Tell Me What You Saw Episode 8 Recap

Tell Me What You Saw Episode 8 “Variable”

Lawyer Kim tracks the boy intending to recapture him.

Detective Yang Man Soo sees the house with an open door. He calls the rest of the team members.

Lawyer Kim calls to the boy warning him he must stay close so she can protect him. Recall she believes the boy is her dead son.

Detective Yang, Detective Jang Tae Sung and Team Lead Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) examine the apartment where the boy was kept. Detective Yang says the boy was there recently. Team Lead Hwang finds the note with Detective Cha’s phone number. Detective Jang finds sleeping pills. Detective Yang finds the door to nowhere. Detective Jang finds the bedroom. Team Lead Hwang declares they must find the boy and soon.

Detective Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) and genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) search or the boy.

Lawyer Kim calls to the boy, but he evades her. He finds himself in a room with hanging fabric. He looks in a mirror and sees Lawyer Kim’s dead son. Lawyer Kim appears and tells him it is time to go home. The boy cries. Lawyer Kim tells him to come with her. He shakes his head no. Lawyer Kim declares he is her son. She tells him to come with her.

Hyun Jae finds the room where the boy and Lawyer Kim just were. He sees the mirror. He looks in the mirror. He sees Han Yi Soo (Hyun Jae’s fiancée) banging on the car window where she was trapped just before she died. Hyun Jae puts his hand on the mirror but Yi Soo’s image disappears.

Detective Cha finds the boy strapped to a chair on the roof. She unties him and tells him all will be okay. Lawyer Kim approaches from behind swinging a wrench. Detective Cha sees the boy’s face and turns to see Lawyer Kim. She pivots, grabs the boy, and avoids the blow. She thanks Lawyer Kim for saving the boy. Lawyer Kim says that is her son. Detective Cha says she must stop.Lawyer Kim becomes enraged and declares that is her son. She goes to swing the wrench but Hyun Jae grabs her wrist and stops her.

He says her son died 5 years ago. Lawyer Kim points to the boy and says that is her son. Hyun Jae corrects her and declares she knows he’s right and that she must stop lying to herself. Lawyer Kim says the boy is her son.  She kneels in front of a mirror where she sees her dead son. She asks Hyun Jae if he sees her son. Hyun Jae tells her he sees her son. Hyun Jae tells her son can’t leave her because she’s struggling and suffering. He says it’s time to tell her son she’s okay. Then he can rest in peace. Lawyer Kim stops her pain. Her son disappears in the mirror.

Folks, that was empathy from Hyun Jae! We lived to see the day!

Team Lead Hwang arrests Lawyer Kim. Detective Yang and Detective Jang take her away.

Detective Cha apologizes for taking so long. The boy signs that he knew she’s come for him. They both smile. She returns his top. He shares he saw Lawyer Kim’s son in the mirror. He asks if it was real. Detective Cha says Lawyer Kim’s son was looking for him to protect him. They both smile.

Lawyer Kim asks Hyun Jae what he’s thinking. Hyun Jae wonders how much torture can someone’s pain inflict on them. Team Lead Hwang says Lawyer Kim’s son’s ashes were in the snow globe in her office. Detective Cha joins them and shares the boy believes he saw Lawyer Kim’s son. Hyun Jae remembers seeing Yi Soo in the mirror. He says everyone has a scar and the mirror revealed that.

If the mirror shows one’s scar, then it makes sense that Lawyer Kim saw her son and Hyun Jae saw Yi Soo, but it doesn’t compute that the boy saw Lawyer Kim’s son.

Detective Cha thanks Hyun Jae for helping. She says she accepts his offers should he need her help again.

The case of the missing boy is closed 57 hours after abduction.

Cue Intro…

Section Chief Choi reports to the press the boy is okay and declares the police never gave up hope that the boy was alive. Detective Yang and Detective Jang scoff in the back of the room.

The commissioner meets Hyun Jae by the river. He congratulates him for finding the boy. Hyun Jae demurs. The commissioner says things were rocky when he resurfaced but the commissioner wants Hyun Jae to help. Hyun Jae says the world doesn’t know about their ties.  The commissioner says the world doesn’t know about his tie to Yi Soo. He recounts swearing to his dying friend that he’d keep a close eye on his daughter (Yi Soo). The commissioner tells Hyun Jae RIU needs a new profiler. Hyun Jae considers.

Later that day Hyun Jae remembers…

Flashback…Hyun Jae, detectives and forensics examine a multiple murder scene. Hyun Jae says a Chinese kitchen knife was the weapon. Hyun Jae says they must think like the murderer.

Flashback…When Hyun Jae returns home, he tells Yi Soo that he saw many bodies. She reminds him those were family to someone. Yi Soo says his job is difficult. She says it’s time to rest together.

Team Lead Hwang finds Hyun Jae brooding. He shares he went to Sim Gyeong Su’s place (the killer that murdered the copycat, the vet and Profiler Na) and found an earbud that someone else was using to listen. He says the person on the other end destroyed their earbud. Team Lead Hwang wonders if that person controlled the killer. Hyun Jae wonders if that person is the peppermint candy killer. Hyun Jae says he must use himself as bait. RL asks if he’ll rejoin RIU. Hyun Jae confirms this.

Section Chief Choi approves Hyun Jae’s application to become the RIU profiler. He the Chief admit knowing the commissioner had a connection to Hyun Jae’s fiancée is good. The tells Section Chief Choi they are on the same side. Section Chief Choi says he doesn’t suspect the Chief but he has a lot to lose.

Detective Cha’s former partner helps her move into a new apartment. The front desk guy says boyfriends aren’t allowed. Her partner says he knows she’s doing this to find her mother’s killer. He’s sure she’ll find the hit and run driver. They fist bump. He suggests dinner. She agrees.

Nice to see her have support.

RIU team #1 takes a poll about Hyun Jae’s return. Detective Jang doesn’t like it. Detective Lee supports it. Detective Yang wants to know why Detective Jang doesn’t like it. Detective Jang says it will lower Detective Yang’s status on the team. Detective Cha is surprised to hear Hyun Jae is returning to the team.

That almost levity.

A man walking down a street hears a noise to the right and investigates. He sees two men fighting. One man is bald the other has a helmet on. The helmet man injects the bald man in the neck. Startled the observer moves back and makes a sound. The helmet man drops the bald man to the ground. Blood rushes down his face. The observer avoids detection.

RIU team #1 investigates. The murdered bald man was second in command of a gang. The scene with the body isn’t what we saw. The man is under a crane’s hand. Team Lead Hwang believes there is more to the story.  She tells the team it is unusual for the body to be displayed like this. She tells them to observe the crime scene. Hyun Jae walks down the street to the crime scene. Another man staggers down the street clutching his neck. He collapses. Blood rushes down his face. When the RIU team spots him, they rush to the body. Team Lead Hwang declares this is the second murder of the night. Hyun Jae says he bled to death. Team Lead Hwang says the other gang member was killed in the same way. Hyun Jae sees the observer in the crowd. He rushes away.

4 men spot him. He runs. They chase. The observer avoids detection. He ducks in his house. And works on a painting.  He sees the helmet man stride by his house. He breathes in fear.

The four men report to the head of the gang they didn’t find the observer. He says he has to be found before the police find him.

The next day the team discusses possibilities. Detective Yang suggests the head of the gang directed his gang to commit the murders. Team Lead Hwang says that open murders are unusual for gangs. Team Lead Hwang orders the head of the gang on the do not flee list.

Detective Jang complains that Hyun Jae isn’t at the team meeting. Detective Lee says Hyun Jae and Detective Cha are investigating.

Hyun Jae and Detective Cha arrive to speak with an informant Bak Man about the murders. Reluctantly the man says both murdered men used to be with one gang, then betrayed them and joined the other gang. Since then it has been quiet. Hyun Jae directs Bak Man to call Detective Cha should anything else occur to him. That’s the last thing Bak Man wants to do, but under Hyun Jae’s stare he agrees.

Detective Lee gets a call that the head of one gang is coming to the police station to talk. The entire RIU team one is taken aback. The head of the gang arrives at the police station. The other officers can’t believe their eyes. Team Lead Hwang, Detective Yang, and Detective Jang greet him. He claims he killed the two men. Team Lead Hwang arrests him. Detective Jang handcuffs him. The head of the gang is taken away.

Section Chief Choi can’t believe that the head of the gang confessed. He murmurs “what was he thinking?”

Detective Yang and Detective Jang interrogate the head of the gang. They show him his car was in the area. They ask why he killed the two men. The head of the gang laughs. Team Lead Hwang takes over the interrogation. Detective Yang says any confession can be retracted. Detective Lee says they have to issue an arrest warrant within 48 hours. Section Chief Choi arrives to watch. Team Lead Hwang asks why he came to the police but won’t talk. The head of the gang says he’ll only talk to Hyun Jae. Section Chief Choi strides out of the room.

Hyun Jae and Detective Cha return the murder scene of the first man. Hyun Jae says the poison through the neck was clean and cruel. He says the showmanship of the murder is obvious. Team Lead Hwang calls Hyun Jae.

The Chief heads to Section Chief Choi’s office and demands to know what’s happening. Section Chief Choi points out he can’t stop the investigation. The Chief declares if the head of the gang talks, they are done for. Section Chief Choi doesn’t believe the head of the gang will talk about that.  The Chief asks if there is sufficient evidence to connect him to the murders. Section Chief Choi says it is all circumstantial. The Chief says he’ll get the case transferred to prosecution ASAP.

Hyun Jae arrives. Team Lead Hwang says the head of the gang will only talk to him.

Hyun Jae enters the interrogation room. He moves his chair to the end of the table. He asks why he asked for him. The head of the gang says he’d be caught sooner or later and wanted a friend to interrogate him. Hyun Jae laughs. He says there are three kinds of friends: ones that like you, ones that hate you, and ones that don’t care about you. The head of the gang prefers the second type. Hyun Jae warns him that if he’s stalling in hopes they won’t find the evidence, he’ll regret it. The head of the gang tells Hyun Jae to ask questions. Hyun Jae asks what he’s hiding. The head of the gang says if Hyun Jae figures that out, he’ll tell him everything.

Behind the two-way mirror, Team Lead Hwang tells the team that the head of the gang has been indicated 17 times but never convicted. Hyun Jae enters and says they must find sufficient evidence. Team Lead Hwang suggests raiding the head of the gang’s office again to find something forensics missed. Hyun Jae says they have to find out the why the head of the gang is doing this. Detective Lee gets a text from Section Chief Choi to come to his office.

Detective Lee arrives in Section Chief Choi’s office. Section Chief Choi orders Detective Lee to tell him everything said between Hyun Jae and the head of the gang. He reminds Detective Lee that he helped him get to his current position in the department. Detective Lee acknowledges this.

The observer is chased again by gang members and avoids detection again. Just as he’s about to enter the street he sees the helmet man and ducks out of sight. He returns to his home and watches the helmet man’s feet pass by. He watches the man pass through a crack in the window. He sags with relief.

Detective Cha and Team Lead Hwang arrive at the office of the head of the gang and search. Team Lead Hwang wonders what they missed the first time. Detective Cha remembers a fish tank that had something with the letter L from the first search. She looks in the fish tank and sees the letter L. Team Lead Hwang fishes out a vial of poison, the same poison used to kill the two men. Team Lead Hwang calls in the evidence and heads to forensics.

The head of the gang waits in the interrogation room. There are 36 hours left until he will be released. Detective Cha spells Detective Lee. She hands Hyun Jae the evidence report. Hyun Jae hands it to the head of the gang. He shuts his eyes and claims he killed the two men because they betrayed him. Hyun Jae laughs and says that isn’t how he operates. Hyun Jae points out the evidence wasn’t complicated any of the detectives would have found it. He asks why the head of the gang is confessing. The head of the gang says Hyun Jae would have arrested him eventually. The head of the gang notes that he’s claiming he’s guilty while Hyun Jae is claiming he’s not. Detective Cha notices the man is staring at the tumbler on the table. Hyun Jae says he doesn’t believe him. The man stares at the tumbler. Detective Cha moves the tumbler. The head of the gang says he’s done talking for the day. Team Lead Hwang tells Detective Yang and Detective Jang to take him to a holding cell.

In the bullpen, Detective Yang and Detective Jang recommend sending the case to prosecution. Team Lead Hwang doesn’t believe the vial of poison is sufficient evidence. She points out he can recant his confession at any time. Hyun Jae believes the head of the gang is hiding something. Detective Cha thinks about the tumbler. Detective Cha says the head of the gang was watching the clock reflected in the tumbler. Team Lead Hwang guesses that the head of the gang didn’t want Hyun Jae at the scene of the crime. Hyun Jae believes the evidence lies in the connection of the murder victims.

The next day, Bak Man calls Detective Cha and says the gang is looking fervently for someone. She reports this to the team. Hyun Jae says it is a witness to the murders. Team Lead Hwang declares they have to find the witness before the gang does.

Detective Jang brings the head of the gang supper. He dumps the rice into his soup. He read the message “we couldn’t find him” in the bottom of the rice bowl.

The coroner finds a button in the first victim’s mouth. Detective Lee gives Hyun Jae the fax from the coroner. Hyun Jae sees the button found in the mouth of the murder victim, matches the buttons minus a missing one from the head of the gang’s jacket. He tells the head of the gang his missing button is now evidence. The head of the gang doesn’t seem to care his button was inside the victim’s stomach. Hyun Jae laughs. He never told the head of the gang where the button was. He asks if someone tried to shove it down the murder victim’s throat after the fact. The head of the gang claims he killed the victims. Hyun Jae and the man stare at each other. Detective Lee interrupts asking to speak with Hyun Jae. He leaves the room.

Section Chief Choi asks Hyun Jae to have a seat. He asks if being back is good. Hyun Jae asks why he wants to see him. Section Chief Choi asks how the interrogation is going. Hyun Jae says Section Chief Choi already knows everything. Section Chief Choi says this case is high profile and upper management are uncomfortable. Hyun Jae ask if the discomfort is because of the head of the gang or him. Section Chief Choi laughs. He says Hyun Jae wouldn’t make upper management uncomfortable. He asks why Hyun Jae returned to the force. Hyun Jae states he wants to protect people’s lives and assets and ensure public safety. Hyun Jae stands to leave. Section Chief Choi asks if Hyun Jae is still living in the past. Hyun Jae says he’s done with that. He says he has work to do. He leaves.

The head of the gang sits in the interrogation room.

Hyun Jae returns to his lair and listens to Yi Soo’s music. He stares at her ring. He drinks. He sits in the wheelchair with his feet propped up on the window sill.

LOL, still in the wheelchair. Jang Hyuk loves his props.

The observer is spotted by the gang searching for him. He runs.

Detective Cha, Detective Yang, Detective Jang sees the man being chased by the gang from their stakeout vehicle. They pursue.

The gang finally corners the observer. A gang member calls in that they have the witness.

3 hours until the gang member is released…Team Lead Hwang watches the gang member from behind the two-way mirror.

Detective Cha, Detective Yang, Detective Jang arrive at yell at the gang surrounding the man. Fighting ensues. The observer runs. Detective Cha catches up with him and shows her badge. The observer declares he saw the murder. Detective Cha calls Team Lead Hwang.

Team Lead Hwang takes the call from Detective Cha. She tells Hyun Jae they have the witness. That gets Hyun Jae’s attention.

My Thoughts

The kidnapped boy is saved and the witness to the next set of murders is found. Writers Ko Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun wrapped up the kidnapped boy’s rescue before the opening credits. The boy’s faith that Detective Cha would find him and wide smile when he signed that was a lovely moment. Then we moved to the next set of murders. Two defecting gang members were killed by a man in a helmet.  The observer saw it happen and was hunted the entire episode. The head of the defecting gang turned himself and waited for his men to find the witness so he could recant his confession. Producer Director Kim Sang Hoon and the production team couldn’t make this episode riveting. Too much waiting while nothing happened during the search for the witness. Who is the helmet man? Is he separate from the gang? Why was the cowardly Chief worried about the head of the gang talking about the incident? What incident? What was Section Chief Choi worried that the head of the gang would tell Hyun Jae? Is someone directing the peppermint candy killer? Who and why? This overarching mystery is what made this episode worth watching after the kidnapped boy was rescued.

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) showed empathy! Hyun Jae gently told the living in the past mother to let her tell her son she’s okay so he could rest in peace. I was thrilled to see it happen. Is Hyun Jae’s heart thawing? I loved that the mirror revealed Lawyer Kim’s source of pain (her dead son) and Hyun Jae’s source of pain (Yi Soo). That was effective use of a prop. Speaking of props, I got a kick out of watching Hyun Jae hang out in his wheelchair while in his lair. Good to have him back with RIU team #1. Now the cowardly Chief and Section Chief Choi know about his relationship with the commissioner. Did they have something to do with the peppermint candy killer and Yi Soo’s death? Why?

Detective Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) had a sweet reunion with the kidnapped boy. She returned his top and earned a big smile. She apologized for taking so long to find him. The darling boy assured her he knew she’d find him. My hats off to the young actor that played the kidnapped boy. I was rooting for him to survive.

Team Leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) was assigned Hyun Jae and Section Chief Choi approved it. He didn’t do it because he wanted to but because he had to. Section Chief Choi didn’t insult Team Lead Hwang this episode (his focus was on Hyun Jae). I like this character. I want more of this character.

I rate this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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15 comments on “Tell Me What You Saw Episode 8 Recap
  1. beezrtp says:

    I don’t know, kjt. I mean did Hyun jae show real empathy or did he just say what he knows from experience and study of human behavior what he knew would get through to the mom? (I’m not ready for him to thaw just yet.) lol

    I’m not feeling this whole mirror thing. I’d be okay with the mom seeing her son and Hyun jae seeing his wife because they’re both not wrapped too tight because of their grief or we could say they saw what they wanted to see and other types of psyche stuff BUT I’m not cool with Hyin joo(?)(little boy) seeing mom’s son. That changes the entire genre of the show to something supernatural or occult. Not that OCN isn’t free to do whatever type of genre they want to but then they better have these elements throughout the remaining parts of the show. Either we’re dealing with science – (edietic memory and profiling) or supernatural. C’mon OCN, pick one!

    (And how did the magic mirror get up on the roof with them since it was in the building? So now there’s two magic mirrors. Quit playin’ wit me, OCN. Quit playin’.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Drama Fan says:

      Jang Hyuk and the PD said in the press conference that this show will have fantasy elements. Maybe this is what they referred to. There is also a lot of talk within the drama about “distorted realities”, “what you see might not be the truth” , “the unreliable nature of memory” We know OHJ hallucinated (now twice) so he himself is an “unreliable character”, etc Try to adjust your lenses because I think in this drama what we “see” is never the whole truth. We will not know anything until the end (or maybe never ha!) Btw the production answered recently about OHJs scar and why its fresh. The scar represents OHJ who is stuck in the past. Its symbolism that his wound is still open, fresh. Its not meant to be realistic. I don’t know why but the atmosphere of this drama has always felt like fantasy to me, the OST too, everything is a bit “hyperreal” like anime or comic like, so I don’t really have a problem accepting these elements.


      • Jang Hyuk and the PD said in the press conference that this show will have fantasy elements. Maybe this is what they referred to. There is also a lot of talk within the drama about “distorted realities”…The scar represents OHJ who is stuck in the past. Its symbolism that his wound is still open, fresh.
        I can see that though I watch with a literal eye first. Hyun Jae’s statement that the mirror showed one’s scars was well done in the literal and fantasy point of view for himself and Lawyer Kim.

        Liked by 1 person

      • beezrtp says:

        I can hang with fantasy and with serial murderer thrillers, etc. In fact, I’m game for anything. It’s just that gaping jumps of logic pull me out of anything I’m watching.

        But it’s Jang hyuk so, of course, I’m watching.

        Liked by 2 people

    • did Hyun jae show real empathy or did he just say what he knows from experience and study of human behavior what he knew would get through to the mom…how did the magic mirror get up on the roof?
      I took it as empathy rather than manipulation. However, if Hyun Jae brought the mirror to the rooftop, you could argue that visual aide was manipulative. But it got the job done.

      BUT I’m not cool with Hyin joo(?)(little boy) seeing mom’s son.
      That didn’t ring true if the mirror reflected a person’s scars as Hyun Jae said. The boy had no connection to the dead child.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Drama Fan says:

        I think OHJ looked very sad, not cold. I also think It was empathy even if on the most basic level, since he is feeling sorry for himself too. But the fact that he can make that connection is important. He already felt this before in that scene when he helped Sooyoung and told him “I felt pity for you and for myself”


      • beezrtp says:

        I didn’t think of that! And even though I don’t think that’s what happened based on what they showed us, I’m going to add it on my mind as if it did because that makes way more sense than just a random mirror (or even worse, the same mirror) conveniently (magically?) appearing on the roof. lol

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Drama Fan says:

    I wanted to say, despite the flaws this drama may have, there are moments I’m enjoying very much. The scene when OHJ stopped the mom from hitting Sooyoung and his words to her, I really liked it. The actress who played the mom made me cry. Her scream when she finally let go of her child was heart-wrenching. Oh Hyun Jae’s eyes were full of sadness. He clearly identified with her. It was as if he wanted to tell himself those words. And Sooyoung also cried, I believe at that moment, she also felt sorry for herself, since she is also postponing her present, in search for her mother’s killer, she probably also realized how much pain OHJ is still living with and of course she felt sorry for the mom. It was my favorite scene in the drama so far.


    • I was excited that empathy was unearthed and revealed in Hyun Jae…a Jang Hyuk magic moment. I took Detective Cha’s tears as the empathy she feels for others versus inward. Regardless, it was a superb scene.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Drama Fan says:

        Doesn’t empathy require that you “know” the feeling? If you never experience pain yourself, is it possible for you to know what it is and therefore understand what others feel?


        • beezrtp says:

          That’s my understanding of the definition as well, but wouldn’t hyun jae qualify as having undergone the samene type of loss? (I’m saying that for the sake of argument of the show/character because I doubt if there’s any loss as profound as losing your child.)

          Liked by 2 people

          • Drama Fan says:

            Pain is pain, it’s not my intention to compare pains or whose pain should or will be stronger given that it is all relative. My comment is more, related to something I read once. There was this science fiction book where some aliens removed “pain” from earth and humans started to “forget” how to feel empathy, compassion and also how to appreciate happiness. More or less the concept that, if you never experience darkness you don’t see the “light. If you are never sick, you don’t technically know what it feels like so its hard for you to relate as well. But most of us (who are not psychopaths) don’t really need to experience the same exact kind of illness/pain/feeling as another person in order to “understand” or at least “empathize” with what they might be feeling, right? since we can probably imagine, project etc. However, OHJ, who might not be a sociopath but is definitely on some antisocial spectrum (I think) has experienced loss, but even before that loss he was already “numbed”. And after the loss he is clearly in pain but in deep denial (just like the mom with her child) So yeah, I think he empathized with her in that sense, just like he did with Sooyoung before (the first time he helped her) in the sense that he perceives they are both stuck in the past, searching for closure.

            Liked by 1 person

  3. Drama Fan says:

    Hi @Beez I bring here, 40somethingahjumma’s post from Soompi. I love her insights:

    When Hyukkie drops the tone in his voice, my heart does flip flops. Even with that dishevelled, unkempt hairstyle, he exudes a vulnerability that makes him the acting powerhouse that he is.

    Undoubtedly there are many sides to OHJ and we’re catching glimpses of all of them in various contexts. When I look at him I wonder what it is like being him: perceiving the world from the point of view of criminal minds and being so good at it. How does he cope with having to deal with that level of evil routinely? It isn’t just the serial nutjobs or the homicidal maniacs but also having to navigate the heady world of corrupt police politics. It must be painful to be this intelligent, to be able to skillfully see through people’s actions… which could be more of a curse than a blessing. (Like the female protagonist from last year’s Black)

    Judging from that flashback with I-Su it occurred to me that she acted as OHJ’s connection with his own humanity, an intermediary between his incredible mind and his emotions. Yes, she and her music was his refuge from the demands of a job that is beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals. But more than that she gave him “permission” to process and to feel. She was obviously special in that she was able to accept his idiosyncrasies as a matter of fact and loved him for it. When he lost her, he lost the lamp that would lead him out of the shroud of darkness that enveloped him while working on the horrors that humans manage to inflict on each other.

    It is wise for the show not to overuse SY’s picturing ability to the point where she single-handedly solves cases. She is still part of a team and her ability enhances the deductive process, rather than overwhelms it. She is still very much a member of a team and a novice in investigative work. I do like where the show is headed in terms of stories and there’s generally a decent delegation of tasks across the board.

    I suppose we don’t really need to comment much more about Chief Choi or Park Sun Eun. They’re up to their necks in doggy doodoo. Even to the point of having questionable relationships with gangs. Honestly I find these two as much of a problem or if not more of a problem than the criminals that we’re looking at here. I hate to think about what those two got up to to get where they are now.

    The big lesson from the kidnapped boy case is that we need to care for those who are vulnerable a lot better than we do. OHJ’s question to SY was a provocative one. Why is she especially concerned for this child? Is it because of his impairment? Would she have noticed him if not for her family background? I think there’s something to the implications of his comment. There are many people in our society that at the fringes. Depending on where we live or how cocooned we are, they tend to escape our notice. Unless they are part of our reality they are not normally in our frame of reference. Would we care if we didn’t have blind friend or have a relative that has Down’s syndrome? To balance that of course is that we can’t individually help every single person… which is what OHJ might be hinting at. Can we? If we can’t… how responsible are we for the lives of others?

    The past is a perpetual conundrum for us humans. On the one hand, there is much to be gained from learning the lessons the past has to offer us… history… on the other hand, handled badly, the past becomes a prison or a place or torment that I think is often (not always) self-inflicted. We saw an extreme example of what happens when people can’t let go of loved ones who have gone to the other side. The delusion can be dangerous to others. On the up side the past can be a motivating force for good. It can give us a passion for doing good and for seeking the truth. I think it’s valid that OHJ wants answers about that fateful night 5 years ago when in his mind there are so many questions still. He lost someone dear to him. For an intelligent, driven man it’s hard when answers aren’t forthcoming. The same for SY. She needs closure for her mother’s accident and that drive has given her the passion for public service. Needless to say we wouldn’t be the people that we are (or have the myriad K dramas that we have) if it weren’t for the past.

    There’s definitely a fair bit more to the murder of the gang members. Is Hwa Tae Sik just trying to get his hands on the witness? That may only be part of it. Because from where I’m standing it looks like he’s trying to protect the culprit. I’m also wondering if he’s trying to create confusion and manipulate OHJ in the Epilogue by doing this. It seems to me that the culprit with the motorcycle helmet is acting on his/her own and HTS is trying to clean up after him/her. A family member perhaps or someone who is considered family exacting vengeance on traitors.

    Liked by 1 person

    • beezrtp says:

      Very interesting. Thanks, DramaFan for taking the time to get the comment and post it here.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        When we had the Isu 🎻⚓ flashback, I had the same kind of feeling … that Isu 🎻⚓ kept Hyun Jae grounded to humanity, giving him a balance from the necessity of being detached to excel in being objective in his investigations. Hyun Jae is floating free of emotion without his anchor 🎻⚓ … it is an unhealthy balance that we saw get a little course correction in this episode.

        “Yoo Bin can’t leave because his mom is having a hard time” -Hyun Jae. So, does that mean Isu can’t leave because as use Hyun Jae is having a hard time❓⁉️ Hyun Jae literally did all that he could, literally risking his life, to rescue Isu 🎻⚓.


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February 2020

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