World of Marriage Ep 3 My Thoughts

World of Marriage Episodes 3 My Thoughts

Mini-Recap Episode 3. The episode begins with a flashback to when Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) became engaged. Turns out Sun Woo is pregnant and she tells Tae O to put up or shut up. He plays “their song” (My One and Only Love), produces a ring, and vows to love her forever if she’ll consent to be his wife. She accepts with tears in her eyes. The flashback ends and Sun Woo watches her husband leave the house to be with his lover Yeo Da Kyung, who he’s just learned is pregnant. Tae O goes to Da Kyung and she tells him to put up or shut up. He promises to extract himself from his marriage in 2 months and vows to love her forever.

Sun Woo contemplates divorce. She’s appalled when the divorce lawyer tells her she must gather the proof of her husband’s affair. He recommends video or photographic proof. He warns that once she records her husband with the other woman, things will never be the same. Sun Woo is rattled when she leaves.

Sun Woo visits the bank to check out the family finances. Her generous salary supports her husband’s struggling production company. She’s appalled to learn her husband has taken loans on the house and their son’s insurance policy. Livid, she searches her husband’s study and finds secret bank accounts that siphoned her salary. She finds credit cards bills that fund her husband’s lover. Sun Woo is rattled.

Sun Woo’s son knows something is wrong between his parents. He tells his mother that he doesn’t want to move out of the house or transfer to a new school, which is what kids whose parents have divorced often do. Wracked with guilt, Sun Woo is rattled.

Sun Woo visits her husband’s mother in the nursing home and reveals she knows about the affair. Her mother in law begs her to give him another chance. Sun Woo listen to the lame excuses and makes her choice. Sun Woo turns steely and declares she’ll kick him to the curb and leave him penniless. Her mother in law declares she can’t make a move until she’s dead. Sun Woo stands over her mother in law and stares daggers.

Tae O’s mother dies. At the viewing, Tae O is drunk and Sun Woo chides him pull himself together. He perks up when his lover’s parents arrive. He is solicitous and turns on the charm. Sun Woo steps outside to get a breath of fresh air. Little does she know her husband’s lover has learned from her parents, about Tae O’s mother’s death, and has arrived at the funeral. Yeo Da Kyung doesn’t enter the funeral home but she calls Tae O. He exits the funeral home to meet Da Kyung. Sun Woo’s best friend, Doctor Sul, warns Sun Woo that while divorce is more common it is the woman that receives society’s censure. She points to her own father that remarried a younger woman while her mother lived a lonely life after the divorce.

Sun Woo is notified by a neighbor’s text that her husband isn’t in the building and no one to greet those paying their respects. Sun Woo searches around the building for her husband. Just as she is about to give up, she hears “their song” coming from a parked car. She recognizes the license plate of Da Kyung’s car. She sees her husband and Da Kyung kissing. She’s rattled.

The next day after the funeral service, Sun Woo sends her son to his room to rest. Tae O hugs her from behind and thanks her for organizing the viewing and funeral for his mother. Sun Woo pulls away. Then she recalls her lawyer’s advice…don’t let your husband know you plan to divorce him until all the evidence is gathered. She braces herself and smiles at her husband offering consolation and a hug.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo has enlisted the young woman she helped to escape an abusive relationship to befriend her husband’s lover. The young woman moves into the apartment next door and knocks on Da Kyung’s door and introduces herself. Da Kyung notices pregnancy book in her new neighbor’s hand. She admits she’s pregnant too and invite the new neighbor for tea. The women bond.

My Thoughts

The song “my one and only love” applies to two women. Writer Joo Hyun has Tae O lying to both women he professes to love as he juggles them. He needs Sun Woo’s money and wants Da Kyung who makes him feel alive and creative. Is Tae O thinking if he marries Da Kyung he can tap into his rich father in law? He should because he could. Da Kyung is the apple of her rich father’s eye. Writer Joo once again crafted an episode with a slow build that centered on one question – will Sun Woo accept her husband’s philandering or divorce him? Divorce is Sun Woo’s choice and heeded her lawyer’s advice not to reveal her choice to Tae O. Director Mo Wan II brought Writer Joo’s slow build script to life during the 1 hr. 30 min episode. This isn’t a fast past drama but it builds to a cliff hanger each episode. Tae O is a selfish liar. He lied to his wife, lover, and mother. I wish he was more compelling.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) decided to divorce Tae O. Writer Joo had us discover Tae O’s vow to divorce his wife when Da Kyung told Sun Woo (her doctor) that she’d decided to have the child. Sun Woo had a couple of moments where she got dizzy and almost staggered with the weight of what she learned. I wonder if lack of stamina or illness is in Sun Woo’s future. For a moment I wondered if Sun Woo would eliminate her mother-in-law who heaped guilt on Sun Woo for not supporting her son sufficiently that he was forced to take a lover for comfort and pointing out her grandson’s life could be derailed with the divorce. Conveniently the old woman died, setting up the viewing and the full circle moment when she saw her husband kiss his lover to “their song”. Tae O is comfortable pledging his love to two women. He’d argue he loves them both. But a marriage has to benefit both partners and Sun Woo isn’t getting much out of the bargain – her bank account is being drained into his business, she’s paying for her husband’s lover, and there are outstanding loans her husband never told her about. Her son knows there are issues between his parents. He told Sun Woo he didn’t want the changes a divorce would entail. I don’t blame the teenager, of course he doesn’t want his world derailed. But that plea but a burden on Sun Woo to find a way to keep what she has and extract Tae O from her life. I wasn’t completely surprised that she enlisted the young woman she saved to ingratiate herself with Da Kyung to get the dirt. Or will her methods turn nefarious?

The featured song this episode was “My One and Only Love” sung by Sting:

I rank episode 3 as good on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 3 My Thoughts
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Hmmm … does pathetic loser Tae O also have a poor grasp of English … “my ONE and ONLY love” can apply to ONLY ONE person.

    Da Kyung may be the apple of her daddy’s eye, but I cannot imagine him being happy about his daughter being impregnated by the husband of his wife’s friend.

    The fact that Tae O has taken a loan against his son’s life insurance, mismanaged his wife’s money by mortgaging their house and taking on other debt taking care of his mistress is more than enough leave the philandering jerk penniless and alone, despite her son’s plea … clearly the son is already being affected. She needs to let her son know his father’s example is NOT acceptable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The fact that Tae O has taken a loan against his son’s life insurance, mismanaged his wife’s money by mortgaging their house and taking on other debt taking care of his mistress is more than enough leave the philandering jerk penniless and alone, despite her son’s plea … clearly the son is already being affected. She needs to let her son know his father’s example is NOT acceptable.
      Agree, agree, agree.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Get the goods and get him out of your life. Time to quit funding his mistress.

    Liked by 1 person

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