The Game Towards Zero Review

The Game Towards Zero Review

 The Game Towards Zero is a 16-episode 2020 kdrama about a man that can see someone’s death when he looks into their eyes. He’s recruited by a police detective to help her team find a girl that has been kidnapped, which he does. This leads him into direct conflict with the perpetrator who he’s seen in his dreams for years. The two lock in conflict. Everything escalates. Everyone he cares about is affected.  Will good defeat evil?

What I liked.

Writer Lee Ji Hyo’s concept of a man that can see death scenes of anyone he meets was intriguing. Exploring this ability proved it was both a positive and negative. The good versus evil story had depth, twists and turns.

Honorable Lead. Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) did everything he could to defeat evil and secure his one true love, Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee). He was focused, sometimes reckless, but always with the goal of stopping evil and saving the woman he loved. I never lost faith he’d find a way. Ok Taec Yeon showed the pros and cons of Tae Pyung’s ability and admirably showed his heart.

Positive Police.
The police team was positive and supportive of each other. I liked all of them.

What I didn’t like.

Antagonist had the advantage 90% of the time.
This is a pet peeve of mine. In good versus evil battles there needs to be balance, give and take, to build a satisfying story. That didn’t happen in this series. While the story was engaging, evil always having the advantage which drove me nuts. The character of Goo Do Kyung was well played by Im Joo Hwan. The intense battle between Tae Pyung and Do Kyung was the crux of this series.

Dumb Decisions by the Police. Time and time the well-meaning police team made glaring errors which the antagonist leveraged to continue his reign of terror.

Would I recommend The Game Towards Zero?
The story is engaging…if you can handle the bad guy having the advantage.

 This drama’s OST had 6 vocal and 37 instrumental tracks. The full album’s track list can be found at Drama Wiki (link). My favorite track was Where You Are sung by Joon & Chan of A.C.E. Check out the vocal tracks below:

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3 comments on “The Game Towards Zero Review
  1. Kay says:

    This does sound like an interesting drama. I love both Im Joo Hwan and Taecyeon and can imagine it was fun watching them go at despite some of the shortfalls of the series.


    • I was satisfied at the end even though irked at several points in the series. If an evil advantage doesn’t bother you, you’ll have a different experience watching than I did.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yep, evil had the advantage too many times.

        Like KJT I found some things irksome, like the evil advantage and the OTP seeming to fall for each other without showing us what drew them together initially, but overall, i thought it was worth the time to watch.


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