Backstreet Rookie Episode 9

Backstreet Rookie Episode 9 Recap

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) arrives home to find Yoo Yeon Joo (Dae Hyun’s girlfriend) and his mother having coffee. He grabs Yeon Joo hand and urges her to come outside. Yeon Joo politely thanks his mother for the coffee. Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) enters the house with food. Dae Hyun is horrified. Saet Byul is shocked to find Yeon Joo there. Yeon Joo isn’t happy to find Saet Byul entering the house like she belongs. Dae Hyun’s mother invites Yeon Joo to eat with them. It’s awkward as the four of them sit down. Dae Hyun’s mother doesn’t realize they know each other. She introduces Saet Byul as the part-timer and live-in. Yeon Joo is not happy. She decides to leave. Yeon Joo takes off after her.

Dae Hyun explains that Saet Byul doesn’t work for him. Yeon Joo yells she’s tired of his excuses. He doesn’t know that she came to make things right, but that moment has passed them by. Dae Hyun begs her to listen but she gets in a cab and leaves.  She refuses to pick up when he calls.

Hwang Geum Bi (Saet Byul’s friend) calls Han Dal Sik (Dae Hyun’s friend). During the call neither realize they dislike each other in real life.

Saet Byul finds a bummed out Dae Hyun. He says he’ll handle the situation. Saet Byul asks why he didn’t report she quit. Dae Hyun says he couldn’t tell her.

Geum Bi is enthralled talking to Dal Sik.

Yeon Joo returns home to find Director Jo visiting with her mother. She claims she’s tried and goes to bed. Her mother grouses about Dae Hyun. She asks how Director Jo let him open a franchise.

Yeon Joo remembers Dae Hyun’s mother fawning words about Saet Byul.

Dae Hyun remembers Yeon Joo’s words before she left. He texts her to call him.

Saet Byul struggles to sleep remembering Dae Hyun’s forlorn look. She wonders how she got in this situation.

Saet Byul heads downstairs and finds Dae Hyun’s father doing prep for the morning soup. He admits he isn’t a good provider for his family. Saet Byul points out their family supports each other. Dae Hyun’s mother exits the bedroom and finds them doing prep. She chides her husband for doing this one day late. Dae Hyun’s father leaves Saet Byul to finish the prep while he goes to bed. Saet Byul knows this family is lucky to have each other.

The next morning, Dae Hyun calls his friend at the company and learns Yeon Joo didn’t come to work and Director Jo left early in the morning. Dae Hyun decides to go to her house. He just misses Yeon Joo leaving with Director Jo. Yeon Joo’s mother agrees to meet him. Dae Hyun introduces himself as Yeon Joo’s boyfriend. He admits there is a misunderstanding with her daughter. He asks Yeon Joo’s mother not to interfere. Yeon Joo’s mother says she could do that. Relieved, Dae Hyun leaves. Yeon Joo’s mother calls that she wants to speak to her secretary.

At the sales meeting, Dae Hyun’s mother gets a call from a potential new client.

At the convenience store, Dae Hyun’s father overhears a customer talking about need to hire someone. He presents himself as a candidate available to interview that day.

Dae Hyun’s mother arrives at Yeon Joo’s house (though she doesn’t know this). She’s impressed with the opulent home. Yeon Joo’s mother has the tea poured for them.  Dae Hyun’s mother asks how she found her. She claims she wanted someone honest. She dangles to fat insurance policies for herself and her husband in front of Dae Hyun’s mother who is thrilled and can’t believe her luck at landing a rich client.

Dae Hyun’s sister gets an urgent call from her father to tend the convenience store. He tosses the vest at her when she arrives so he can leave.

Yeon Joo’s mother shares that her daughter is involved with a poor shop owner. Dae Hyun’s mother declares she must take control and stop her daughter from dating someone that isn’t on the same level. Yeon Joo’s mother loves it. She tells Dae Hyun’s mother to prepare the insurance contracts. Dae Hyun’s mother is thrilled and leaves. Yeon Joo’s mother smiles.

Dae Hyun’s mother tells herself she’s finally going to be salesperson of the year. She’s thrilled.

Saet Byul packs her belongings. Dae Hyun returns home and asks where she’s going. Saet Byul claims she has somewhere to live now. Dae Hyun gets a call about a complaint of an expired sausage. Saet Byul says Dal Sik was working last night and likely made the sale. Dae Hyun checks the CCTV and sees the customer searching for expired food. The customer texts Dae Hyun and demands money. Saet Byul is not happy to learn the customer wants money. Dae Hyun tells her not to worry and go. Dae Hyun declares he’ll take care of it. Saet Byul leaves. Dae Hyun worries the moment she leaves.

Saet Byul talks to Dal Sik about the mistake. Dal Sik explains he was on an important call. Saet Byul explains the customer wants money. Dal Sik declares he can’t afford that much money. Saet Byul reminds him that she can be direct and snaps about his surveillance device. Dal Sik asks Saet Byul not to tell Dae Hyun.

Dae Hyun’s father arrives at Yeon Joo’s house (though he doesn’t know this) and meets Yeon Joo’s mother for the interview. He recognizes her as the lady that purchased a lot of products from the convenience store. Yeon Joo’s mother says she needs a driver that can drive smoothly. Dae Hyun’s father takes Yeon Joo’s mother for a spin.

Dae Hyun’s mother explains how rich the potential client is. Her boss is thrilled. He provides the contracts. He provides Dae Hyun’s mother beef for dinner.

The family eats the beef with relish. Dae Hyun’s mother declares she’ll be the top sales person this month. Dae Hyun’s father declares he got a job escorting a client. The family is pleased at their fortune. Dae Hyun’s mother says that Yeon Joo’s visit turned the family’s luck around. Distracted by his own issues, Dae Hyun leaves.

Dal Sik draws his webtoon while working at the convenience store. He gets inspired by thoughts of Geum Bi.

Geum Bi reads the webtoon and recognizes an interaction she had with Dal Sik. She tells Dal Sik and Cha Eun Zo (Saet Byul’s friend) she’s been talking to a guy that could be her soulmate though they’ve never met. Dal Sik tells Dae Hyun he’s been talking to a girl that might be his soulmate though they’ve never met. Dae Hyun doubts the girl is real. Dal Sik frets the girl might be disappointed if they really met.

Eun Zo and Saet Byul eat ramen together. She tells Saet Byul to ask Geum Bi for help. She’s sorry she can’t help Saet Byul. Chiding her friend for her downcast look, Saet Byul declares she’ll find a way.

The next day at the company, Director Jo discusses the customer that is irked the actions at Dae Hyun’s franchise. He assigns Yeon Joo to sort it out.

Saet Byul tells Eun Zo she’s got things to do today before her friend leaves.

Dal Sik visits a fortune teller. The cards reveal the woman is straight forward and it could be a passionate relationship BUT the woman could be hiding something from him.

As Dal Sik exits, Geum Bi enters. The fortune teller warns her that her potential lover is hot. She tips him well.

The fortune teller’s next client is Dae Hyun’s mother. He wants more information before he can tell her more.

Saet Byul overhears Dae Hyun and the customer arguing over the settlement that Dae Hyun refuses to pay. She watches Dae Hyun worry.

Dal Sik gets a call from Saet Byul and tells him to come with her, right now. Dal Sik decides he better comply.

Kang Ji Wook talks to the talent company’s manager who praises Eun Byul’s abilities.

Meanwhile at the house, Jung Eun Byul (Saet Byul’s sister) dumps dirty laundry on her 3 group members. She refuses to continue to act as their personal maid. She declares it is time to get physical. She tells them they messed with the wrong girl.

Kang Ji Wook calls Saet Byul and reports he found the agency Eun Byul signed with. He wants to meet with Saet Byul to provide details. Little does he know a reporter is following him and taking pictures.

Saet Byul visits the customer and his wife in the hospital. She cuts to the chase and says someone else will deal with them. Dal Sik strides in dressed as a gangster. Saet Byul explains he has a bad temper. Saet Byul offers to negotiate. They couple lowers their settlement price. Saet Byul and Dal Sik agree to pay.

Saet Byul tells Dae Hyun the customer agreed to settle for less. Dae Hyun is thrilled. Then he grouses they can’t settle with a habitual grifter. Dae Hyun declares he won’t pay the lower settlement. Irked, Saet Byul strides out of the convenience store.

Dae Hyun’s mother offers her husband some spending money. She tells him she doesn’t want him to look shabby. He is pleased.

Dae Hyun still doesn’t have any response from Yeon Joo. Kang Ji Wook enters and asks about Saet Byul. Dae Hyun explains that Saet Byul quit and is now homeless. Kang Ji Wook snaps that Dae Hyun should be nice to Saet Byul considering how much she cares. Dae Hyun doesn’t understand. Kang Ji Wook strides out of the convenience store.

Kang Ji Wook finds Saet Byul with ease. She’s surprised. He tells her to stop worrying about Eun Byul. He offers his home as a temporary place to live. Unfortunately, the reporter takes photos of Saet Byul rolling her suitcase into Kang Ji Wook’s building.

Saet Byul loves his apartment. He makes ramen and they eat with relish. Kang Ji Wook receives the video from the agency’s manager. Saet Byul gets close to watch it on his phone.

Dae Hyun’s father leaves for work. Dae Hyun’s mother is pleased.

Dae Hyun’s father arrives at Yeon Joo’s house. Her mother brings Yeon Joo out and tells him to drive her daughter to work. Neither realize Dae Hyun connects them. Yeon Joo isn’t happy but complies.  He tells Yeon Joo he’ll be happy to drive her every day. Yeon Joo isn’t happy. Dae Hyun’s father helps Yeon Joo from the car when they arrive at the company. He realizes this is the headquarter for convenience store franchises.

Saet Byul calls her sales manager who tells her he won’t need her help today. He doesn’t specify why. Saet Byul decides to sleep in. The sales manager tells Director Jo is did as he asked.

Saet Byul gets a text from Dae Hyun to meet him at the convenience store. She arrives to find inspectors checking his store. He explains the inspectors will determine if the refrigeration is adequate. If it isn’t then he’ll pay a fine. Dae Hyun tells her honesty is the better path than violence. Saet Byul isn’t impressed and leaves in a huff. Yeon Joo texts Dae Hyun to meet. He agrees.

Yeon Joo and Dae Hyun meet for dinner. He explains he didn’t tell his mother about Saet Byul quitting. He explains how Saet Byul came to live at their house. Yeon Joo says this will be their last meal together. She tells him to meet someone that suits him better than her. Dae Hyun is taken aback. He tells her not to do this. Yeon Joo leaves. Dae Hyun can’t believe it.

He watches her get into the car driven by Director Jo. Dae Hyun and Director Jo lock eyes. He drives Yeon Joo away.

My Thoughts

Yeon Joo calls it quits. Writer Son Geon Joo had Yeon Joo pull the plug on her relationship with Dae Hyun. This has been a long time coming. They had issues before Saet Byul entered the picture. Saet Byul’s presence made Yeon Joo jealous. Saet Byul quit the convenience store at Yeon Joo’s request. But it wasn’t enough, because the problem was never Saet Byul. It was inherent issue in the relationship. Dae Hyun is still clueless that Saet Byul is a beautiful woman that likes him. Will he be ready to see Saet Byul as a potential love interest during this series? Or will his broken heart pine for Yeon Joo? Is Dae Hyun even a good match for Saet Byul?

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) got dumped. Dae Hyun didn’t expect Yeon Joo to end their relationship. Yeon Joo didn’t draw out the breakup. She did it quickly then left allowing Director Jo to drive her away. That had to be a double whammy for the faithful Dae Hyun. Will he realize that this relationship had issues? When will his mother realize that Yeon Joo’s mother is his new client? When will his father realize the daughter of the rich woman, he is working for is Dae Hyun’s girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend? For moment, I wondered if Writer Son was going to riff Parasite and have the entire family work for Yeon Joo’s mother.

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) was scolded by Dae Hyun for her strongarm tactics. Saet Byul wanted to stop the customer for exhorting money from Dae Hyun. She and Dal Sik got the customer to cut his settlement price by 66%. But Dae Hyun showed her another way to deal with the issue other than physical threats. He had inspectors determine if his refrigeration units were properly functioning and if not, he’d pay a reasonable fine. Saet Byul wasn’t impressed. Kang Ji Wook found Eun Byul’s talent agency and spoke with the manager that declared Eun Byul was a find. Meanwhile Eun Byul dumped dirty laundry on her user group mates. She physically threatened them if they kept it up. Poor Kang Ji Wook is drawn is stuck in the friend zone with Saet Byul. He snapped that Dae Hyun had no clue about Saet Byul’s feeling. Likewise, Saet Byul has no clue about Kang Ji Wook’s feelings for her. Is Kang Ji Wook a better fit for Saet Byul than Dae Hyun? Will the pesky reporter write a salacious article about Kang Ji Wook having a woman live with him?

The fifth song of the OST is the upbeat “See Saw” sung by Block B’s Park Kyung and WJSN’s SeolA:

I rank this episode as almost very good, 7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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10 comments on “Backstreet Rookie Episode 9
  1. beezrtp says:

    @kjt – I don’t think Dae Hyun is completely clueless – wait! he IS completely clueless – but not about Saet-byl’s crush on him because her girlfriends told him!

    As to Saet-byl’s little sister, I was glad she finally stood up for herself because I hate bullies but after the way she left her sister that sacrificed everything to raise her and provide for her – she left her stranded without any money, without a home, without knowing where her next meal is coming from! – they can leave her there doing laundry and scrubbing floors through episode 16 (or more if there’s an extension) as far as I’m concerned!


    • they can leave her there doing laundry and scrubbing floors through episode 16 (or more if there’s an extension) as far as I’m concerned!
      Her actions have freed Saet Byul to explore her next step without being hindered by her sister. Are they considering an extension? That surprises me considering the negative feedback from Netizens.


      • beezrtp says:

        No, no, no. I wasn’t sure if the number of episodes – 16, 18, 20. So I was just making a point that however many episodes, they can leave little sister somewhere toiling getting her just desserts.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez, Dae Hyun IS clueless about almost everything.

      I like that Eun Byul 🎶⭐ stood up for herself as well.
      According to Puppy Ji Wook 🐶 Eun Byul 🎶⭐ is doing well … we shall see if the girl group debuts or not …


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    The Puppy’s 🐶 paparazzi is going to ensure that Saet Byul’s 🥋⭐ friendship doesn’t get out of the friend zone, in fact Ji Wook’s 🐶 manager will likely cut off the friendship completely. Too bad, the Puppy 🐶 seems like a better match for Saet Byul 🥋⭐ than Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️.

    Is the expired sausage guy a plant from Yeon Joo’s mother, Director Jo Seung Joon 🤵 or simply a coincidence❓⁉️ I thought the video showed sausage guy was searching for something expired. OMO, when Dal Sik 🇯🇲 threatened sausage guy, the background music, his outfit, red suit and all, including the hair, was the actor’s gangster character from “The Fiery Priest”. The director is banking on viewers to have seen “The Fiery Priest” to get the parodies in this drama … they are lost as strange choices to everyone else.

    Yeon Joo’s 💃 mother is quite a piece of work to go after Dae Hyun’s 🍭🧍‍♂️ family. Will she turnaround and cancel the annuity sold by Boon Hee 👩‍🦱 and fire Yong Pil 🧥 as chauffeur now that her daughter broke up with their son❓⁉️

    Yeon Joo 💃 is another piece of work telling Dae Hyun🧍‍♂️🍭 they will eat the way Dae Hyun🧍‍♂️🍭 usually likes his food for their last meal together and the doesn’t bother to even eat, but drives away with Seung Joon 🤵. I say GOOD RIDDANCE, Yeon Joo💃 doesn’t deserve him.


    • beezrtp says:

      YJ’s mom is certainly cunning. She ensured that the two would never marry. In Kdrama, the fact that she subjected her “future in-laws” to subordination ensures that they well never be her in-laws.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Cunning is one word … devious, shrewd, controlling or manipulative are other words that come to mind to describe Yeon Joo’s mom. I have no doubt making sure Dae Hyun’s parents NEVER become her inlaws was her goal … mission accomplished … I don’t like that Dae Hyun and his parents were deliberately treated so terribly.


    • when Dal Sik 🇯🇲 threatened sausage guy, the background music, his outfit, red suit and all, including the hair, was the actor’s gangster character from “The Fiery Priest”. The director is banking on viewers to have seen “The Fiery Priest” to get the parodies in this drama … they are lost as strange choices to everyone else.
      Yep, I don’t get the references not having seen “The Fiery Priest”.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think the inside jokes may be more prevalent in Kdramas than we realize. The difference is the Director has made them blatant, yet so odd that if you don’t know the context you would wonder what they are drinking (or smoking) to add such odd things. At least with “Crash Landing on You”, they told us that the Ju Meok was a big fan of Choi Ji Woo after watching “Stairway to Heaven”, so we figured out the red beret with bunny had to be in the actresses drama, which lead me to watching “Stairway to Heaven”.


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