amusings is 6!

I was surprised (again) when WordPress sent the notification that amusings is 6 years old. Wow! Time flies by!
Blog background…
I watch Asian dramas and love them. I started watching when I cut the cord to cable TV. The pluses of Asian dramas – series are short (16-20 episodes) but can pack an emotional punch, any genre you want is available (action, revenge, historical, romantic comedy, etc.), catchy songs from some stellar OSTs, and talented actors – keep me entrenched. I’ve evolved to “blog as I watch” recaps, series reviews, and articles that ponder which characters I’d date or want my brother to date. This single person blog has enriched me.
I’ve found blogging balance this past year.
* Timely recaps. I’ve returned to timely recaps when blogging no more than two dramas at a time. This isn’t always possible, as dramas I want to watch often overlap, and I can’t resist. Though I prefer to “blog as I watch”, I utilize mini-recaps with my thoughts when I’m pressed for time. This past year I’ve enjoyed a wider genre of kdramas and watched more series (often binge watching) and movies outside my blogged dramas. Just recently I upgraded to a plan that eliminated ads and doubled my storage, which I desperately needed.
* My Cadre of Cuties (aka favored male stars) updates:

* Jang Hyuk is still number one and delivered a smart but emotionally closed character in Tell Me What You Saw and the riveting and polarizing Bang Won in My Country: The New Age.
* Ji Chang Wook starred in 2019’s Melt Me Softly, his first drama after completing his mandatory service. The sci-fi romantic drama suffered from subpar writing under delivering on the sci-fi but delivering reasonable romance. I’m hoping his next series Backstreet Rookie, slated to begin airing June 12, 2020, has better writing.
* Rain gave another strong performance in Welcome 2 Life where he portrayed a lawyer who learned life could be richer through a parallel world. Rain has been delivering strong performances in recent kdramas.
* Joo Won completed his mandatory service February 2019. His “comeback drama after mandatory service” Alice about man and a woman, separated by death, but reunited by overcoming the limits of time and space, has a scheduled start of August 7, 2020.

* Eric starred as a former star chef in Eccentric! Chef Moon, which wraps up May 16, 2020. I plan to watch it soon. Yoo In Na (Touch Your Heart, Goblin) is his next costar in The Spy Who Loved Me, slated to air in the December 2020 timeframe.
* Song Joong Ki hit the mark in a double role in the compelling Arthdal Chronicles. After much speculation, a second season is slated for 2021 (Soompi article). Good thing because the first season ended on a cliffhanger!
* Lee Joon Gi didn’t star in a drama in 2019. I’m looking forward his lead role in Flower of Evil, as a husband with secrets, slated to start July 8, 2020.
* Gong Yoo returns to kdramas after a 4 year absence as the lead in Silent Sea about elite scientists who head to moon to retrieve samples from an abandoned research station. December 2020 is tentative timeframe for this kdrama.

* Jung Il Woo stars in Sweet Munchies slated to air on May 25, 2020 on the jTBC network. I’ve enjoyed this network’s offerings lately. Hopefully this is another winner drama just like his “comeback drama from military service” series Haechi.
* Woo Do Hwan is currently delivering a duel role in The King: Eternal Monarch. He was excellent in 2019’s compelling My Country: The New Age. Born on July 12, 1992, he has to enlist for mandatory military service by the second half part of 2020.
* Yoo Ah In returns to kdramas after a 3 year absence as the lead in Hellbound, adapted from the webtoon with the same name, about a supernatural phenomenon encountering humans. Tentative airing timeframe is December 2020. His last kdrama was the superb Chicago Typewriter.
* Lee Min Ho is the lead in currently airing The King: The Eternal Monarch. This is Lee Min Ho’s “comeback drama after mandatory service” about those that cross parallel world’s boundaries.
Here’s to the next year of amusings!
KJT (aka kjtamuser)

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on

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17 comments on “amusings is 6!
  1. Kirst says:

    Thank you for your postings. I really enjoy reading your comments and recaps. They are stimulating, entertaining and fun. My friends think I’m mad watching Asian dramas whilst I’ve no interest in soaps so reading your blog is like sharing with a friend. I hope you will want to continue the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beezrtp says:


    If I knew how, I’d throw amusings a virtual party.

    You certainly deserve one!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. beezrtp says:

    And oh, yes! Thanks for the list of upcoming shows for our mutual biases. I didn’t even know about Yoo Ah in’s upcoming project nor any of the others you mentioned other than JCW’s convenience store drama.

    I’m afraid JCW’s upcoming show not going to help his career much. I love the young actress costarring but it just looks Wok of Love cheap. I truly hope I’m wrong. It’s a shame how the stint in the military interrupts and sometimes kills careers.


  4. Holly Moon says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!! 6 years of great recaps. I have watched several dramas, based solely on your reviews. Keep going strong!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    🎂🤹‍♂️🎁🤸‍♀️🎈🎉💗🎹🎶 hApPy BiRtHdAy aMuSiNgS 🎶🎹💗🎉🎈🤸‍♀️🎁🤹‍♂️🎂

    KJT, I became an avid follower since 2016, when I found Amusings whole searching for clarifying information about Merchant Gaekju. I’m very fortunate compared to many Kdrama fans in that I’ve been able to “convert” one of my sisters to watching Kdramas. We don’t always watch the same series together, so it is GREAT to have a forum to discuss specific series.

    My cadre of cuties includes your entire list and I appreciate the heads-up on their upcoming series … i can’t wait to see what you will be blogging next❣

    Cheers 🥂 for the next year of your blog❣

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m very fortunate compared to many Kdrama fans in that I’ve been able to “convert” one of my sisters to watching Kdramas…it is GREAT to have a forum to discuss specific series.
      How lucky you are to watch with your sister. I rely on my virtual kdrama sisters (and brothers).

      2020 should continue to be good with all the upcoming and watchlist series!

      LOVE your emoji B-Day line – thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Kay says:

    Congratulations on 6 years! The time really does fly. I still greatly enjoy your recaps and appreciate all the work you put into them. Congrats again! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Table122000 says:

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! I always enjoy reading your posts and analysis, along with your unique blog features like “Would I Date Him?” and “Would I Let My Brother Date Her?” I wish you all the best and many more years of great blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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