Tell Me What You Saw Episode 5 Recap

Tell Me What You Saw Episode 5 “Inattentional Blindness”

3 days ago…

Officer Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) is observed and followed by the peppermint candy killer (my assumption that’s who it is). We get a first look at his face!

1 day ago…

The peppermint candy killer purchases bleach and other items at a convenience store. The clerk comments she heard his TV when she passed by his place and that he looks different. He glares and leaves.

1 hour prior…

The peppermint candy killer coats his fingers so they won’t leave prints. At the studio he thumps waiting for the moment he’ll kill Profiler Na. Next to his water glass Profiler Na sees the pc. He leans his head back. The peppermint candy killer lowers a noose that is thin wire that no one can see. The show returns to live broadcast. Profiler Na leans forward and puts his head in the hose. It’s gruesome. Everyone screams and panics and runs. The team can’t find the killer.  Officer Cha spots a man leaving from the upper level. She dashes to the top and gives chase. But the crowd swallows him up. She calls for him to stop. He smiles. Then fades into the night. Officer Cha searches the buzzing crowd but he is gone. She says she missed him.

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) declares the peppermint candy killer has risen from the ashes.

Forensics deal with the scene while the detectives of RIU team #1 watch. Officer Cha stares at Profiler Na’s body. She sees the peppermint candy next to Profiler Na’s water glass.

Cue Intro…

Section Chief Choi Hyung Pil and the RIU team #2 arrive at the TV studio. He stares at Profiler Na. He asks what happened. Team Lead Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) reports they believe the peppermint candy killer has struck again. Section Chief Choi barks they need proof. Team Lead Hwang says there was a peppermint candy next to the water. Section Chief Choi says the latest victim didn’t have a peppermint candy next to him (recall he personally removed the peppermint candy from the body and Team Lead Hwang knows this).  Section Chief Choi demands to know Team Lead Hwang’s source when she informs him she was following leads. Section Chief Choi’s phone buzzes and he yells at the caller that the videos of the murder are to be suppressed. He leaves. Detective Cha stares at the peppermint candy next to Profiler Na’s water glass.

The news reports of the murder are rampant as Team Lead Hwang drives in the city.

Detective Lee Ji Min (Section Chief Choi’s mole) watches Detective Cha get into a taxi.

Team Lead Hwang arrives at a location and sees the call from Hyun Jae she was expecting. But she doesn’t pick up.

Detective Cha arrives at Hyun Jae’s lair. Detective Lee has followed her and looks at the building.

The peppermint candy killer enters Hyun Jae’s lair.  Hyun Jae listens to music and drinks. The peppermint candy killer approaches. He removes a wire and walks towards Hyun Jae. He puts the wire around Hyun Jae’s neck and strangles him. But it’s only a dream. Hyun Jae touches his neck.

Truly people, I don’t watch these kinds of scenes directly, only in my peripheral vision.

Detective Cha tells Hyun Jae she’s here to describe the scene. Hyun Jae chuckles that because she saw the peppermint candy killer the scene has been tainted in her mind. He says her inability to catch every scene as he needs it has made her no longer useful to him. She starts to walk away. Hyun Jae warns her that the peppermint candy killer saw her and she should be careful. Detective Cha steps out of the building. Team Lead Hwang drives up and tells her to get in.

Detective Cha struggles with losing the peppermint candy killer. Team Lead Hwang tells her eat and let her know if things get bad. Team Lead Hwang encourages her to ask what she wants to know. Detective Cha asks if Team Lead Hwang was at the explosion 5 years ago. Team Lead Hwang flashes back to the explosion. Team Lead Hwang confirms she was and says everything changed that day. Detective Cha wonders where the peppermint candy killer is. Team Lead Hwang says it could be someone in this eatery.

As a driver takes her home, Team Lead Hwang remembers…

Flashback…Team Lead Hwang asks Han Yi Soo (Hyun Jae’s fiancée) if Hyun Jae is good to her. Yi Soo see assures her though he’s quiet, he loves her music and makes her happy. She admires her ring. Yi Soo thanks Team Lead Hwang, who she calls the most important person in her life, for giving her the greatest gift of her life (Hyun Jae).  They hug.

Ouch! If Team Lead Hwang introduces her best friend (assuming that’s the relationship) to Hyun Jae, and she dies because of that association…that hurts.

The driver says the music is pretty. Team Lead Hwang says it is a recording of a friend of hers. The driver encourages her to keep up with her friends. Team Lead Hwang says she can’t keep up with this one.

Hyun Jae listens to Yi Soo music. He touches his ring on his gloved hand.

Detective Lee meets Section Chief Choi. He reports he didn’t find much. Section Chief Choi can’t believe the peppermint candy killer is alive. He asks if Detective Lee believes it. Detective Lee does not. Section Chief Choi wonders who benefits by having the peppermint candy killer rise from the ashes. He orders Detective Lee to follow Team Lead Hwang and Detective Cha (he dubs her the clueless constable). Detective Lee corrects him that it is Detective Cha. He says someone is feeding information to Team Lead Hwang and he wants to know who it is.

I had to chuckle at the clueless constable insult.

The peppermint candy killer watches Detective Cha eat at a convenience store. He takes a picture. A man follows her into an overpass tunnel. Detective Cha gets nervous but the man passes her without incident. Little does she now that the peppermint candy killer is behind her now. She returns to her boarding room. The peppermint candy killer watches the light in her room go on from the street below.

Yikes, she’s being stalked.

Hyun Jae believes that the peppermint candy killer considered every angle before putting his plan in motion. And yet there must be mistake they can capitalize upon. Team Lead Hwang returns his call. She informs him she’s been ordered to wrap up the TV station investigation in 1 hour. Hyun Jae directs them to find out if anyone saw the peppermint candy placed on the table.

Team Lead Hwang and Detective Cha arrive at the station and inform the employees they want to speak with those on duty when Profiler Na was killed. A man runs. Team Lead Hwang and Detective Cha pursue. Team Lead Hwang slams him against the lobby pillar and orders him to spill. The employee says a man paid him to put the peppermint candy on the table.  He didn’t say anything because he thought he’d be suspected.

Flashback…wearing the black baseball cap the peppermint candy killer gives the employee a baggie with the peppermint candy killer.

The employee recalls smelling gasoline from the man. Team Lead Hwang realizes that means nail polish. They go through garbage to locate the nail polish. Detective Cha finds the nail polish. Team Lead Hwang bags it and says the killer used it to block his fingerprints.

Choi Jae Sub, medical examiner, declares it will be difficult getting prints off the nail polish. Team Lead Hwang calmly tells him to make it happen. He sighs.

The peppermint candy killer arrives at Detective Cha’s room. He picks the lock. He enters. He turns on the light at her desk. He sees the photo of her parents. He looks at her notebook. He sees a page is missing.  He traces what was written on the page. He sees the address, he smiles.

Is that Hyun Jae’s address?

When Detective Cha enters the building the reception guy tells her to sign a form. The peppermint candy killer brushes past her as he leaves the building. She notices his shoes in passing.

Detective Cha enters her room. She notices the notebook is not in the same place she left them. She rushes to the reception desk and review the CCTV. She sees the back of the peppermint candy killer.

Why didn’t she also see the front of peppermint candy killer as he exited her room?

Hyun Jae listens to his doctor tell his willingness to recover is what matters. He tells Hyun Jae not to overwork. Hyun Jae thanks Doctor Han who warns him to be careful now that the peppermint candy killer might be out there. Doctor Han leaves Hyun Jae’s lair.

The peppermint candy killer watches from his car.

The peppermint candy killer returns home. He announces his return. He asks the single occupant watching TV if they’ve eaten. That person doesn’t move or speak. The peppermint candy killer says there something odd about Detective Cha just like the other occupant said.

The occupant is watching TV like the convenience store clerk said. But is that a real person or a mannequin?

News reporter unload outside the police station.

Detective Yang Man Soo tells Team Lead Hwang locating the person that bought the nail polish will be a challenge. She divides and dispatches the team.

The reporters complain about not getting access into the station. Detective Cha and Detective Lee exit the station. She picks up the clipboard of the approved reporters the detective blocking the reporters drops and returns it to him.

In her office Team Lead Hwang takes a call from Detective Yang, he and Detective Lee have found that the noose material is a particular fishing material. After the phone call Detective Jang sighs this is like finding a needle in a haystack. Detective Lee and Detective Cha try and find the man that bought the nail polish. Detective Lee reports on progress. Detective Cha takes notes in her notebook and notices the pencil lead marks on her hand. She walks away from Detective Lee.

Hyun Jae says the peppermint candy killer is getting closer to those near him. He wonders who will be the next target. Detective Cha calls and tells him someone broke into her room. Hyun Jae asks if anything was taken. Detective Cha says no. Hyun Jae says information was likely taken. Detective Cha admits her notebook may be have reviewed. Hyun Jae warns her that she could be the next target. Detective Lee listens to the call out of Detective Cha’s sight line.

Team Lead Hwang reviews the medical report about Hyun Jae’s eye sight. It states Hyun Jae’s corneas are permanently damaged and a transplant operation is needed. Section Chief Choi interrupts her. Team Lead Hwang puts a folder on top of the medical report. He claims to be just dropping by.  He remembers when he occupied this office. He tells her that she can do things her way but she cannot besmirch the organization. Team Lead Hwang asks if Section Chief Choi considers himself the organization. Section Chief Choi barks he’s loyal to the organization. He claims to be worried about her attitude. He warns her restructuring is coming next month. He leaves. Team Lead Hwang shreds Hyun Jae’s medical report.

Detective Lee almost sends Section Chief Choi the address of the building Detective Cha visited (Hyun Jae’s lair) but hesitates.

The peppermint candy killer gages the wire to use for his next target. He sits next to the mannequin. He tells it not to wait up.

The chief briefs reporters about Profiler Na’s death. He claims they have a suspect and are in pursuit. Section Chief Choi is on stage with the chief while Team Lead Hwang watches from the side.  The chief claims the peppermint candy was placed at the scene to muddy the investigation.  We see the peppermint candy killer is in the sea of reporters. The chief denies the peppermint candy killer is involved rather someone that had a grudge against Profiler Na. He promises they’ll apprehend the suspect soon. He leaves the reporters wanting more. The peppermint candy killer stares at Team Lead Hwang. Section Chief Choi glares at Team Lead Hwang when he passes her.

Detective Cha gets into the elevator with the peppermint candy killer. He stares at her. She feels his eyes. She’s relieved when others get on the elevator car. Detective Cha exits the elevator last. She recalls seeing his shoes leaving her building. She recalls seeing his name Lee Bo Kwang on the list of reporters. Her eyes widen. She exits the police station. She sees him get into a taxi. She gets in the next taxi and directs the driver to follow. She calls Detective Lee and asks him to do a background search on Lee Bo Kwang. He finds he’s on a 6 month leave of absence and has no criminal record. Lee Bo Kwang exit the taxi. Detective Cha also exits her taxi. She loses him.  Detective Lee reports that Lee Bo Kwang has no family. Detective Cha reports her location. Hyun Jae listens to the communication between the detectives. He calls Doctor Han and asks him to stop by. He says the peppermint candy killer is near.

The peppermint candy killer enters Doctor Han’s office. Doctor Han asks who he is. The peppermint candy killer shows the metal wire he intends to use. Instinctively Doctor Han turns to move away. The peppermint candy killer puts the wire around Doctor Han and strangles him. Doctor Han drops the phone. Hyun Jae listens to the struggle. Detective Cha searches. Doctor Han doesn’t win the fight. Hyun Jae listens to his friend’s murder. He closes his eyes in pain. Detective Cha sees she’s near a clinic. She recalls seeing the clinic’s name on a pen.

I don’t recall where she saw the pen.

When Team Lead Hwang returns to the bullpen, she’s told Detective Cha asked for a background check on Lee Bo Kwang. Detective Lee reports her last known location. Team Lead Hwang orders Detective Yang and Detective Jang to go to Lee Bo Kwang’s house. She leaves to pick up Detective Cha and will meet them there. Detective Lee stays behind to man the communications.

Detective Cha walks down the hallway and enters the clinic. She tries a light switch! But the lights don’t go on in the office. She swings her flashlight and finds Doctor Han’s body on the floor. She crouches over the man’s body and calls for an ambulance. She sees a missing finger. She remembers that Hyun Jae’s lair has a fingerprint sensor. She remembers she wrote down Hyun Jae’s address in her notebook. She calls Hyun Jae to warn him.

Hyun Jae’s phone rings without being answered. The ambulance arrives. Detective Cha calls Team Lead Hwang and says Hyun Jae is in danger. When Team Lead Hwang arrives, Detective Cha gets in the car and declares Hyun Jae is at risk because she exposed his location.

The peppermint candy killer is outside Hyun Jae’s lair. He smiles. He enters the building.

Detective Cha continues to call Hyun Jae but he doesn’t answer.

Section Chief Choi looks at the records of Detective Lee. He gets a text from Detective Lee with Lee Bo Kwang’s address. Section Chief Choi calls RIU team #1 and orders them to make the arrest at the address first.

The peppermint candy killer enters the hallway outside Hyun Jae’s lair. He sees the fingerprint sensor. He holds up Doctor Han’s finger. The door opens. He enters the inner hallway. He sees Hyun Jae in the wheelchair. He sees Hyun Jae’s cellphone with an incoming call from Detective Cha. He turns over the phone. He gets out the metal wire he intends to use. Hyun Jae spins his wheelchair and says it’s been awhile. The peppermint candy killer says they meet at last. He smiles.

My Thoughts

It is very early to identify the peppermint candy killer’s identity. Writers Ko Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun made the methodical Lee Bo Kwang creepy but in a normal loner guy way. He’s a planner and the live air murder of Profiler Na was well planned and executed. His breaking and entering Detective Cha’s room and obtaining Hyun Jae’s address was well done. Frankly, Detective Lee also found out Hyun Jae’s address though he did NOT provide that Section Chief Choi. I look forward to that backstory. I was surprised that the peppermint candy killer went after Doctor Han, but he is close to Hyun Jae. Removing Doctor Han’s finger for access was gross but effective. Producer Director Kim Sang Hoon kept the tension dialed up as we watch the peppermint candy killer stalk Detective Cha, kill Doctor Han and enters Hyun Jae’s lair. Was that a mannequin in Lee Bo Kwang’s house? This series excels at content and tension each episode. The minutes fly by. I’ve yet to be bored with this show.

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) ends up face to face with the peppermint candy killer. His dream foretold of the encounter. He warned Detective Cha and Doctor Han. Hyun Jae had to listen to Doctor Han’s strangulation. Then he greeted the peppermint candy killer with totally calm. I’m all for a showdown, but this seems way too early. Side note Hyun Jae’s medical records indicate he needs a cornea transplant. Corneal damage can lead to blindness and a corneal transplant may restore functional vision. Is he completely blind?

Detective Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) encountered the peppermint candy killer without realizing it. She knew her room was searched. She heard Hyun Jae warn her she could be the next target. All that doesn’t stop her for charging in alone again and again. She is gutsy! Unfortunately taking a taxi to Hyun Jae’s lair made it easy for Detective Lee to follow her. Correspondingly, writing down Hyun Jae’s address made it “easy” for Lee Bo Kwang to find the address. But Detective Cha’s ability to put together the shoes, the clipboard name, and identify Lee Bo Kwang was impressive. And she used a light switch!

Team Leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) revealed Hyun Jae’s fiancée was a close friend. Certainly, she has guilt over introducing Yi Soo to Hyun Jae. As she said to Detective Cha the night of the explosion changed her world. I found it interesting that she had Hyun Jae’s medical report. Did she doubt his blindness? That’s something I have done myself.

The first song of the OST is “Be Colored” by Kim Yuna:

I rate this episode as better than very good, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Tell Me What You Saw Episode 5 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    I think that medical report is from the past. Probably from the time after the explosion. Not a lot of people are close to OHJ, right now we only know of Hwang, Dr Ahn and Sooyoung, so I wasn’t too surprised that she was in possession of his medical records. I suppose when he was the one who helped him get where he is now, get the place he lives in, the equipment he uses etc but since the drama leaves all those details to our imagination, its hard to be certain about anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought it looked like requesting Hyun Jae’s medical records appeared to be a recent request.

    Is it a mannequin in Lee Bo Kwang’s apartment or is it possible it is an injured person who is the original Peppermint Candy killer 🍬➰ (or represents the original killer 🍬➰)❓⁉️


    • Is it a mannequin in Lee Bo Kwang’s apartment or is it possible it is an injured person who is the original Peppermint Candy killer 🍬➰ (or represents the original killer 🍬➰)❓⁉️
      we shall see…


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