Backstreet Rookie Episode 4

Backstreet Rookie Episode 4 Recap

The mean girl leader pushes Yoo Yeon Joo (Dae Hyun’s girlfriend) into the bathroom stall to deal with Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung). Yeon Joo calls Dae Hyun for help.  Saet Byul dispatches the leader.  But when she tries to access the stall, Yeon Joo refuses to exit. When Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) arrives, he helps a shaken Yeon Joo. Saet Byul and Dae Hyun are shocked to see each other. Yeon Joo is shocked when Dae Hyun declares this is the part timer she told him to be nice to. Saet Byul realizes Yeon Joo is Dae Hyun’s girlfriend. Saet Byul tells Yeon Joo to tell Dae Hyun that she saved her. Shaken about the experience Yeon Joo doesn’t do that. Dae Hyun assumes with Saet Byul’s penchant for fighting she hassled Yeon Joo. He declares himself disappointed in Saet Byul. He helps Yeon Joo to the exit. Saet Byul can’t believe her good deed was misinterpreted by Dae Hyun.

Hwang Geum Bi (Saet Byul’s friend) and Cha Eun Zo (Saet Byul’s friend) spot Dae Hyun helping his girlfriend exit the bar. They worry Saet Byul might have seen them. Saet Byul returns to the booth and declares she knows a better place to drink.

Yeon Joo doesn’t like how Saet Byul looked at Dae Hyun. She tells Dae Hyun to fire her claiming she was scared of a woman that fights better than a man. Dae Hyun counters he’s promised Saet Byul she can work at the convenience store. Director Jo declares that her safety is more important than Saet Byul. She tells him not to wimp out.

A drunk Saet Byul tells her friends what really happened in the bathroom. A man approaches Saet Byul and introduces himself as Kang Ji Wook. He reminds her that her father used to train him. Saet Byul recognizes “puppy”. She squeezes his checks.

The mean girl trio licks their wounds while they eat. The leader tells her wannabe girls (including Saet Byul’s sister) that once she determines who kicked their butts, she’ll call on them for revenge. The wannabe girls chorus their readiness. Han Dal Sik (Dae Hyun’s friend) tells them to clean up after themselves. They refuse.

Dae Hyun remembers the first-time meeting Saet Byul. He wonders if someone can change.

Dal Sik finishes and uploads he latest comic. Dae Hyun arrives and checks the register. He murmurs that when Saet Byul doesn’t work the graveyard shift, sales go down. Dal Sik tells Dae Hyun about Saet Byul’s dispatching 3 guys.  He shows Dae Hyun video. Unfortunately, Dal Sik doesn’t know why Saet Byul did this. He tells Dae Hyun that Saet Byul is really a monster.

Saet Byul’s friends deposit and drunk Saet Byul in her bed. She passes out.

Dae Hyun considers what he should do.

The next morning, Yeon Joo’s mother notices she’s distracted at breakfast. Yeon Joo claims she’s not hungry and heads to work.

Dae Hyun’s parents’ praise the sales when Saet Byul works. Dae Hyun declares sales can be good without Saet Byul. His parents want him to be nice to Saet Byul. Dae Hyun counters that no one knows what kind of person Saet Byul really is.

At the GS office, Yeon Joo takes a call from Dae Hyun who informs her he’s firing the part-timer. That turns Yeon Joo’s frown upside down.

Saet Byul wakes and recalls Dae Hyun’s accusation. She bemoans the she’s in love with that jerk.

Geum Bi reads Dal Sik’s spicy webtoon during class.

Saet Byul remembers what she said to Kang Ji Wook. She’s surprised when he texts her to make sure all is well. She wonders how he got her number.

Kang Ji Wook’s boss notices the happy face he sports. He and his boss set out to meet the team at GS.

The photo shoot goes well for Ji Wook.

Saet Byul checks with her horoscope app how states bad things wait outside her apartment. She declines a phone call from her production boss and accepts when he texts her pay will be doubled.

Dae Hyun reviews a resume and interviews an applicant for the part-time job. He takes call and steps away. Dal Sik enters and the interviewee and have odd interactions. Dae Hyun arrives when Dal Sik appears to pass out. Dae Hyun continues the interview looking for a graveyard shift employee.

While waiting for a promotion assistant (must be Saet Byul), Yeon Joo announces that the company has hired Ji Wook for their latest advertisement campaign.  Saet Byul arrives. She’s shocked that Yeon Joo is the POC. They pretend not to know each other. Saet Byul shares her strategies for promotions.  She adds that if she hits someone, she owns it. She says this looking at Yeon Joo.

After the meeting her boss, gripes about her ignoring her texts. With everyone listening, Saet Byul takes a call from Dae Hyun. Yeon Joo smiles knowing what is coming. Everyone goes to a team dinner. Saet Byul declines to drink stating she has to work at the convenience store. She declares she likes her job and her boss. Yeon Joo agrees that Dae Hyun is a good boss. They both agree he isn’t the best judge of character. Both women say one thing and think another. Saet Byul recognizes Department Head Bae and recounts their encounter at the convenience store. Saet Byul pumps the team up with her sales advice.

Dae Hyun is shocked when the rude guys provide him a list of everything they stole. They are forced to admit Saet Byul forced them to clean up their act. They promise to get their act together. They declare that Saet Byul is a mini enforcer. Dae Hyun claims he could take Saet Byul.

What will he do now that he knows Saet Byul was catching thieves?

Dae Hyun looks at Saet Byul’s notebook which has detailed to do lists. He remembers giving her a verbal list which she captured. Then he reads the daily logs she keeps. Saet Byul’s friends stop by. They tell him that yesterday was her father’s death anniversary. Dae Hyun is surprised. They snarl that Saet Byul saved Dae Hyun’s girlfriend but got blamed instead. Geum Bi declares Dae Hyun’s girlfriend lied about the incident. Geum Bi is clear…Saet Byul only beats those that deserve it. They leave the store as Dae Hyun processes their information.

Way to stand up for Saet Byul!

They meet Dal Sik outside the convenience store. Geum Bi and Dal Sik circle each other.

Dae Hyun has a hard time hailing a taxi.

Saet Byul arrives at the convenience store still irked about Yeon Joo. She enters the store to find Dae Hyun’s mother working not Dae Hyun. Saet Byul wonders why Dae Hyun left without talking to her.

Yeon Joo and Director Jo Seung Joon are working out together. He guesses she’s irked about Dae Hyun’s part timer. Dae Hyun arrives to escort Yeon Joo home. As he walks her home, he asks her to clarify what happened in the bathroom. She tells him Saet Byul isn’t important. Dae Hyun counters that treating people fairly important. Yeon Joo counters that Saet Byul used violence. Dae Hyun notes the violence wasn’t used on Yeon Joo but the other girls who wanted to harm her. Dae Hyun tells her she’s more important. He promises to do as she wants. They hug and kiss as her mother drives by. Dae Hyun hides and Yeon Joo rushes to her mother.

Dae Hyun gets a call from the police station.

Yeon Joo’s mother wants details on the man Yeon Joo is dating. Yeon Joo won’t offer specifics, but declares she is confident in her boyfriend of 2 years.

At the police station, a customer complains that Saet Byul twisted his wrist. Saet Byul barks he was acting too familiar. Dae Hyun doesn’t take kindly to Saet Byul being harassed. He demands the man apologize to Saet Byul. The man declares he’ll sue. Dae Hyun produces the store video. It shows the man harassing Saet Byul. The man apologizes. Dae Hyun orders the man to apologize to Saet Byul. The man gets on his knees and apologizes. Dae Hyun takes Saet Byul’s wrist and leads her out of the police station.

Goodness, if video didn’t exist, would justice ever stand a chance?

Dae Hyun tells Saet Byul she should have explained the incident with his girlfriend. Saet Byul counters that not expecting people treat her fairly is more realistic.  She lists that people don’t believe her. Dae Hyun declares he does. He apologizes for Yeon Joo. Saet Byul notes that Yeon Joo is lucky to have a boyfriend like him. Dae Hyun scolds her for using violence against the man and the 3 rude guys. He vows to protect her. He dares her to hit him. Saet Byul knocks Dae Hyun into the air! Saet Byul strides away.

Saet Byul remembers her father scolding her and declaring it was because he loved her. She thinks no one else has ever scolded her until today. She wants to savor the moment. She smiles. Then the timer goes off and she realizes she’s late for her shift at the convenience store. Dal Sik has a hard time dealing with the volume of customers.  Saet Byul arrives and takes over with ease.

The family is thrilled at the monthly increase in sales. Everyone agrees Saet Byul is the reason. Dae Hyun gets a text that Saet Byul has been named employee of the month. They all celebrate.

Saet Byul arrives at the convenience store to find Dae Hyun holding the part time sign. He rips it up. He tells her she’s the best employee of the month. He’s thrilled. He declares he has a generous heart. Saet Byul chuckles. She asks why he became the manager of a convenience store. Dae Hyun shares he used to work at the main office. But a spirit told him to quit and open a convenience store. Saet Byul laughs and calls him a liar. Dae Hyun smiles and says his reasons are a secret. Saet Byul asks for a ride on his shoulders. Dae Hyun declines. She asks for a piggyback ride. Dae Hyun declines. Instead he gives her pink roses with a sweet smile. Saet Byul is floored. She declares the pink rose is her favorite. She thinks it is a declaration of love. She’s happy. She still wants the piggyback ride. They negotiate a 3 second ride. Saet Byul gets on and won’t get off. Dae Hyun spins her as Yeon Joo enters the store. The smiles are wiped from everyone’s faces.

My Thoughts

Cute moments. Writer Son Geon Joo focused this episode on misperception of Saet Byul. I was not impressed when Yeon Joo mislead Dae Hyun about Saet Byul’s actions in the bathroom. Yes, I recognize that she was jealous. But that jealously almost cost Saet Byul her job. The fact that didn’t signify to Yeon Joo is not positive. I was not impressed when Dae Hyun gave Yeon Joo the power to make the decision to keep Saet Byul a part-time employee. His willingness to toss Saet Byul aside for his jealous girlfriend wasn’t impressive. The only one that impressed me was Saet Byul. She stays positive when most would not, she has ethics she sticks to, and she’s dependable. I like her. Even though Dae Hyun is the older character, he needs to gain more maturity.

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) was ready to fire Saet Byul. Dae Hyun even interviewed a replacement part-time employee. But when the 3 rude boys appear with the list of items stolen and promises to repay and be decent customers all because of Saet Byul, Dae Hyun realized his negative view of her violence was incorrect. I like how Saet Byul’s friends stood up for her chastised Dae Hyun for misunderstanding Saet Byul. Her friends are more impressive the Dae Hyun’s. Dae Hyun still doesn’t see Saet Byul as a woman. He is loyal to Yeon Joo. While I appreciated that he reminded Yeon Joo that lying and messing with another person wasn’t cool, he put her as the priority over his own decision for his store. That’s ridiculous. Yeon Joo won’t allow Dae Hyun the same power in any work decision she had to make. This is further proof that Dae Hyun is subservient to Yeon Joo. He hid when Yeon Joo’s mother called to her. Little does he know that Yeon Joo told her mother that she was sure of her secret two year boyfriend.

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) was thrilled to be scolded. We learned Saet Byul’s father scolded her out of love. Since his death, no one had scolded her. When Dae Hyun did so, she was thrilled and touched. Saet Byul was pleased when Dae Hyun stood up for her with the customer that harassed her. Saet Byul is so used to taking care of herself and her sister, it must have been strange and refreshing to have someone take care of her. Saet Byul’s moment to provide marketing techniques to the team felt contrived. Why was she pinged to do that? Whatever, Saet Byul and Yeon Joo unsheathed their claws and everyone noticed. I did enjoy her mimicking of Department Head Bae. I liked that another guy (Kang Ji Wook) may crush on her. She’s cute as a button. If Dae Hyun isn’t interested, then someone else may show him the light with their interest. While Saet Byul could be classified as typical perky positive kdrama female lead, her quirks – the fighting for justice, her reliance on astrology, and her two best friends – are discriminators.

The third song of the OST is “Love Ya” sung by Kim Tae Woo:

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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15 comments on “Backstreet Rookie Episode 4
  1. Kirst says:

    I’m disappointed with Choi Dae Hyun too. Is he blinded by love or is there a reason why he is so timid especially around Yeon Joo? He’s been to Uni and has respect from his classmates plus he worked in the head office. What’s the hidden story?

    Nice to see a strong active and honest woman in Saet Byul. She has a charm about her.

    Dal sik’s weirdness was very left field


    • He’s been to Uni and has respect from his classmates plus he worked in the head office. What’s the hidden story?
      Good question. His explanation that one day he realized he didn’t want to work in an office was a bit vague.

      Is he blinded by love or is there a reason why he is so timid especially around Yeon Joo?
      Makes you wonder if he liked her when he worked at the company and he left the company so he could date her without conflict.

      Dal sik’s weirdness was very left field
      He doesn’t appeal so far.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Here is the explanation of Dal Sik’s weirdness this episode.

      As I suspected “Backstreet Rookie” had a similar flavor as “The Fiery Priest”. I checked and sure enough the Director for both series was Lee Myung Woo, although the writers were different. Actor Eum Moon Suk, who plays Dal Sik in this series, was a quirky gangster character with a unique hairstyle in Fiery Priest … I called him Bob. The part-timer interviewee from this episode was also in “The Fiery Priest”. Their scene was a parody of their Fiery Priest characters.

      Start at the 1:58 mark of the clip below and watch for about a minute and a half to see the spoof on the tongue twister between Dal Sik and interviewee (played by actor Ahn Chang Hwan) and Muay Thai fighting with the Thai writing. Ssongsak was the interviewees character name in Fiery Priest that Dal Sik blurted out. Sorry, the clip doesn’t have captions, but you will get the jist of the parody.

      “The Fiery Priest” doesn’t have the mangahwa feeling that Backstreet Rookie has, but the comedy is similar, but there is some serious drama in it too … don’t expect any romance as the leading man is a priest. I do recommend watching “The Fiery Priest”. I adore Kim Nam Gil who plays the Priest.

      Liked by 1 person

      • beezrtp says:

        Thanks for the background, JT. I have wanted to see Fiery Priest but, even though I’m not Catholic, I’ve been concerned it might be disrespectful to Christianity and then I’d be dropping it even if I’d gotten interested in it. What do you think?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jane Tilly says:

          I’m not Catholic either, there were a couple of times, I thought “hmm I wonder what Catholics would think of this”. The priest is a flawed man with anger issues, which get him in trouble with the dioceses. He reconnects with the priest who inspired him to become a priest. The mentor priest is murdered and the story follows the Fiery Priest and his quest to solve the murder, save the parish and take down the corruption behind the murder to c lean up the community. The story includes the fiery priest’s own path to redemption in becoming a priest and continued redemption to overcome his anger issues. It is a little cheeky and quite cheesy (like a ray of light and choir singing to indicate times when the priest was inspired) at times, but I did not feel offended in the way God and Jesus were handled. The priest gets violent with bad guys, but … don’t nuns have a reputation for using corporal punishment?

          Liked by 1 person

          • beezrtp says:

            I’m fine with the priest (or any person)being made fun of. I just didn’t even want to start it if it were disrespectful to God or to any members of the Holy Trinity.

            Thanks, JT

            Liked by 1 person

  2. beezrtp says:

    More netziens complaining about Dae hyun getting cigarettes for Saet-byl and her school-aged friends means they only know the manghwa because in the show he clearly did not buy them cigarettes.

    I think one issue is also around the way Saet-byl dresses. I know in S.K, a girl can wear a skirt and there’s no such thing as “too short”. But any collarbone showing and “aiiiiigooooo”. lol and clutching my pearls

    So the shirts showing the collar bone and the slight midriff is standing in for the fact that in the manghwa, she’s drawn like an animae character with tops cut to the nipples and plopping her boobs on the convenience store counter.

    I actually am proud of Dae hyun because he did not act upon his physical feelings when she was underage nor even now because he’s got a girlfriend. So we have to wait for the girlfriend to alienate his feelings before we can have our OTP together. I like that he is a loyal (kind of dimwit without being full on stupid) 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like that he is a loyal (kind of dimwit without being full on stupid
      Dae Hyun doesn’t view Saet Byul in a romantic way. He is cares for and is loyal to Yeon Joo. I like that too.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        It’s good that Dae Hyun is loyal to his girlfriend,
        although it seems Saet Byul finally earned Dae Hyun’s trust, although he may have lost his girlfriend’s trust … since I’m not a Yeon Joo fan, it’s not a huge loss to me.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      What is up with SK netizens … I don’t think it could be any clearer Dae Hyun did not buy cigarettes for high school students … they are going break their necks jumping to conclusions.

      Beez, I was stunned at the collarbone and cleavage shown by Saet Byul, but your explanation of trying yo be like the manghwa makes sense.

      I can’t wait for Dae Hyun to recognize Yeon Joo’s true colors. Dae Hyun has had clues Yeon Joo only called him about her dad’s birthday party because she saw him and knew she was busted. Couldn’t he tell Yeon Joo didn’t want her mom to see him. If you cannot confidently introduce your boyfriend to your parents, maybe you shouldn’t be dating him.


      • beezrtp says:

        Wellll, this IS Kdramaville and you know that when parents meet boy-/girlfriends they don’t approve of that a whole lot more can happen besides a glass of water being thrown in your face. There’s the old trope of the envelope of money bribing the person to stay away from the child (which good riddance if that happens); but then there’s also turning off the credit cards; not advancing in the family corporation; and the worst – being thrown out of the will.

        So I really didn’t have that big of a problem with her hiding JCW although she should’ve told him. I didn’t even have a problem with her being jealous because, honestly, JCW was not firm enough with Saet-byl about letting her know he’s not interested and “stop touching me” which therefore means NO piggy back rides.

        My biggest problem with Yeon joo (was that her name?) is her lie that Saet-byl was one of the girls that attacked her.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jane Tilly says:

          I found it repugnant
          that Yeon Joo lied about Saet Byul being a bully and asking Dae Hyun to fire her was just plain vengeful. Even if Yeon Joo was not aware that Saet Byul is the breadwinner for her minor sister … or did she know … don’t these spoiled chaebols typically do a background check on their competition ❓⁉️


          • beezrtp says:

            Not that it’s right that Girlfriend asked JCW to fire Saet-byl, but I understand her insecurity and jealousy. I think she wouldn’t have gone that far if JCW wasn’t so, so weak, affable, go along – I can’t think of the right word – but he’s susceptible. Not that his head is turned by a pretty face (if it were, he’d have been gone from the moment little miss gorgeous flirtatious showed up). But he’s so go-along-until-he-finds-himself-in-situations that I get why Girlfriend went there. In fact, I kind of sympathize with her (only in this) that Saet-byl has made no bones about her intent and while show doesn’t show us, everytime I see her collar bones, I know it’s representative of her low cut tops and plopping the boobs on the counter in his face, so…

            Liked by 1 person

            • Jane Tilly says:

              Hahaha, its funny how as westerners we notice that seeing a collar bone is scandalous on Korean culture


              • beezrtp says:

                Yeah, that shows how much Kdrama we watch. lol
                I don’t think a collar bone is a huge issue in real life S.K. because women do wear tank tops, etc., I think the collar bone on tv is representative of “low cut” when it involves the female lead. (Although not as low cut as Saet-byl’s tops represent).

                In Becky’s Back, Gang Ye-Won is hot (because of the weather) and she is fanning her neck with ONE button undone. It sends Kim Sung oh into over drive and he makes her bottom that button!
                I think the collar bone is similar to how being in bed but fully dressed and ON TOP OF THE COVERS means somebody had sex. 😆

                Liked by 1 person

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