World of Marriage Ep 10 Recap

World of Marriage Episode 10 Recap

Joon Young keys Chairman Yeo’s car. Dr. Kim sees him do it and confirms it when Joon Young’s hand holds a nail. Joon Young runs off when Chairman Yeo comes to his car. Dr. Kim tells Chairman Yeo that Tae O and Sun Woo are still emotionally intwined and their relationship is far from over. Chairman Yeo believes they need to be pushed. He only wants his daughter’s happiness. Chairman Yeo believes Dr. Kim has a personal interest in Sun Woo. Dr. Kim counters that he’s only seeking to get her comfortable so she will share her thoughts.

Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) remembers his conversation with the abusive jerk who believes he’s still in love with Sun Woo. This upsets him.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) watching the re commitment ceremony with Tae O and drinks.

Tae O arrives and pours himself a glass of wine. He sees what Sun Woo was watching. He taunts her that she wants him. He tells her to stop. She tells him to stop. He grabs her shoulders after pulling away her sweater. He stares into her eyes and declares if she’s only get out of his life, everything would be perfect. It is a moment laden with emotion. He leaves. She cries.
Cue Intro…

Married neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim consult ob/gyn Dr. Sul who tells them they are not young, but the hospital has a good track record with hard cases.

Sun Woo is late to the hospital the next day. Je Hyuk, Ye Rim, Dr. Sul and the Director see her rush in. Dr. Sul mutters she must have been drinking last night. Later Sun Woo apologizes to the Director. He’s willing to reduce her hours. Not necessary is her answer. The Director reveals Dr. Kim has a connection to Chairman Yeo. That gets her attention.

Sun Woo suggests Dr. Kim take over her role as associate director so she can spend more time with Joon Young. Dr. Kim isn’t interested saying the role needs someone with different qualification that he possesses.

Je Hyuk and Ye Rim talk while waiting for the next round of tests. Ye Rim tells him even if they can’t get pregnant, she’s happy they reached this point. They smile. Je Hyuk goes in for another test. His mistress texts photos of Je Hyuk and herself to Ye Rim. She’s shocked.

Worried, Sun Woo calls Min Hyun Seo. She doesn’t answer. Sun Woo dashes out and tells the nurses to adjust her afternoon schedule. The director sees. Dr. Sul sees.

When Je Hyuk gets out of his test, Ye Rim is gone. The nurse asks where she went. Je Hyuk goes to look for her.

Yeo Da Kyung sees Hyun Seo striding across the lobby.

Sun Woo meets Hyun Seo who admits the abusive jerk is back. Sun Woo asks if Hyun Seo needs her help. Knowing the abusive jerk won’t allow their friendship, Hyun Seo tells her to leave and never bother her again.

Da Kyung and her mother see Sun Woo and she sees them. Sun Woo leaves without saying hello.

Hyun Seo is taken aback when Da Kyung is her next massage client.

When Sun Woo parks she sees Ye Rim walking about of the hospital in a daze.

Dr. Sul tells Sun Woo that Ye Rim walked out in the middle of the fertility testing.

Je Hyuk looks for Ye Rim outside. Tae O calls him for drinks. Je Hyuk declines differing to another day. Tae O smiles.

After the massage Da Kyung asks Hyun Seo if she’s still spying for Sun Woo. Hyun Seo asks if she has anything to hide. Da Kyung says no. Hyun Seo points out she’s worked her for a year. She notes that marriage hasn’t made Da Kyung happy. She guesses Da Kyung worries her husband will cheat on her too.

At school, the girl that saw Joon Young throw a classmate’s pen away demands to see him. The catcalls start. Privately she tells him to admit what he did. Joon Young tells her to broadcast the info. She points out he is giving divorced kids like her a bad name. After school, he tells the boy he stole the pen from he doesn’t like her. The boys surprises him when he asks Joon Young to help him, because he likes the girl.

The abusive jerk comes to Tae O’s house. Holding his daughter, Tae O asks why he’s there. The abusive jerk warns him to give him what he wants. Tae O tells him he’ll call tomorrow. He orders him to leave. The abusive jerk steps off the porch. He sees Da Kyung drive up. She sees him. Does she know who he is? Da Kyung enters the house and asks Tae O who the guy was. Tae O lies.

At dinner, Tae O helps care for their daughter so Da Kyung can eat. Da Kyung and her parents are all smiles. After dinner her father tells Da Kyung that Tae O still sees Sun Woo. Da Kyung assures him she knows all about their parenting discussions because Tae O tells her everything. Her father reminds her she can come home if she ever needs to. Da Kyung tells her father she loves them. They both smile. Chairman Yeo has a worried look on his face as he and his wife leave the house.

Tae O sees them leave. He calls his accountant to ask for money (to pay off the abusive jerk). Da Kyung invites Tae O to share a glass of wine. Da Kyung asks if it bothers Tae O that people think he will cheat again. He takes Da Kyung in his arms and swears their love is strong and not to let fear affect them. Da Kyung wonders why she can’t stop wondering at this point in their marriage.

Alone in a hotel room, Ye Rim ignores Je Hyuk’s call.

Sun Woo sees Je Hyuk rushes into their house. She thinks about calling Ye Rim but stops.

Je Hyuk finds the house empty. Ye Rim calls and lies she went to her parents. Relieved, he scolds her for leaving without telling him. She hangs up.

When Sun Woo asks Dr. Sul if she wants a coffee break, she finds talking to a man. Dr. Sul says he’s good friends with Tae O. Sun Woo steps away. The nurse tells her the man sells medical equipment and has been visiting often.

The Director tells Sun Woo Dr. Kim will be named associate director. He and Chairman Yeo agree on this. The director says that Tae O’s donation was the reason. He tells her to train Dr. Kim. She’s not happy. She walks by Dr. Kim but stops when she sees Dr. Sul in hallway. She congratulates him on becoming associate director. Dr. Sul is not happy. Dr. Kim is taken aback.

Dr. Sul follows Sun Woo into her office. She rages that Dr. Kim’s relationship and treatment of Joon Young was all part of a plan. Sun Woo seethes.

Sun Woo finds Chairman Yeo on the driving range. Sun Woo says the donation to get rid of her was improper. Chairman Yeo admits he wants her out of town and will pay her to start over. Sun Woo says he crossed the line. Chairman Yeo states there is not line he won’t cross to keep his daughter happy. Sun Woo points out that Tae O is the worst husband and he’s backing a loser. Chairman Yeo declares he must remove the obstacles including her. Sun Woo retorts now she is willing to cross the line too to protect herself and her son. Chairman Yeo advises her to leave town pointing out his power. Sun Woo walks away seething.

The director’s wife sees her and admits she knows Sun Woo has been demoted. She thanks her for hard work. She advises Sun Woo let work stay at work. She’s not happy that Sun Woo met with her husband at a bar late at night. She doesn’t want her husband’s name sullied. Sun Woo can say nothing..

Chairman Yeo learns that Tae O withdrew another $10K, he knows that is $40K total.

Je Hyuk is shocked when he’s texted the photos of his tryst. He leaves work without an explanation. He goes to the bar where his former lover works. He learns she quit. Je Hyuk walks into the night gobsmacked. Tae O watches his friend’s anguish. Je Hyuk sees Tae O. He answers Tae O’s call. Tae O reminds Je Hyuk he told him to be good to his wife. Je Hyuk doesn’t understand. Tae O says his lover has a temper. Je Hyuk realizes Tae O did this. Tae O admits Je Hyuk fell into his trap because he’s a jerk. Takes one to know one. Je Hyuk cries.

Sun Woo goes to Dr. Kim’s house and accuses him of conspiring with Chairman Yeo to take her job. Dr. Kim admits Chairman Yeo wanted a consultation. Sun Woo guess that it was to determine her mental state. Dr. Kim says he did it for her, to understand Chairman Yeo’s intentions towards her. Sun Woo laughs in his face. Dr. Kim tells her not to poke the bear. Sun Woo refuses to acquiesce. Dr. Kim says he’ll step down from the position after he convinces Chairman Yeo. Sun Woo grits out that she showed her true self and he sold her out. She warns him never to see Joon Young again. She dashes out.

Joon Young calls Sun Woo who says something is happening at the neighbors. When she arrives, she sees Ye Rim throwing Je Hyuk, his clothes, and his ring out of the house. Je Hyuk begs her to talk to him. Ye Rim says she’ll send the divorce papers to him. She locks him out. Je Hyuk cries her name, apologizes and begs her to talk.

Sun Woo sees Je Hyuk crying on the steps. She asks what he did. Je Hyuk says Tae O did this to him, he set the trap and he fell into it. Sun Woo doesn’t understand. Je Hyuk is adamant that set up the girl to be his lover, gave Ye Rim’s phone number to send the tryst photos. Je Hyuk says it was revenge for sleeping with her. Je Hyuk warns her to stay alert. He thinks Tae O has gone crazy. Sun Woo remembers Tae O saying he might lose it unless she disappears. Sun Woo sees Ye Rim in the window.

The abusive jerk whisks Hyun Seo away on her day off. He takes her to a jewelry store and tells her to pick something. He selects a ring. He puts the ring on her finger. He asks if she likes it. She does but thinks it is too expensive. He tells the associate he’ll take it. He tells Hyun Seo he can afford it. He tells the associate this is his girlfriend’s wedding ring. Hyun Seo is shocked.

Chairman Yi’s wife sees Sun Woo for listlessness. She shares that Ye Rim is selling the house and plans to leave the city once she divorces Je Hyuk. She notes that divorced women are always suspected, especially when they meet men in a bar late at night. Sun Woo grimly nods.

Sun Woo visits Ye Rim. She admits she wishes she’d bailed out 2 years ago. She admits she couldn’t protect her family. Sun Woo apologizes for getting them involved with her and Tae O’s mess. Ye Rim believes she was determined to make it work which only brought her pain. Ye Rim recommends that Sun Woo give up her obsession with Tae O and get a fresh start. Sun Woo doesn’t understand why she and Tae O are still connected. Ye Rim says Sun Woo is no different from Tae O.

abusive jerk gives Hyun Seo money. He says he’ll be able to get this much every month. He says they can have a future together. Hyun Seo asks what he does for a living. abusive jerk tells her to trust him. She asks where he lives.

Hyun Seo calls Sun Woo and tells her the abusive jerk visited her. She shares he was flush with cash. She thinks Sun Woo might be right about how he got it. Sun Woo asks where the abusive jerk lives.

When the abusive jerk drives to his apartment Sun Woo is there. Sun Woo says she knows what Tae O hired him to do. She says his scar is proof. She want to know if Tae O wants her dead or merely tossed out of town. The abusive jerk offers to do both. Sun Woo ask if this is worth his future. He grabs her and declares she’s the reason he went to jail. She counters his actions were the reason he went to jail. She yells Tae O won’t take care of him for life. Sun Woo grabs him and demands the truth. She promises she’ll ask the police to go easy on him. He pushes her away. She falls to the ground. Her phone falls out. The abusive jerk sees it is recording. He deletes the audio file while she tries to grab it. He throws her against the wall. She crumples to floor. Sun Woo tells him this will ruin his life at a young age. He tells her to leave or he’ll kill her. Sun Woo leaves.

In the car, Sun Woo reveals she had a secondary recorder in play. Hyun Seo arrives and asks if Sun Woo got the recording. Sun Woo says he wouldn’t admit to it. She tells Hyun Seo to come with her. Hyun Seo puts her suitcase in the trunk and they leave.

Later that night, he abusive jerk learns Hyun Seo quit. They don’t know where she went. They believe she moved out of town. He rushes to the bus station. He thinks he sees her getting on a bus. He runs to the woman. It’s not Hyun Seo. He calls Tae O.

Dr. Kim arrives Tae O’s workplace. He sees Tae O rush out of his office. He can overhear Tae O’s phone conversation yelling at someone there is no more money per their agreement. The abusive jerk yells that Sun Woo took his girlfriend away. He demands $30K or he’ll tell Sun Woo everything. Tae O agrees to meet him at the bus station and warns him not to do anything. Tae O declares he’ll kill that jerk, gets in his car, and drives away. Dr. Kim stares.

Hyun Seo and Sun Woo have coffee while waiting. Hyun Seo says she’ll stay with a friend in Ulsan and get a job there. Sun Woo wants her to have a good life. They agree not to contact each other again. Sun Woo warns her not to return.

Tae O arrives at the station. He searches for Hyun Seo. Sun Woo purchases a meal for Hyun Seo’s journey. She walks her to the train. The abusive jerk’s desperation increases as he searches for Hyun Seo. Sun Woo gives Hyun Seo her scarf and gently wraps it about her. They smile at each other. Hyun Seo descends the escalator. Hyun Seo pulls up her hood. Sun Woo walks away. The abusive jerk searches for Hyun Seo. He scans the passengers getting on the train. The abusive jerk sees Hyun Seo. She hides. He finds her.

Sun Woo gets in her car. She sees the packet of money in her car. She tries to catch the train to return it to Hyun Seo but it pulls away. Sun Woo spots Hyun Seo’s suitcase. She sees the meal she bought her. She calls Hyun Seo. No one picks up. Sun Woo hears sirens. She sees the police outside the terminal. Sun Woo pushes to the front of the crowd. She sees a bloody body being put into the ambulance. She sees her bloody scarf, the one she wrapped gently around Hyun Seo only moments before, on the ground.
My Thoughts

I despise the abusive jerk. He committed murder this episode. Writer Joo Hyun gave us an episode that slowly built to a horrific cliffhanger. Hyun Seo lost her life when abusive jerk killed her. His words from the previous episode applied to himself as well as Tae O “you hate her enough to kill her, you don’t want anyone else to have her. You want to beg her to save you. You want to break her so she can’t go anywhere. You want to crush her so she’ll agree that the only man in her life is you.” There is no merit in this man. He is angry, brutal, and abusive. What does he have to lose now? Sun Woo, you’ve got a huge target on your back. Last episode, I was shocked to learn that Dr. Kim was reporting to Chairman Yeo. Dr. Kim’s explanation didn’t satisfy Sun Woo, nor would it have worked for me. Chairman Yeo is powerful. Dr. Kim did assess Sun Woo behind her back. He befriended her to get the intel he needed to complete his task. I’m betting he does care about Sun Woo. Frankly, he would be wise to walk away from the train wreck that is Tae O and Sun Woo.

Tae O (Park Hae Joon) believes if Sun Woo will only leave, his obsession will end. Tae O couldn’t let Je Hyuk get away with having Sun Woo. Je Hyuk and Ye Rim’s implosion was sad. Je Hyuk finally saw the light and decided to cherish his wife. I was surprised when Tae O arranged the entire affair. I thought he only paid the lover to send the pictures to Ye Rim. Da Kyung continues to brainwash herself into believing that Tae O is the man she must cling to. She doesn’t want to listen to others, but it is beginning get under her skin. The initial scene between Tae O and Sun Woo was electrifying. Their encounter could have turned into passion in a moment. The hate/love between them is palpable. Tae O’s interaction with the abusive jerk was so foolish. Tae O has put everyone he loves at risk with that manic on the loose.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) won’t stop and won’t surrender. Sun Woo won’t heed the advice to walk away. She cannot, she will not, let Tae O win. I’ve thought it before and Ye Rin said it this episode. Sun Woo and Tae O are similar in many ways. He won’t stop. She won’t stop. While Sun Woo is “better” than Tae O (he’s a low bar), she has carved her own path of destruction. I was sorry that Hyun Seo’s life ended in violence while trying to escape her abuser. This violent ending is a real life fact. Hyun Seo started the show being hit by the abusive jerk in the street and she ends it dead by his hands. I did like the relationship between Hyun Seo and Sun Woo. Yes, Sun Woo used her but she helped escape the relationship once, but not twice. Sun Woo has a big problem now. She and Joon Young are at risk for their very lives. The abusive jerk has nothing to lose now.

The fifth song of the OST is titled “Farewell In Tears” and sung by Huk Gak. The video has the lyrics:

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 10 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗 Huh Gak’s voice, he sang one of my favorite songs o. The “My Love from Another Star” OST❣ The words “Love has become poison” are so true.

    It is unfortunate that when Je Hyuk was ready to settle dow, Ye Rim reached her limit. I know I could not abide a serial cheater.

    It breaks my heart 💔 Hyun Seo was not able to escape from abusive boyfriend. So far I see Joon Young, Hyun Seo and Ye Rim as collateral damage in the battle between Sun Woo and Tae O… how many more injuries or fatalities will there be before they are done (one of them gives up or is dead)❓⁉️


    • So far I see Joon Young, Hyun Seo and Ye Rim as collateral damage in the battle between Sun Woo and Tae O… how many more injuries or fatalities will there be before they are done (one of them gives up or is dead)
      They are locked in a struggle and neither will back down. The collateral damage is only going to increase.

      It breaks my heart 💔 Hyun Seo was not able to escape from abusive boyfriend.
      Yes, that was sad. Sun Woo helped her. But the escape timing proved fatal.

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