Sweet Munchies Episode 5 Recap

Sweet Munchies Episode 5 Recap

Director Nam Kya Jang (Yang Dae Hyeok) and Assistant Director No Jae Soo (Park Sung Joon) are surprised to find 3 protestors outside the station complaining about the new gay chef show affecting their children. Director Nam tells Assistant Director No to get Ah Jin and have her deal with it.

Designer Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) points out that Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) convinced him to be the stylist for the new cooking show and now Jin Sung has decided not to continue being the chef. Jin Sung apologizes and claims he’s not comfortable and a better chef to wear Tae Wan’s clothes will be selected. Tae Wan says he’ll bail too since Jin Sung is. They see Ah Jin talking to the 3 protesters.

The protesters approach Ah Jin. They want her to promise to drop the show. Director Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) counters that gay people deserve to live in this world the same as everyone does. A protestor throws a paint ball at her. He gets ready to throw another. Jin Sung steps in front of her and takes the paint ball in his back. Ah Jin stares into eyes, upset. Tae Wan watches a few steps away. Unsympathetic, DN tells Assistant Director No this is part of the learning process. Friend and coworker Yoo Sung Eun (Kim Yi Jung) sees her friend covered in paint and rushes outside to help. Tae Wan offers his jacket. Sung Eun gets her car and suggests Ah Jin, Jin Sung and Tae Wan come with her. Director Nam orders Assistant Director No to follow them. He gets in the car too. He feigns concern over Ah Jin. Sung Eun tells him to get out. He claims he won’t because they are a team. He stays.

They drive to the sea and enjoy the scenery. Assistant Director No reports to Director Nam via text. Ah Jin declares the trip was a tonic. Director Nam tells Assistant Director No to continue to give him updates. SJ tells Ah Jin Assistant Director No is a spy. Ah Jin agrees. Sung Eun encourages Ah Jin to change Jin Sung and Tae Wan’s mind. But first, they push Assistant Director No into the sea. Soon everyone is getting dunked. Tae Wan is the holdout but Jin Sung drags him in. Lots of dunking ensues.


Sun Eung suggests they stay by the sea that evening. Assistant Director No doesn’t want to. Sung Eun and Ah Jin suggest barbecue on the beach. Jin Sung, Tae Wan and Ah Jin go buy groceries.

Manager Cha Joo Hee (Kim Soo Jin) overhears coworkers discussing the negative exchanges between Ah Jin, Sang Young and Director Nam.

Nice coworker Lee Sang Young (Kim Seung Su) wonders if Director Nam was right about his lack of impact on the team.

Sporting colorful track suits, our trio shop for food. Tae Wan can’t help but notice the rapport between Ah Jin and Jin Sung. He shares they are neighbors and she is a regular at his eatery. Tae Wan feels like a third wheel. Ah Jin pays attention to him.

Sun Eung arranges the seating. The trio returns. Ah Jin admits she didn’t discuss the show. Sang Young assures her they have all night.

Manager Cha asks Director Nam where Ah Jin is. He says Ah Jin is persuading Jin Sung to be the chef. Manager Cha points out that’s his job. Director Nam claims Ah Jin wanted to leverage her closer relationship with Jin Sung. Manager Cha points out that Director Nam isn’t doing what she expects. She warns him to step up or he’ll lose the role. She tells him not to disrespect his superiors then send him away.

Ah Jin stares at the sea. She thinks about the protestors. She thinks about Jin Sung’s rejection of the show. She thinks about Manager Cha’s declaration that without Jin Sung, there is no show.

Jin Sung asks Sun Eung what she wanted to tell him. She shares that Director Nam is blaming Ah Jin for Jin Sung leaving the show. He doesn’t like that. She also shares Manager Cha refuses to make the show a regular now that he’s pulled out.

Director Nam apologies to Sang Young and tells him to tell Manager Cha he did so. Sang Young realizes Director Nam’s apology was forced. He tells him to apologize properly. Director Nam doesn’t want to and continues to insult Sang Young noting he rejected the director role for the cooking show. Sang Young points out that is Ah Jin’s role and he wasn’t going to take it from her. Director Nam yells that being nice gets you nowhere at work. He dares Sang Young to make a good show and prove his worth.

Jin Sung tells Ah Jin that Sun Eung told all. He asks if she plans to convince him. Ah Jin counters she needs to accept his decision. She says the protestors’ hate and anger shook her. She doesn’t want him to go through that because of the show. She admits she’s not aware of what he goes through.

The fivesome watches the sun set. They watch Jin Sung cook the food over the barbecue. It’s yummy. Ah Jin gets a call from Manager Cha. She steps away to take the call.

Manager Cha asks if she ran away from the unpleasant situation. Ah Jin apologizes. Manager Cha wants a team meeting at 2pm the next day. She reiterates that if Jin Sung doesn’t agree, the show is cancelled. She hangs up. Ah Jin sighs.

When she returns to the group, Ah Jin pretends everything is okay sharing that Manager Cha called a team meeting tomorrow.

Jin Sung cooks and presents the lobster. He tells Ah Jin like the lobster she must turn adversity to advantage.  Sang Young declares Jin Sung is the coolest chef around. Assistant Director No reminds her that Jin Sung doesn’t like women. Sang Young makes a plea that they all work together. Ah Jin stops her. Eating the lobster isn’t simple.

Assistant Director No texts Director Nam that his phone is almost out of battery. He doesn’t pick up when Director Nam calls.

Via text, Manager Cha summons Director Nam and Sang Young to the conference room and tells them to work it out. They both grouse about Manager Cha’s edict. Manager Cha brings food and tells them to eat and fight it out.

Tae Wan, Jin Sung and Ah Jin sit around after the meal. She thanks them for spending the day making her feel better. She leaves to go to bed. Tae Wan admits he had fun. Jin Sung agrees it was a good day after all. Tae Wan leaves to go to bed. Jin Sung heads in too. Sun Eung and Assistant Director No have taken the bed. The trio sighs.

Sang Young returns with booze for the three of them. They eat and drink in the conference room. They laugh together.

Tae Wan, Jin Sung and Ah Jin sleep on the floor. Jin Sung watches Ah Jin sleep. She opens her eyes, then he turns to Tae Wan. When Tae Wan looks at Jin Sung, he puts the blanket back on him and goes to sleep.

The next morning, Jin Sung wakes to find Ah Jin not in bed. She’s on the beach watching the sunrise. Jin Sung brings her coffee. He puts a blanket around her. She declares this is a great way to start the day. Jin Sung asks if Manager Cha will relent. Ah Jin tells him to enjoy the moment and shares her blanket with him. They smile and enjoy the sunrise.

Tae Wan wakes and finds Ah Jin and Jin Sung gone. He sees them watching the sunrise. They turn and wave then point to the sunrise. They are all smiles. Tae Wan smiles.

Assistant Director No and Sun Eung find themselves nose to nose in bed and snuggled. Startled, they push away from each other. Assistant Director No accuses her of sleeping next to him deliberately. Sun Eung calls him crazy, why would she do something unpleasant?

Meanwhile, Director Nam and Sang Young find themselves nose to nose sleeping in the break room. Director Nam pushes away startled.

Everyone eats breakfast in the office and at the beach.

Finally, everyone piles into the car to return to the city. Tae Wan puts himself between Ah Jin and Jin Sung. When Ah Jin falls asleep, Tae Wan puts her head on his shoulder. Sun Eung drop off Jin Sung and Tae Wan first. Jin Sung asks Tae Wan if he’d be willing to do the cooking show again.

2pm team meeting…Manager Cha asks what will happen to the cooking show. She asks Ah Jin if Jin Sung agreed. Ah Jin says she needs more time. Director Nam promises to find a better chef. Manager Cha says they’ve both wasted her time. She says Jin Sung appealed to viewers. She doubts that will be easy to replace. Jin Sung and Tae Wan arrive. Jin Sung declares he’s the chef for the cooking show. He declares Tae Wan will rejoin the show too. Tae Wan declares he couldn’t say no to Jin Sung. Ah Jin is thrilled.

Later Ah Jin asks Jin Sung why he changed his mind. She says it could be rough. Jin Sung says he’s ready for it. She hugs him. Jin Sung hugs her back. Then they pull apart.

Tae Wan tries different fabrics on Jin Sung. Smiling Jin Sung notes Tae Wan is all business at work. Tae Wan notices that Jin Sung spoke informally. He suggests they be informal with each other. Jin Sung considers then agrees to first names. The door opens and Tae Wan’s father strides in. The smile is wiped from Tae Wan’s face. Tae Wan explains that Jin Sung is a coworker. Jin Sung makes to leave. Tae Wan’s father tells him to stay. Tae Wan’s father declares that just because Tae Wan didn’t show, he cannot avoid it. He says he’ll move the date until Tae Wan shows. Tae Wan asks him to stop. Tae Wan’s father declares he’s found the right girl for him. He doesn’t understand why his son is being stubborn. Tae Wan looks at Jin Sung and says they should talk after business hours. Tae Wan’s father asks Jin Sung what he does for a living. Jin Sung explains he’s a chef. Tae Wan’s father looks at him with disdain. Tae Wan agrees to the blind date. His father tells him not to be late. He strides out of the room. Jin Sung tries to lighten the mood. He jokes that his regular customer love how he has the ability to relieve their stress. Tae Wan asks what Jin Sung does when he’s stressed. Jin Sung says he does things he likes to do. Jin Sung questions if Tae Wan knows what fun is.  He makes Tae Wan laugh by dancing.

Good scene that ended on a cute note!

Tae Wan eats dinner with his blind date. He says he’s not interested in marriage. He wants his partner to be happy. She suggests they see each other and then decide if they are suited. She has only positive things to say about him. Tae Wan can’t get Jin Sung out of his mind. When the blind date takes his hand, he doesn’t respond.

Tae Wan strides to Jin Sung’s eatery.

Jin Sung is surprised when Tae Wan arrives. Tae Wan takes a seat. Jin Sung gets him wine. Jin Sung asks about the blind date. He asks if it went well. Tae Wan doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks Jin Sung what he’s cooking. Jin Sung makes meal with whelks, which is similar to the escargot Tae Wan had on the blind date. Tae Wan dives in. He declares it is more delicious than the other meal. Jin Sung wonders if the girl wasn’t the right one for Tae Wan. He declares if you aren’t with the right person, then even expensive food doesn’t taste as good. Jin Sung declares Tae Wan is a good catch. He asks why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Jin Sung asks if there is someone else Tae Wan likes. Tae Wan denies it. Jin Sung asks what Tae Wan’s type of girl is. Tae Wan says he wants to find someone that loves him for who he is. Jin Sung advises him to share his feeling for the person he likes. Jin Sung declares they are brothers and Tae Wan can tell him the truth. Tae Wan stares into Jin Sung’s eyes. He asks if he’ll really find someone he can love. Jin Sung tells him to be honest with his feelings. Tae Wan takes Jin Sung’s wrist and stares into Jin Sung’s eyes. Just then Sang Young enters the eatery.

My Thoughts

That was a good episode. Writer Park Seung Hye had parallel paths between coworkers. First, Manager Cha forced Director Nam and Sang Young to work it out, initially by making them talk, then by inserting herself. Manager Cha is a decent manager. She didn’t stand for Director Nam’s mistreatment of Sang Young. It must be noted, she hasn’t offered Ah Jin the same. Second, the fivesome took a trip to the beach and did some frolicking, eating and bonding. Jin Sung realized he couldn’t let Ah Jin’s big chance eliminated. He decided to become the gay chef and talked Tae Wan back into the show. Ah Jin was thrilled when they arrived at the team meeting and recommitted to the show. Writer Park didn’t shy away from the negativity. The protestors’ hate spewed at Ah Jin. Tae Wan’s father is clearly a demanding man that won’t allow Tae Wan to be open about who he is.

Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) agreed to be the chef beyond the pilot episode. Jin Sung couldn’t let Ah Jin down. He respected that she didn’t try to convince him to do the show. He likes her. That is obvious. He agreed to do the show. Even then, Ah Jin was clear that the protestors were only the first volley of negativity. Jin Sung assured her he could handle it. Obviously, Jin Sung wasn’t thinking about his brother and only thinking of Ah Jin. Will he finally tell his brother? Does Jin Sung realize Tae Wan likes him?

Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) refused to lobby Jin Sung to return to the show. She didn’t have to because Sun Eung did it for her. To Ah Jin’s credit, she assured Jin Sung he need not feel guilty or pressure to return. The playful bickering between Jin Sung and Ah Jin irked Tae Wan. Ah Jin isn’t thinking romance because she believes Jin Sung likes men not women.

Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) wants to be loved. Tae Wan wants what we all want; to love and be loved, to be accepted without conditions, and be free to love the person we fall for. Tae Wan was jealous watching the easy rapport between Ah Jin and Jin Sung. Tae Wan’s father was stern demanding his son marry. Tae Wan doesn’t want to marry the woman his father chooses; he wants to marry the person he chooses. Lee Hak Joo did a good job portraying Tae Wan’s growing attraction to Jin Sung. Tae Wan is stuck in a society that doesn’t accept him. It isn’t fair, but that’s the evolutionary point where this culture is. Society never likes different and predictably reacts in fear which manifests into anger.

The fourth song of the OST is “All Things Will Pass” sung by Jung Dae Hyun.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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6 comments on “Sweet Munchies Episode 5 Recap
  1. Maria Jose Barria says:

    I really love this episode, I think Kang designer will suffer a lot but at the same time he will learn to accept him first then the other could accept him and love. The chef is 100% sure he likes Ahjin and that’s why he’s helping her, but we don’t know the consequences of that… to his father and brother… I’m SO interested in this drama, but I think is not that popular in Korea right now TT_TT


    • I agree that Tae Wan has the hard path. Accepting himself is the first step. Jin Sung’s motivation is clear too. I checked the ratings and indeed they are not good…around 1%. In the end I hope this drama has a positive message about accepting one’s truth.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Color 🖍 me 🎊 surprised 🎊 that PD Sang Young 😳🎬 passed on the opportunity to co-direct “Sweet Munchies”… why was he afraid❓⁉️

        I enjoyed the frolicking at the beach … the whole gang had a great time. I had to laugh that they found the most hideous track suit for AD Noh.

        I respect Ah Jin 🍭🎬 for not pressuring Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 and Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 to work on the show. Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 must like Ah Jin 🍭🎬 quite a lot to proceed with the premise of him being gay … my mind is boggled that ANYONE would “come out” that wasn’t gay to begin with … it is one thing to be true to your own beliefs. I don’t think I feel like there is real motivation for Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 to fake his beliefs.

        Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 has believably progressed from being intrigued with Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 to liking him and being jealous of Jin Sung’s 👨‍🍳🔥 easy going relationship with Ah Jin 🍭🎬. I laughed when Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 decisively sat between Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 and Ah Jin 🍭🎬 for the ride home.

        I dislike Tae Wan’s father for forcing blind dates on Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷. I respect Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 for claiming he will not marry for the sake of not wanting his wife to be miserable. I worry what will happen to Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 in this series.


        • I had to laugh that they found the most hideous track suit for AD Noh.
          It coordinated with Sun Eung’s pink one.

          I don’t think I feel like there is real motivation for Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 to fake his beliefs.
          His initial need for money for the hospital bills made the deception justifiable. But lying because he likes Ah Jin? Not so much.

          I respect Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 for claiming he will not marry for the sake of not wanting his wife to be miserable. I worry what will happen to Tae Wan 👔🧵🧷 in this series.
          I like him. I don’t want him hurt. But that seems unavoidable.

          Liked by 1 person

    • DramaDazed says:

      “Sporting colorful track suits….” ~~Hilarious meta reference to Rooftop Prince made the their choice funnier for me.

      Good scene that ended on a cute note!
      ~~We see Jin Sung’s warmth creating creating fissures in Tae Wan’s ice.
      The father was creepy and we can see how the ice formed.

      “I laughed when Tae Wan sat decisively between JS and AJ in the ride home”
      ~~This scene pulled me up short. I thought ‘I am making a big assumption here about Tae Wan being gay. He would have had many of the same reactions so far if he liked Ah Jin.’ I am not saying he is >not gay, just that I think that it is presumptuous of me to assume it until he declares himself. I will keep presuming though. Lol.

      Tae Wan takes Jin Sung’s wrist and stares into Jin Sung’s eyes. Just then Sang Young enters the eatery.
      ~~Lee Hak Joos acting is so tender and Jung Il Woo warm and oblivious, which seems odd with a gay brother. It also seems like at the end of this episode the reveal will be delayed.


      • Hilarious meta reference to Rooftop Prince made the their choice funnier for me.
        I had the same thought. I’ve never seen Rooftop Prince, but know the track suits.

        Lee Hak Joos acting is so tender and Jung Il Woo warm and oblivious, which seems odd with a gay brother
        Nice description. You’d think Jin Sung would have an awareness of attraction.

        Liked by 1 person

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