World of Marriage Ep 14 Recap

World of Marriage Episode 14 Recap
Mini Recap. Sun Woo needs a break; will she make it permanent?

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) are stunned with their son Joon Young admits to seeing them embracing on the night they made love. Tae O tries to hedge. Joon Young shouts at his father not to draw him into their mess. He stalks away.

Sun Woo drinks and considers her life.

At the hospital one of Sun Woo’s patients is brought in by her father in extreme pain. Sun Woo isn’t in yet so Dr. Sul takes the patient. Sun Woo arrives to find Dr. Sul handling her patient. The father accuses Sun Woo of a poor diagnosis for his daughter. Sun Woo lowers her head and apologizes. Dr. Sul intercedes and points out Sun Woo recommended his daughter consult and OB/GYN doctor. The father wasn’t aware. Dr. Sul argues that Sun Woo was right and the cyst they found is being treated. The father warns if his daughter doesn’t get well, he’ll sue the hospital. Alone with Sun Woo, Dr. Sul urges her not to admit to wrong doing. Sun Woo shrugs.

Director Kong demands to know why Sun Woo can’t get her act together. Sun Woo apologizes. She tells him she’ll resign immediately. She writes the resignation and leaves with a box of belonging as Dr. Kim, Dr. Sul and the nurses watch her leave the hospital.

Sun Woo leaves town and turns her phone off.

Meanwhile Joon Young is now under the direct control of Da Kyung. She arranges therapy and Tae O takes Joon Young. She approves whether or not he can leave the house. Da Kyung believes she’s righting Joon Young’s world.

Our married, divorced, now dating neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim make their way forward. Ye Rim is hurting and wishes Je Hyuk where there to comfort her. Je Hyuk arrives with her favorite treat she liked to eat when she wasn’t feeling well. He admits he had to think hard to come up with this. He smiles. She smiles. They go out to a concert together. Je Hyuk gets sleepy. Ye Rim smiles and takes his hand. He smiles when she puts her head on his shoulder. Over dinner at home, Je Hyuk voices his concern that Tae O isn’t over Sun Woo yet.

Tae O calls Sun Woo, but her phone is off. He worries. Ye Rim doesn’t know where Sun Woo is. She advises him to let Sun Woo go. Ye Rim points out that Tae O has destroyed everything that was important to Sun Woo. He worries.

The family that agreed to rescind their complaint against Joon Young due to Da Kyung dangling her father’s influence agrees to come to dinner.

Sun Woo goes to the ocean to see Dr. Han. She admits she needs a break. She worries she’s at the end of her rope. Dr. Han calls Dr. Kim and to confirm that Sun Woo came to him, just like he predicted.

Sun Woo looks at the wreck her life is. She tells Dr. Han sometimes she thinks everyone would be better off if she disappeared. Dr. Han tells her that time and persistence is what she needs to heal and build a new life. Sun Woo isn’t sure she has any fight left. If only Joon Young needed her, but he’s happy with his father and she’s the redundant parent.

The next morning Sun Woo misses her appointment with Dr. Han. Concerned he goes to the hotel and learns Sun Woo left early that morning and they don’t know when she’ll return.

Sun Woo walks the beach. She watches the waves. The pain hits her.

Flashback…A young Sun Woo sits alone at her parent’s memorial service. She listens to the women eating and talking about her parents. Her father had an affair and her mother couldn’t cope. The women speculate that her mother got into an accident on purpose to kill herself and her husband. They can’t believe a mother would leave her child abandoned just because she’s having a hard time. Sun Woo’s young face morphs into Joon Young’s face.

Sun Woo decides to give up the fight. She walks into the waves.

Tae O is congratulated by Chairman Yeo (Da Kyung’s father) for getting rid of Sun Woo per his instructions. He instructs Tae O to finalize the donorship agreement with Director Kong. Tae O meets with Director Kong. Tae O doesn’t care about his company promoting the hospital and leaves the office. Tae O asks Dr. Sul where Sun Woo is. She won’t tell him where she thinks Sun Woo is and advises him to get over Sun Woo.

Dr. Han calls Dr. Kim concerned that Sun Woo may hurt herself. Dr. Kim grabs his coat and rushes to the nurses’ station to cancel his appointments for the remainder of the day. Dr. Sul asks what is wrong. Dr. Kim tells her that Dr. Han called about Sun Woo and he has to leave. Tae O overhears. Both men glare at each other. Dr. Kim rushes out. Tae O follows.

Dr. Han can’t find Sun Woo. He tells Dr. Kim where he’s checked. Dr. Kim drives along the beach searching for Sun Woo. He finds her car. Her purse is there and the door unlocked.
Dr. Kim runs to the beach. He finds Sun Woo’s coat and shoes. He sees someone in the waves. Dr. Kim rushes into the waves. He pulls Sun Woo out of the ocean. He pounds on her back imploring her to live. Sun Woo coughs up salt water. Dr. Kim’s relief is palpable. Sun Woo clings to Dr. Kim and cries. Dr. Kim tells her to cry all she wants.

Tae O drives and finds Sun Woo’s and Dr. Kim’s cars. He sees her purse on the seat. He rushes to the beach. From a far he sees and hears Sun Woo sobbing in Dr. Kim’s arms. Shaken and knowing he can’t interfere, Tae O leaves.

Tae O arrives home just before the dinner is to begin. Da Kyung tells him he has time to shower and change into the clothes she laid out. Tae O cries in the shower, upset over Sun Woo and where his life has gone.

The dinner appears to go well. The boys go up to bond and the adults toast Chairman Yeo’s support for the aspiring councilman. Then Jenny cries.

Da Kyung rushes upstairs. She finds Jenny crying in Joon Young’s room. She accuses Joon Young of hurting Jenny. Joon Young is horrified at the accusation.

Tae O enters the room. He demands to know what happened. Joon Young declares Jenny fell and cried. He had nothing to do with it. Tae O loses it and hits Joon Young. The utter shock on Joon Young’s face tells of betrayal and destruction of trust between father and son. Tae O orders Joon Young to get his act together. Upset, Tae O leaves the house.

Later Da Kyung’s parents encourage her to stop trying so hard with Joon Young. Chairman Yeo asks why his daughter is making this herculean effort for another woman’s child.

In the hospital, Sun Woo intuits Joon Young’s need for her. She wakes. She struggles to find her phone. She calls Joon Young. He picks up but says nothing. Sun Woo asks Joon Young if he can hear her. Then she hears him crying. She asks her son what is wrong. Joon Young asks her to come and get him. Sun Woo rushes out of the hospital as Dr. Kim watches from the lobby in shock.

Sun Woo drives to Tae O and Da Kyung’s house. Da Kyung is explaining to her parents that Tae O and both his children are her family and priority. Sun Woo rings the doorbell. The housekeeper is appalled. Da Kyung’s mother sees Sun Woo outside. She tells Da Kyung to order Sun Woo to leave. Da Kyung presses the voice control on the doorbell and demands to know why Sun Woo is there. Sun Woo states she’s there to extract Joon Young. Da Kyung tells Sun Woo that won’t happen. Sun Woo calls Joon Young and tells him she’s at the front door and come to her. Joon Young comes down the starts. Da Kyung grabs him and yells at him to return upstairs. Joon Young shakes her off and rushes outside.

Sun Woo and Joon Young hug each other. She apologizes for not being their when he needed her most. Da Kyung bursts out the door and orders Joon Young inside. Sun Woo tells her son to get in the car. Joon Young quickly complies.

Sun Woo and Da Kyung face off. Da Kyung rails that she was working to give Joon Young a stable life. Now Sun Woo’s obsessive need will destroy all that. Calmly Sun Woo tells Da Kyung she knows exactly what she’s doing and why, because she did the same. Sun Woo points out that Da Kyung is clinging to Joon Young to keep her marriage with Tae O solid. Sun Woo states that Da Kyung doesn’t care about Joon Young, only how his presence can prop up her marriage. Sun Woo says it won’t work. Da Kyung claims her marriage is different.

Then Sun Woo drops the bomb….she tells Da Kyung she slept with Tae O. Da Kyung is stunned speechless.
My Thoughts

Sun Woo hit rock bottom. Writer Joo Hyun penned a stellar episode that captured the despair of this family destroyed by divorce. While I’ve fully enjoyed the dramatic moments of this series, the last trio of episodes have been “more real” and satisfied me with top notch performances from this ensemble cast. This episode peeled back the mystery of the trauma associated with Sun Woo’s parents and answered why an affair was her Achilles Heel. The reveal of the exes’ sexual encounter was the perfect bomb to throw at Da Kyung.

Da Kyung needed to control Joon Young to keep her marriage solid…or so she thought. Da Kyung put Joon Young on lockdown. She encouraged him to consider their foursome his family. But when Jenny cried, Da Kyung’s true opinion was exposed. She didn’t trust Joon Young and accused him of hurting Jenny. She didn’t believe his denials. That broke any trust brokered with Joon Young. When Sun Woo arrived to claim her son, Da Kyung saw her house of cards tumbling down. She tried to stop Joon Young. Defiantly Joon Young rushed to the woman that believed and supported him no matter what…his mother. Da Kyung tried to reason with Sun Woo to let Joon Young live with Tae O but Sun Woo KNEW why Da Kyung wanted this. Then Sun Woo imploded Da Kyung’s world and told her Tae O had cheated on his wife with his ex-wife. Fabulous moment!

Lee Joon Young (Jeon Jin Seo) went through the ringer. He was a virtual prisoner. When Jenny cried, Da Kyung assume Joon Young had hurt her. Tae O hit his son. That snapped Joon Young to realize that his mother, though flawed, always had his back. He hesitated answering her call, but his need was too great. He answered and his tears flowed. He needed his mother. He asked her to come get him. That’s all Sun Woo needed to take action.

Tae O (Park Hae Joon) worried about Sun Woo. I’m still not fan of Tae O. He can’t admit cheating was HIS fault. But he was concerned about Sun Woo. He needs a strong vibrant Sun Woo, not a shell of her former self. He called and called and called. When Dr. Kim dashed out to find Sun Woo, Tae O HAD to follow. But when he saw Sun Woo weeping in Dr. Kim’s arms, wet and distraught, Tae O HAD to not interfere. That was a sensitive moment. He cried his pain in the shower. That was a sensitive moment. Then he blew the good will he’d earned when he struck Joon Young. But the upside of that blow was Joon Young asked Sun Woo to save him.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) lost everything. Sun Woo’s job was her last bastion but the accusation of incompetence ended that. She resigned. She left. Thankfully she sought support from Dr. Han. Wise and kind Dr. Kim KNEW she’d go to Dr. Han. But when Sun Woo racked and stacked her life, her worth to the world was zero in her opinion. At the beach, Sun Woo decided to end the suffering and walked into the water. I cried. When we learned about Sun Woo’s parents’ death, and the dreadful things she overheard at the memorial service, I cried. Finally, it was clear why an affair was Sun Woo’s Achilles Heel, why she COULD NOT easily forgive Tae O. I feared for her but Dr. Kim, saw her in the surf and brought her to safety. Sun Woo wept and Dr. Kim encouraged her to cry as long as she needed. Dr. Kim is the best thing in Sun Woo’s life. But it was her intuition that Joon Young needed her that brought Sun Woo back to warrior status. She called. Her son broke down and asked her to come and get him. That’s all it took, and she ran out of the hospital to save her son. The encounter with Da Kyung was perfect because Sun Woo KNEW why Da Kyung wanted Joon Young. Sun Woo threw the grenade into Da Kyung’s life and calmly revealed that Tae O had slept with her. With the remaining 2 episodes, what do I want for Sun Woo? This quote says it well…“Stop cheating on your future with your past”.

Is there hope for newly dating neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim? Je Hyuk reached out just when Ye Rim needed him. She was understanding when the musical performance bored him. Je Hyuk sagely stated that Tae O couldn’t forget his ex. I enjoy their moments.

Check out a JTBC network video of Sun Woo at the ocean, the men trying to save her, and the past trauma revealed:

I rank this episode as excellent, 10 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, it saddens me when someone gets into a suicidal mindset. While I’m grateful Dr Kim found her in time and gave her the support she needed, it bothers me a bit that Sun Woo’s privacy keeps bring violated. Is Dr Kim reporting to Chairman Yeo❓⁉️

    I feel so bad for Joon Young, being accused of hurting his step sister and even his dad didn’t believe him. Da Kyung has shown her true colors and it was not a pretty kaleidoscope of colors. What a relief that Sun Woo followed her intuition and called her son, just when he needed her support. I don’t even mind that Sun Woo lobbed the “I slept with your husband” bomb. I agree with “Stop cheating on your future with your past”. Tae O needs to pick a wife and stay faithful or just be alone as his current behavior is hurting both women and ultimately his children, although Joon Young is the only child that grasps the situation at this point of time.


    • I feel so bad for Joon Young, being accused of hurting his step sister and even his dad didn’t believe him. Da Kyung has shown her true colors and it was not a pretty kaleidoscope of colors.
      Joon Young has been through the wringer. Da Kyung may have started out with decent intentions towards Joon Young, but it morphed into clutching him for control of her marriage. Again Joon Young is used by adults. No wonder he’s sick of them!

      Tae O needs to pick a wife and stay faithful or just be alone as his current behavior is hurting both women and ultimately his children
      Is it possible for him to be faithful? Can he exist without a strong wealthy woman as his sugar daddy?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        You have a point that Tae O seems to need a strong wealthy woman to be his sugar mama. He is inadequate in handling his business, finances and even controlling his sex drive … what a pathetic man … always looking for a bail out.

        While he is physically attractive, I find his lies and infidelity repulsive. Aspects that important to me are: someone who is financially stable, honest and willing to communicate so we can work through issues and loves me with fidelity. Am I asking for too much?


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