World of Marriage Ep 7 My Thoughts

World of Marriage Episodes 7 My Thoughts

Mini-Recap Episode 7. Tae O is back and ready for revenge.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) believes she and her son Joon Young are happy. But Tae O’s return stresses their bond. He takes Joon Young for a meal and tries to bribe him with a baseball bat. Joon Young reveals he gave up baseball a year ago. Tae O correctly guesses that Sun Woo wanted her son to focus on studies. When Tae O returns Joon Young home, just as a frantic Sun Woo starts to search for her missing son, the first confrontation occurs. Tae O plays it cool. Sun Woo vows he’ll never see Joon Young again.

The married neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim might be pregnant. Je Hyuk pretends this is what he wants but his face falls Ye Rim leaves the room. They attend a counseling session with psychiatrist Dr. Kim. Je Hyuk sees Sun Woo at an eatery. She sees him. He leaves. He doesn’t attend the house party though Ye Rim does.

Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) finally has a hit movie on his hands. Instead of directing the film he produced it. He and his wife Yeo Da Kyung, and their 2 year old daughter Jenny are the picture of happiness.

At the house party, everyone who is everyone is there. Tae O invites Joon Young and he attends. He has someone take a photo of them which he promptly texts to Sun Woo.

The bullet hits the mark. Eating and drinking with kind Dr. Kim, Sun Woo reacts strongly to the photo of Tae O and Joon Young. She’s outraged that Joon Young lied to her about his whereabouts. Knowing she can’t drive, Dr. Kim drives Sun Woo to the party and goes in with her.

All eyes turn to Sun Woo when she enters. Tae O approaches and tells his wife she’s not welcome. Sun Woo counters she’ll leave when she finds Joon Young. Da Kyung joins them and states this is an invitation only party. Sun Woo flashes an invitation. Da Kyung stares at her husband. Sun Woo strides away searching for Joon Young.

Sun Woo ends up in the master bedroom. Tae O finds her there. Sun Woo believes Tae O came back for her because he’s not over her. Tae O declares nothing could be further from the truth. Sun Woo is taken aback. She points out that Tae O sent the picture of Joon Young and the invitation to get her there. They stare into each others eyes.

Da Kyung is dismayed to see Sun Woo exiting her bedroom. Combine this with Tae O’s invitation to Joon Young to have a bedroom in their home without her knowledge and Da Kyung begins to wonder about Tae O’s intentions. He assures her she’s the only one for him.

Tae O makes this declaration to Da Kyung at the party in front of everyone. They kiss but Tae O only has eyes for Sun Woo as she watches.

Sun Woo finds Joon Young in the backyard and orders him to leave. He’s not happy to see his mother came with Dr. Kim. When they get home, Sun Woo demands to know why he lied. Joon Young snaps that his father knows what he wants better than her. Sun Woo drinks to soothe the pain. She throws all the négligées from her marriage into a box along with the family photo she still displayed in the bedroom.

Tae O whips out his secret phone full of surveillance photos of Sun Woo. He’s ready for revenge.

Tae O calls the hospital director and Dr. Sul Myung Sook to meet him. He offers a large donation that can be used for whatever they deem. But there is a condition…Sun Woo must be fired.

Sun Woo and Joon Young have a quiet meal. An unknown person throws a rock through the window frightening them both.

My Thoughts

Payback has begun. Writer Joo Hyun produced another watchable episode that set the stage for the confrontation between Tae O and Sun Woo with the elaborate welcome home party for Tae O and Da Kyung. His text to Sun Woo with a picture of himself and their son was designed to lure her there and/or hurt her. It worked. When they talked, I was surprised when Sun Woo asked Tae O if he came back for her. He said no. But his secret phone (the same tool he used when having the affair) said otherwise. Tons of pictures of Sun Woo. And the pièce de résistance was Tae O dangling money in exchange for Sun Woo’s dismissal from the hospital. What will the Director do?

Tae O (Park Hae Joon) has begun his vendetta. Tae O wants to destroy Sun Woo like she destroyed him. Tae O had Sun Woo under surveillance. He is using his son to hurt Sun Woo. He even invited Joon Young to live with his new family. Da Kyung was understandably appalled. Tae O demand that the hospital Director fire Sun Woo for the large donation along with the rock through the window was a good cliffhanger, something Writer Joo excels at.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) is now the target of Tae O’s revenge. Writer Joo showed Sun Woo isn’t over Tae O. She STILL had their wedding picture in her bedroom. She hasn’t processed the divorce and moved on. Her iron grip on her son will backfire. Tae O has her in his sights and is intent on destroying her. While a strong woman, she has a fragility that Tae O knows well. Phase 2 of this series won’t be pleasant for Sun Woo.

The fourth song of the OST is another good ballad aptly called “Just Leave Me” and sung by Ha Dong Kyun:

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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6 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 7 My Thoughts
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur that Sun Woo’s tight grasp on her son will back fire on her. This boy needs his mother AND his father and will be discontent if he is denied either. It REALLY DISTURBS me that they are BOTH using their son. Too bad Sun Woo didn’t use the two years to get to know her son and build a strong bond with him. She should not deny visitation with his father unless it was court ordered as such.

    It is surprising that Tae O, who seems to be on the top of the world, returning home with his new family, triumphant in his career, would bother to spend any time on Sun Woo other than for the sake of visitation/custody of his son … isn’t living well supposed to be the best revenge? His impetus must to be over custody, but getting custody rights of his son may rankle his current wife. It is as if Tae O is making Sun Woo the “other woman” with his obsession. He’s the same old pathetic dog. 🐕


    • It REALLY DISTURBS me that they are BOTH using their son.
      Agree. Their child’s welfare should come first. But that’s not the way it is with these two. That’s selfish on their parts.

      She should not deny visitation with his father unless it was court ordered as such.

      It is as if Tae O is making Sun Woo the “other woman” with his obsession. He’s the same old pathetic dog
      LOL, I made this same observation in the next episode’s My Thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “LOL, I made this same observation in the next episode’s My Thoughts.” -KJT

        What can I say … great minds think alike.


  2. Obangs says:

    Hi, i am watching this episode and I feel such a strong Deja Vu.

    I really feel there has been a western movie or TV show about this, where the ex husband returns with a bigger house, better wife and etc. Ugh and now I cant sleep because I know I have seen this before. Any ideas on what that show might be?


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