It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 10 Recap

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 10 “The Boy that Cried Wolf” 

Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) sobs that Kang Tae wanted to kill him. Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) shakes his head no. Sang Tae yells to the gathered audience that Kang Tae wants him dead. Kang Tae falls down at the horror of the accusation. Sang Tae yells that Kang Tae is trying to kill him. Kang Tae sobs it isn’t true. Sang Tae yells the accusation in the lobby to everyone gathered by the commotion. A tear rolls down Moon Young’s face. Overcome by emotion Kang Tae can only murmur it isn’t true.

Sang Tae is sedated. Director Oh informs Kang Tae that Sang Tae is sleeping. He suggests Sang Tae temporarily stay at the psychiatric hospital. Kang Tae agrees. Head Nurse Park Haeng Ja encourages Kang Tae to get some air while Sang Tae sleeps. Moon Young watches.

Kang Tae walks outside. Moon Young follows. Eventually she asks how much longer he’ll walk. Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) throws her sneaker in his back to get his attention. She suggests a meal. He suggests she stop following him. She grabs his wrist and suggests they walk together. Sang Tae removes her hand and tells her to go home as he must be with his brother. Moon Young states Kang Tae did nothing wrong. She says Sang Tae fell into the icy river that day long ago.

Flashback…The ice cracks. A young Sang Tae falls into the icy river. A young Kang Tae jumps into the river to save his brother.

In the end, Kang Tae saved his brother making him innocent. Kang Tae counters he wanted Sang Tae to die, she knows it and Sang Tae knows it too. Kang Tae states he is not innocent. Moon Young asks if Kang Tae will sacrifice his life to atone for that mistake. Kang Tae asks why Moon Young saved him instead of letting him die that day long ago. He walks away. Moon Young cries.

Sang Tae wakes murmuring that Kang Tae left him alone.

The patients discuss Kang Tae’s murderous tendencies remarking his good looking exterior hid a killer. Patient Lee sprays the patients and staff that try to stop him with a fire extinguisher.

Nurse Nam Joo Ri brings Patient Park’s records to Head Nurse Park interrupting her conversation with the affected staff. Head Nurse Park says that Patient Park has had mood swings of late.

Head Nurse Park meets with Patient Park who wants to know if Kang Tae tried to kill Sang Tae. Patient Park chuckles in disbelief.

Joo Ri brings Sang Tae some belongings. He refuses to go home. She tells him she’s around and leaves.

Joo Ri’s mother cooks, Jo Jae Soo (Kang Tae’s friend) can’t reach Kang Tae, Publisher Lee Sang In tells his subordinate Yoo Seung Jae nothing can be done for Moon Young. Seung Jae says she’s worried about Kang Tae. Jae Soo take exception to Publisher Lee’s focus on money. They argue the effects of Kang Tae’s and Moon Young’s actions. They grab each other. But when Joo Ri’s mother enters the room with a knife, they stop. She announces it is time to eat. Everyone scurries to the dining table.

Kang Tae waits outside Sang Tae’s room. He considers entering but doesn’t.

Moon Young sits alone and remembers Kang Tae’s words. She looks at the flowers he gave her earlier in the day.

Kang Tae holds vigil outside Sang Tae’s room. Joo Ri knows that Kang Tae must wait for Sang Tae to be open to seeing his brother. Kang Tae waits all night.

Director Oh tells Sang Tae he must be hot. He suggests that hiding under a blanket could have dire consequences. Director Oh says he’ll take Sang Tae away so Sang Tae can go to the bathroom. Sang Tae makes sure Director Oh does as promised before he leaves the room.

Director Oh tells Kang Tae that he and Sang Tae are in the 3-legged race. Kang Tae asks if they are holding each other back. Director Oh believes they support each other. Director Oh believes one day Sang Tae will save Kang Tae. Admitting he’d hoped Sang Tae erased that day from his memories. Director Oh says the memory is easy but the emotions aren’t for Sang Tae. Director Oh tells Kang Tae to start working ASAP.

Patient Park bites the orderly’s finger when he tries to give him medicine. Kang Tae interrupts. Both the patient and orderly are happy to see him.

Jae Soo visits Kang Tae quipping his love is unrequited. He chides Kang Tae for ignoring his calls. Jae Soo says Moon Young isn’t good for him. Kang Tae says he woke from his dream. He remembers moments with Moon Young. He says he dared to dream of a relationship but his duty is to his brother.

Moon Young wakes and decides to get up.

Jae Soo brings Sang Tae his favorite pizza flavors cajoling him to open his eyes and eat. He sees Sang Tae’s eyes flicker open and leaves the pizza with Sang Tae as he exits the room.

Kang Tae ignore a call from Moon Young. She strides into the psychiatric hospital. She touches Kang Tae’s cheek and tells him he looks dreadful. He pushes her hand away. She leaves a bag of underwear at the front desk.

Sang Tae munches the pizza under the blanket. The door opens and he find a book by Moon Young’s mother tagged to the part of the story where the little brother kills the big brother. Head Nurse Park observes Patient Park staring at Sang Tae’s mural.

Kang Tae and Moon Young arrive at the beach. She tells him he should stop playing hostage and caretaker of his brother. She thinks he wants to live with her and love her. Kang Tae denies it. Moon Young doesn’t believe him. Kang Tae says he woke from his dream. Kang Tae says Sang Tae should be enough for him and Moon Young is a distraction. Kang Tae calls their relationship ill fated. Moon Young refuses to accept that.

Kang Tae tells her to stay out of his life. He says his previous words to her are null and void. Sang Tae is more than enough. He tells her to get lost. Moon Young doesn’t believe him. She reminds him that when she said get lost years ago, Kang Tae believed she meant otherwise. She takes his hand and asks him not to push her way. Kang Tae pulls his hand away and says she’s a firecracker, a short burst event. He tells her to get out of his life. He walks away.

Moon Young cries. Her heartbreak turns to hot anger and she yells that she’ll become a bomb, blow up, and kill everyone. Kang Tae continues to walk away, tears brimming in his eyes. Moon Young cries the pain of rejection.

Moon Young returns to a quiet house.

Kang Tae enters Sang Tae’s room and watches his brother sleep. He holds Sang Tae’s hand against his cheek. He cries.

Moon Young sits on Kang Tae’s bed.

Seung Jae is ordered to stay at Moon Young’s house by Publisher Lee. Seung Jae declares she wants to quit. He hangs up.

Publisher Lee offers to give Joo Ri a ride to work. While he drives, he tells her he is going to a meeting in Seoul. The car seems to have a mind of its own as the wipers wipe and the heater turns on. Then the car overheats. Publisher Lee sees Joo Ri into a taxi and watches his disabled car get towed away. He realizes he left his wallet in the car and chases it. Joo Ri laughs.

Head Nurse Park brings a large dinosaur stuffed animal that is the mother of Sang Tae’s mini version. Sang Tae actively engages and explains all about the mom dinosaur taking care of her son. Head Nurse Park asks if his mother was kind. Sang Tae says his mother was kind to him but mean to Sang Tae.

Joo Ri’s mother brings food to Kang Tae and orders him to eat.  She scolds him for rejecting her daughter for another. Kang Tae asks if they should leave. Joo Ri’s mother chuckles she couldn’t do that. She says she’ll take Sang Tae home so he can concentrate on himself. Kang Tae cries when she says if she can’t be his mother in law in this life, she’ll take him in the next.

Joo Ri’s mother takes a chattering Sang Tae home. Kang Tae watches them leave. Joo Ri asks if he’ll come hover for dinner and talk to Sang Tae. She reminds him that to make others happy, one must pursue their own happiness. She notes stress isn’t always bad. He needs to think about himself in times of stress. Kang Tae asks if he can ask her to do him a favor.

Moon Young takes photos with Sang Tae’s favorite videotape then texts them to Kang Tae to come home or else. She gets no response. Next, she texts that she has a fever. She gets no response. Moon Young rushes to the door when she hears a car.

It’s Joo Ri packing items for Kang Tae. She tells Moon Young that Kang Tae will be spending time at her house.

Kang Tae picks up Sang Tae’s favorite ramen and heads to their apartment. He hesitates then tells Sang Tae he’s entering. Sang Tae hides in his zip up tent (aka the closet). Kang Tae asks Sang Tae if he’ll continue to avoid him. He apologizes. Sang Tae asks what he’s sorry for. Kang Tae apologizes for running away when Sang Tae fell into the water all those years ago. He apologizes for wishing Sang Tae dead. He apologizes for wishing Sang Tae was a normal brother. Kang Tae cries that he’s sorry for everything. He pleads to Sang Tae to forgive him.

Sang Tae exits the closet. Kang Tae asks him not to abandon him, not leave him, and says he’s sorry. Sang Tae hugs Kang Tae. He asks Kang Tae not to abandon him. Kang Tae sobs his apology. Sang Tae tells him not to cry and pats Kang Tae’s back.

Awk! Tears!

Done packing, Joo Ri tells Moon Young she’s leaving. She finds her eating Seung Jae’s food takeout. Moon Young and Joo Ri drink wine. Moon Young asks if Joo Ri is afraid of her. Joo Ri says she is afraid, jealous, and hates her too.

Sang Tae tells Kang Tae he’s the big brother. Kang Tae agrees. Sang Tae says that Kang Tae belongs to him. Kang Tae agrees. Sang Tae says he likes his new stuffed animal. Kang Tae says he likes Sang Tae.

Joo Ri is drunk and wants to slap Moon Young.  She tells Moon Young she’s a witch. She says Moon Young stole the guy she likes. She asks if Moon Young enjoys taking what she wants. She calls her mean. Moon Young declares she’s cute. Joo Ri agrees she is cute and doesn’t understand why Kang Tae doesn’t like her. Kang Tae suggests she’s pretty. Joo Ri slaps her. Joo Ri passes out. Moon Young looks at her former friend.

Kang Tae holds his phone and looks through the selfie photos he took with Moon Young yesterday.

Moon Young watches Joo Ri. Publisher Lee bursts into the room and tries to wake Joo Ri. He asks if Moon Young hit her. Moon Young says Joo Ri passed out before she could. Publisher Lee declares he’ll carry Joo Ri. Moon Young asks if Publisher Lee likes Joo Ri. Publisher Lee confirms this. Moon Young asks who he likes more. Diplomatically Publisher Lee says he likes both of them but in different ways.  Moon Young demands a ranking. Publisher Lee doesn’t want to offer that. He notes every person is different and affection is too. Moon Young counters affection can make things awful. Publisher Lee asks how she’s doing now that Kang Tae and Sang Tae aren’t living with her. Moon Young says she bored, irritable, and frequently hungry. Publisher Lee says she misses Kang Tae.

Kang Tae sits on the roof.

Moon Young realizes she misses Kang Tae and thinks of him.

The next morning Joo Ri wakes and wonders where her phone is. Seung Jae pulls it from her pocket. Joo Ri hopes she didn’t embarrass herself last night. Seung Jae assures her retching in Publisher Lee’s car might convince him to get rid of the clunker. Joo Ri lays back down mortified.

Joo Ri walks to the bus stop. She sees Kang Tae waiting there. They wait together. Kang Tae asks if she’s hungover. Joo Ri says she isn’t. She asks why he’s speaking casually.

Flashback…Publisher Lee arrives with Joo Ri. Publisher Lee directs Kang Tae to get his stuff out of the trunk. Kang Tae does so. Joo Ri sees Kang Tae. He realizes she’s drunk. Joo Ri accuses Kang Tae of sending her to help Moon Young. Joo Ri declares she has feelings for Kang Tae and that was a mean thing to do. Publisher Lee covers Joo Ri’s mouth. Joo Ri bites it. Kang Tae reminds her she encouraged him to be selfish. Joo Ri says she isn’t a pushover. Kang Tae asks why she’s speaking casually. Joo Ri declares he’s casual with Moon Young but not her. She orders him to be casual with her.

Kang Tae admits he’s tired.

At the psychiatric hospital, put on his uniform and ignores a call from Moon Young. The orderly notices he’s hot.

Moon Young isn’t happy when Publisher Lee calls her instead of Kang Tae. He invites her to eat with him. He says he knows today is that day.

Kang Tae feels hot. Head Nurse Park asks if Sang Tae liked the dinosaur, she got him. She tells him the dinosaur was the birth mother. She asks if Sang Tae is close to Patient Park. Kang Tae says not. Head Nurse Park advises Kang Tae to keep an eye on Patient Park, who is becoming unstable.

Outside, Moon Young’s father hears someone singing “Oh my Darling Clementine”. He makes his way to Patient Park who is humming while reading the Wicked Witch of the West. Kang Tae sees this and recalls Head Nurse Park concern that Patient Park is deliberately provoking patients. Moon Young’s father asks if she was humming the song. Patient Park asks if he’s going to kill her again. Moon Young’s father tries to strangle her. Kang Tae rushes over and pulls Moon Young’s father off her. He yells he’ll die if he doesn’t kill her. Patient Park smiles as she’s lead away. Kang Tae declares his daughter is not a monster. Moon Young’s father tells him if he doesn’t kill her, he will die.

Patient Park tells Head Nurse Park that she was attacked for no reason. She calls him crazy. She wonders if she should kill him.

Director Oh wonders why the song triggered Moon Young’s father to call her a monster and want to kill Patient Park. Director Oh notes the monster typically is Moon Young’s father’s wife. Director Oh tells Kang Tae that either Patient Park knows details about Moon Young’s father’s wife or she is Moon Young’s father’s wife.

Joo Ri’s mother finds Moon Young on her steps. She asks why she’s there. Moon Young says she’s accepting her offer of food. Joo Ri’s mother feeds Moon Young. She gives her seaweed soup and wishes her Happy Birthday. Moon Young eats the soup. Publisher Lee and Seung Jae arrive surprised to see Moon Young eating. Seung Jae wishes her Happy Birthday. Seung Jae starts to sing but stop when Moon Young gives her the death look. After dinner Publisher Lee gives Moon Young a necklace. She puts the necklace on. Publisher Lee declares it is perfect. Moon Young tells him the gift is to spur her to write her next book.

She leaves Publisher Lee on the steps and goes to see Sang Tae. He locks the door. Moon Young declares she’ll break down the door. He wavers but opens the door. She gives him the nightmare catcher doll. She tells him she wants Kang Tae. She tells him she’s bored without him. Sang Tae declares she’s lying to every statement she makes. Moon Young says she wants to hang with him for her birthday. He tells her to stop lying. He goes into the apartment. He says Kang Tae and Moon Young went somewhere without him and he doesn’t need them. He balls up the sketch of the 3 of them in the camper van and tosses it out the window. Moon Young picks it up. She tells Sang Tae he’s the bad person for not believing others. She asks if he knows the story “The Boy that Cried Wolf”.

Joo Ri notices Kang Tae doesn’t look well. She suggests an IV versus pills. Kang Tae says the pills are sufficient.

Moon Young says “The shepherd boy lied all the time. He lied to the villagers that a wolf showed up.” She asks Sang Tae why the boy lied. He says the boy was bored. Moon Young counters the boy was lonely. The boy’s work was solitary and lonely.

Back home, Moon Young puts the flowers Kang Tae got her in a vase. She opens the camper sketch.

As Kang Tae leaves for the night, he sees a nurse sending the orderly. He says Patient Park bashed him with a rock when he went outside to help her find something, she claimed she left out there.  Kang Tae asks where Patient Park is. Joo Ri arrives and declares Patient Park has escaped. Kang Tae asks if Patient Park said anything that could give a clue where she went. The orderly said she had to meet someone today. Kang Tae remembers Moon Young’s text stating it is her birthday. Kang Tae suddenly is afraid that Patient Park is Moon Young’s mother come back for Moon Young. He rushes down the hallway.

Moon Young recalls telling Sang Tae that the shepherd boy lied because he was lonely. But when the wolf really came, no one responded to help him. There’s a knock at the front door.

Kang Tae bursts out of the front door of the psychiatric hospital.

Moon Young’s voiceover…If one person had believed him and come to help him, the boy wouldn’t have died.

Moon Young opens the front door. Patient Park pops a celebratory popper. She sings Happy Birthday to Moon Young.

Kang Tae speeds to get to Moon Young.

Moon Young and Patient Park stare at each other.

My Thoughts

Sang Tae wants Kang Tae exclusively. He’s wrong to want this. Writer Jo Yong heaped guilt on Kang Tae and he wallowed in it while begging Sang Tae’s forgiveness. I cringed when Sang Tae declared that Kang Tae belonged to Sang Tae and Kang Tae concurred. No, no, no. Kang Tae has every right to have a relationship that Sang Tae doesn’t deem acceptable if Kang Tae deems it acceptable for him. I’m not saying Moon Young isn’t as Kang Tae described – a handful and sometimes more than he wants to handle – but Kang Tae has the right to have a relationship with her even if Sang Tae doesn’t like it. The fairy tale played out at the end of the episode when Kang Tae realized Moon Young’s texts asking him to come to the house because of lie1 or lie2, contained the clue of where Patient Park went. Patient Park has been acting like she could be possessed by Moon Young’s mother. She goaded Moon Young’s father. She bashed the orderly to escape. And she shows up on Moon Young’s doorstep. Will Moon Young recognize who Patient Park believes herself to be? Will Kang Tae reach her in time?

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) prostrated himself before Sang Tae. Kang Tae paid a heavy price to return to Sang Tae’s good favor. He consigned himself to be Sang Tae’s and not in a healthy way. Kang Tae’s exploration of something for himself was cut short and ended to make things right with Sang Tae. Remember the family phrase? “If momma isn’t happy, then no one is happy?”. Kang Tae is Sang Tae’s surrogate mother. He needs to be happy. Two wise women, Joo Ri and Joo Ri’s mother bluntly told Kang Tae there was nothing wrong with being selfish for his own happiness. But Kang Tae couldn’t continue to reach for Moon Young if it cost him Sang Tae, so he broke it off with her using the same words she used on him long ago. Kang Tae missed Moon Young. Kang Tae cared for Moon Young during the separation. When Kang Tae realized Patient Park could be danger to Moon Young, he rushed to save her.

Writer Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) had to admit she was lonely. Moon Young handled Kang Tae’s rejection better than expected. She yelled, she threatened, but once the anger was over, she missed him. Publisher Lee was right to point out she missed Kang Tae. Publisher Lee is growing on me each episode. Joo Ri is too. She finally put the literal smack down on Moon Young who deserved it for the past and present actions. For all Moon Young’s shortcomings, she once again had an adult conversation with Sang Tae. They are similar in certain ways and have a connection that Writer Jo skillfully explores. Finally, we know Moon Young must face the past with her mother. If Patient Park is possessed by Moon Young’s mother or believes she is Moon Young’s mother’s surrogate, the time may have finally come.

Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) declared Kang Tae was his. Sang Tae accepted Kang Tae’s apology. It was heartfelt. Sang Tae’s accepting hug and pats were there. Neither brother wanted the other to abandon the other.  But Kang Tae paid the bigger price. He was willing to jettison a friend, a potential love interest, because Sang Tae wanted to keep Kang Tae and Moon Young in the boxes he wanted them to be in – Kang Tae as his little brother and Moon Young as his best friend. Sang Tae saw Kang Tae’s and Moon Young’s day together as a betrayal. He couldn’t and didn’t see that both Kang Tae and Moon Young need their friendship, this is separate from Sang Tae. Moon Young’s interaction with Sang Tae over the fairy tale was gentle and spot on. She even returned the night catcher doll and directly told Sang Tae she wanted Kang Tae. Bravo to Moon Young for being clear to Sang Tae with what she wanted. Whether or not Sang Tae can allow it remains to be seen.

The fifth song of the OST is “Hallelujah” sung by Kim Feel:

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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6 comments on “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 10 Recap
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Wow. Just wow. The scene between the two brothers at the end of Episode 9 and the beginning of Episode 10 is one of the most emotionally devastating scenes I have ever watched in a kdrama. I can only think of few other scenes from other dramas that match in emotional intensity. (Jang Hyuk in Chuno and Yang Se Jong in My Country came to my mind.)

    KSH better win many acting awards for this performance, Oh Jung Se and Seo Ye Ji too!

    Drunk Ju Ri is a special treat! I know that drinking is bad, but I am looking forward to more drinking scenes of her. In a way, that’s how she confronts her own personal problems. We never saw how she reacted after reading The Boy Who Fed on Nightmares, but alcohol gave her the courage to express her feelings to MY openly. MY’s writing and personality have a unique way of helping the people around her and probably her readers worldwide. I wish she could help herself too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Drunk Ju Ri is a special treat…that’s how she confronts her own personal problems… alcohol gave her the courage to express her feelings to MY openly.
      Agree. She and Publisher Lee are bonding a nice pace.

      MY’s writing and personality have a unique way of helping the people around her and probably her readers worldwide. I wish she could help herself too.
      She is a catalyst. MY needs help helping herself.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Joo Ri got liquid courage to confront Moon Young and also Gang Tae (asking him to speak casually to her). It was refreshing to see Joo Ri speak frankly, even if was slurred.

      I concur that I would like to see some actung awards for this series. Kim Soo Hyun, Oh Jung Se and Seo Ye Ji all deserve awards for their performances

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    My heart is heavy for Gang Tae 🩺. Will he ever be able to live his own life❓⁉️ It was good to see the brothers make up. I concur that Gang Tae 🩺 capitulating to belong to Sang Tae 🦕 only was not healthy.

    “Sang Tae saw Kang Tae’s and Moon Young’s day together as a betrayal. He couldn’t and didn’t see that both Kang Tae and Moon Young need their friendship, this is separate from Sang Tae.” -KJT I’m not so sure Sang Tae 🦕 found their time together so much a problem as the fact that Gang Tae 🩺 and Moon Young 🚬 ✍ both lied about being alone and where they went. Granted Sang Tae 🦕 would have been jealous about being excluded, but I suspect it was lies that were the bigger problem to Sang Tae 🦕.

    What is up with patient Park Ok Ran smirking when Sang Tae was shouting about Gang Tae 🩺 trying to kill him❓⁉️ Patient Park seems to get her jollies seeing people riled up, like Moon Young’s 🚬 ✍ dad. Is patient Park the one who left the book for Sang Tae❓⁉️ You would think that Park Ok Ran was Moon Young’s 🚬 ✍ mother, the daughter would recognize the mother … my gut says patient Park is not Moon Young’s 🚬 ✍ mother. Could patient Park be a sasaeng of Moon Young’s mother❓⁉️


    • Granted Sang Tae 🦕 would have been jealous about being excluded, but I suspect it was lies that were the bigger problem to Sang Tae
      That could be. I wonder if lying to Sang Tae is something his brother has learned to do based on his reactions in the past. Regardless, lying is rarely the right choice.

      my gut says patient Park is not Moon Young’s 🚬 ✍ mother. Could patient Park be a sasaeng of Moon Young’s mother❓⁉️
      Agree the Patient Park is not Moon Young’s mother. She’s a fan but is there more?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Looking back I recalled Sang Tae overheard the rumor that Gang Tae and Moon Young were getting married, so it is likely that added to Sang Tae’s outburst as well.


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