Backstreet Rookie Episode 10

Backstreet Rookie Episode 10 Recap

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) and Yoo Yeon Joo (Dae Hyun’s girlfriend) meet for dinner. He explains he didn’t tell his mother about Saet Byul quitting. He explains how Saet Byul came to live at their house. Yeon Joo says this will be their last meal together. She tells him to meet someone that suits him better than her. Dae Hyun is taken aback. He tells her not to do this. Yeon Joo leaves. Dae Hyun can’t believe it. He watches her get into the car driven by Director Jo. Dae Hyun and Director Jo lock eyes. He drives Yeon Joo away.

Director Jo sees a tear roll down Yeon Joo’s cheek. He holds her hand and says he’ll cheer her up. He takes her to a bar where they drink with friends. Yeon Joo thanks him.

Dae Hyun relieves his mother at the convenience store. She wants Yeon Joo’s birth date. He tells her later as he escorts her out. Dae Hyun sags behind the counter and tries to deal with what just happened.

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) loves the video of her sister dancing. She tells Kang Ji Wook about Dae Hyun’s handling of a grifter that tried to extort money. Saet Byul is surprised to learn she’s been replaced by the sales manager. He tells her that Director Jo forced him to fire her. Saet Byul claims she was going to quit anyway. She wishes him good luck. The sales manager is relieved at her gracious response. Saet Byul believes that he was forced to fire her. She sighs that other forces have screwed up her working.

Saet Byul watches Dae Hyun work in the convenience store from the outside. She misses him. Kang Ji Wook watches Saet Byul watch Dae Hyun. He sighs knowing she doesn’t see him as a romantic possibility. He leaves.

Yeon Joo’s mother wakes her daughter with a spiffy outside for work. Looks like she’s now an executive. Dae Hyun’s father drives Yeon Joo’s mother. Yeon Joo’s coworker learn her mother is a major shareholder. Yeon Joo’s coworkers are surprised at the change.

They visit Dae Hyun at the convenience store and tell him that Yeon Joo’s mother is a major shareholder in the company. Dae Hyun is shocked. He remembers Yeon Joo telling him that her parents were close to the Chairman of the company.

Dae Hyun’s mother prepares the insurance papers for Yeon Joo’s mother.

As Dae Hyun waits outside Yeon Joo’s house, Yeon Joo arrives via taxi. He reminds her they promised to have not secrets. He asks why she didn’t tell him about her mother. He asks if she didn’t trust him. Yeon Joo counters that Dae Hyun lied to him about Saet Byul. Dae Hyun counters she always assumed the worst and didn’t allow him to explain. Yeon Joo’s mother arrives. Dae Hyun is shocked to see his father is her driver. Yeon Joo’s mother goes into the house. Dae Hyun’s father tells Yeon Joo he had no idea Yeon Joo was his son’s girlfriend. He goes into the house with Yeon Joo’s mother’s items. Dae Hyun’s mother watches from afar. Dae Hyun isn’t happy that Yeon Joo’s family messed with his family. Yeon Joo declares she had no idea her mother did this. She says she understands how he felt when she didn’t believe him. She goes inside. Dae Hyun walks away, tears in his eyes. Dae Hyun’s mother considers what to do next.

Yeon Joo’s mother claims the timing was bad. Yeon Joo demands to know why her mother embarrassed Dae Hyun’s family. She says certain lines should never be crossed. She simply made that point to all members of Dae Hyun’s family.

Dae Hyun’s mother rings the doorbell.

Dae Hyun makes a call to his father, but his father ignores the call. Dae Hyun’s father suspects this was planned.

Dae Hyun’s mother shows Yeon Joo’s mother where to sign the contract. Just before she signs, Yeon Joo’s mother asks how this benefits Dae Hyun’s mother. She tells her she’ll be top in sales. Yeon Joo’s mother signs the contract. Dae Hyun’s mother is grateful. Yeon Joo comes down the stairs and sees Dae Hyun’s mother. Grateful the contracts were signed, Dae Hyun’s mother leaves a gift for Yeon Joo’s mother. Though she removes the personalized card. She tells Yeon Joo’s mother that if her daughter loves a man, even if his background is different, she should let her daughter make her own choices and trust her.

Dae Hyun’s mother leaves the house with the signed contracts in hand. She sees her husband tending the yard. She leaves without him seeing her. She cries as she exits the house.

Dae Hyun’s mother returns to work where there is celebration. She’s not as enthused as she imagined.

Yeon Joo’s mother brags that her daughter is now an executive standing outside. Dae Hyun’s father considers then turns the water on. Yeon Joo’s mother runs screaming and wet. Dae Hyun’s father leaves the house removing his suit jacket. He visits a market and buys food.

Dae Hyun’s father returns home and finds his wife taking a nap. He lets her know he brought food. The eat and drink together. He tells her he is proud of his wife for closing the deal. He says he quit his job. Dae Hyun’s mother tells him that was the good decision. He claims she should have married a better man. She cries. He tries to hold his tears. She jokes she must have done bad in her previous life and couldn’t marry a good guy. Dae Hyun’s father wipes the tears from his face. They both pretend to joke and not address why they are crying.

At the convenience store, Dae Hyun works. He remembers seeing his father at Yeon Joo’s house. He plasters a smile on his face for the customers.

Saet Byul arrives at Eun Byul’s house.

Flashback…Kang Ji Wook begs him for the address of the apartment Eun Byul is staying in. She hides when the trainees arrive home. Eun Byul makes a call to her best friend and warns her not to let Geum Bi and Saet Byul know where she is. She assures her friend she’ll call her sister once her debut is a fact. Saet Byul is startled when a car starts and reveals herself.

The two sisters share a meal. Saet Byul reminds her that they have to work harder and be honest. She doesn’t like that Eun Byul hired someone to impersonate her mother. Saet Byul muses that being honest like Dae Hyun, might be the best path.

Dae Hyun receives a package. Three high schoolers say they miss Saet Byul. Dae Hyun eats noodles. He thinks about Yeon Joo. He pulls down the picture of Yeon Joo and himself.

Saet Byul is surprised when she wakes to find Kang Ji Wook’s manager standing there. She explains she was scammed and had no place to live. Kang Ji Wook’s manager counters that the hint of scandal could destroy Kang Ji Wook’s career in an instant. Saet Byul packs up and leaves.

As she rolls her suitcase down the sidewalk, Dae Hyun calls her and tells her his mother is worried about her. He orders to come back to the house. Saet Byul is thrilled.

Dae Hyun’s father and Dae Hyun have a stilted conversation with undying warmth. Dae Hyun takes off for work.

Dae Hyun gives Dal Sik extra cash to work longer. He says he’s going to clear his head.

Saet Byul arrives at Dae Hyun’s house and call to his parents. No one answers. Saet Byul takes her suitcase upstairs and finds Dae Hyun’s mother in the room she used. Dae Hyun’s mother yells at her for leaving without telling her. She calls Saet Byul family and declares she can’t sleep when she worries about family. Saet Byul cries. Dae Hyun’s mother asks about Saet Byul’s sister. Saet Byul admits she found her sister. Dae Hyun’s mother is relieved. She leaves for work. Saet Byul has a smile on her face as she unpacks her suitcase. She opens the package which has a pad.

Dae Hyun sits at the beach and thinks.

Flashback…Yeon Joo and Dae Hyun discuss why he’s leaving corporate headquarter to operate a convenience store franchise. Dae Hyun declares he wants to operate his own kind of convenience store. He says he joined the headquarters time to meet her. She smiles and puts her head on his shoulder.

Han Dal Sik (Dae Hyun’s friend) draws the next chapter of the webtoon. Saet Byul arrives and wants to see. Dal Sik won’t show her. She wants to know where Dae Hyun is. Dal Sik shares that Dae Hyun broke up with Yeon Joo. She checks her horoscope and the news is good. She offers Dal Sik her gift for Dae Hyun if he tells her where Dae Hyun is. They play charades for the info. Saet Byul leaves. Hwang Geum Bi (Saet Byul’s friend) (as her alter ego) calls Dal Sik. They talk.  Dal Sik admits he’s working on the next chapter. Geum Bi and Cha Eun Zo (Saet Byul’s friend) are walking together and tells Dal Sik (as his alter ego) she’ll talk to him soon. They coo at each other. Disgusted, Eun Zo hangs up the phone. She tells Geum Bi her behavior is embarrassing. Dal Sik loves how he feels after talking to Geum Bi. He dances. Geum Bi and Eun Zo watch him from outside the convenience store and wonder what’s wrong with the guy. They wonder where Saet Byul is. They decide to ask Dal Sik. Geum Bi enters and asks where Saet Byul is. He refuses to tell her stating it is Dae Hyun’s secret and she needs to call Saet Byul directly to find out where her friend is. They snipe at each other. Geum Bi kicks him where it hurts. Eun Zo drags Geum Bi away.

Dae Hyun drinks alone on the beach watching the sunset. Saet Byul approaches lit sparklers swirling. Dae Hyun murmurs he’s seeing things. Saet Byul sits next to him.  Dae Hyun pinches her cheeks to make sure she’s real. Saet Byul complains. Dae Hyun is startled and demands to know why she’s there. Saet Byul wants some of his drink. He doesn’t want to share but she grabs the bottle and drinks. Dae Hyun takes the bottle back and declares it is his.

Kang Ji Wook and his manager arrive at his apartment. His manager admits he talked Saet Byul into leaving. He warns Kang Ji Wook a hint of scandal could ruin everything. Kang Ji Wook is not happy.

Kang Ji Wook enters his empty apartment and to find a note from Saet Byul thanking him the hospitality.

Saet Byul watches a drunk Dae Hyun drink more. Dae Hyun imagines that Yeon Joo is next to him not Saet Byul. He tells Yeon Joo that the breakup has broken his heart. He cries not only was he hurt, but she hurt his family too. Saet Byul snatches the bottle away. Dae Hyun demands to know why she’s there when he’s distraught. They call each other names. Saet Byul declares liking him for 10 years was a waste of her time. Dae Hyun laughs. Saet Byul wants compensation. Dae Hyun laughs and suggest more alcohol would help. He passes out on the beach. Saet Byul watches him sleep and smiles a little smile.

Saet Byul carries Dae Hyun and puts him on a bed. She smiles as he murmurs in his sleep. She admits she starting likely him when he saved her all those years ago.

Flashback…Taekwondo studio. Saet Byul and Kang Ji Wook practice. Dae Hyun walks in just as the punching bags falls from the ceiling. Dae Hyun pulls Saet Byul to safety.

Saet Byul says that moment changed her life. She leans down and considers kissing Dae Hyun but decides against it. She rises but Dae Hyun grabs her arm and pulls her down towards him.

My Thoughts

This episode had content. Writer Son Geon Joo revealed the cruel actions of Yeon Joo’s mother to disrespect the Choi family. How did each family member react? Dae Hyun’s father quit and turned the sprinklers on Yeon Joo’s mother. Dae Hyun’s mother got the fat insurance contract signed, then advised that children should be allowed to make their own decisions in romance regardless of economic status. Dae Hyun pointed out that Yeon Joo lied about her social status for years. He assumed she didn’t trust him and noted all her actions supported that assumption. Yeon Joo got a taste of her own medicine in that moment, and she didn’t like it. Now Dae Hyun is a free man. The series is 62% complete and I’m ambivalent about a Dae Hyun and Saet Byul pairing. Let’s see if Writer Son can make it work in the latter part of this series.

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) saw his family disrespected and it bothered him. Frankly Yeon Joo’s mother’s actions might have helped Dae Hyun realize that it would never work with Yeon Joo. Dae Hyun told Yeon Joo that she never trusted him. He’s right. She kept him in the secret boyfriend box and didn’t have the courage to make their relationship public. When Saet Byul arrived on the scene, Yeon Joo got jealous, and her distrust of Dae Hyun escalated. Yeon Joo’s breakup was simple and straightforward. But she didn’t offer Dae Hyun closure. She fled. He confronted her outside her home not only about their relationship but the disrespect to his family. Dae Hyun acts as an honorable person even when others around him don’t. He has ethics. I like that.

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) fell for Dae Hyun 10 years ago as a child. Dae Hyun saved her from a punching bag loosened from the ceiling. That started it all. That added context makes her starstruck actions from high school a bit more palatable. It seemed silly that the single high school encounter was the reason for her unrequited love. I can’t claim the childhood encounter validates it, but it adds more. Saet Byul got what Dae Hyun was saying. Honesty is the better path. She may not believe it but she’s intrigued that he does. Saet Byul and Eun Byul were reunited. It was nice to see the sisters sharing a meal. Frankly, having Eun Byul staying with the other trainees gives Saet Byul the freedom she needs to explore her next step professionally and personally. She got fired from her sales job. She needs to find what’s next for her. I’d like to see her be something other than a clerk in the convenience store. That’s Dae Hyun’s dream, not hers.

The next behind the scenes video from Ji Chang Wook’s channel is episode 4:

I rank this episode as good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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7 comments on “Backstreet Rookie Episode 10
  1. beezrtp says:

    Apparently a lot of Ep 10 is a parody of the movie Parasite. WARNING OF A BIG SPOILER (I myself was spoiled because I haven’t watched Parasite yet which, fyi, is on Hulu

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Since I haven’t seen “Parasite”, so any humor from parodies were lost on me. I find it interesting this director continues to use this gag … I wonder if the majority of Korean viewers have grasped the parodies.

    Mom Boon Hee 👩‍🦱 witnessed Yong Pil 🧥 and Dae Hyun’s humiliation. I thought ✳ Boon Hee 👩‍🦱 just get the annuity signed and be on your way ✳ … don’t let those nasty rich people know they got to you. I cheered as Yong Pil 🧥 as he turned the sprinkler on Yeon Joo’s mother. I felt so bad for Yong Pil 🧥 and the deflation of his ego after bring unemployed for years. I thought their unspoken comiseration later that evening was tender.

    I was glad Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️pointed out to Yeon Joo 💃 she had not be fully honest as they had agreed.

    Saet Byul 🥋⭐ was sweet to check up on Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ when he was dumped by Yeon Joo💃. Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Saet Byul🥋⭐ and Dae Hyun🍭🧍‍♂️ met 10 years earlier. Adding this context makes a LITTLE MORE sense of Saet Byul’s 🥋⭐ actions at their meeting 3 years earlier.

    Liked by 1 person

    • beezrtp says:

      I would bet that almost the entire population of S.K. has seen Parasite or are at least familiar with key scenes. My reason for presuming that is since they are such a small country, any victory that any one has is hugely celebrated (i.e. Yuna Kim aka Queen Yuna). Especially when a citizen excels in things outside the country it’s talked about and appears as references or parodies in dramas for yeaaaaars. With good reason.

      It did surprise me though when The Heirs had at least one parody that I recognized (surprised because the movie was quite lewed). I think it was “The Color of Money”. And the hilarity is the scene involved Kim Mi-Kyung (Ahjumma from Healer) posed as one of the sexy maids with her maid uniform and legs gapped as she cleans the tub. (Don’t worry, while it was the same pose, there was nothing lewed or sexy in Kim Mi-Kyung’s scene 😆) But the 2nd wife in Heirs bruskly told her to “get up!” (“Bruskly”‘s not a word? I thought for sure it was 😆. Just consider it a mishmash of hashly and briskly, I guess.

      Annntyway, The Color of Money was quite disgusting. I wouldn’t recommend it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • beezrtp says:

        CORRECTION: The movie title was The Taste of Money. It has a somewhat graphic scene of young Kim Kang-Woo having sex (somewhat unwillingly) with elderly Youn Yuh-Jung. I can’t un-see it nor un-hear her cries in that deep voice of hers of “Oo,ooo baby”, etc. *shudder*


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Hahaha I heard Kim Mi Kyung’s scene was a parody, was sure what it was attributed to.


    • I thought ✳ Boon Hee 👩‍🦱 just get the annuity signed and be on your way ✳ … don’t let those nasty rich people know they got to you.
      I was glad she got the contracts signed and didn’t walk away from the encounter.

      glad Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️pointed out to Yeon Joo 💃 she had not be fully honest as they had agreed.
      Good to see him straightforward and not submissive.

      Adding this context makes a LITTLE MORE sense
      Agreed. It’s still a bit thin but now there are 2 layers.

      Liked by 1 person

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