Sweet Munchies Episode 4 Recap

Sweet Munchies Episode 4 Recap

Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) asks Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) what is wrong. Ah Jin says she wanted to became a director. The show got a regular time slot but she has to share the director slot with a permanent employee because she’s a contract employee. She sobs that she worked so hard but the reward is a shared role because she’s a contract employee. Jin Sung gives her a hug and lets her sob it out. She frets she look terrible. Jin Sung agrees she does. He tells her he understands and she never need worry about what she looks like to him. She asks if that’s because he’s gay. Jin Sung nods his assent. They smile. Ah Jin’s stomach growls. Jin Sung offers to cook for her. He tells her to eat it well. She promises. He teaches her how to make seafood dumplings. He cooks the dumpling. She smiles as he lifts the lid off the bamboo steamer. She tastes one and gives Jin Sung the thumbs up. Jin Sung notes her job is difficult. He says sharing her role must be tough. He asks why she doesn’t quit. Ah Jin says she likes her job. Ah Jin declares she’ll befriend the other director. Jin Sung offers words of praise for her positive attitude. Ah Jin flushes with pleasure. She asks Jin Sung to be her chef. He hesitates. She pushes for a reason why he’d back out. Jin Sung starts to tell he’s not gay, then his brother Park Jin Woo (Choi Jae Hyun) walks in. He asks why Jin Sung is saying he’s gay. Jin Sung hurries Ah Jin out of the eatery. Ah Jin believes Jin Sung’s brother didn’t know.

Jin Sung tells Jin Woo to eat the food. Jin Woo demands to know why Jin Sung lied he was gay. Jin Sung says Ah Jin is a woman he almost married but she refused to break up, so he said he was gay. Jin Woo asks if Ah Jin is a stalker. Jin Sung confirms it.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Lee Sang Young (Kim Seung Su) brings Manager Cha Joo Hee (Kim Soo Jin) dinner. He promises to smooth the ruffles feathers about Ah Jin.

Ah Jin settles down to sleep. She remembers Jin Sung’s words of support and smiles.

Jin Sung tries to sleep. He remembers Ah Jin’s plea for him to do the show. He watches the pilot episode and murmurs if he’s found out to be a liar, it won’t be good. He decides he won’t do the show.

Sang Young congratulates Director Nam Kya Jang (Yang Dae Hyeok) for being the co-director with Ah Jin.

The production team grouses the Director Nam got an easy win because of Ah Jin’s hard work. Assistant Director No Jae Soo (Park Sung Joon) guesses Ah Jin won’t agree. Manager Cha arrives for the meeting with Director Nam. Ah Jin arrives. Manager Cha urges her team to work hard.  She announces Director Nam will join the team as the senior director. Director Nam tells the team he’ll direct the show to be a success. Manager Cha asks Ah Jin to share her thoughts. Ah Jin admits that Chef Park has decided not to participate in the show. Manager Cha declares Chef Park is the most important person in the show. She tells Director Nam to persuade Chef Park. She says without Chef Park, there is no show. She leaves. The production team complains to Ah Jin. Director Nam tells the team, he’ll persuade Chef Park. He ends the meeting. He asks Ah Jin to stay for a private conversation.

Director Nam demands an apology for her harsh words the other day. She says nothing. Sang Young enters the room. Director Nam leaves brushing off Ah Jin’s offer to help him persuade Chef Park. Sang Young tells Ah Jin to work hard and prove she’s a good director. Ah Jin promises she will. She thanks him and leaves. Sang Young sits in in the head chair and murmurs he’s a good coworker.

At the eatery, Jin Sung remembers how upset Ah Jin was last night. Director Nam and Assistant Director No arrive to talk to him. Jin Sung asks why they’ve come. Assistant Director No shares the show was picked up. Director Nam says he’s the senior director now. Jin Sung asks where Ah Jin is. Director Nam says Jin Sung can talk to him. Jin Sung asks them to leave. Director Nam promises to make the show popular which will increase traffic to the eatery. Jin Sung asks them to leave. Director Nam offers more money. Jin Sung says money isn’t the driver. Assistant Director No and Director Nam suggest they eat something. Jin Sung declares he’s on a break. They sit down to wait. Inspired, Jin Sung suggests he make them a spicy dish. His cooking is dramatic. Assistant Director No and Director Nam enjoy the show. Jin Sung plates the food. Director Nam asks him to be their chef. Jin Sung gives them the food and declares if they eat all of it, he’ll reconsider. Assistant Director No and Director Nam start eating. At first it is yummy, but then the heat hits them. They try and muscle their way through the entire plate. Director Nam asks why Jin Sung doesn’t want to participate. Jin Sung declares cooking in this eatery is his style not TV.

Director Nam and Assistant Director No visit Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo). Director Nam introduces himself as the senior director and asks Tae Wan to officially join the show. Tae Wan asks why Ah Jin isn’t her. Assistant Director No says Ah Jin is the secondary director. Tae Wan notes Ah Jin was the primary for the pilot and show was her concept. Assistant Director No points out Ah Jin is a contract employee. Tae Wan doesn’t like that. Director Nam shares that Chef Park has backed out and there will be a new chef. Tae Wan doesn’t like that. Tae Wan asks them to leave. He opens the door for them. Assistant Director No gives Tae Wan the offer in writing. Director Nam smiles and leaves with Assistant Director No in tow.

Outside, Director Nam can’t believe that both Chef Park and Tae Wan rejected him. He calls them jerks. Assistant Director No echoes his words.

Tae Wan recalls Jin Sung’s words about prejudice against gay people.

Ah Jin waits for Director Nam to return to the office.

Director Nam and Assistant Director No eat. When Ah Jin calls Director Nam, he tells her he’ll find a new chef.

Ah Jin tells coworker Yoo Sung Eun (Kim Yi Jung) that Jin Sung refused Director Nam too. Ah Jin wants to talk to Jin Sung. Sung Eun tells her to wait and see what Director Nam does next.

Director Nam tells Assistant Director No he doesn’t want either Tae Wan or Chef Park.

Ah Jin and Sung Eun eat but Ah Jin is preoccupied.

Director Nam and Assistant Director No go to another eatery and eat the delicious food. The chef loves their enthusiasm. Director Nam introduces himself. He asks the chef to join their show. The chef is taken aback with the term “gay chef”. The chef refuses to consider it. He tells them to leave.

Ah Jin considers calling Jin Sung. She grabs her purse and leaves.

Jin Sung wonders if Ah Jin will come to the eatery. He’s pleased when she does. They are a bit awkward with each other. She tells him she’s here as a director. She says she has another proposal to make. She asks him to hear him out. Ah Jin says the show got a time slot because of Jin Sung’s heartfelt interaction with the customer. Viewer loved it and wanted more. Ah Jin says no other chef will do. Jin Sung says no. Ah Jin asks why. She doesn’t believe the eatery is the reason. Jin Sung can’t find the words. Ah Jin tells him to take the time he needs to reconsider. She leaves without eating. Jin Sung watches her leave. He struggles with that. Ah Jin reenters the eatery. She tells Jin Sung she’s here as a regular. Jin Sung gets her a beer. She chugs the beer. She tells Jin Sung she wants to drink strong liquor today. She says someone made her mad today. She says it wasn’t him. She asks what Jin Sung will make her. He promises it will be good.

I like the I’m here as a director, now I’m here as a regular angle.

The next morning at work, Ah Jin is there when Director Nam arrives with a list of gay chefs. Ah Jin tells him that Tae Wan called her.

Manager Cha isn’t happy to learn Chef Park and Tae Wan won’t work the show. She tells Director Nam to convince Chef Park. Director Nam says they can replace Chef Park. Manager Cha counters that won’t be easy. She notes Ah Jin found Chef Park in one day. She asks if he can do the same. She offers to ask Ah Jin to help her. Director Nam claims he’ll get a new chef in one day.

After the meeting, Director Nam asks Assistant Director No if Ah Jin and Chef Park have a personal relationship. He believes Ah Jin talked Chef Park into NOT doing the show. Assistant Director No doubts Ah Jin would do that.

Sung Eun listens to Ah Jin’s failure to convince Jin Sung. Ah Jin wonder if they will truly have to find a new chef. Director Nam enters and accuses her talking Chef Park into NOT doing the show. Director Nam is sure she’s behind it. Ah Jin counters that she wants the show to succeed to. Director Nam orders her to get Chef Park to agree or he’ll remove her from the show. Sang Young enters the room. He tells Director Nam he’s being harsh. Director Nam tells him to mind his own business. Sang Young reminds him he’s part of the team. Director Nam tells him to do his job and stay out of it. Director Nam points out that Sang Young isn’t a success. Ah Jin, Sung Eun and Assistant Director No tell Director Nam to stop. Sang Young counters he may not be successful by Director Nam’s definition, but he has advice worth listening to. Director Nam tells Sang Young he should be ashamed of how he conducts himself at work. He leaves. Ah Jin and Sang Young urges him not to listen to Director Nam.

Shaken, Sang Young goes to the rooftop to think. Ah Jin finds him and apologizes. Sang Young says he isn’t successful by many definitions. Ah Jin points out he keeps trying to come up with show ideas and one day he’ll hit the jackpot. She suggests he yell his anger at Director Nam. They both enjoy shouting their anger at Director Nam. Ah Jin declares she’ll change Chef Park’s mind. Sang Young decides he needs to eat something.

Jin Woo complains to a friend about the new gay chef show on the phone. Jin Sung overhears him. Jin Woo declares he hates people trying to capitalize on being gay. His friend tells him the show was worth watching. Jin Woo say he’ll watch it. Jin Sung blocks the TV. Jin Woo asks what he wants to tell him. Jin Sung says nothing. Jin Woo asks him to move away from the TV. Jin Sung moves. But when Jin Woo takes a bathroom break, Jin Sung dismantles the cable.

Sung Eun calls Chef Park and asks to meet him about Ah Jin.

Tae Wan review the designs of the remaining designers. He asks each of them what makes a good designer. He’s not impressed with their answers. He tells them knowing the customer’s wants is key.

Director Nam and Assistant Director No are surprised to find 3 protestors outside the station complaining about the new gay chef show affecting their children. Director Nam tells Assistant Director No to get Ah Jin.

Assistant Director No tells Ah Jin she’s needed in the lobby.

Ah Jin sees the protestors. She asks Director Nam what is going on. Director Nam tells her to sort this out. Ah Jin asks why she gets all the hard tasks. Assistant Director No doesn’t back her of course.

Ah Jin heads outside, then returns. Director Nam yells at her to fix this. Ah Jin heads outside. Director Nam darts outside and tells the protestors Ah Jin is the director of the show.


Tae Wan sees Jin Sung walk by. He dashes out and follow him. Jin Sung is surprised to see him.

The protestors approach Ah Jin. They want her to promise to drop the show. Ah Jin counters that gay people deserve to live in this world too. A protestor throws a paint ball at her. He gets ready to throw another. Jin Sung steps in front of her and takes the paint ball in his back. Ah Jin stares into eyes, upset. Tae Wan watches a few steps away.

My Thoughts

This show is trying to walk a tight line. Writer Park Seung Hye represented the fear that gay can be learned in the protestors. Jin Sung intervened and stopped the second paint ball. It is painfully obvious in this world; prejudice can be deeply engrained and logic won’t dislodge it. Writer Park is struggling with the awkward moments between Jin Sung and his brother as Jin Sung tries to hide his involvement with the show. This is all on Jin Sung. He made the show to get the cash to reopen the eatery. That was his choice. He needs to own the ramifications of his choice and be honest with his brother.

Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) rejected efforts to get him be the chef beyond the pilot episode. Jin Sung wanted to tell Ah Jin the truth, but the number of lies seemed insurmountable and he kept silent. Avoiding telling his brother the truth, makes Jin Sung look bad. Jin Sung is lying to his brother by omission. I like their relationship. Jin Sung accepts his brother. But he can’t deal with hurting his brother by faking to be gay. Dude, that ship has sailed. You have to come clean or your brother will be even more hurt every day you don’t speak the truth. I completely enjoyed Jin Sung rejecting Director Nam and Assistant Director No.

Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) has a hard road. Manager Cha’s choice to make Director Nam the senior director is nothing but trouble. Director Nam belittles Ah Jin then dumps all the tasks he can’t accomplish on her. I dislike Director Nam and his minion Assistant Director No. Ah Jin had a couple of nice moments with Jin Sung, but they are overshadowed by his rejection of the show and lies. Jin Sung doesn’t want to hurt Ah Jin or his brother. Unfortunately, Jin Sung can’t have it both ways.

Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) refused to participate in the show when he learned Jin Sung wasn’t going to be part of it. Tae Wan was withering with Director Nam and Assistant Director No. I enjoyed every moment of that. What did Tae Wan say to Jin Sung that made him come to the station? Tae Wan and Jin Sung’s brother are the characters I want Writer Park to be sensitive with.

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Sweet Munchies Episode 4 Recap
  1. DramaDazed says:

    I’m a little leery that the show wants to veer into slapstick over the lies aspect, since they are snowballing. I’m very much liking each of the characters (except PD Nam jerk, who obviously we are not supposed to like, so good job.) but I don’t think the gay-tangle‐of-lies plot angle will sustain my interest if that is what the show focuses on. Too many lives in pain for a single dishonesty that can be resolved by conversation bothers me. I will hope that the last minute where we see Designer Kang notice Chef’s care for PD Ah Jin will force a change in the story.

    Side note… kjt…I don’t know if this is a WordPress thing. My ‘Reader’ app says this ep 4 recap is ‘7 days ago’. Is that accurate?


    • I will hope that the last minute where we see Designer Kang notice Chef’s care for PD Ah Jin will force a change in the story.
      If Jin Sung continues lying, the deceit can no longer can be justified like the pilot when Jin Sung was desperate for money.

      My ‘Reader’ app says this ep 4 recap is ‘7 days ago’. Is that accurate?
      Yes episode 4 aired on June 2, 2020. This recap was written and posted then.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    “Jin Sung is lying to his brother by omission.” -KJT. I have a problem with Jin Sung 👨‍🍳🔥 NOT telling his brother about pretending to be gay for a paycheck. I think the wisest course is for Jin Sung👨‍🍳🔥 to honestly confess his actions AND motive to Jin Woo🚶‍♂️🔦 and ask his gay brother’s opinion on what he should do next.

    PD Nam 💩🎬 is missmatched a misogynistic bigot to be selected to “co-produce” a show which he doesn’t even buy into the concept. Nam’s 💩🎬 method of trying to find a gay chef were HORRIFYING 😱. Why didn’t PD Sang Young 😳🎬 get paired with PD Kim Ah Jin 🍭🎬; at least he thinks the show will succeed. I was really disgusted the way PD Nam 💩🎬 disrespected PD Sang Young 😳🎬; what has PD Nam 💩🎬 done that makes him so great❓⁉️ I’m also disgusted the way he considers himself to be the “main” PD of the show, but pushed Ah Jin🍭🎬 out to the protesting crowd and let her take the abuse. Nam 💩🎬 is a misogynist, bigoted, coward.

    I concur that the writer needs to be sensitive to the way the gay characters are treated in the Sweet Munchies.

    The idea of a TV show with an advice giving chef who selects, prepares and serves dishes that fit the customer is great, why mess up the concept with identifying the chef’s sexual orientation❓⁉️


    • the wisest course is for Jin Sung👨‍🍳🔥 to honestly confess his actions AND motive to Jin Woo🚶‍♂️🔦 and ask his gay brother’s opinion on what he should do next.
      Agreed. He loves and accepts his brother therefore he MUST honor that and be honest.

      PD Nam 💩🎬 is a missmatched misogynistic bigot to be selected to “co-produce” a show which he doesn’t even buy into the concept
      You nailed it. Not much to like about this character.

      The idea of a TV show with an advice giving chef who selects, prepares and serves dishes that fit the customer is great, why mess up the concept with identifying the chef’s sexual orientation❓⁉️
      The sexual orientation is the major discriminator with the advice the minor one, but it could be the major one. I think a dish cooked and served based on my story would beat a pint of ice cream!

      Liked by 1 person

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