World of Marriage Ep 13 Recap

World of Marriage Episode 13 Recap

Mini Recap. Joon Young goes off the rails. Sun Woo can’t clean up the mess, but Da Kyung can.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) agree their bout of lovemaking was a one-time thing and means nothing. She tells him she’s looking for another job and potentially planning to leave town. Tae O tells her to take her time and only leave for an opportunity that is worthy of her talents.

Their son Joon Young oversleeps in internet café. He arrives to his father’s house. Da Kyung smells smoke on him. In the car ride to school, Da Kyung asks if Joon Young smokes. He denies it. Tae O believes him.

Tae O tells Joon Young his mother is considering leaving town. He’s taken aback. Da Kyung overhears and is pleased.

Our married, divorced, now dating neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim try to get to know each other. Ye Rim points out this is ridiculous. Je Hyuk counters that their marriage was arranged and they never got to know each other. He doesn’t want to regret not trying. He reasonably suggests they continue dating and if things don’t work out, they’ll end it both knowing they gave their relationship the chance it deserved. Ye Rim sees Dr. Sul ob/gyn for discomfort. Dr. Sul believes it is fibers from aging, nothing to worry about. They see if Sun Woo can join them for lunch. Sun Woo wants to tell them about looking for a new job and leaving town, and agrees to lunch. But a call from the school changes everything.

At school, Joon Young gets into it with his former friend. He wallops him in front of everyone. Sun Woo and Tae O arrive at the school to deal with the incident. They are appalled to learn what Joon Young did from the principal and home room teacher. Joon Young isn’t repentant about hurting his friend or stealing. He rails at his parents for their behavior while his called into question. He threatens to drop out of school. He strides out of the room leaving shell shocked parents.

Sun Woo tries to apologize the boy’s mother, but this is woman she threatened at the lady’s association the previous episode, and the apology is not accepted. The mother tells a shocked Sun Woo that Joon Young has been stealing from his classmates for quite some time. Sun Woo can’t believe it.

As a family Tae O, Sun Woo and Joon Young meet with the boy and his parents to see if they can come to a resolution and avoid the formal school disciplinary actions. The family isn’t impressed with Sun Woo’s apologies. Joon Young’s classmate points out that Joon Young called him crazy for pointing out Joon Young’s erratic and uncharacteristic behaviors. He wants to Joon Young to admit he was right. Joon Young can’t. The mother snipes that Joon Young isn’t ready to make a sincere apology. Dramatically Sun Woo falls to her knees and begs the family to forgive Joon Young and formally apologizes. No one is happy with this. Joon Young is horrified that his mother is prostrating herself on his behalf. Tae O and everyone else in the room is uncomfortable. But Da Kyung arrives and turns things around. She apologizes for Joon Young saying he got upset when she suggested he study abroad. She claims her thoughtless words affected Joon Young. Sun Woo rises and leaves the room. She knows this was one problem she failed to solve. Da Kyung points out her powerful parents, Chairman Yeo and her mother, care about Joon Young too. The upward aspiring family understands the message. They agree to accept Joon Young’s apology. Tae O is utterly grateful to his wife.

At home, Joon Young sends his mother a text telling her to leave and begin a new life. This guts Sun Woo but she believes it is best for her son. Through a friend, a new opportunity in Busan has been presented to her. Sun Woo calls Tae O to discuss the situation. She asks if Tae O can raise Joon Young by himself. Tae O points out that Da Kyung actively will parent Joon Young. Sun Woo is forced to accept this reality. Then it hits her, what if Joon Young saw them that night they made love? Tae O and Sun Woo realize it is a possibility. Joon Young confirms it. He went to his mother’s house and saw them. Tae O and Sun Woo are speechless. 

My Thoughts

Joon Young’s pain turned into anger. Writer Joo Hyun wrote another terrific episode dealing with the fallout of this divorce on the one character I care the most for, Joon Young. He’s the one suffering with the ramifications. Joon Young has been through the wringer: He saw the results of his father’s physical altercation with his mother. His parents split in an ugly divorce. His friends say terrible things about his mother. She claims he’s everything to her and that is too big of burden for a child. He believed Da Kyung that his mother wants to begin a new life but can’t leave town because of him. Because he loves his mother, Joon Young moved in with his father and Da Kyung, but felt like an outsider. Da Kyung suggested he study abroad. Hurt, he went to his mother’s house. He was stunned to find his parents in a passionate embrace. It was all too much. Hurt turned into anger and he got physical with his former friend in an out of control way that mirrored what Tae O did to Sun Woo.

Da Kyung used her power to clean up Joon Young’s mess. Last episode Sun Woo saved Da Kyung’s husband Tae O. This episode Da Kyung saved Tae O and Sun Woo’s son Joon Young by dangling the influence of her powerful father. That did a ton to repair the rift with Tae O. She asked Tae O to let her handle Joon Young.  He agreed.

Tae O (Park Hae Joon) was supportive of Sun Woo. While I’m not a fan of the selfish Tae O, he gave Sun Woo his support to find her path, advised her to not to settle for any job offer and assured her he would parent Joon Young properly should she leave town. The wild card of the episode was Da Kyung. Tae O was grateful when Da Kyung cleaned up Joon Young’s mess. Relieved to have a strong wife (his second) to handle the messy bits for him, he agreed to let her parent Joon Young. It’s been pleasant to have a respite from the jerk Tae O these last 2 episodes.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) could not fix the problem. Sun Woo wanted to resolve the issue but her previous behavior with the mother made it impossible. Sinking to her knees to plead for Joon Young became unnecessary when Da Kyung swept into the room and used her father’s influence and her apology to resolve the problem. Sun Woo saw Da Kyung flex her power. I felt sorry for Sun Woo when Joon Young texted her to leave town. She was gutted. She was gutted when she found all the items he stole. She knew that happened under her watch. Frankly her parenting focuses more on her desire for Joon Young’s academic success but not much bonding with her son. She went to Dr. Kim who explained it was best to find a path forward from the present not the past. Ah, the wise and kind Dr. Kim, I like him. What’s the path forward for Sun Woo?

Is there hope for newly dating neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim? Je Hyuk rightly pointed out their marriage was arranged and they owed it to themselves to see if they can salvage a relationship. He kept it light and noted if it didn’t work out, they’d both know they tried. Is Ye Rim pregnant? This couple has been the light in the darkness of the last two episodes. I’ve also enjoyed the reformed Dr. Sul who seems to offer true friendship to Ye Rim and Sun Woo. Yes, there are bright spots in this series.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Sun Woo and Tae O thought they could pretend their night of passion didn’t happen … OMO big repercussion with Joon Young having seen them. I wonder when Joon Young will use that as leverage against his dad, threatening to tell Da Kyung.

    My guess is that Young Joon is feeling abandoned by his mom, when she packed up his stuff and is walking 🚶‍♂️ away from him, without expressing how she feels … a little communication can go a long way!

    Will Da Kyung send Joon Young to boarding school so that he feels abandoned him too❓⁉️ The boy needs some good role models or he will end up making his parents’ same mistakes.


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