with him because he is sweet, kind and handsome.

    I’d have to watch for red flags for a while before I would consider getting serious.


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