World of Marriage Ep 9 My Thoughts

World of Marriage Episodes 9 My Thoughts
Mini-Recap Episode 9. Tae O and Sun Woo are still intwined.

At the ladies association, Da Kyung breaks the tie and votes for Sun Woo to join. Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) thanks Da Kyung. Privately Da Kyung asks why Sun Woo joined. Sun Woo states this is her warning to Tae O to back off. Sun Woo states Tae O is stalking her. Da Kyung laughs. Sun Woo says it is true. She asks Da Kyung to rein her husband in.

Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) and Da Kyung arrive for dinner at the same eatery Sun Woo and Dr. Kim are dining. The couples agree to coexist. Da Kyung notices Tae O keeps watching Sun Woo. Privately Dr. Kim tells Tae O that he’s no longer married to Sun Woo and he should back off. That doesn’t sit well.

Joon Young isn’t happy that his mother may be involved with Dr. Kim. Sun Woo assures Joon Young that “you are my everything.”

Married neighbor Je Hyuk flirts with his latest lover who is a server at a bar. Tae O shows up and asks to join his former neighbor. Tae O quickly ascertains that the server is involved with Je Hyuk. He denies it. As they drink, Je Hyuk admits that he’s a bit jealous that Tae O returned a success. He notes “It takes skill to live off a woman.” Tae O presses Je Hyuk to describe Sun Woo in bed. Je Hyuk describes a confident woman who initiated. Tae O can’t take it. He hits Je Hyuk who hits back. They brawl. Tae O’s employee watches from outside. As they sit on the steps outside, to Tae O’s credit, he tells Je Hyuk to make it work with his wife. Divorce isn’t worth it. Tae O warns him he won’t be young forever. The only thing that matters when you are old are children.

Je Hyuk returns to home to his wife Ye Rim who tends his cuts. As they lay in bed, Je Hyuk says the words she’s longed to hear. Maybe it is time to try for a baby. Ye Rim cries.

At staff meeting, Dr. Sul is dismayed to see Sun Woo and the Director getting along fine. When Sun Woo calls her department out for unnecessary procedures, Dr. Sul retaliates by stating Sun Woo didn’t even know her son was under going care from Dr. Kim.

Sun Woo tells the director she wants to work it out so that the hospital can get Tae O’s donation and she can keep her job. The director wants both, claiming Dr. Sul isn’t who he wants as the associate director.

Tae O meets with the abusive boyfriend (aka abusive jerk) furious that he was caught on CCTV. He says he can’t be positively identified. He presses Tae O to pay him what he owes. Tae O tells him to leave him alone or else. The abusive boyfriend sees Min Hyun Seo and wonders if they can begin again.

Da Kyung visits Ye Rim. She proposes they be friends. Ye Rim isn’t interested. Ye Rim is straightforward. “I hate Tae O more than I hate you. I no longer wish to be involved with your family matters.” Shaken, Da Kyung leaves.

Joon Young takes a pen from a classmate. He tosses it away. A female student sees him do it. She tries to get him to admit what he’s done. Joon Young brushes her off.

Je Hyuk breaks up his server lover via text.

The director and Sun Woo have an appointment with the Chairman. Sun Woo receives a package and tells the director she’ll catch up. Inside the package is a dead bird, and a bloody picture of Joon Young. She freaks out. Joon Young won’t pick up. Joon Young isn’t at the academy. Meanwhile Tae O receives surveillance like picture of Joon Young from the abusive jerk. Panicked, he calls Joon Young, but he doesn’t answer. Sun Woo calls and tells him Joon Young is missing. She thinks he has something to do with it. She’s calling the police. Sun Woo, Dr. Kim, and police search for Joon Young. Tae O also searches. The police find Joon Young. He’s mortified. Tae O stares at Dr. Kim supporting his son by Sun Woo’s side. Sun Woo is horrified when the abusive jerk bumps into her, turns and grins. She knows he sent the bird and bloody photo.

Meanwhile the chairman (Tae O’s father in law) and the director wonder where Tae O and Sun Woo are. Tae O doesn’t pick up when the chairman calls, choosing to search for his son instead. The director tells the chairman he doesn’t want Dr. Sul to be the associate director. Dr. Kim’s name comes up as an alternative.

Joon Young refuses to speak to his mother declaring she overreacted. Dr. Kim tells Sun Woo to go downstairs. He’s able to talk to Joon Young. After the discussion Dr. Kim tells Sun Woo that Joon Young is sorry and will apologize. He suggests Sun Woo cut down her work hours. Sun Woo retorts she has to provide the family income and there is no part-time for her job. Dr. Kim says she must choose between emotionally supporting Joon Young and materially supporting Joon Young.

Tae O arrives at the house. Outside, Sun Woo rails at Tae O for bringing that abusive jerk into their lives. Tae O swears he didn’t do it. Sun Woo doesn’t believe him.

Da Kyung goes to Tae O’s office to see Tae O’s secondary phone he keeps in his desk drawer, per the employee that spies on Tae O for her. Da Kyung is horrified to find the phone full of surveillance like photos of Sun Woo.

Sun Woo calls Min Hyun Seo to warn her that her boyfriend is back. She tells Sun Woo not to call again. The abusive jerk returns with coffee. He asks if they can start again. He claims he’s a changed man. Tears fill Hyun Seo’s eyes as she admits she was worried about him.

The abusive jerk meets with Tae O. They argue and shove. The jerk threatens to expose that Tae O hired him. He demands double the money.

Da Kyung asks where Tae O was. He admits there was an issue with Joon Young. Da Kyung asks why he had to get involved. Tae O claims he’s working to rid Sun Woo from their lives, just ask her father. Da Kyung hears Sun Woo’s warning “how much do you trust your husband”. Swallowing down her doubt, Da Kyung pledges to trust Tae O.

Tae O meets with his father in law. He apologizes for missing the meeting because of his son. He asks if Sun Woo will be fired. It’s under consideration is the answer.

The director tells Sun Woo that she can’t do both jobs well, be a mother and an associate director. Dr. Sul claims that Dr. Kim is eyeing her job and is treating Joon Young as part a plan to make that happen.

Sun Woo asks Dr. Kim if he’s treating Joon Young because of her. Dr. Kim states he was once a troubled youth and recognized it in Joon Young, and reached out to Joon Young.

Tae O pays the abusive jerk the money, but not double as demanded. The jerk says this isn’t over. The jerk declares that Tae O hasn’t even begun to mess with Sun Woo. He knows Tae O wants her back and doesn’t want anyone else to have her. “You hate her enough to kill her, you don’t want anyone else to have her. You want to beg her to save you. You want to break her so she can’t go anywhere. You want to crush her so she’ll agree that the only man in her life is you.” Tae O is speechless.

Dr. Kim meets with the chairman. He reports that Tae O and Sun Woo are still emotionally intwined and their relationship is far from over.
My Thoughts

This series has become my guilty pleasure. Writer Joo Hyun wrote another dense episode that had many moments that could qualify as the cliffhanger (each with the musical swell of the chorus). This show isn’t boring. I get all the characters, most of them I would not want to know in real life. This messy series has drawn me in. The cliffhanger that Dr. Kim was reporting to the chairman shocked me. I LIKE Dr. Kim. I don’t want to think that he has a secondary agenda. But everyone of this show has multiple faces, so it is par for the course. I continue to feel empathy for Joon Young. He is caught between two almost rabid parents when it comes to him. He’s acting out by stealing from his classmates. He needs help and support. Unfortunately, only Dr. Kim is providing it.

Tae O (Park Hae Joon) can’t quit Sun Woo. Tae O claims he wants to run Sun Woo out of town, but that’s a lie. He can’t let anyone else have her. Tae O freaked out when Je Hyuk described Sun Woo’s passion in bed. I LOVED it when Je Hyuk told Tae O he had perfected living off his woman. That hit the mark. Tae O is a user of others. To Tae O’s credit, he advised Je Hyuk to make it work with his wife. Regarding Tae O’s desires about Sun Woo, I hate to say it, but the abusive jerk put it best “you hate her enough to kill her, you don’t want anyone else to have her. You want to beg her to save you. You want to break her so she can’t go anywhere. You want to crush her so she’ll agree that the only man in her life is you.”

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) can’t break free of Tae O. Sun Woo’s declaration to Joon Young that he is her everything is so wrong. She must stand alone. She must support her son. He is too young to carry the burden of taking care of his mother. I hated the director telling Sun Woo she couldn’t do her job and support her son. He’d NEVER say that to a male colleague. Even Dr. Kim suggested Sun Woo reduce her hours. But Sun Woo has been the primary breadwinner forever, she can’t stop. It is her identity, perhaps even more important than being a wife or mother. Dr. Sul (another character I loathe) slyly suggested Dr. Kim had his own agenda. It made Sun Woo doubt him. Unfortunately, this kind caring doctor has another side. He is the chairman’s eyes and ears to the real nature of his son-in-law’s intentions towards his ex-wife. Bummer but brilliant.

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 9 My Thoughts
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Da Kyung was unreasonable to ask Tae O not to get involved in issues with his son, Joon Young. I know she’s concerned about Tae O’s fidelity … of course she knows he’s capable of having an extramarital affair, that’s how she met Tae O in the first place. Abusive boyfriend was not wrong about Tae O being obsessed with Sun Woo.

    I concur that Dr Kim seems to be the only one concerned with Joon Young’s emotional welfare and it is shocking to fond he is in league with the Chairman. Is the chairman, Da Kyung’s father, the chairman of the clinic Sun Woo works at❓⁉️ if not, how does he have power with the clinic❓⁉️


    • Da Kyung was unreasonable to ask Tae O not to get involved in issues with his son, Joon Young.
      To her credit, she invited Joon Young to dinner and gave him a room in the house in the previous episode. I liked Joon Young’s playful nature with little Jenny in that episode. Gave Joon Young a chance to smile.

      Is the chairman, Da Kyung’s father, the chairman of the clinic Sun Woo works at❓⁉️ if not, how does he have power with the clinic❓⁉️
      That threw me too. I thought Chairman Choi was the top dog but Chairman Yeo seems to be.

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