Sweet Munchies Episode 3 Recap

Sweet Munchies Episode 3

On the cooking show set of the pilot episode, Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) plates the dish and serves it to the first guest that claims she can’t eat tripe. Jin Sung tells the guest if she wants to get over her ex-boyfriend, this is a necessary step. He urges her to remember what she used to love. Why should the ex-boyfriend take that from her? The guest lifts the tripe to her mouth. She eats it. She cries. The crew is riveted. Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) is shocked. Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) can’t take his eyes away from Jin Sung. Manager Cha Joo Hee (Kim Soo Jin) feels it. The guest declares she loved this food but avoided it like a fool. She eats more. Ah Jin sighs in relief. The guest asks what love is. Jin Sung considers…

Flashback…Jin Sung, his brother, mother and father play when outside when he was young.

Jin Sung says “Being able to give your kidney if a loved on needs it. Even if you die, you’d have no regrets. You are willing to give your life for another. I think that’s love”.

Manager Cha invites nice coworker Lee Sang Young (Kim Seung Su) for drink.

Ah Jin, friend & coworker Yoo Sung Eun (Kim Yi Jung), Tae Wan and Jin Sung drink to the success of the pilot episode. Jin Sung isn’t stoked. Manager Cha spies the team and decides to eat at another eatery. Jin Sung apologizes and says he doesn’t want to be regular on the show because he wasn’t that good. Jerk Assistant Director No Jae Soo (Park Sung Joon) agrees there were issues. Tae Wan tells Jin Sung he was inspirational today.

Manager Cha and Sang Young eat. Manager Cha says joining the celebration would have been awkward to for the team. She asks if Sang Young has someone in his life he’d donate his kidney to. Sang Young admits he’d be too scared to die. Manager Cha smiles and pretends to agree. Then she admits she thought Jin Sung was cool Sang Young asks if Manager Cha regret her divorce and her current single status. Manager Cha denies it. Sang Young says soju taste sweeter when you drink with the right person. Manager Cha declares her soju tastes bitter because she’s buying.


Jin Sung calls his father and says his late work hours won’t allow him to visit him today.

Director Nam joins the production team celebration. He claims he can’t tell Jin Sung is gay. Jin Sung returns. Director Kang introduces himself. They all start drinking. Director Nam asks Ah Jin to get more booze. Jin Sung notices. Then he asks Ah Jin to get more food. Jin Sung notices. Director Nam asks Ah Jin to get more water. Jin Sung declares Ah Jin did a terrific job. Director Nam shrugs and says Jin Sung probably did all the work. Jin Sung counters that her name isn’t hey you, but Ms. Kim Ah Jin. Director Nam chuckles and calls Jin Sung sensitive. Director Nam asks Tae Wan if he notices the difference between an experienced director like Director Kang versus a first timer like Ah Jin. Tae Wan sighs and asks Director Nam what was his most successful show. There isn’t one in recent years is the answer.

Nice slam!

Taking a taxi to the apartment, Ah Jin thanks Jin Sung for what he said. Jin Sung retorts that no one calls her by her name. Jin Sung thanks her for her support on set today. Ah Jin says his eatery is important to her. She asks if he really doesn’t want to do the show. Jin Sung says she can find someone better. Ah Jin asks if he’s refusing because she was bad. Jin Sung assures her she was great. Ah Jin begs Jin Sung to do the show…for her. Jin Sung stares into her eyes. The taxi takes a hard term. Ah Jin come into Jin Sung’s personal space. It’s a tense moment. They stare into each other’s eyes. Ah Jin pulls away. She asks him to think about staying with the show. She suggests they become friends. She holds out her hand and introduces herself. Jin Sung smiles and shakes her hand.

Nice scene. There was an awareness of each other. Ah Jin brushed it off and put Jin Sung in the friend zone.

The next day at work Ah Jin is started to find Sang Young asleep on the couch. He asks where his proposal is. They both search for it. Sang Young declares he had an idea for a great proposal when he slept but can’t remember it. Ah Jin assures him he’ll remember the idea.

Ah Jin begins to edit the pilot episode.

Sang Young joins Director Nam, Director Kang, and Assistant Director No for breakfast. He jokes all the brains are at this table. Sang Young asks Assistant Director No why he’s not helping Ah Jin. Assistant Director No says she wants to do it. Director Nam is sure the show won’t go beyond the pilot episode. Sang Young declares the idea is fresh. Director Kang believes Ah Jin will do a good job. Director Nam complains that show doesn’t merit a good time slot.

Ah Jin edits the pilot episode over the next several days. It’s not easy. But she finally gets it done. She’s all smiles.

In his studio, Tae Wan thinks about how nervous Jin Sung was at the shooting. He smiles.

Jin Sung gets paid $10K. He sends the money to the building owner.

Jin Sung is all smiles as he returns to his eatery.

Assistant Director No finds a happy Ah Jin done with the editing. She leaves the room. He reviews her work.

Jin Sung packs up his father’s belongings at the hospital. He assures his father he can handle the medical bills. Jin Sung suggests they eat together. His father wants to try Jin Sung’s eatery.

Once they arrive, Jin Sung’s father says he’s a great cook. Jin Sung cooks a meal for his father.

Ah Jin is shocked when Assistant Director No declares the edited version of the show is gone. She rushes into the room. She’s relieved that edited version is there. Assistant Director No doesn’t understand why the bloopers of the show are in the edited version. Ah Jin notes Jin Sung isn’t a celebrity chef and this makes him human and relatable. Assistant Director No doesn’t agree but it is her decision.

Jin Sung’s father savors his son’s cooking. He declares it delicious. He says Jin Sung’s skills come from his mother. Jin Sung retorts he’s a better cook than mom. Jin Sung asks if his father ever hated mom for keeping her terminal disease from him. His father agrees that it hurt that mom didn’t tell him. He believes she didn’t want to burden the family with the hospital costs. Instead she asked to be taken to Jeju but he said no, another time. Jin Sung’s father sighs he didn’t know another time would never come. He wishes he’d known how ill she was.

Sung Eun tells Ah Jin the show will be a success. Ah Jin thanks her for believing in her. The team gathers to watch the show. But they are more interested in socializing.

At the eatery, Jin Sung tends his customers.

At the design studio, Tae Wan watches the pilot episode.

At the studio, Manager Cha watches the pilot episode.

At the studio, the team watches the pilot episode. Sung Eun wants to meet a man like Jin Sung one day. Ah Jin sees the team is riveted. She smiles.


At the eatery, Ah Jin asks Jin Sung if he watched the pilot episode. He says he was too busy. He gives her a beer. She chugs it. Ah Jin tells him she’s hopeful the ratings will be good. She hopes they get a regular time slot. Jin Sung starts to say he won’t do the show but she cuts him off. He asks how she came up with the idea for the show. Ah Jin explains that sexual minorities aren’t embraced. She wondered what would it be like if someone took their pain of alienation and turned it into positive advice for others. Would that change the majority’s perception? Jin Sung stares at her. She asks why he’s staring. He gives her a gift to congratulate her on her first show. Ah Jin is pleasantly surprised. She opens the box.  It’s an engraved pen. She loves it. Jin Sung tells her to write up many great show’s concepts with it. She loves it.

In her apartment, Ah Jin reads the public’s comments. They are positive.

On the rooftop of the apartment, Jin Sung drinks a beer and considers. He watches the pilot episode.

The next morning, Jin Woo meets Ah Jin on the steps of the apartment. She notices he’s wearing the same jacket Jin Sung auditioned in. She wonders who that was.

In his apartment, Jin Sung wakes to find his brother eating breakfast. Jin Sung doctors the ramen with hot sauce. His brother isn’t impressed and makes another.

At the studio, Ah Jin receives praise for the show. She surprised and pleased.

Sung Eun tells Ah Jin the web comments are great. Sung Eun hopes Ah Jin gets a regular time slot. Ah Jin gets a phone call and steps into the ladies’ room to take the call. Sung Eun follows her into the restroom and listens to Ah Jin talk to her parents. Ah Jin admits she’s stoked. Ah Jin says she’ll introduce Sung Eun to a man at her apartment.

Jin Sung asks another chef friend he can borrow some money. He apologizes for asking. His friend admits he can’t afford to.

Ah Jin lurks around Manager Cha’s office.

At the convenience store, Ah Jin buys 2 bags of groceries. Jin Woo is behind her. He offers to carry them back to the apartment. She asks if he lives in the rooftop apartment with Jin Sung. He tells her Jin Sung is her brother. Ah Jin thanks him for the help with the groceries. Ah Jin asks him to send Jin Sung to her apartment if he’s there explaining she’s throwing a party.

In Jin Sung’s apartment, his brother says he met Ah Jin. The doorbell rings. Ah Jin arrive to bring Jin Sung to the party. His brother agrees to attend. Jin Sung sighs and follow.

In Ah Jin’s apartment, Jin Sung notices the mess. Sung Eun declares both men are handsome. Ah Jin declares she’s cooking kimchi pancakes. Jin Sung can’t help but take over. Sung Eun asks Jin Woo if he saw the pilot episode. Jin Woo doesn’t know anything about it. Sung Eun starts to explain the concept, but Jin Sung declares they need clam for the pancakes. Sung Eun points out the pancakes will be fine without it.  Ah Jin offers a can of tuna. Jin Sung cooks the pancakes. Everyone enjoys a drink and the food. Sung Eun praises Jin Sung’s cooking. Jin Woo asks what they are celebrating. Ah Jin starts to explain but Jin Sung interrupts that her place is too messy. He starts to tidy. Ah Jin joins in to help. Sung Eun tells his brother the pilot episode was a success. Jin Sung declares he left the stove on and he and brother have to leave. His brother doesn’t want to leave but Jin Sung pulls him away.

Sung Eun asks if Jin Sung will say no if a regular time slot if offered.  Ah Jin declares she has to be positive.

Jin Woo notes Ah Jin is pretty. He asks why Jin Sung lied that they had to leave. He asks how Jin Sung knows a writer and director. His brother asks if they can cast him. Jin Sung counters his brother should earn a role through his own merits.

Hmm, that’s not the way the world work.

Ah Jin learns Manager Cha wants to see her.

Ah Jin enters Manager Cha’s office. Director Nam is there. She tells Ah Jin the show will get a regular time slot. Ah Jin is thrilled. Then she sees the director role is shared between Director Nam and herself. She tells Manager Cha this show’s concept is hers. She asks Manager Cha if this was the plan all along. Director Nam tells her to calm down. Ah Jin declares that not being a permanent employee must be the issue. Manager Cha sends Director Nam out of the room. Ah Jin demands to know why Manager Cha made this choice. Manager Cha says she’s inexperienced and needs help. She points out a contract worker can’t take responsibility but a permanent worker can. Ah Jin vows she can do it alone. She begs Manager Cha to let her do this. Ah Jin declares this show is her child. Manager Cha tells her the story of Solomon, the two mothers both claiming one baby was theirs. When Solomon said he’d divide the baby, the real mother was willing to walk away to save the baby’s life. Manager Cha says Ah Jin should be willing to share the show since she’s the birth mother. Manager Cha says either share the show with Director Nam or she’ll cancel the show. She tells Ah Jin to decide. Manager Cha leaves. Ah Jin cries tears of frustration.

Ah Jin walks home unhappy at the day’s turn of events.

At the eatery, Jin Sung prepares fish. Ah Jin walks in and he sees she’s not happy. Ah Jin cries. Jin Sung goes to her and asks what is wrong. Ah Jin cries more. Then she says she wanted to make people laugh when she became a director. She cries more. Ah Jin says the show got a regular time slot but she has to share the director slot with a permanent employee because she’s a contract employee. Jin Sung gives her a hug and lets her sob it out. He wipes her tears from her face, then hugs her again. Ah Jin sobs.

My Thoughts

Discrimination comes in different forms. Writer Park Seung Hye layered the discrimination in this episode. Ah Jin was discriminated for being a contract worker, not a permanent worker. Ah Jin told Jin Sung she wanted this show to help break societal discrimination against gay people. They had a moment when they were drawn to each other, but Ah Jin quickly put Jin Sung in the friend zone believing he couldn’t be interested in her due to his sexual orientation.

Chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) didn’t want the show to become a regular series. Despite needing money to pay his father’s hospital bills and the high interest loan, Jin Sung didn’t want the show to become a regular out of concern to how his brother would react to him pretending to be gay. The scene when Jin Sung stopped Ah Jin and Sung Eun from telling his brother about the show was awkward. Dude, I recognize you were desperate for money to save the eatery, but Jin Woo seems cool, be straightforward and TELL HIM. Sigh, that didn’t happen. Jin Sung tried to borrow money from a friend versus hope the show got a regular time slot. Jin Sung has the high interest loan and his father’s hospital bills and yet he chose to pay the building owner the deposit for the eatery. Granted Jin Sung needs the eatery to cook, but that choice didn’t seem selfless like the love he described. The chemistry between brothers is good. The gift of the pen to Ah Jin was another sweet moment. Jin Sung has a heart.

Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) edited a winning pilot episode. Manager Cha pointed out that Ah Jin needs help directing for the first time. Knowing that Director Nam doesn’t see her as an equal due to her contract status, Ah Jin rejected Manager Cha’s decision. Manager Cha refused to let direct alone so she given the choice – co direct with Director Nam or cancel the show. Ah Jin is in the “I can do it alone” mindset. A permanent contract is worth pursing, but it takes a team not a single person, to get the job done. I understand Ah Jin’s anger at Manager Cha’s choice. I am liking Manager Cha’s pragmatic decisions and manner.

Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo) subtly defended Ah Jin when he asked for Director Nam’s recent successes. Tae Wan silenced Director Nam when there were no recent successes to point to. Tae Wan told Jin Sung he was inspiration. Tae Wan felt more real this episode.

The 3rd song of the OST is titled “Twinkle” sung by Jung in:

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Sweet Munchies Episode 3 Recap
  1. DramaDazed says:

    “Jin Sung tried to borrow money from a friend versus hope the show got a regular time slot. Jin Sung has the high interest loan and his father’s hospital bills and yet he chose to pay the building owner the deposit for the eatery. Granted Jin Sung needs the eatery to cook, but that choice didn’t seem selfless like the love he described.”
    ~~Money decisions are as strange and unique in dramas as in reality. Not sure what is in Jin Sungs mind but I would guess it has to do with protecting others. I hate to think he is just being foolish.

    One common thing in dramas is nasty criminal loan sharks. I wonder if it is a convenient thing for the sake of the script or is this a real thing in Korea?

    I agree with you kjt, wish he would just talk to his brother.



    • Money decisions are as strange and unique in dramas as in reality. Not sure what is in Jin Sungs mind but I would guess it has to do with protecting others.
      Well said comment about money decisions.

      I agree with you kjt, wish he would just talk to his brother.
      He’s got a good relationship with his brother. He could explain the money issues, the income the show would garner, and his brother would likely understand and support him.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I think Jin Sung did pay his father’s hospital bill.

      I concur with both of you that Jin Sung MUST tell his brother, Jin Woo, that he is faking being gay or Jin Woo is going to be hurt hearing about it from another source. There has to be buzz about the TV show, especially in the gay community … Jin Woo is bound to find out about it.

      I 💗 that Tae Won stood up for Ah Jin. While I’m pleased Ah Jin got her brilliantly edited show picked up as a regular series, it is irritating that she got such a bigoted “co-producer”. The bigoted producer is going to make it difficult for her to shine, when you know he will blame her when things go wrong and try to take all the glory when things go right.

      Liked by 1 person

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