World of Marriage Ep 1-2 My Thoughts

World of Marriage Episodes 1-2 My Thoughts

Mini-Recap Episode 1. Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) is a successful doctor and assistant director of a hospital. She’s happily married to Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon), or so she thinks, as they raise their teenage son. Sun Woo begins to suspect her husband is having an affair. Her best friend, Doctor Sul, listens to her concerns and assures her it can’t be true. But Sun Woo knows something is wrong. Sun Woo finds her husband’s secret phone that is full of pictures of himself and his lover Yeo Da Kyung. She’s horrified to find picture of her husband and his lover socializing with all their friends! Betrayed by all husband and all her friends, Sun Woo grabs a pair of scissors and heads towards her husband during his birthday party (which she has painstakingly arranged).

Mini-Recap Episode 2.
Sun Woo fantasizes about stabbing her husband at the birthday party, but her son’s presence and her dignity stop her. After kissing her husband (instead of stabbing him) she claims she’s not feeling well and leaves. She confronts Doctor Sul for lying to her and protecting her husband. Doctor Sul claims that Tae O said he would break it off with the other woman, but that was a lie. Sun Woo tries to keep it together. But her husband’s lover Da Kyung schedules an appointment with Sun Woo saying she’s not feeling well. The visit reveals she’s pregnant. Both women are surprised. Da Kyung admits her lover is married but the wife is clueless. She claims her lover says his marriage is a mask he wears and it means nothing. Reeling Sun Woo confronts her husband and declares if he’ll admit to the affair, they can try to work through this. Tae O lies to her face. Sun Woo texts Doctor Sul and tells her to inform her husband that his lover is pregnant. Sun Woo watches her husband’s face fall when Doctor Sul calls. He quickly leaves the house.

My Thoughts

Decent start to the series in these first two episodes. Writer Joo Hyun has defined the players the web of relationship to navigate and mine in the this series. Writer Joo wrote Revolutionary Love which had moments, and was a good but not great series. So why am I watching? I decided I’d start watching some series for actresses not just actors. I enjoyed Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In in Secret Affair about a married woman (Kim Hee Ae) that had an affair with a younger man (Yoo Ah In). I’d heard that this series was spicier than most. Besides an initial scene between our married couple, this wasn’t spicy. Director Mo Wan II produced Beautiful Mind. Each episode is 1 hr. 30 min, so there is the opportunity for tons of content. Director Mo built the tension effectively as clueless Sun Woo faced the shock of finding her perfect marriage was anything but.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) found out her husband has a lover. Writer Joo had us, the audience, discover Tae O’s affair as Sun Woo found out too. I wanted her to put a tracker on her husband’s car. Instead she employed a patient to find out where her husband was going. The end of episode 1 reveal of the secret phone with smiling photos of not only her husband but her friends and his lover was a shock. The end of episode 2 reveal that her husband’s lover was pregnant was another blow. The question is how will Sun Woo handle this? Her husband won’t come clean. He lied right to her face. Will she lie to herself that she has to keep the family together for the sake of their son? Will she realize she’s better off jettisoning her faithless partner?

The first song of the OST is sung by Kim Yuna and called “Be Yourself”:

I rank episode 1 has very good and episode 2 as good on a 10-point scale.

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14 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 1-2 My Thoughts
  1. beezrtp says:

    I’m undecided about if I’m going to watch this show or not. I think I’ll just read your recaps for now to get an idea for where it’s going.

    I’m not thrilled, in general, with the new vibe Kdrama has. And whether it’s true or not, I associate the change with Netflix (I could be completely of base but that’s just my emos talking and my emos don’t like change).


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    When it was revealed that Sun Woo’s “friends” were complicit in Tae O’s affair, I wondered if I would continue to watch.

    Was their son upset after the birthday party because he saw daddy with his lover?

    I’ve never seen a woman give her husband a better chance to come clean about his infidelity. Why didn’t he would have come clean when given the chance❓⁉️ Does Tae O truly think he can have his wife AND mistress too❓⁉️

    I would confront the cheater with evidence of the affair and give him a chance to EARN my trust back. He might get a 2nd chance, but NOT likely a third chance. It seems to me that the Dr Sun Woo needs to listen to her own advice, that she gave the abused patient, it’s hard for people to change … if it weren’t for their son and years of marriage… I would be inclined to kick the cheater’s 🍑 to the curb.

    What’s up the the creepy, itchy patient stalking Sun Woo … or her husband❓⁉️

    I’m not sure if I will watch more of this series.


    • I’ve never seen a woman give her husband a better chance to come clean about his infidelity. Why didn’t he would have come clean when given the chance❓⁉️ Does Tae O truly think he can have his wife AND mistress too❓⁉️
      The offer to confess told him she knows he’s cheating. He couldn’t admit to that. That shows a lack of respect for his wife. He may compartmentalize – marriage is a mask and duty, lover is fun time.

      I would be inclined to kick the cheater’s 🍑 to the curb
      Everything I saw in the first two episodes, made it clear she needs to dump her husband and her friends. Her son is disappointed in his father. They both need a fresh start. I understand not wanting to rock the boat to keep a two parent home to provide stability for the child. However, the child feels the tension and is aware of the strain in the marriage and family. It’s can be better to rip the bandage off quickly.

      I’m not sure if I will watch more of this series
      I understand your hesitation. I’m curious what the writer will do for 14 episodes to make this good watching considering the first 2 episodes’ content.

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