Sweet Munchies Episode 6 Recap

Sweet Munchies Episode 6 Recap

Designer Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) stares at Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo). He asks if he’ll really find someone he can love. Jin Sung tells him to be honest with his feelings. Tae Wan takes Jin Sung’s wrist and stares into Jin Sung’s eyes. Just then Director Lee Sang Young (Kim Seung Su) enters the eatery and breaks the moment. Sang Young says others will be joining him. Manager Cha Joo Hee (Kim Soo Jin) and Director Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) arrive. They are surprised to find Tae Wan and Sang Young at the eatery.

Assistant Director No Jae Soo (Park Sung Joon) and Writer Yoo Sung Eun (Kim Yi Jung) eye each other. He asks if she’s single. Sung Eun confirms she is. He says he’s single too.

Ah Jin and Jin Sung smile at each other as Sang Young and Manager Cha tell stories. Tae Wan can’t help but notice. Jin Sung serves the food. Everyone enjoys it.

After leaving the eatery, Tae Wan decides to return.

Jin Sung holds the wrist Tae Wan grasped and remembers the look in his eyes. He tells himself he’s being silly. Then Tae Wan returns.  Jin Sung asks why he’s returned. Tae Wan reminds Jin Sung that he advised doing what he likes when he’s stressed. Tae Wan declares he won’t look away from what he wants. Jin Sung asks what he wants.

Back at her apartment Ah Jin remembers sweet moments with Jin Sung. She tells herself she’s being silly.

Tae Wan says he wants a drink. Jin Sung says he need to go to the early morning market. Tae Wan offers to come. Jin Sung agrees.

At the early morning market, Tae Wan and Jin Sung shop, eat and enjoy. Tae Wan insists on carry some of the groceries back. Ah Jin spots them outside the market. She asks if they went to market. She asks if they want to eat. Tae Wan volunteers and leads her away.

It’s a bit awkward between Tae Wan and Ah Jin as they try to make conversation.

Jin Sung thinks about Tae Wan’s words, then he remembers Tae Wan’s kindness to Ah Jin on multiple occasions. He wonders if Tae Wan likes Ah Jin. He struggles to write a text to Ah Jin.

Tae Wan shares he and Jin Sung went to the market. Tae Wan says Jin Sung is well liked at the market. Ah Jin reads Jin Sung’s text about when she’ll return. She texts it will be soon. Both Tae Wan and Ah Jin are relieved the when food arrives.

Jin Sung is outside waiting for Ah Jin when she returns. He asks if the food was good. Ah Jin details the side dishes. Jin Sung asks what they talked about. Jin Sung wonders if something is going on between Tae Wan and Ah Jin.

At the morning meeting, Director Nam Kya Jang (Yang Dae Hyeok), Sung Eun, and Assistant Director No are waiting when Ah Jin and Jin Sung arrive. They all agree to work hard together. They discuss the profile of the next guest for the show. No one likes Director Nam’s choice. Everyone but Director Nam likes Sung Eun’s choice. Director Nam overrules them reminding them his experience trumps their opinions. Director Nam leaves. They grouse about his choice.

Director Nam explains his next guest profile to Manager Cha. She believes Sung Eun’s choice is the better profile. Manager Cha overrules Director Nam reminding him that her experience trumps his opinion. Director Nam sighs.

On set, Tae Wan and Jin Sung banter. When Ah Jin arrives Jin Sung notices her. Tae Wan notices. The episode is filmed. Director Nam wants better writing for the next episode. Director Nam suggests they all go out to eat. Sung Eun declines because she needs write better scripts. They all declines Director Nam’s offer.

Director Nam is miffed when he sees photos of the team having dinner without him. He finds a post stating that Jin Sung isn’t gay. Sang Young appears and is chatting. Director Nam tells Sang Young they aren’t friends. Sang Young asks for food ordering advice. He decides to go with Sang Young.

Sung Eun complains about Director Nam. She points out he doesn’t read her scripts and criticizes. She notes Director Nam watched the protestors and did nothing. Assistant Director No suggests they drink and lift their spirits. Eating and drinking ensue. Jin Sung shows them how to make a yummy variant at the table. Everyone loves it.

Director Nam and Sang Young discuss the post that says Jin Sung isn’t gay. Sang Young doesn’t believe anyone would pretend to be gay. Sang Young shares that Jin Sung likes Tae Wan. He says he saw them holding wrists. Director Nam wonders if Tae Wan is gay. Sang Young assures him that Tae Wan isn’t gay.

Jin Sung and Ah Jin walk home. Jin Sung wants to hold her hand but stops himself. Ah Jin suggests a walk since they are so full. Jin Sung agrees. They enjoy each other’s company. Jin Sung offers his jacket. He brushes a petal off her head. They laugh. When they return to the apartment. Ah Jin returns Jin Sung’s jacket. They wish each other a good night.

They are cute.

Ah Jin opens the door and grabs Jin Sung. She says someone went through her place. Her laptop is gone. They call the police. They suggest she change her passcode. None of the other apartments had an issue. The police ask if she has a stalker. Ah Jin says no. They promise to review the CCTV. They leave. Jin Sung assures a nervous Ah Jin he’ll be upstairs should she need anything. Ah Jin asks him to stay.

Jin Sung’s brother returns home and calls Jin Sung about the police car outside the building. Jin Sung says he’s staying over at a friend’s house. He advises his brother to lock up and hangs up.

Inside Ah Jin’s apartment, she frets that someone knew her passcode. Jin Sung asks if she knows self-defense. He offers to teach her a few moves. They have fun. After the lesson, Ah Jin watches him sleep, then Jin Sung catches her watching. She asks when he knew he liked men. He doesn’t answer. She asks if he’s ever dated a woman. Jin Sung admits he’s dated women. He says before he admitted he was gay, he tried dating. Ah Jin asks what he likes to do when he dates. Jin Sung admits he likes to walk and hold hands. Ah Jin notes handholding between the same sex isn’t accepted. Ah Jin shares she wants a man to admit he likes her. Jin Sung asks if she has a crush on anyone. He asks what kind of man Ah Jin likes. She likes men that are passionate about what they like and are kind. Ah Jin asks what kind of man Jin Sung likes. He grouses she asks too many questions. She points out it was the same question he asked.

The next morning, Jin Sung wakes to an empty apartment.

Ah Jin edits the episode. Jin Sung texts her asking if she slept well. She confirms and thanks him. Assistant Director No enters the editing room. He sighs then claims nothing is wrong. He asks where Sung Eun is. Ah Jin doesn’t know. He wonders when the next script will be ready. He asks if Sung Eun said anything to her. Ah Jin doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Sung Eun struggles to write the next script. She can’t get Assistant Director No out of her mind. After the team dinner, Assistant Director No kisses her. She kisses him. It gets heated. Sung Eun wonders how she’ll be able to face Assistant Director No after her bold kisses.

When Assistant Director No spots her in the hallway, Sung Eun hurries in the other direction. Assistant Director No follows.

Jin Sung arrives at the station. He banters with Ah Jin. Tae Wan arrives and notices. He adjusts Tae Wan’s hoodie and tells Ah Jin she looks terrific. At the morning meeting, Assistant Director No stares at Sung Eun. Ah Jin steps out when she gets a call from the police. When she returns to the meeting, AJ explains her apartment was broken into. Director Nam states he doesn’t want to hear her personal stuff. He tells her to focus on the show and get her job done. Jin Sung doesn’t take kindly to that. He tells Director Nam that Ah Jin works harder than he does. Director Nam doesn’t like that. Tae Wan enters the fray. Director Nam leaves the meeting. Jin Sung asks if Ah Jin is okay. Ah Jin frets that Director Nam always pokes at her.

Director Nam hears coworkers saying that he’s mooching off of Ah Jin’s show concept.

Manager Cha finds Sang Young sleeping in the break room. She wonders why. He murmurs, he’s got it. He rushes out telling Manager Cha to prepare to be impressed.

Tae Wan recalls the bantering, looks and support between Ah Jin and Jin Sung. He remembers Jin Sung defending Ah Jin.

At Ah Jin’s apartment, Jin Sung prepares food.

Tae Wan arrives at the eatery and finds it closed.

He goes to Jin Sung’s apartment building. Jin Sung’s brother exits the building and can’t help but notice Tae Wan, the famous designer. Tae Wan gathers his courage and rings Jin Sung’s doorbell.  No one answers. When Tae Wan passes by Ah Jin’s door, he overhears Jin Sung and Ah Jin laughing. He rings the doorbell. Ah Jin is surprised then invites Tae Wan inside. Jin Sung is changes shirts. They all stare at each other.

My Thoughts

It’s a triangle with a twist. Writer Park Seung Hye amped up the playfulness between Jin Sung and Ah Jin. It is obvious he likes Ah Jin. She feels the pull but keeps reminding herself that he likes men. Meanwhile Tae Wan likes Jin Sung but notices the easy rapport between Jin Sung and Ah Jin. Jin Sung’s brother is glossed over again in this episode. A comment about Jin Sung not being gay surfaces and Director Nam wonders. I liked the development between Assistant Director No and Sung Eun. That was a decent kiss she laid on him.

Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) likes spending time with Ah Jin. Jin Sung is in the infatuation stage with Ah Jin. He wants to be with her. The burglary provided more opportunity for them to be together. Jin Sung defended Ah Jin during the meeting displeasing Director Nam. Tae Wan’s interest in Jin Sung was noticeable, but Jin Sung told himself he had to be wrong. Jin Sung wondered if Tae Wan likes Ah Jin. How long until Jin Sung’s brother sees the show and learns his brother is pretending to be gay? Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) likes spending time with Jin Sung. She’s comfortable with Jin Sung. She laughs with Jin Sung. She tells herself he likes men. But the chemistry between them is there. They have cute moments, but Jin Sung’s lie casts a shadow.

Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) likes spending time with Jin Sung. Tae Wan wanted to tell Jin Sung he likes him, but he either faltered or was interrupted. I respect his courage for making each attempt. Tae Wan sees the chemistry between Ah Jin and Jin Sung. He even wedges himself between them. Tae Wan’s heart is keeping his head from insisting what it sees, that Jin Sung likes Ah Jin. I feel protective about Tae Wan. I don’t want him hurt, but that is unavoidable. Writer Park has to treat this character right.

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Sweet Munchies Episode 6 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I felt bad Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 got his confession cut short by PD Lee Sang Young 😳🎬 and then others coming in … but I guess he’s not ready to confess his feelings and I’m pretty sure he would be rejected. I thought Jin Sung👨‍🍳🔥 was getting a clue that Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 likes him, but he mistakenly thinks Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 likes Ah Jin 🍭🎬 and he suspects Ah Jin 🍭🎬 likes Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷. Meanwhile, Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 is not blind to the rapport between the neighbors. That being said I have great rapport with one of my gay male friends, probably because he does feel safe and there’s no pressure to impress him; we are attracted to the same kind of guy.

    We had the first crack in Jin Sung’s 👨‍🍳🔥 gay sexual preference, with the SNS comment about Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 dating a woman, then Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 wondering what is going on between Ah Jin 🍭🎬 and Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥. The longer Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 fakes his sexual preference the more painful it will be to reveal the truth and the more people the disclosure will hurt, especially to Jin Woo🚶‍♂️🔦 and Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷. You’re right KJT, Jin Sung’s 👨‍🍳🔥 lie casts a shadow

    Did Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 go eat breakfast with Jin Ah 🍭🎬 simply to keep her away from Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥❓⁉️ It cracks me up everytime I see a roll of toilet paper 🧻 hanging at or under restaurant tables as a “roll of napkins”.

    I wasn’t surprised when PD Nam 💩🎬 bulldozed his story idea, but laughed when Manager Cha bulldozed Ah Jin’s 🍭🎬 idea on him. I’m actually starting to pity PD Nam 💩🎬.

    Color 🖍 me 🎊 surprised 🎊 that a little something-something is developing between Writer Yoo Sung Eun ✍💁‍♀️ and AD Noh 🌺 🎬. Secondary romances can be fun.


  2. DramaDazed says:

    It’s a triangle with a twist. Writer Park Seung Hye amped up the playfulness between Jin Sung and Ah Jin. …Meanwhile Tae Wan likes Jin Sung but notices the easy rapport between Jin Sung and Ah Jin.
    ~~I am really liking each character. The show has that warm family feel I enjoy. I am interested in seeing gay characters in a drama treated with respect and humanity. I am uncomfortable with the lie that can be undone with one sentence.

    The longer Jin Sung fakes his sexual preference the more painful it will be to reveal the truth and the more people the disclosure will hurt, especially Jin Woo and Tae Wan.
    ~~For me the looming world of hurt is casting a pall on the charm. It could be said I am a bit sensitive.

    ~~Ah Jin is still the cheerful hardworking ordinary female lead, who likes the boy in spite of his inappropriateness, although I like the actress who is playing her with intelligence.


    • The underlined lie of the series is troubling. It is unnecessary. It started out as a character desperate for money for his father’s hospital bills and business but morphed into something done because of a romantic interest.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      “~~For me the looming world of hurt is casting a pall on the charm.” -DD. Nicely said DD, I agree with that sentiment.

      Liked by 2 people

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