Tell Me What You Saw Episode 7 Recap

Tell Me What You Saw Episode 7 “Reflection”

Detective Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) arrives at the scene with the car. The police and forensics are examining the scene. Detective Cha asks if they found a note. She asks to examine the car. The police officer that she encountered on the suitcase night tells her to get lost. He doesn’t care that she knows the boy. She sees her former partner and explains she met the missing boy and gave him a note with her phone number. Just then the police are ordered to search the hills for the missing boy. The police officer in charge declares they should switch to locating the body because the boy couldn’t survive for 27 hours in the hills. Detective Cha tells him the boy could still be alive. Prove it the officer says. He tells her the pervert cut off his ankle bracelet. He orders her removed. Her former partner rushes to escort her.

Detective Cha holds the “direct to Hyun Jae” earpiece. She hesitates then puts it in her ear.

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) hears the beep and puts his earpiece in. Detective Cha says she’ll accept his offer. But first she needs his help to find a missing child. He asks if she knows the child. She confirms this. Hyun Jae says the child won’t survive longer than 30 hours alone in the hills. He tells her to meet him at the school where the child was abducted.

Hmm, the child has minimal hours left, he’s up in the woods, but let’s meet at the school?

Hyun Soo hides from the pervert once again. He cries hoping he won’t be found. The pervert finds him.

Cue Intro…

Section Chief Choi Hyung Pil tells the Chief that working the missing child case will have benefits. He assigned the case to RIU Team #1, he hopes Hyun Jae gets involved, if they fail, it’s good for them. The Chief asks if he did assign the high-profile case to deflect the press’s negative attention about the peppermint candy killer and create a reason to fire Team Lead Hwang. Section Chief Choi’s smile is a yes.

Team Lead Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) calls Hyun Jae to request his help officially on the missing child case. Detective Yang Man Soo, Detective Lee Ji Min (Section Chief Choi’s mole), and Detective Jang Tae Sung are surprised by Team Lead Hwang’s request. Team Lead Hwang tells Detective Yang and Detective Jang to accompany her to the scene while Detective Lee is to stay and manage the communication.

Hyun Jae tells Detective Cha that the boy was likely frightened by the pervert and took the opposite route when he left the school.

He got that right.

Detective Yang and Detective Jang debate involving Detective Cha. Team Lead Hwang tells them Detective Cha is already involved.

Hyun Jae and Detective Cha find the spot where the boy hid and where the pervert, pulled the boy out of his hiding place. Hyun Jae finds the boy’s top. Hyun Jae declares the pervert dragged the boy away. He states they must go to the pervert’s house.

RIU Team #1 arrive at the local police station and are informed the suspect is a known pervert. Detective Yang says the pervert doesn’t have family. She directs Detective Jang to contact the pervert’s previous victim’s parents.

Hyun Jae and Detective Cha arrive at the pervert’s house. Hyun Jae says the pervert prefers children for sex. Hyun Jae states the gaming equipment is bait for the children. He finds a medicine for arthritis. Detective Cha moves the big bear stuffed animal and finds a camera. They play the tape showing the boy running away from the pervert after he made a move on him. Detective Cha feels terrible. Hyun Jae asks if she feels empathy for the boy because he can’t speak like her parents. Detective Cha counters that Hyun Jae has no empathy. Hyun Jae says they must find the boy.

The former victim’s father doesn’t want to talk about what happened to his son. He says the pervert almost beat his child to death but he only got 2 years in prison. He tells them to catch him, find the boy, and put the pervert away for a lifetime. They decide to search the reservoir.

Hyun Jae asks Detective Cha to describe what she saw at the scene where the car was left. Hyun Jae tells her to tell him if the car was clean. It was clean is Detective Cha’s reply. Hyun Jae says the pervert hides his true tendencies. Hyun Jae says the boy was captive in the trunk. Detective Cha says the car was in a fender bender recently. Hyun Jae wonders why the car was abandoned. Hyun Jae believes there is evidence to be found nearby. Detective Cha searches the nearby grounds in her mind. She finds a down feather.

Nice job having both Hyun Jae and Detective Cha examine her memory together!

Hyun Jae believes another person was involved. He directs her to a nearby blanket factory. Detective Cha hopes the boy is alive. Hyun Jae admits even if the boy is alive, he’ll be traumatized. Detective Cha still wants the boy to live.

Detective Yang tells Team Lead Hwang and Detective Jang his son is the same age as the missing child. Hyun Jae texts an address to Hyun Jae.

Detective Cha and Hyun Jae arrive at the blanket factory. They show the picture of the child to the workers. Hyun Jae notices a worker with dusty boot and watch that doesn’t belong to him. The man runs. Detective Cha takes off after him. Hyun Jae takes a more leisurely pace. They lose him. Hyun Jae believes he is hiding in a storage facility. Hyun Jae goes upstairs while Detective Cha searches downstairs. We see the man hiding. The rest of RIU Team #1 arrives. The man and Hyun Jae fall from the second floor. The man tries to attack RIU Team #1 but they arrest him. They ask what he knows. The man claims he buried a body. Detective Cha grabs him and demands details.

The police dig where the man indicated. They find something. They unearth the pervert in a bag. Hyun Jae says the boy is somewhere where he can’t make a phone call.

What? The pervert is dead? Who killed him?

The boy frees himself from the bag. He’s in a house filled with toys. He sees a phone. He tries to call Detective Cha. A woman walks into the room and cuts the phone line.

Detective Yang and Detective Jang interrogate the man who admits to killing the pervert. He claims he can’t remember what happened to the boy.

Team Lead Hwang takes over the interrogation. She mirrors the man’s movements.  She says the pervert was bad man. She says the boy is smart. She says he’s a good man. She asks where the boy is. The man says his lawyer is coming. Team Lead Hwang sighs.

Hyun Jae wonders who crashed into the pervert’s car. Detective Cha reports none of the collision centers received a car with damage like what they are looking for. Hyun Jae finds it odd that the man has a lawyer. He tells Detective Cha to find the lawyer and all the background about the man she can.

The boy is dressed in nice clothes. The woman makes him food. She gets a call and tells the boy she’ll be back soon.

OMG! It’s the lawyer that hit the pervert’s car!

The boy says he wants to go home. She pats him and tells him to stay put. She says he can’t leave. She won’t let him get in an accident like he did before. She tells “her son” she will return son.

This poor kid is living in an endless nightmare!

Team Lead Hwang doesn’t believe the man in custody is the master mind. The man’s lawyer arrives.

Hmm, it’s NOT the lawyer that hit the pervert’s car.

Team Lead Hwang, Detective Yang and Detective Jang exit the police station. The reporters swarm. They ask if the boy is alive. Team Lead Hwang says they have to believe the boy is alive until proven otherwise.

The Chief asks Section Chief Choi if the boy is alive. Section Chief Choi believes the boy is dead and they are searching for a body. The Chief says he hasn’t found out why the pervert was released after 2 years. He wonders who pulled the strings to accomplish the early release.

The boy cries. He tries the doors but they are locked or go nowhere. He finds a key.  He unlocks a door to a bedroom. He sees a picture of the lawyer and a boy in the same suit he’s wearing. He sees a bump under the bed. He pulls back the covers and finds a large stuffed animal.

That was a relief.

Detective Cha and Hyun Jae arrive at the man’s lawyer’s office. It’s closed. They go down the hall to Lawyer Kim’s office. They ask to speak with Lawyer Kim. Hyun Jae says it is about a child custody case. Detective Cha sees a picture on the wall that matches a picture found in the car. They enter lawyer Kim’s office. She welcomes them. Hyun Jae tells Lawyer Kim his companion needs to stand because she has a headache. Detective Cha scans the room while Hyun Jae explains he’s involved in a child custody case.  Hyun Jae claims Detective Cha is his sister. Detective Cha touches a snow globe but Lawyer Kim stops her. Hyun Jae says Lawyer Kim is a positive person for working with children. Lawyer Kim says children don’t lie. Detective Cha says Hyun Jae he should try to resolve the custody issue with his wife before involving Lawyer Kim. Hyun Jae agrees. Lawyer Kim tells Hyun Jae to put the child’s welfare first.

As Hyun Jae and Detective Cha walk away, Hyun Jae says that Lawyer Kim and the man where in the same volunteer group. Detective Cha reports that Lawyer Kim had OCD tendencies. Detective Cha says there were no mirrors. Hyun Jae wonders if she has loss or anxiety in her life. He says Lawyer Kim may appear perfect, but she’s not. He says Lawyer Kim merits further investigation.

Hyun Jae and Detective Cha arrive to observe the interrogation. Team Lead Hwang says the man claims he can’t remember. Detective Jang enters and reports that Lawyer Kim was the man’s advocate. Hyun Jae says Lawyer Kim is grooming the man. He believes Lawyer Kim had the fender bender with the pervert.

Flashback…Lawyer Kim hits the pervert’s car. She wants to report it. He gets angry. She falls down and sees the boy in the trunk of the pervert’s car. She gets a wrench and bashes the pervert to death.

Hyun Jae says Lawyer Kim killed the pervert and called the man to bury the body.

Flashback…Lawyer Kim open the trunk and finds the boy.

Flashback…The man arrives at the scene, puts the pervert’s body in the trunk and drives him it to the mountain to bury.

RIU Team #1 arrive at Lawyer Kim’s office. She sees them pull up and exits the office before they get there. Detective Yang reports that Lawyer Kim escaped. Detective Lee locates her vehicle on CCTV. He calls the license number. Detective Yang and Detective Jang sees her car and force her off the road.  She runs down a bank dragging a suitcase. BUT it isn’t Lawyer Kim. It’s another woman. She claims she was only doing what Lawyer Kim told her to do. Team Lead Hwang opens the suitcase. It has body parts from a mannequin.

I KNEW a mannequin would be used in this series.

The woman, Lawyer Kim’s paralegal says that Lawyer Kim took over the public defender’s cases (the same public defender that represented the pervert). The woman doesn’t know where the boy is. Hyun Jae says the boy is with Lawyer Kim as they speak. Hyun Jae says he only needs a clue to figure out where Lawyer Kim is.

Detective Cha searches her images of Lawyer Kim’s office. She remembers missing child posters. Hyun Jae recalls seeing missing child posters around town. He notes the missing child is a similar age as the boy. Team Lead Hwang calls in the request to Detective Lee for information about Lawyer Kim. Hyun Jae remembers that Lawyer Kim didn’t want her to touch the snow globe. Detective Cha says there was a miniature building in the snow globe. Team Lead Hwang reports Lawyer Kim’s son went missing and was found dead 5 years ago. Hyun Jae says Lawyer Kim continues to put up missing child flyers and can’t admit her son is dead. He’s sure she has the boy. Detective Cha searches her images of the snow globe. She sees the name Miro Land on the building the mother and son are standing in front of.  Its an amusement park. Team Lead Hwang calls it into Detective Lee. He checks and says it is a close amusement park Lawyer Kim’s father used to run. He sends the team the address.

Lawyer Kim plays Jenga with the boy. She promises they’ll never be parted. The boy spies Lawyer Kim’s cell phone. He grabs it and tries to run.  He goes into a bedroom but can’t work the phone. Lawyer Kim bashes the doorknob off. She looks in the hole. The boy pushes her down and runs into the empty amusement park. Lawyer Kim follows promising that she won’t hurt the boy.

Egad, this poor kid.

Hyun Jae says Lawyer Kim considers the boy her son and the police as obstruction to her happiness.

The boy hides. Lawyer Kim searches. Once again, the adult finds him.

The kid has terrible luck hiding.

RIU Team #1 arrive at the amusement park. They fan out. Hyun Jae and Detective Cha search together. Hyun Jae directs her to search a corridor. Detective Yang, Detective Jang and Team Lead Hwang find a building with an open door. Detective Cha finds the boy on the rooftop. He’s tied to a chair. She asks if he’s okay. Lawyer Kim approaches Detective Cha from behind with a wrench in her hand. The boy’s eyes widen in terror. Detective Cha turns and sees Lawyer Kim’s arm raised and poised to strike.

My Thoughts

The kidnapped boy is going to need psychiatric help when this is done. Writers Ko Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun unfolded the story to reveal the connection points that weren’t immediately obvious. Producer Director Kim Sang Hoon and the production team kept the pace and situation perilous for the child that escaped sure death by the pervert only to fall into the clutches of Lawyer Kim who viewed him as her long-lost son. The episode opened with a statement stating the child actor would receive help to cope with what he had to portray. I see why. The break from the peppermint candy killer was welcome. Is Hyun Jae a sanctioned member of RIU Team #1?

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) realized Lawyer Kim murdered the pervert. That was a leap in logic to see that Lawyer Kim drove the car involved in the fender bender with the pervert, saw the boy in the trunk, murdered the pervert and called the man to move the pervert’s car and bury the body.  When Hyun Jae told Detective Cha that her empathy stemmed from seeing the similarities between the mute boy and her parents, he was right. When Detective Cha retorted that Hyun Jae had no empathy, she was right.

Detective Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) mined her rolodex memory for answers to find the boy. She fed Hyun Jae the information he needed to draw the conclusions that allowed the team to track down the boy.

Team Leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) was assigned the boy’s case by Section Chief Choi. He didn’t do it because he believes in Team Lead Hwang or RIU Team #1 but because he wanted her and their failure. He wants her gone with a malice of a man that has something to hide. What is it? Does anyone else find her steely stare intimidating?

The third song of the OST is sung by KIM HAN Gyul and called “Remember

I rate this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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25 comments on “Tell Me What You Saw Episode 7 Recap
  1. beezrtp says:

    Another actress to add to my favs just based on her expression when Oh Hyun jaye asks her is she always empathic. lol
    So then I look her up to see if I’ve ever seen her in anything else and I just watched her last week in a supporting role in Miss & Mrs. Cops. I didn’t even recognize her! She was strikingly gorgeous in the movie. And then I find out she’s a Kpop idol from Girls Generation which tells me I need to stop being so prejudiced against idol actors.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just looked up her filmography and this is the first time watching this actress/singer. She does have talent. I was wondering if it is a relief to work a show where wardrobe and make-up take a back seat to story.

      Liked by 1 person

      • beezrtp says:

        I’m guessing, probably not for actresses, especially in South Korea.

        She’s still pretty in this but in the movie she really stood out and she wasn’t even in glamorized make up. Her role was as a desk clerk with hidden IT hacker skills so they didn’t “Hollywood glam” her make up. And for this current role, OCN had done a good job of keeping it realistic as far as her makeup.


    • Drama Fan says:

      I heard Sooyoung was very good in the drama “My Spring Days” directed by “Thank You” PD (Apparently it had a similar vibe)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. beezrtp says:

    “The man runs. Detective Cha takes off after him. Hyun Jae takes a more leisurely pace.” kjt
    I’m wondering is Jang Hyuk playing this a tad bit too, too cool? Why didn’t he take off running after the suspect too?


    • All that time in the wheelchair, he is still finding he legs. 😉 Because he believes in his brain, he decided to let her do the physical while he calculated where the man was hiding.


    • Drama Fan says:

      He also sits whenever he gets a chance. She is definitely in charge of the running. He won’t be bothered with that.

      Liked by 1 person

      • beezrtp says:

        Reading you guys’ responses makes me think that maybe his not giving chase is because he does have injuries although not as severe as we once thought.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Drama Fan says:

          He does sit a lot and its probably not just him trying to look cool but he is probably actually tired lol plus he just doesn’t take off and run like Sooyoung, he’ll look for the shortcut. It suits his character.

          Liked by 1 person

    • Drama Fan says:

      If you could read 40 sth ahjumma’s analysis on Soompi. It might help you appreciate this drama more. It’s not rose colored but mostly focused on the “feelings” and emotions not so much on the plot and I think that’s the best lense to appreciate this drama. The slow but definite healing process of OHJ and Sooyoung. This drama is working much better than Voice to me, in that aspect.


      • beezrtp says:

        Yes! Much better than The Voice (so far).

        I would actually go to Soompi to check out what you’ve referring to, but Soompi and I have some weird disconnect. I contacted them about the technical problems I have when I try to interact on Soompi but it was never resolved so I just gave up.

        Liked by 2 people

      • It’s not rose colored but mostly focused on the “feelings” and emotions not so much on the plot and I think that’s the best lense to appreciate this drama. The slow but definite healing process of OHJ and Sooyoung. This drama is working much better than Voice to me, in that aspect
        Well said. This drama is NOT about the killer but the Detectives which is opposite of Voice.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. beezrtp says:

    “The kidnapped boy is going to need psychiatric help when this is done.” kjt
    Have you guys peeped the disclaimer at beginning of episodes “filmed while tending to the mental state of the child actor …” [that parts good] but “we promise to follow up with counseling and needed treatments” is problematic. Why film a child in scenes where there’s a possibility he/she will be traumatized to that degree? Maybe the answer lies in casting older children who are small for their age but can better process that it’s not real.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Drama Fan says:

      I may sound insensitive but I honestly don’t think the scenes were dark enough to traumatize the kid. If was more traumatized by some of my childhood games and horror movies I used to watch lol The kid will be fine and thats probably just the production following some korean FCC law

      Liked by 1 person

      • beezrtp says:

        You don’t sound insensitive at all. But to me, the disclaimer itself sounds insensitive. Although it could also be a lost in translation thing. At least I hope it is because no one should ever purposely create trauma in a child and for purposes of entertaining adults at that!

        I respect the fact that in the movie Silenced about child rape and abuse, they used teenagers who were small in size to portray the very young children’s roles.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I was referencing the character not the actor. Consider the actor is on a set surrounded by cameras and crew so I don’t think it was scary. But the character…goodness…that’s quite a bit…a pervert and crazy lady…for one boy.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. beezrtp says:

    Sigh of relief that although the boy is still in danger, he’s no longer in physical danger (I don’t think). Now the police just need to get him home to his grandmother. *whew*

    “Detective Cha says there were no mirrors”. kjt
    That seems strange to me, that that’s an oddity? But maybe with S.K.’s obsession with looks…

    “She gets a wrench and bashes the pervert to death.” kjt
    I gotta admit I was cheering her on.

    “I KNEW a mannequin would be used in this series.” kjt
    How did you know, kjt? Could it be because it feels like the meetings at OCN go like this: “just come up with a list of things that would fit our dark aesthetic and let’s be sure to squeeze each item in the script. Context? Who needs context. As long as it’s OCN dark.” lol

    For instance, things that don’t make sense other than to create false suspense –
    Why would this delusional but loving mom have kept him in a sack down in wherever dark place he woke up in? Why scare us with the scissors
    to cut the phone line when phones can be unplugged and the plug taken with you?
    Why would the attorney’s decoy have a bunch of mannequin parts when lugging that size suitcase (with sunbathing heavier than mannequin parts) would serve as a distraction by itself?
    The eye in the doorknob hole – I’m dyin’ laughing. Yes, it was horror-movie-spooky but she knew who was in the room so she doesn’t need to scare us all like that. 😂😂😂

    I’m okay with suspense that makes sense – like the boy pulling back those covers only to find a stuffed animal underneath. That’s fine. But the other stuff just feels like somebody’s checking off that OCN list I mentioned earlier. lol

    “Does anyone else find her steely stare intimidating?” kjt
    I love it! And her badazz leather coat. lol Another new fav actress.

    Liked by 2 people

    • How did you know, kjt?
      The mannequin was tongue in cheek as I thought the dead man in the living room could be a mannequin but he wasn’t. Therefore I wanted a mannequin used somewhere in the series. I didn’t have to wait long.

      just come up with a list of things that would fit our dark aesthetic and let’s be sure to squeeze each item in the script. Context? Who needs context. As long as it’s OCN dark.” lol
      Good one!

      I love it! And her badazz leather coat. lol Another new fav actress.
      I want more of this character.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      “She gets a wrench and bashes the pervert to death.” kjt
      I gotta admit I was cheering her on.” -Beez

      I know I won’t be wasting any tears on the dead pedaphile.

      Crazy lawyer sure has an odd way if “protecting” the child she thinks is her son … wielding the oversized wrench 🔧 seems to bee scary.


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