The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Recap

2019…Republic of Korea…

Tracking the GPS location of Song Jeong Hye, King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) and Detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) arrive at an empty field. Lee Gon is sure this means Song Jeong Hye is working with Prince Geum Lee Rim and that hanging with Tae Eul is a pleasure. Tae Eul worries that she can’t comfort Lee Gon properly, due to the past trauma and treason of Lee Rim. Lee Gon knows Tae Eul worries the Song Jeong Hye will have the face of his mother and it will hurt him. Lee Gon assures her that Song Jeong Hye isn’t his mother, just like Eun Sub isn’t Jo Young even though they have the same face. Tae Eul asks how Lee Gon and Lee Rim travel between the parallel worlds of Republic of Korea and Kingdom of Corea. Lee Gon states he’s been transparent about everything, but he can’t answer this question. Tae Eul accepts this. Then she queries if this is his first-time dating. Lee Gon strides away. Tae Eul grouses. They banter.

Lee Gon gives Jo Eun Sub (Woo Do Hwan) his bakery requirements for the time he is in this world. Eun Sub asks Lee Gon why they are meeting. Lee Gon tells Eun Sub to be the Unbreakable Sword. Eun Sub brags he does have soft skills Jo Young doesn’t possess.

2019…Kingdom of Corea…

Prime Minister Goo’s mother stocks her refrigerator. Prime Minister Goo Seo Ryung (Jung Eun Chae) agrees to eat with her mother. She asks if her mother sent the newspaper. Her mother confirms she did not. Her mother asks if traitorous Lee Rim had a son. Prime Minister Goo states Lee Rim died without an heir. Her mother shares the man that returned to retrieve the umbrella he left in her shop, looked just like Lee Rim 24 years ago. Prime Minister Goo warns her mother not to suggest Lee Rim had a son when the king has yet to have a son as it could negatively impact her. Her mother assures her she won’t say this to anyone else.

In her room, Prime Minister Goo looks at the newspaper and wonders.

Republic of Korea…

Detective Gang Shin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam) enters Lee Gon’s room.

Flashback…Min Hwa Yun (Shin Jae’s mother) leaves a young Shin Jae in front of a store with a bank of TVs reporting the king mourning his father’s death. She promises to return soon. She leaves her confused son behind.

Shin Jae asks Lee Gon about the logo.  He asks Lee Gon if his name is Lee Gon.

Lee Gon’s voiceover “He heard my wailing. More people have come over than I ever imagined.”

Shin Jae grabs Lee Gon and demands answers. Jo Young (Woo Do Hwan) warns him to back off. Lee Gon declares Shin Jae is the reason he must return to his world. Lee Gon tells Shin Jae he is his King. Shin Jae stares at Lee Gon in shock. Lee Gon asks what else Shin Jae remembers. Lee Gon believes he can help Shin Jae too. Shin Jae tells Lee Gon and Jo Young to return to wherever they came from. He leaves. Lee Gon tells Jo Young that Lee Rim brought Shin Jae to this world when he was a young boy. Jo Young wonders why. Lee Gon assumes Shin Jae needed his parents.  Jo Young assures Lee Gon he’ll investigate this world further when Lee Gon returns to their world.

Shin Jae goes to Tae Eul’s house. Outside he shares he met Eun Sub but it wasn’t Eun Sub. Tae Eul isn’t surprised. Shin Jae isn’t surprised she knows and didn’t tell him. He demands to know if Tae Eul really believes that tales that Lee Gon is telling.  Tae Eul confirms she believes everything Lee Gon has told her. Shin Jae can’t accept this and strides away.

Shin Jae stares at the home he used to live in.

Flashback…Lee Rim finds a young Shin Jae crying in front of the bank of TV’s. He assumes the boy is lost. He promises to help him find his mother.

Flashback…A young Shin Jae wakes. His mother is astonished and yells for the doctor. She asks Shin Jae if he knows her.

That’s got to be odd, knowing or suspecting that you were planted in another world.

The team meets to celebrate Eun Sub’s successful completion of his service. Tae Eul is distracted because Shin Jae isn’t there. Detective Jang Michael (Kang Hong Suk) and Head Detective Park Moon Shik wonder where Shin Jae is. Tae Eul texts Shin Jae reminding him about the celebration.

Time stops…Lee Gon calculates the window of time. He knows Lee Rim has traveled between the worlds.

Republic of Korea…

Lee Rim’s assistant informs him Tae Eul went to the care center care center Lee Seong Jae, died in 1995. He also reports that Park Ji Young’s (Prime Minister Goo’s sister) counter in Republic of Korea, got herself arrested and is in jail. He admits though he cancelled the service, he hasn’t retrieved the flip phone yet. Last but not least, he reports that Kim Gi Hwan (one of the assassins that killed Lee Gon’s father 24 years ago) has disappeared.

Lee Gon looks at the cell phone he retrieved from Gi Hwan.

Flashback…Lee Gon orders the Gi Hwan to kill himself.

Tae Eul stares at the evidence board and the picture of Shin Jae.

Flashback…Tae Eul tells Lee Gon she can and will investigate Seong Jae’s death.

Kingdom of Corea…

Prime Minister Goo learned Chairman Choe wants to meet with her. She agrees to meet that evening.

Republic of Korea…

Lee Gon stares at his half of the magic flute in his crop.

Flashback…a young Lee Gon reads the words on the 4 tiger sword. Lee Rim helps him complete the reading.

Gi Hwan’s phone rings. Lee Gon answers but doesn’t speak. Lee Rim listens but doesn’t speak.

Flashback…Lee Rim asks if Lee Gon knows what the phrase on the sword means.  Lee Gon replies it is the king’s duties. Lee Rim asks if Lee Gon will fulfil those duties.

Lee Gon utters the phrase from the sword. Lee Gon asks if he remembers his voice. Lee Gon promises he remembers his.  Lee Gon warns Lee Rim to do a better job of hiding. He knows he’s in the Republic of Korea. Lee Rim hangs up without saying a word. Both men destroy their phones.

Nice scene! Normally I’d be concerned that Lee Gon tipped his hand too early, but he’s such a thinker, I’ll go with it.

Kingdom of Corea…

Prime Minister Goo meets with her ex-husband in prison. She admits his pictures of the annoying Congressman turned out to be very helpful. She asks how he managed. He asks if he can get a special pardon for the photos. Prime Minister Goo reminds him embezzlers with other crimes don’t get released from prison. He counters that she’s wiretapping the palace. He assumes she’s eying the throne. Prime Minister Goo confirms that. She reminds her ex-husband, her life path is proof that she gets what she wants. She gathers her things and warns him not to expect early release. She suggests he come through with what his legal team promised. She hands over an item. He asks if it is blackmail. She tells him to find those that participated in the aborted coup by Lee Rim 25 years ago. She reminds him that if he spreads the she wants this, she’ll be finished and he’ll be stuck in jail without any hope of early release.

Interesting that she wants to find those that supported Lee Rim 25 years ago.

Republic of Korea…

Lee Gon joins Tae Eul for dinner by the river. She tries to get him to admit if he’s dated before, but he dodges the question. She teases that when couples break up they push each other in the water.  Lee Gon admits her presence, her jealously, this location, and the food make this a perfect moment. Tae Eul tells him to eat well, so he has the strength to return to his world for his Friday reports. She notes it is Thursday. Lee Gon is impressed she remembers. Not wanting him to leave her, she covers the emotion and grouses he’s a bad boyfriend. Changing the subject, she gives him information about Lee Seong Jae. She says Lee Seong Jae is dead in her world, so the answer must be in his world.

Flashback…Lee Gon remembers the man with the same face kneeling to him at the stables.

He tells Tae Eul he knows where that man is in his world. Tae Eul is surprised. Lee Gon says he has an assignment for her. He states he’s taking Eun Sub with him to his world and leaving Jo Young in her world. He explains that Lee Rim is in her world. Tae Eul counters that Lee Gon shouldn’t leave. Lee Gon counters he must protect the portal between the worlds. Lee Rim must be caught in his world. Lee Gon states Jo Young’s presence in this world, guarantees Lee Rim can be killed here if needed, as only Jo Young can kill him. They take each other’s hands. Tae Eul sees the serious nature of the situation. Lee Gon apologizes. Tae Eul hugs him and admits she’s not okay with this.  She asks if he’ll return soon. Lee Gon hugs her back and promises to return soon. Tae Eul wants to believe him.

Eun Sub doesn’t want Jo Young to cut his hair so he can blend in when he goes to the Kingdom of Corea. Eun Sub cuts the hair himself while Jo Young watches.

Kingdom of Corea…

Court Lady Noh tells trusted security guards to meet the king in the bamboo forest.

Lee Gon and Jo Young tells the guards to take Kim Gi Hwan, one of those that participated in the treason years ago. He orders Gi Hwan locked in the basement and no record of his confinement to be made. Lee Gon promises Gi Hwan this is only the beginning for those that committed treason.

Eun Sub (as Jo Young) dons a bullet proof vest. He murmurs this feels like another round of military service.

Flashback…Jo Young orders Eun Sub to wear a bullet proof vest and protect the king with his life.

A security guard asks if Jo Young wants a report to bring him up to date. Eun Sub is surprised by the northern accent. He looks up the correct term, northern region, and the security guard on his phone. Lee Gon arrives and tells the security guard this order is top secret. He orders the bamboo forest guarded until further notice. Anyone exiting, especially a man in his 70s, should be arrested. Then Lee Gon asks for the security footage of those around events he attended this year. The guard asks why Jo Young isn’t establishing the order. Lee Gon states Jo Young has a more important task to do. He tells Jo Young to bring his laptop. He prompts Jo Young to deliver the proper response, which Jo Young then provides. The security guard is taken aback.

Court Lady Noh Ok Nam slides a talisman into the king’s clothing. Lee Gon enters the room. He notes her indifference to his arrival. She notes his indifference in telling her about his departure. Lee Gon leans close and wonders how much she missed him. Court Lady Noh tells him he can go. Lee Gon asks why she keeps telling him to leave. He admits he’s ready to share everything. Court Lady Noh counters she already knows he’s chasing his destiny. She promises to keep this a secret between them. Lee Gon confirms.

Lee Gon and his men arrive at the stables. He stares daggers at Gi Hwan’s counterpart. Nervous the man cuts himself while grooming Maximus. Lee Gon asks how he could do what he’s doing. He orders the man placed on lockdown with no contact with others allowed.

Republic of Korea…

Tae Eul is surprised that Shin Jae has left for a 21 day vacation. Head Detective Park doesn’t know why. Shin Jae doesn’t answer her phone call. Shin Jae doesn’t answer his door.

Shin Jae drinks. The gangster arrives. He offers a bag of cash. Recall Shin Jae rejected the money in a previous encounter. Shin Jae rejects the money again. He admits he came here to avoid being found. Shin Jae asks to use the room for several days. Taken aback, the gangster orders free food for Shin Jae. The gangster says this has been a turn of events that he needs help coping with and heads to church.

Kingdom of Corea…

Lee Gon tries all the passwords he can think that Jo Young might use, but to no avail. Eun Sub teases him that Jo Young isn’t as simple minded as Lee Gon thought. Lee Gon counters he’s confirming Jo Young’s security measures at sufficient. Lee Gon’s secretary arrives with boxes and the news that Prime Minister Goo has arrived to discuss the end of year report.

Prime Minister Goo breezes into the room. Lee Gon announces due to heightened security Jo Young will stay for their meeting.

Republic of Korea…

Myung Na Ri (Kim Yong Ji) hasn’t seen Shin Jae. She promises to tell Tae Eul should he surface. Na Ri asks Tae Eul why Eun Sub (Jo Young as Eun Sub) is acting strangely. Tae Eul claims not to notice anything strange. Na Ri muses that Jo Young isn’t as handsome with the new haircut. Tae Eul tells Jo Young they should meet at the hotel next time. Jo Young pushes a solid gold item to Tae Eul and asks for help selling it. Tae Eul quips she’s selling so much gold the merchant thinks she’s corrupt. She wants access to the hotel room for a home base. He wants the flexibility the money will provide. Jo Young takes the driving test and passes.

Flashback…Jo Young and Eun Sub swap driver’s licenses. Eun Sub admits he doesn’t drive. Jo Young can’t believe it. He worries that Eun Sub won’t be able to cope in his world. Eun Sub counters that Jo Young won’t be able to be a good brother to his young siblings. Eun Sub sighs that Lee Gon said this was the best way to keep his siblings safe.

LOL, King Arthur instead of Lee Gon!

Jo Young hopes Eun Sub is doing well in his world.

Kingdom of Corea…

Eun Sub struggles with staying awake while Lee Gon and Prime Minister Goo go through the report. Prime Minister Goo asks Lee Gon if the traveler returned to her home safely. Lee Gon states she returned to her life.

Flashback…Prime Minister Goo and Luna stare at each other outside the prison.

The moment is broken when food arrives. Jo Young is thrilled to eat. He produces a brand of kimchi from his world. Lee Gon claims Court Lady Noh makes it. Prime Minister Goo asks if the king is getting married. Lee Gon asks if she wants to marry him. Prime Minister Goo asks if she can marry him. Lee Gon states he already proposed to another. Prime Minister Goo doesn’t look happy. Eun Sub can’t believe the exchange he just saw.

Republic of Korea…   

Shin Jae asks his doctor for a prescription for sleeping pills. She refuses without a session. He sighs.

Kingdom of Corea…

Jo Young is impressed by the opulence. He can’t resist trying on a LED facial mask. Lee Gon tells him to take it off because the king doesn’t share. Eun Sub shares he unlocked Jo Young’s phone with face unlock. He offers to unlock Jo Young’s laptop. Lee Gon doubts he can. He dons the LED facial mask. Eun Sub unlocks the computer on the first try.


Lee Gon watches the surveillance video of Tae Eul’s day in the capital. He smiles.

Republic of Korea…

Tae Eul pulls out a photo she had taken during her day in the capital. It was a photo of her head inserted as the queen. Ha! She looks at the money with Lee Gon’s face. She puts the photos close to each other.

Flashback…Tae Eul tells Lee Gon that the seeds she brought back from his world aren’t sprouting. Lee Gon commands them to sprout. He tells Tae Eul this is his first time dating. She laughs. She asks about the seeds she planted in the world between their worlds. Lee Gon say they didn’t sprout. Tae Eul asks if he found the edge of that world. Lee Gon says he didn’t. He notes 1 day there is 2 months in their worlds. Tae Eul notes that staying in the in between world eliminates aging. She suggests his time there makes him younger than her. Lee Gon chuckles and states he’d still return to her even if offered eternal life in that place. They bid each other goodbye. Lee Gon admits he wants her to come with him. He asks if she can live in his world. Knowing she can’t, she tells Lee Gon he can’t ask her to do that. She details her life here. Lee Gon kisses her. Tae Eul asks why he did that. Lee Gon states that’s what they do when there is too much to say and not enough time. Tae Eul kisses him. They both smile.

I wasn’t sure this couple would gel, but they have. They have an appealing sweetness with a depth of feeling underneath.

Tae Eul misses Lee Gon. She stares at the photos of them she’s placed close to each other.

Lee Gon moves onto the next surveillance footage. He’s startled to see the face of a young boy outside a bookstore that he recognizes. The boy plays with a yo-yo. The boy looks into the sky. Lightning strikes. Lee Gon grabs his shoulder. That gets his attention. Lee Gon wonders if he was wrong. He notes that bookstore location and the date on the footage…it is 2022, 3 years in the future! Lee Gon is taken aback. He realizes Tae Eul’s outfit is different than the outfit she wore on the day she toured the capital. Lee Gon struggles to understand what this means.

Wow! Great but subtle reveal. Tae Eul can time travel! But how? She doesn’t have the magic flute like Lee Rim and Lee Gon.

Republic of Korea…

Lee Rim isn’t happy when his assistant report he hasn’t retrieved the missing cell phone. His assistant reports that Shin Jae visited Lee Gon’s counterpart’s, Lee Ji Hun, grave marker. He states the Tae Eul is the officer that went to the care center and arrested Park Ji Young and is searching for the phone too. Lee Rim admits Shin Jae is a move and mistake he made. Lee Rim states Tae Eul is the move he didn’t make. The assistant asks if he should kill both women. Lee Rim tosses him against the can with the burning fire. He orders Lee Rim to kill Park Ji Young and leave Tae Eul alone. Lee Rim states he must leave again. He assumes Lee Gon will have figured it out by now.

Call me crazy, but I could use more Lee Rim. He is the big bad. He’s plotting and executing at what feels like a snail’s pace. That’s a complement in a way, because I WANT to know more and get impatient with the tidbits Writer Kim provides.

Kingdom of Corea…

The security guard reports that the bookstore doesn’t exist. He provides the footage Lee Gon requested. Lee Gon tells him to keep looking for the bookstore. The security guard leaves. Lee Gon know when time stops again, Lee Rim will be in Kingdom of Corea.

Lee Rim’s assistant in Kingdom of Corea is taken aback when Prince Buyeong arrives at the bookstore. Prince Buyeong says he’s interested in medical books. The man says they don’t have any. Prince Buyeong asks if they’ve met before. The man says he knows who Prince Buyeong is. Prince Buyeong smiles and exits.

Prince Buyeong considers. Lee Gon arrives with a blanket for his uncle.  Prince Buyeong smiles and says they meet here every year. Lee Gon notes it is like a promise to meet yearly. Prince Buyeong asks if he’s found answers. Lee Gon admits he’s struggling with something he’s learned. Prince Buyeong believes Lee Gon will figure it out. Lee Gon asks Prince Buyeong if he believes in fate. Prince Buyeong admits fate is a difficult concept for math and science nerds like them. Lee Gon states most people try and beat fate. Prince Buyeong counsels him to go for it if there is something he wants badly enough, even if he must risk his life. Prince Buyeong asks if Lee Gon has that. Lee Gon confirms he does. Prince Buyeong tells him not fight, just grab for what he wants. Prince Buyeong hopes there’s a beautiful woman waiting for Lee Gon.  He notes Lee Gon needs to marry. Lee Gon says if he can figure it out, he’ll return with a woman that argues the earth is flat. Prince Buyeong says he’ll wait for the day. They watch the first sun rise of the new year

Nice scene. Interesting the Prince Buyeong lets Lee Gon figure this out without helping. That’s what the king must do.

Lee Gon watches the snow fall. He wishes Tae Eul a happy new year. Time stops.  Lee Gon leaves to intercept Lee Rim.

Lee Rim walks the streets of Corea. He watches the crowd greet the king. Lee Gon looks into the crowd and lets Maximus lead him through the crowd. Lee Gon believes Lee Rim is watching him.

Flashback…Lee Gon can’t find Lee Rim’s face in the footage of the events he’s attended.

Lee Gon walks towards Lee Gon. Lee Gon passes Lee Rim without stopping. Lee Rim is surprised. He starts to walk away. Lee Gon stops Maximus.

Flashback…Lee Gon wonders what he’s missed. He remembers Tae Eul noting that you wouldn’t age in the world between worlds. Lee Gon searches the footage. He jumps out of his chair when he remembers.

Flashback…a young Lee Gon is cut by Lee Rim’s half of the magic flute. Lee Rim’s face is young NOT old.

Flashback…Lee Gon grapples with the realization. He KNOWS Lee Rim has evaded aging in the in between world.

Lee Gon spins Maximus around. He stares into the crowd. There is only one man that isn’t looking at him. One man with his back turned. Lee Gon moves Maximus forward. The crowd parts. Lee Gon looks at the man. Lee Rim turns and stares into Lee Gon’s eyes.

Flashback…Footage shows a young Lee Rim at a function Lee Gon attended.

Lee Gon’s voiceover “Someone that does not age. Someone that has achieved near immortality. That’s what he wants…eternal life”.

Lee Gon yells “Traitor, Lee Rim!” Lee Rim stares at his nephew.

My Thoughts

Home Run Episode. Writer Kim Eun Sook put the pieces of the puzzle together in Lee Gon’s mind. He figured it out. He realized that Lee Rim was NOT aging. Shout out to Tae Eul’s observation that things don’t age in the in between world. The 70 year old Lee Rim he was looking for, wasn’t the right profile for his traitorous uncle. Lee Gon is smart. Lee Rim is smart. Every episode things get clearer but there is much we don’t know yet.  We are over half way through this series, and we don’t know how it will play out. Finally, finally, Writer Kim delivered an episode that hummed, built, and topped out with the meeting of good versus evil.

King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) realized Lee Rim wasn’t aging. I can’t believe it but I love Lee Gon’s brain almost as the package it comes in. Lee Gon is charming, confident, and commanding. But folks, it is his brain that has captured me. He THINKS. He CONSIDERS. He SOLVES the mysteries. This episode Lee Gon took another step forward. He decided that fighting for a future with Tae Eul was worth it. Thank you Prince Buyeong for encouraging Lee Gon to go for it. I’m rooting for you Lee Gon! My original though was there was no way this couple could be forever. Her life, friends, and family were in her world, ditto for Lee Gon. But Lee Gon has decided to risk his life for the future he wants. He’s smart enough…he might make it work.

Detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) traveled to 2022. I’ve wondered if Tae Eul is the person that saves a young Lee Gon, 24 years ago. If it isn’t her, Shin Jae is the other option. Regardless of who it is, the initial confusing point of this series was time travel AND parallel worlds. The footage showed Tae Eul in Kingdom of Corea in 2022. What does that signify? How can she time travel without the magic flute? I hope that Lee Gon finds a way to join his lifetime fate with Tae Eul. But if she’s time travelling to 2022, does that render a joint fate not possible or is it another data point to be processed, assimilated, without altering their path? What I’m enjoying about Tae Eul is her acceptance that she loves Lee Gon, has limited time with Lee Gon, and the need to enjoy each other. Meanwhile she’s working to solve mysteries for Lee Gon in her world. She has a brain and uses it. This couple has gelled in a way I initially feared wouldn’t happen. Rather than forced, they are almost fearless in their devotion and desire to work the mysteries out together.

Jo Young (Woo Do Hwan) switched worlds with Eun Sub. Both Jo Young and Eun Sub are Lee Gon’s unbreakable swords.  What do I think that means? Shield and dragon slayer.  I’m totally looking forward to Eun Sub’s interaction with Seung A in Republic of Korea. In this world they both like each other. I’m enjoying Woo Do Hwan’s performance. With his need to sign up for military service by the end of this year, is this the final series for Woo Do Hawn?

Prince Geum Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) (Lee Gon’s uncle) faced his nephew. Lee Rim called Shin Jae his one mistake. What does that mean? He shouldn’t have swapped the Kingdom of Corea Shin Jae into the Republic of Korea? If that’s the error, then what is the ripple of effect of this swap? Could it implode Lee Rim’s plans? Is Shin Jae the silver bullet? Is eternal life Lee Rim’s real objective?

Detective Gang Shin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam) couldn’t cope with the reality of two worlds. His memories haunted him. His Kingdom of Corea mother left him in front of the bank of TVs. corrected originally stated Corea mother took him to Korea and left him. Lee Rim took him to his mother in the Republic of Korea. Shin Jae “woke” after a coma much to the joy of his parents. Yep, that would mess with your mind. I don’t know about you, but I was relieved with Shin Jae rejected the gangster’s cash when he was at his low point. Even gangster couldn’t deal with Shin Jae’s simple need for a place to hang out. With Lee Rim’s declaration that Shin Jae was his mistake, Shin Jae MUST be important, more important than anyone but Lee Rim has an inkling about.

If you didn’t see the helpful family tree by the Bitches Over Dramas blog check it out below (post may have spoilers).

The eighth song of the OST is “Dream” sung by Paul Kim:

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Flashback…Tae Eul tells Lee Gon she can and will investigate Shin Jae’s death.” -KJT ❓⁉️WHAT❓⁉️ I went back to the episode and I think you meant Lee Sang Do-K, who received Rim’s “Better Life” visa to Corea and is now a hand in the Royal stables, while his Corean alter ego was found by Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️, in a car trunk murdered by tire iron in episode 1. Isn’t this the guy whose wife and child are missing, that Jang Mi 🌹 has been looking for❓⁉️ I’m glad to see Gin 🤴🐴 is rounding up the traitorous dopplegangers as he finds them … will he round up enough of them to thwart Rim’s 🎨🦯 coup❓⁉️

    Speaking of dopplegangers, Yeon Ji, the girl who turned herself in for murdering her roommate and seems to be working towards Rim’s “Better Life” visa to Korea, I don’t think she is the same woman as the pregnant🤰 woman on the “Better Life” visa to replace Goo Seo Ryung’s 💄🐝 pregnant friend, Park Ji Young. Rim 🎨🦯 and his minions have been VERY BUSY recruiting dopplegangers.


    • Kirst says:

      Thank you!! I was panicking that I’d missed Shin Jae dying. Phew. This drama is not the usual spoon fed material. We are all having to work! I love it

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      • Jane Tilly says:

        The writer making us work hard to grasp the different worlds and all the dopplegangers … most of the dopplegangers have different names, but with the same faces it is a challenge.

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    • Shin Jae’s death
      Yep, typo on my part. I’ve fixed that. Thanks.

      I don’t think she is the same woman as the pregnant🤰 woman on the “Better Life” visa to replace Goo Seo Ryung’s 💄🐝 pregnant friend, Park Ji Young
      Agree. Don’t know her name though. In the previous episode I used roommate.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    This was a good episode with a lot of focus dopplegangers and Gon 🤴🐴 coming to realize, with Tae Eul’s 🔫🕵️‍♀️ suggestion, that Rim 🎨🦯 didn’t age. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SHOWDOWN. I wonder if Rim 🎨🦯 was surprised at the loss of his youthful disguise❓⁉️ Does Seo Ryung’s 💄🐝 mom, Kim Seong Ae 👵🐟 recognizing Rim 🎨🦯 as possibly his own son have any significance❓⁉️

    “I love Lee Gon’s brain almost as the package it comes in.” -KJT. I concur❣ I 💗 Gon’s 🤴🐴 logic, that he understands that his Korean “mom”, may look like his bio mother, but is NOT his mom and is likely working with Rim 🎨🦯. Song Jeong Hye 🐅🔒 (Lee Ji Hun’s (Gon-K) 🤾‍♂️ mom) seems to be well off, but MISERABLE and more like Rim’s 🎨🦯 prisoner, than a minion and she was genuinely grieved about the loss of her son 🤾‍♂️ … whose side will she really be on when push comes to shove❓⁉️ Will Gon 🤴🐴 still feel that way when he comes face-to-face with Song Jeong Hye 🐅🔒❓⁉️ Then there is the burning 🔥 question … what is Rim’s 🎨🦯 motivation to keep Song Jeong Hye 🐅🔒 alive❓⁉️ Rim’s 🎨🦯 every action seems to be meticulous and deliberate in EVERYTHING.

    Which begs the next burning 🔥 question … Why did Rim take Shin Jae-C 🥋🤜💢 to Korea to grow up and then take Shin Jae-K 💁‍♂️🪀 (yo-yo boy) back and forth between the worlds so much that he didn’t age❓⁉️ I’m not sure which Shin Jae I feel sorrier for … our Shin Jae-C 🥋🤜💢, who feels like he was betrayed by Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ and just coming to grips with himself about coming from another world or Shin Jae-K 💁‍♂️🪀 (yo-yo boy), who is very aware of there being 2 world, but is stuck being Rim’s 🎨🦯 minion as a 30-something year old child. I think being stuck as a child would be worse … anybody remember the plight of the little girl in “Interview with a Vampire”❓⁉️ She was stuck as a child, even though she had lived long enough to be an adult and yearned to partake of life’s pleasures as an adult, but would never be an adult … I think Shin Jae-K 💁‍♂️🪀 (yo-yo boy) could become an adult, if he stopped traveling between worlds. Has Shin Jae-K 💁‍♂️🪀, become resentful towards Rim 🎨🦯 about his plight or is he content being Rim’s 🎨🦯 boy minion❓⁉️ Rim🎨🦯 said Jae-C 🥋🤜💢 was a mistake … was he referring to taking him to Korea or something else❓⁉️ I also 💗 and was relieved Jae-C 🥋🤜💢 refused the gangster’s money … I believe Jae-C 🥋🤜💢 will continue to be a good person and will eventually join forces with Gon🤴🐴 to set thing right .. I hope 🙏 Jae-C 🥋🤜💢 IS Rim’s kryptonite 🟩. I also wonder if Shin Jae-K 💁‍♂️🪀 (yo-yo boy) might end up being sick and tired of being a boy and join Team Gon🤴🐴, simply to have a chance to grow up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wonder if Rim 🎨🦯 was surprised at the loss of his youthful disguise❓⁉️
      Did he seem disappointed when Lee Gon passed him without recognition? Lee Rim wants a worthy adversary. He enjoys the challenge of beating those he deems worthy.

      Gon’s 🤴🐴 logic, that he understands that his Korean “mom”, may look like his bio mother, but is NOT his mom and is likely working with Rim 🎨🦯…what is Rim’s 🎨🦯 motivation to keep Song Jeong Hye 🐅🔒 alive❓⁉️ Rim’s 🎨🦯 every action seems to be meticulous and deliberate in EVERYTHING
      That’s the question I don’t have an answer for…yet.

      Why did Rim take Shin Jae-C 🥋🤜💢 to Korea to grow up and then take Shin Jae-K 💁‍♂️🪀 (yo-yo boy) back and forth between the worlds so much that he didn’t age❓⁉️
      This is all a bit convoluted. I feel sorry for adult Shin Jae. Sold by a mother from one world, stranded in a new world, living a life with a family that wasn’t his, then it all imploding with his father’s death and mother’s gambling addiction. Kim Kyung Nam has given this character heart.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I 💗 Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 and feel so bad for him having to we or through u he convoluted mess his life became thanks to Rim 🎨🦯. Is Shin Jae’s 🥋🤜💢 Korean dad dead❓⁉️ I thought that Korean dad was in prison as there was mention in an earlier episode about Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 putting money on his dad’s prison commissary account. We have not learned diddle dee squat about his Corean dad … WHO IS HIS DAD❓⁉️

        Isn’t it ironic that Shin Jae’s 🥋🤜💢 Corean mom seemed to be irresponsible by deserting him and is now responsible enough to hold down a job at the palace. In contrast, Shin Jae’s 🥋🤜💢 Korean mom went from a chaebol to an irresponsible, nearly homeless gambler … was there a switch between worlds for the mothers❓⁉️ I lean towards no, since the Corean mom is getting update on Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 through Rim’s network, but the thought keeps coming up. Is keeping tabs on Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 part of her perks for being in Rim’s 🎨🦯 employ❓⁉️


        • Is Shin Jae’s 🥋🤜💢 Korean dad dead❓⁉️ I thought that Korean dad was in prison as there was mention in an earlier episode about Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 putting money on his dad’s prison commissary account. We have not learned diddle dee squat about his Corean dad … WHO IS HIS DAD❓⁉️
          I misspoke, Shin Jae’s father is in prison as you noted. I’ll admit my handle on this show slips sometimes. Excellent question about Shin Jae’s Corea father.

          Is keeping tabs on Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 part of her perks for being in Rim’s 🎨🦯 employ❓⁉️
          Good point on the irony of Shin Jae’s mothers in both worlds. The info could be a perk for her.

          Liked by 1 person

    • DramaDazed says:

      Whoa, Jane, thanks – I totally missed that yo-yo boy is Sin-Jae. I do remember Interview – Kirsten Dunst with a baby face spouting all kinds of adult anger and angst.

      I was thinking of the time travel angle earlier, too. We now know one of our characters is in the future – not sure if there is one or more in the past.

      Kjt, am glad I found you, and am reading other recaps, although it is late for comments I may make some anyway.

      Woo Do-Hwan – after noticing him here I am now watching Tempted (The Great Seducer). Any other recommendations?


      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Woo Do Hwan makes a good Casanova in “Tempted”, but I don’t think it was his best work. He stole the show from first lead, Taecyon in “Save Me” (the original) and was good in “Mad Dog”. KJT blogged both of these in addition to “Tempted”.

        Liked by 1 person

        • My Woo Do Hwan series line up with JT. My recommendations in rank order: Save Me was where I fell for him, My Country: The New Age is where he shared the screen with my all time fave Jang Hyuk, Mad Dog is where he shared the screen with established star Yoo Ji Tae, then Great Seducer (aka Tempted) which had notable flaws but moments too.

          Kjt, am glad I found you, and am reading other recaps, although it is late for comments I may make some anyway
          Glad you found the blog too. Feel free to engage on any series, past or present.

          Liked by 2 people

    • beezrtp says:

      So the yo-yo is a metaphor because this child is being yanked back and forth? But why? It must mean that Shin jae is a member of the Royal family? What other use could Rim have for him?

      How do you know he’s being taken back and forth or that he is Shin jae’s counterpart? I’m not doubting you, I just didn’t see that myself.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur that Gon 🤴🐴 may have tipped his hand to Rim 🎨🦯 when he answered Gi Hwan’s phone, but I suspect Rim 🎨🦯 was waiting for a security phrase before he spoke as he was already aware Gi Hwan seemed to be missing. I hope you are right KJT, that Gon 🤴🐴 is being methodical.

    I’m a bit worried about Eun Sub 🧢 switching places with Young🎖🛡… can Eun Sub 🧢 pull it off❓⁉️ Royal Guard Seok Ho Pil 💂‍♂️ has already noticed something is off. Despite the difference between Eun Sub 🧢 and Young 🎖🛡, I 💗 that Eun Sub 🧢 easily figured out Young’s 🎖🛡 laptop 💻 password. I don’t think Eun Sub’s 🧢 defense skills are on par with Young’s 🎖🛡 skills … can Eun Sub 🧢 sufficiently protect Gon 🤴🐴❓⁉️ Can Eun Sub 🧢 sufficiently protect himself❓⁉️ I concur Woo Do Hwan’s performance has been enjoyable .. i suspect this may very well be his lasy drama before his enlistment.

    How did Young 🎖🛡 come into possession of footage of Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ in Kingdom of Corea in 2022❓⁉️ The same bookstore exists in both worlds (do the stores have the same name❓⁉️) … Young 🎖🛡 secured the footage before he was convinced of two worlds, so I tend to believe to footage is of Corea. Shin Jae-K/yo-yo boy 💁‍♂️🪀 was sadly the same age in the footage, but seemed to be aware of the camera … WHO took the footage and WHY❓⁉️ Was it Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ in the footage or Luna 🐇🌙 disguised as Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️❓⁉️ Young 🎖🛡 kept this from Gon 🤴🐴 … WHY❓⁉️

    “Is eternal life Lee Rim’s real objective?” -KJT I think Rim’s 🎨🦯 real objective is a little bit more … to be The Eternal ♾👑 Monarch of Corea … maybe Korea too. Every hegemonist

    Liked by 2 people

    • I concur Woo Do Hwan’s performance has been enjoyable .. i suspect this may very well be his lasy drama before his enlistment.
      I’m thinking this is the last series as well. Sigh.

      How did Young 🎖🛡 come into possession of footage of Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ in Kingdom of Corea in 2022❓⁉️ … WHO took the footage and WHY❓⁉️ Was it Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ in the footage or Luna 🐇🌙 disguised as Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️❓⁉️ Young 🎖🛡 kept this from Gon 🤴🐴 … WHY❓⁉️
      All good questions for which we have no answers…yet.

      I think Rim’s 🎨🦯 real objective is a little bit more … to be The Eternal ♾👑 Monarch of Corea … maybe Korea too. Every hegemonist dream ABSOLUTE POWER FOREVER❗
      Yep, his ego believes he can have it all.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. beezrtp says:

    Memories acting up again you guys so I’ll be asking a lot of questions as I read through the recap.

    If Lee gon and Tae eul were tracking the GPS location of Song Jeong- why wasn’t she, or at least her phone, there?


  5. beezrtp says:

    My poor Shin jae. I can just imagine what he went through, thinking he’s crazy at such a young age because he remembers non existing events as if they’re real, and even remembering himself with a different name (that’s if I’m understanding what’s happening. I’m totally confused by all the kid characters as far as matching them up to their adult counterparts.)


  6. beezrtp says:

    I wonder how Tae eul will feel about Lee Gon giving that suicide order? Will she understand he’s a king and from a land where things are different? Or will she be shocked and appalled?

    How could Lee Gon expect Rim to remember his voice? Wasn’t the last time he heard him, Lee Gon had the voice of a 10-year old? lol

    “Kingdom of Corea mother took him to Republic of Korea and left him.” kjt
    I don’t think she did. Remember Shin jae could see and hear Lee Gon on the televisions so she left him in the Kingdom. I wonder where she had to go so urgently to leave him but (I think) she told him she’d be back.

    I need to watch all of these episodes so far in a binge (and with note pad and paper so I can draw charts and connecting lines) lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think you are right about Shin Jae being left by his mother in Corea NOT Korea. He was viewing TV of Lee Gon mourning, that had to be Corea NOT Korea. Sigh, keeping this series straight is a challenge!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think Tae Eul 🔫🕵️‍♀️ might have a problem if Gi Hwan committed suicide in Korea, as a policewoman may have tk deal with it, but would have less of an issue if it occurred on Corea, which is where the traitor was taken.

        We actually saw restaurant owner Gi Hwan in episode 1 at the rowing competition, he was the guy selling water, that Luna 🐇🌙 bumped into. It makes me wonder if Rim 🎨🦯 had something planned for the rowing competition that was upset by the gangsters chasing Luna 🐇🌙… it is amazing what you can pick out going back and rewatching an episode.

        “How could Lee Gon expect Rim to remember his voice? Wasn’t the last time he heard him, Lee Gon had the voice of a 10-year old? lol”-Beez. My first thought was same … how could Gon 🤴🐴 expect Rim 🎨🦯 to recognize Gon’s 🤴🐴 adult voice … but then Gon 🤴🐴 has the context of knowing Rim 🎨🦯 has been keeping track 👣 of him and is familiar with his current voice … they just haven’t been face-to-face for 25 years.

        Agreed that Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 (is his real name Kang Hyeon Min❓) was abandoned in Corea. I believe Rim found him and took him to Korea, hence the reference to Shin Jae 🥋🤜💢 being his one mistake.


        • beezrtp says:

          That’s cold, JT. And it was cold (and fitting and exciting) of Lee Gon to give the order but I recognize that a rhelm that still has a King, that King has a different level of responsibility. Its almost like, for some things, saeguk mentality still rules.

          So I meant I wondered if Tae eul might view the suicide order with the more modern lens of the Republic in that no matter how horrible a criminal is or what he’s done, she might take the view that everyone deserves a fair trial, etc.

          The voice – ahhhhh.

          Could Rim have actually shown what he thought was compassion to Shin jae? And what’s with his fixation on Tae eul? *shivers*

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jane Tilly says:

            I wonder if Gon would have said the same thing if Tae Eul was present …good thing she wasn’t. I think Gon and Tae Eul are both concerned about these criminals, especially when they commit crimes in a world where they do not belong. I think they want justice for their own realms and want cross-world crime to stop as it complicates prosecution.

            I think Rim thought he was being compassionate taking Shin Jae to a better life.

            Now that Rim knows Tae Eul has traveled to Corea, I suspect he will do his best to engage Luna to use the situation to his advantage.

            ❄ ALSO SHIVERING ❄


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