Crash Landing on You Episode 16 (Final)

Crash Landing on You Episode 16 (Final) Recap

North Korea…

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) makes the final assault to save Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye). He gets shot in the shoulder. There are two men remaining. He loads his shotgun and shoots one of the men but the other is behind him. He gets shot but not before he shoots the remaining man. Seung Jun falls to his knees. He thinks he won’t die alone. He watches Seo Dan rush to him. She tells him to stay with her. He replies he’s okay.  In the ambulance Seo Dan sobs, watching Seung Jun wearing the ring he gave her.

South Korea…

In intensive care, Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) fights for her life. Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) rushes to the hospital. He stares through the ICU window. Se Ri’s father, stepmother, and assistants watch his fixation on Se Ri. Se Ri’s vitals sag. We hear the equipment indicate a flat line. The doctors try and jump start her heart. Everyone watches in horror hoping Se Ri will respond.

North Korea…

Seo Dan implores Seung Jun to look at her. She tells him she’s willing to give him a chance with her. She tells him he’s made her happy. Seung Jun removes his mask and asks on the day that shared ramen and she said “I like it”, did she mean the ramen, Jung Hyuk or him. Seo Dan admits it was him. Seo Dan cries. Seung Jun says he knew it. He falls unconscious. The medic checks his pulse and doesn’t return his oxygen mask. Seo Dan implores the medic to do something but it’s too late. Seung Jun is dead.

Awk! Tears!

South Korea…

Se Ri’s heart starts again. The doctor tells her parents they’ll proceed with caution. The senior agent tells her parents that he felt Jung Hyuk should be there due to Se Ri’s crisis. Se Ri’s stepmother doesn’t want Jung Hyuk to go away, she believes he’s crucial for Se Ri’s recovery. Se Ri’s father asks that Jung Hyuk be allowed to stay. Jung Hyuk stares at the woman he loves tears streaming down his face.

Awk! Tears!

The fivesome share a meal. Sgt Pyo believes the food is good because they want them.

Flashback…the senior agent tells Sgt Pyo they can return him or they can help him stay.

He brags the agents find him useful. Staff Sgt Kim points out they all got the same offer. Each of them confirms it. Sgt Pyo guesses they didn’t want him to be lonely. Lt. Park wonders what’s happening with Jung Hyuk.

One week later…

North Korea…

The Military Director tells Jung Hyuk’s father that his proposed trade of the North Korea soldiers in custody for the South Korea prisoners they have is unfair and based on his desire to get his son back.

South Korea…

The senior agent briefs others about the North’s offer. The officers agree that if the North Korea soldiers in their custody want to return, then why not let it happen. They suggest asking for reunification with their families can’t hurt.

North Korea…

The Military Director says any negotiations won’t work for North Korea. Jung Hyuk’s father counters that he has a plan. He tosses an envelop on the table. Jung Hyuk’s father states Officer Jo was evil incarnate and those records show he was tied closely with the Military Director. Jung Hyuk’s father asks if the Military Director told Officer Jo what to do. The Military Director denies it. Jung Hyuk’s father makes the point his son would never betray North Korea for a woman. The Military Director agrees to keep silent about Jung Hyuk if Jung Hyuk’s father keeps silent about Officer Jo. His condition is that the military handles the repatriation process including the exchange location.

South Korea…

Se Ri looks out the window of her hospital room. Se Ri’s assistant Hong Chang Shik, former insurance agent Mr. Park and her other assistant enter. They worry she’s looking tired. Se Ri’s stepmother enters. She asks the men to leave. Se Ri’s stepmother reports she’s just learned that Jung Hyuk will be returned to North Korea. Se Ri asks when Jung Hyuk will leave. The stepmother says it is happening now. Se Ri recoils. She remembers her last interaction with Jung Hyuk and his harsh words that seeing her and ruining his life because of her gave him pain. Se Ri smiles and claims she’s happy for him. Now he doesn’t have to keep lying. Now he can return home. Se Ri’s stepmother asks if she wants to say goodbye. Se Ri shakes her head and says she’s said goodbye many times to Jung Hyuk. She doesn’t want him to see her pain, she wants him to return believing she’s okay. The stepmother points out that Jung Hyuk never left her side throughout her entire medical journey after she was shot to the ICU crisis.

Flashbacks galore of Jung Hyuk not leaving her side.

Se Ri’s stepmother says that Jung Hyuk kept vigil and refused to eat or sleep while she was in crisis.

Flashbacks of Jung Hyuk stepping away so Se Ri wouldn’t see her when she woke. He closed his eyes in pain. He leaves with the agents. Se Ri’s stepmother watches him leave.

Awk! Tears!

Se Ri’s stepmother shares that Jung Hyuk left once she regained consciousness. Se Ri cries with the news. Se Ri’s stepmother encourages her to take the opportunity to say good. Se Ri cries she wants to see him.

Awk! Tears!

The fivesome and Jung Hyuk are on the bus back to North Korea. Sgt Pyo is happy that Se Ri woke. Staff Sgt Kim says he didn’t know that Se Ri had a relapse. Jung Hyuk points out there’s no way they could have known that. Private Geum frets they’ll never know her condition when they return. Staff Sgt Kim says she’ll only get stronger. Sgt Pyo teases that the massive escort must have been difficult to arrange. The senior agent agrees. They know they’ll never return to South Korea but will never forget their time there.

Se Ri’s stepmother drives aggressively to get Se Ri there to say good bye.

The senior agent gets a call. He says they have some time. He looks back to Jung Hyuk. He asks where they are.

The bus goes through the border check. They reach the exchange point. The fivesome realize once they cross the line, they’ll be back in North Korea. The senior agent says it’s time to exit. The fivesome and Jung Hyuk exit the bus. They look to North Korea.

They see the military entourage from the North arrive. The officers exit. The south contingent moves to the north contingent. They all stop at the line. The senior agent points out there are 5 minutes before they have to cross the line. The North Korea officer sees no reason for delay. The senior agent looks to the road but there’s no car with Se Ri coming. He sighs and agrees they can cross now.

The fivesome cross the line.

The South Korea exchange prisoners cross the line.

Jung Hyuk crosses the line.

Awk! Tears!

Se Ri’s stepmother and Se Ri’s car arrives. Jung Hyuk turns. He sees Se Ri exit the car.

Her eyes widen as she sees Jung Hyuk handcuffed. She starts running yelling that he can’t leave. Jung Hyuk knows she shouldn’t run. He yells at her to stop running. She keeps running and yelling that he can’t leave her like this. Worried for her safety, Jung Hyuk pushes the officers away and crosses the line back to Se Ri. They run into each other’s arms.

All the men on both sides of the border draw their weapons. The fivesome watch the reunion.

Jung Hyuk chides Se Ri for risking her recovery. Se Ri demands to know why he’s being handcuffed and arrested. She doesn’t want him to leave under those circumstances. She asks him to stay. Jung Hyuk brushes away a tear and assures her all will be well. Se Ri doesn’t buy and worries something awful awaits him. She cries this is all her fault. He tells her even if something happens, it isn’t her fault. He has no regret. She’s the most wonderful gift of his life. Se Ri agrees and says he’s the best thing that ever happened to her. Jung Hyuk apologizes for his harsh words when they last spoke. He admits saying them hurt him deeply. He asks her not to remember that moment. Se Ri cries and tells him not to worry. She asks if they’ll ever see each other again. She asks what she’ll do, she’ll miss him so much. Jung Hyuk tells her they’ll meet in their dreams. He tells her he loves her. Se Ri tells him she loves him. They hug.

The agents pull Jung Hyuk away. Se Ri watches Jung Hyuk cross the line. He looks back and seeing her tears.  Jung Hyuk is handcuffed. The guns are lowered. The fivesome call out their farewell. Se Ri sobs hers in return. They are taken away. Se Ri sobs.

Awk! Tears! Not sure they could have eeked any more emotional out of that scene.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk’s father learns his son and the fivesome have returned to North Korea. He puts on his uniform. His wife tells him to bring Jung Hyuk home alive. She implores him to be strong and return safely with their son.

The fivesome and Jung Hyuk are led out of the bus. The Military Director gets out of his car. Jung Hyuk asks why they’ve stopped before arriving in the city. The Military Director says they’ll all be executed after their court martial, so why wait, die here and now. Jung Hyuk counters they want the court marital. He declares the fivesome are just late from the military games while he’s committed a crime. The Military Director chuckles. He’s going to kill all of them right now. The soldiers surround the fivesome and draw their weapons.  The eavesdropper rushes in front of Jung Hyuk who firmly put him behind him. Shots ring out but the targets aren’t our guys but the soldiers ready to shoot them. Jung Hyuk’s father and his men arrive guns drawn.

Jung Hyuk’s father tells the Military Director an execution without an investigation and trial is not allowed. Jung Hyuk stares at his father tell the Military Director, they don’t need innocent victims. Then Jung Hyuk’s father declares trying to kill his son changed everything. The Military Director knows what that means and draws his gun. Jung Hyuk’s father shoots the Military Director, twice. The fivesome stare. Jung Hyuk’s father cracks a smile.

Wow! I totally agree the Military Director had to die. I’m surprised Jung Hyuk’s father took the hands on approach.

In the car Jung Hyuk apologizes to his father for making him worry. Jung Hyuk’s father says he’s glad he is back and safe. Jung Hyuk’s father asks if Se Ri is okay. Jung Hyuk confirms this. Tears fill Jung Hyuk’s eyes. This surprises Jung Hyuk’s father. He sighs.

Jung Hyuk’s mother hears the door open. She’s ready to take the pill. Instead she sees Jung Hyuk and her husband. She cries and hugs her son.

The eavesdropper walks back to village. He sees his son. He calls to him. His son rushes to him. His wife rushes to her husband. She says she didn’t know if he was alive or dead. He apologizes. They hug, both happy to be in each other’s arms.

Seo Dan’s mother exits her bedroom and tells her brother, Seo Dan still refuses to eat. Seo Dan lays in her bed wearing her ring. Her mother and uncle enter and ask what they can do. Seo Dan tells them they should leave her alone. Her mother pulls her upright and tells her they are here to listen to her, cry with her, and endure the hard times as a family. Seo Dan’s uncle declares he’ll find a much better man ruining the moment. Seo Dan falls back in bed and tells them to leave. Seo Dan’s mother hits her brother as they leave the bedroom. Seo Dan exits her bedroom. She tells them she wants revenge. Her mother and uncle agree to help. Seo Dan tells them they need to find someone first.

That was a lovely supportive moment derailed by her uncle’s declaration.

Seo Dan meets with Seung Jun’s manager who apologizes for what happened. Seo Dan says she’s heard some members of the Chinese gang are still in the country. He confirms this. She tells him she needs to know where they are so they won’t leave the country alive. In addition, she wants to know who financed the gang. She remembers Seung Jun says that Se Ri’s brother Se Hyung was greedy and easily manipulated. Seo Dan believes Se Ri’s brother financed the gang.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s second brother, Yoon Se Hyung, tells his wife Sang Ah to claim she hired the gang not him. Sang Ah pulls out his cell phone which is recording the conversation. She tells him this covert recording has no legal legs. Sang Ah points out she did it all for him. Se Hyung yells that her plans have made him lose the presidency of the company, and he could go to jail. Sang Ah tells him to calm down. She doesn’t believe South Korea authorities would care about something that happened in North Korea. She says the money trail can’t be found, Officer Jo is dead, and they should stop worrying.

Se Hyung and Sang Ah are surprised to find Se Ri at the house when they arrive to meet with Chairman Yoon. They smile when Se Ri informs them she’ll likely face prosecution. The smiles fade with Chairman Yoon declares his attorney will represent Se Ri and a suspended sentence is the expected result. Se Ri tells them hiring a killer carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. Se Hyung doesn’t believe she can back up that claim. She calls out. The broker they worked with to engage Officer Jo comes out with the senior agent. He states he was hired by them to obstruct Se Ri’s return and he has the phone recordings to prove this. Se Hyung and Sang Ah yell their indignation. The senior agent says there is a lot to sort out between the police and national security. Agents appear and take Sang Ah and Se Hyung away. Se Hyung calls to his father about the company’s image as he’s handcuffed. Chainman Yoon yells that he is disowning his son. Se Hyung and Sang Ah are dragged away.

At Se Ri’s apartment, she finds the notes Se Hyung left for her. She finds the food. She cries.

Awk! Tears!

As she goes to sleep, she plays Jung Hyuk’s recording of his piano playing. She receives a text that makes her sit up in bed. It’s from Jung Hyuk! She’s stunned.

Flashback…the senior agent shows Jung Hyuk how to create a text for a future delivery date.

Jung Hyuk’s text says he still has much to say and these texts are his method. He tells her to look at her bookshelf. The titles spell out I love You Se Ri. Recall Se Ri did the same for Jung Hyuk in North Korea before she left. Jung Hyuk states this is his reply to her message. Se Ri chuckles that he copied her. In the morning she considers different outfits. Another text comes reminding her to eat, which she does. She imagines Jung Hyuk eating an apple to. He even provides driving advice which she abides by.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk smiles thinking of the text.

South Korea…

Jung Hyuk advises her to eat regular meals. Which she does.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk and foursome eat together at his house.

South Korea…

Jung Hyuk tells Se Ri to take a 30 minute walk at 12:30 and he’ll do the same. Se Ri takes the walk.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk takes the walk at the same times Se Ri does and thinks of her.

Sgt Pyo declares he was a natural in Seoul. Staff Sgt Kim, Lt. Park, and Private Geum admit electricity, hot water and good internet was awesome.

Seo Dan’s mother arrives at the village. The Colonel’s Wife greet her along with the other village ladies. Seo Dan’s mother says that Seo Dan is moving out today. She gifts all the ladies with limited edition products that are customized with their likenesses. Seo Dan’s mother explains these are Se Ri’s new products. The women are thrilled. Seo Dan’s mother says that she’s no longer mad at Se Ri. She admits that Se Ri doing this for the village ladies shows what kind of person she is. The ladies can only agree.

Later the ladies admire the products with their likenesses. They are happy Se Ri is well, hasn’t forgotten them, but wish they could let her know the same. The eavesdropper’s wife believes Se Ri knows. They all look up into the sky as they sniffle.

The furniture is removed from Seo Dan’s apartment. She looks at Seung Jun’s jacket. She remembers moments with him wearing that jacket and his claim this was their first date. He even sang making her smile. Seo Dan clutches the jacket to her and cries. Her mother finds her sobbing over the jacket and cries too.

Se Ri walks the bridge where she and Seung Jun walked. She remembers him telling her she’s pretty, amazing, and made him want to be a better man. She remembers him kissing her. She cries.

Awk! Tears!

Seo Dan’s mother visits Jung Hyuk’s mother. She bows to Jung Hyuk’s mother. She says she’s apologizing in advance. She says Seo Dan isn’t the right woman for Jung Hyuk. Jung Hyuk’s mother asks if it’s their family. Seo Dan’s mother says Seo Dan no longer wants to marry Jung Hyuk. Seo Dan’s mother points out that Jung Hyuk’s past actions upset her but she feels differently now. The engagement is off because it is her daughter’s wishes. Jung Hyuk’s mother says circumstances were complicated. Seo Dan’s mother says that Seo Dan loves another and he loves her back, more than his own life. She cries. Seo Dan’s mother says love trumps all. Jung Hyuk’s mother agrees. She apologizes to Seo Dan’s mother. They bow to each other.

Dignified and deeper discussion than expected. Awk! Tears!

Seo Dan visits Jung Hyuk at his home. She explains she used his home while he was gone.

Flashback…Seung Jun slips the engagement ring on her finger.

Seo Dan explains she and Seung Jun were here. Jung Hyuk is pleased saying Seung Jun was a great help. He asks where Seung Jun is. Seo Dan says that Seung Jun went far away and won’t be back. She doesn’t know why but this is one of life’s mysteries. She says she didn’t understand why Jung Hyuk took pictures of scenery when she visited him in Switzerland.

Flashback…Jung Hyuk takes pictures of scenery during his time with Seo Dan. She wasn’t overly thrilled.

Seo Dan admits now she knows why he took so many pictures. She gives him the camera he used in Switzerland. She tells him she got the camera fixed. Seo Dan says when she looked at the pictures she knew why he didn’t get involved with her in Switzerland.

Alone Jung Hyuk looks at the photos on the camera. Sure, there’s beautiful scenery.

Flashback…Se Ri is on the same train as Seo Dan and Jung Hyuk. She views the same sights. Jung Hyuk sees Se Ri recording the message to her family and takes a photo of it.

Jung Hyuk smiles and strokes the photo of Se Ri from long ago.

South Korea…

Se Ri gets a text saying today is seed planting day. She smiles. She receives a flower pot. He tells her to water it and watch it sprout in 2 weeks. Se Ri wonders how much water is enough; how much sunlight is enough. She’s told to say 10 nice things to the plant each day. She groans but complies then 10th item is Jung Hyuk. She’s pleased to see the plant sprout.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk smiles at the tomatoes plant. Recall his moniker “tomato cultivator” when he gamed Private Geum.

South Korea…

Mr. Hong tells Mr. Park that Se Ri is doing better than expected.

Se Ri dances to give herself a break from her desk during work house per Jung Hyuk’s text.

Mr. Hong says Se Hyung no longer snaps at her team.

Flashback…Se Ri is undisturbed when someone’s cell phone rings during the meeting. She recognizes the ringtone as Chopin and smiles. Then she suggests it is time for a break. Se Ri reads through her texts from Jung Hyuk.

Se Ri smiles when Jung Hyuk sends another text about enjoying flowers of the season. Se Ri takes her team out to dinner and declares they’ll go home early today.

Se Ri thinks that Jung Hyuk’s texts were like sweet gifts in her life. Because of them she learned how to be happy.

Se Ri gets a text from Jung Hyuk wishing her happy birthday. He apologizes due to the one year limit this is his last next. He hopes the flower bloomed. Se Ri looks at the edelweiss flower and smiles. His text says it is an edelweiss. Se Ri smiles knowingly. Jung Hyuk says they should meet in the country where the flowers bloom. Se Ri is surprised at the suggestion. Jung Hyuk says maybe fate will be on their side. Se Ri says the timing is vague.

North Korea…

The ladies are back to normal thrilled to be invited to Jung Hyuk’s house. The ladies bring food for the party, happy that spring is there (though it is cold outside). The ladies tell the fivesome and Jung Hyuk that being together is fun. Jung Hyuk informs them he’s been chosen as a pianist for the national symphony orchestra and therefore will be discharged from the military. He asks them to take care of the new captain. The ladies are taken aback. They’ll miss him. The Colonel’s Wife asks who the new captain is. Sgt Pyo is now Captain Pyo. He smiles and says he’s heard they are generous and kind to the military men. Wol Sook declares they are stingy and unkind. Jung Hyuk promises to invite them the next time he performs in the city. They all eat. The ladies are solicitous to Jung Hyuk ignoring the others. Still it’s a happy occasion. Jung Hyuk looks at his friends and smiles.

Jung Hyuk looks at his house one last time. He walks away in civilian clothes.

South Korea…

Se Ri, Se Ri’s eldest brother Yoon Se Jun and wife Hye Ji enjoy time with Se Ri’s stepmother. Se Ri compliments her brother for having the smarts to let someone else manage the money. Se Ri suggests he establish a foundation for low income children and believes sponsoring them in music and perhaps to study in Switzerland would be optimal. His brother and wife think it’s a great idea. Se Ri is pleased. They are pleased.

One year later…


Se Ri walks the streets. She admires the scenery at the lake where Jung Hyuk played his brother’s song. But Jung Hyuk isn’t there.

South Korea…

Se Ri tells her mother that she didn’t meet Jung Hyuk on her trip. But she’s pleased the music focused foundation is doing well. She hopes the Jung Hyuk will see the news regarding their once a year concerts in Switzerland. But she doesn’t know if he sees the articles. She is firm in her belief that one day Jung Hyuk will find her again. Se Ri’s stepmother agrees and holds her hand in support. She leaves after sharing that Se Hyung is divorcing Sang Ah.

Se Ri looks at the edelweiss.


Se Ri walks the streets and thinks for Jung Hyuk. She hopes one year they’ll meet.

She hears the song! She sees Jung Hyuk playing the piano and smiles. She walks to him and watches him play his brother’s song. But it isn’t Jung Hyuk. She walks away disappointed.

Se Ri decides that her life is meeting, leaving, and waiting to meet Jung Hyuk, the love of her life. On a beautiful day, she paraglides off the mountain. As she glides alone the Swiss alps, she enjoys the scenery. There are other paragliders. She lands a bit hard and material covers her. She grouses the she doesn’t land well. Jung Hyuk says her landing wasn’t bad. Not recognizing his voice, she complains her ropes are tangled. She looks up and sees Jung Hyuk. She’s stunned. He corrects himself. She descended not crash landed. Recall she told him that in the opening episode. He smiles.

Tears fill her eyes. Jung Hyuk says he missed her. She cries. She rushes into his arms. They hug. Se Ri says she knew one day they’d meet again. One day he’d find her again. She’s thrilled he’s there. She worries his journey was dangerous and difficult. Jung Hyuk says he got on the wrong train and that train brought him to her…his destination. He brushes back her hair. They kiss.

Bonus scene…

The fortune teller tells Seo Dan’s mother and uncle she’s recently been possessed by a spirit that gives great dating, marriage, etc. advice. Seo Dan’s mother asks when her daughter will get married. The fortune teller says there’s only one man for Seo Dan but that man left 3 years ago. The fortune teller says that Seo Dan’s trips abroad will reflect her success. Seo Dan’s mother wants her daughter to find love. The fortune teller says Seo Dan could find love in the city in month, 6 months or a year. Seo Dan interrupts the phone call. Seo Dan tells her mother being single is satisfying. She says she’s headed to the city to rehearse for her upcoming trip to Russian. She leaves. Seo Dan’s mother says she wants meet a man within a month. She orders a talisman for herself!

Seo Dan walks with her cello toward rehearsal. She smiles into the sunlight.

The eavesdropper’s wife tells the village ladies she’s moving to the city. The Colonel’s Wife’s remarks the fortune teller foretold their move. The eavesdropper’s wife says her husband new job is due to Jung Hyuk’s kindness. He’ll be working at a film studio.

The eavesdropper stands in the middle of field and records the sounds of nature. He smiles.


At the market place Captain Pyo and the threesome ask for body care products from South Korea. Staff Sgt Kim says assures they won’t arrest her. She offers Se Ri’s choice shampoo. They are thrilled. Private Geum says he misses her. Lt. park wonders if Jung Hyuk is gone. Staff Sgt Kim say he’s gone and if luck holds, he’ll be reunited with Se Ri once again. Big smiles all around.

Se Ri tells her team they’ve done well. She says that she’ll be out for 2 weeks and won’t be reachable so they can decide what to do in her absence. They tease her about going to Switzerland like clockwork every year. Mr. Hong wonders who she’s meeting…again..


Se Ri drives and checks into the hotel. She heads into the event room. She meets her music foundation counterpart. He tells her some of the students are from North Korea. Se Ri smiles and says this two weeks is the best part of her year.

The students play during the concert to a packed room. Se Ri smiles. Jung Hyuk turns the corner and enters the room. He sits next to Se Ri. She tells him the pianist just started. Jung Hyuk smiles. They hold hands. They smile.

Jung Hyuk puts the flowers she picked in a vase and looks at the gorgeous scenery. Jung Hyuk walks up a hill. Se Ri smiles when she sees him. Jung Hyuk holds flowers for Se Ri. She joins him at their picnic site. They smile at the flowers. Se Ri puts the flowers in the vase. They smile and hug. They look into each other’s eyes and kiss. The camera pans back to the lake scenery of Switzerland, the country they met in years ago and the country where they meet to celebrate their love for two weeks every year.

My Thoughts

It wasn’t an easy episode for our couple. Writer Park Ji Eun decided the path to happily ever after wasn’t an easy one for our couple. While I understand that, this entire series has been unrealistic, to inject more realism at the end was a bit of a jarring turn for this lovely series. Though everything was wrapped up the episode wasn’t zippy and didn’t have the joy of previous episodes. On the flip side there was tons of emotional content in this episode.  My bottom line…the finale was not as satisfying as the bulk of the series but our couple found a way to be together.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) lost Jung Hyuk then patiently waited to meet him in Switzerland each year. Se Ri had the dramatic goodbye at the border and it was tear inducing. Writer Park utilized delayed messaging for Jung Hyuk to communicate with Se Ri for one year after he left her. I enjoyed the darling messages sprinkled in the episode from Jung Hyuk, the near perfect leading man. I was pleased to see Se Ri learn to enjoy life, not be so demanding on her team, and have a good relationship with her stepmother. Se Ri never stopped believing that they’d be together. She kept going to Switzerland, hoping he’d be able to come one day. Her patience paid off.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) found a way to communicate with Se Ri and for them to be together for interludes. Jung Hyuk is the lynchpin of this series. It all hinges on him. Writer Park created the perfect leading man in Jung Hyuk. Only his harsh words to Se Ri when he lied about his actions to the senior agents was out of step. But otherwise Jung Hyuk was the most devoted, caring, white knight leading man I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Jung Hyuk’s father boldly saved his son. Jung Hyuk’s mother was gracious when Seo Dan’s mother broke the engagement. Jung Hyuk’s retirement from the military facilitated his travel outside North Korea and into Se Ri’s arms.  Their reunion scene in Switzerland couldn’t have been in a more picturesque location. I’ve never been to Switzerland but watching this series, now I want to go.  In the end, they carved out two precious weeks together a year.

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) died after saving Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye).  I don’t believe that Seung Jun had to die. But Writer Park killed this character just as he and Seo Dan gelled as a couple. This left Seo Dan dangling in grief and flexing her tear ducts. She grieved and then decided to get revenge though we didn’t see that happen. The scene where she returned Jung Hyuk’s camera to him was good closure for this once engaged coupled. The fortune teller scenes weren’t my favorite in the early part of the series nor in this final episode. But I like the idea that Seo Dan was happy being single and her enjoyable scene stealing mother decided to find love again.

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode?

  1. Everyone lives. NOT GRANTED. Seung Jun’s died. I was bummed at Writer Park’s choice to kill this character. Why was it necessary?
  2. Our couple finds a way to be together. GRANTED. Jung Hyuk returned to North Korea and his father saved him from the evil Military Director’s assassination attempt just as Jung Hyuk and the fivesome were about to be executed. Then Jung Hyuk’s music talent allowed him to leave North Korea and find Se Ri again in their origin country of their couple hood, Switzerland.
  3. Seung Jun and Seo Dan find a way to be together. NOT GRANTED. Writer Park elected to have Seung Jun die early in the episode.
  4. The fivesome live happy lives. GRANTED. We got a taste of their lives. Sgt Pyo became Captain Pyo. The threesome; Lt. Park, Staff Sgt Kim, and Private Geum, did well. The eavesdropper’s new job as a sound guy for a film company was particularly satisfying. I also enjoyed Se Ri’s outreach to the village ladies with the products with their likenesses.

For this finale episode it’s fitting the last song featured is IU’s lovely “I Will Give You My Heart”. This is her first OST song in 9 years and she agreed to it because of her relationship with Writer Park, who wrote Producers which IU starred in.

I rate this episode as better than very good, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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58 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 16 (Final)
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Really, writer, really?
    I kept pressing the pause button to see how many minutes were left, hoping until the last second that Seung Jun was not really dead. Because of that, the swoony Switzerland scenes between our OTP did not have much of an effect on me.
    I don’t mind tragic ending, as long as it fits the story. The right kind of tragic ending does have a cathartic effect. (Mr. Sunshine, Chuno, and My Country all had sad endings that made sense.) But this just felt wrong. Because of that, the happy ending for our OTP made me feel empty inside.

    • beezrtp says:

      But did the OTP really have a happy ending? 2 weeks a year? Forever?
      I don’t see any reason why writernin couldn’t have Jung Hyuk’s parents defect to S.K. or move to Switzerland (Not saying that it would be easy to get out of North Korea BUT Seung jun was able to book a ticket to leave; San and her mom talked about traveling to Europe like it was easy peasy); and Seri has enough money to provide the home in Switzerland or S.K. and their upkeep. It’s not like Jung Hyuk’s parents have more children where they have to stay. Once the threat to their lives is removed then we can have a happy couple living together and making babies.

      Oh that’s another thing – one of the few flaws I found with this show: this couple was alone in the North and the South. They’ve acknowledged their loved for each other and yet they do not become intimate during times when they think they’ll be parted forever in a few days. I’m not even asking for tons of skinship but you would think we would’ve been shown they shared a room in Seri’s penthouse or hinted at something. Seri’s not the typical Kdrama 29-year-old virgin Candy. She’s a mature woman replete with past scandals so….c’mon! Throw a fan a bone! (really no pun intended there😳😄

      • Snow Flower says:

        Well, in my fictional fan world, Seung Jun still has unlimited financial resources in off-shore accounts. He can smuggle JH’s parents out of NK while faking their deaths. That way, JH’s subordinates will not get in trouble. Meanwhile, JH can become a Swiss citizen and marry Se Ri. They can all live happily ever after in Switzerland, and have babies!

      • But did the OTP really have a happy ending? 2 weeks a year? Forever?
        Maybe after Jung Hyuk’s parents die, he’ll defect. Writer Park’s path was not an optimal solution.

        They’ve acknowledged their loved for each other and yet they do not become intimate during times when they think they’ll be parted forever in a few days
        This couple was romantic but not passionate in any sexual way. Their kisses were on the chaste side. JCW’s kisses in Melting Me Softly had more heat. This couple was not created to realistic, this was an “ideal couple”, that fed the fantasy viewer’s needs.

        We all had to suspense logic many times in this series and go with what was given to us. My beefs with the last two episodes – sudden turn to serious, Seung Jun’s death (NOT necessary), the long separation of our couple. Writer Park changed gears in the last two episodes diminishing the overall effect of this lovely series. Was her original plan was to go tragic and “realistic” in the last episodes? I doubt it. She might have succumbed to pressure to do this.

        • beezrtp says:

          “This couple was not created to realistic, this was an “ideal couple”, that fed the fantasy viewer’s needs.” kjt

          I’M a viewer. What about MY needs? WAAAAAA!😭😂

          As far as these last two episodes – this just goes on my list with lots of other excellent Kdramas that just couldn’t stick the landing.

          My shortlist of Kdramas that have a satisfactory ending:
          Chicago Typewriter
          Girl Who Sees Smells
          The Good Doctor
          I Heard it Through the Grapevine
          Jealousy Incarnate
          A Love to Kill
          My Beautiful Bride
          My Love Eun dong
          Mr. Sunshine
          Nokdu Flower
          Six Flying Dragons
          Sunkyunkwan Scandal
          Tree with Deep Roots

          It may seem more like a long list but in comparison to the number of Kdramas I’ve actually watched, it’s not long at all. These are the Kdramas where I felt closure or satisfied at the end. Like the feeling you get when closing a good book.

          If you guys have good ones to recommend to me, please do. I’m NOT looking for just great Kdramas (like Crash Landing) – I’m looking for good to great that have a satisfactory ending?

          • Snow Flower says:

            Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People – a great drama with great ending and great music!
            I binge watched My Holo Love recently, and it had a good ending too.
            30 but 17
            Live Up to Your Name

            Chuno always ends up on someone’s list!

          • Not a complete list…but some satisfying kdrama endings
            Descendants of the Sun
            Legend of the Blue Sea
            Fated to Love You
            Time We Were Not in Love

            As you noted there are more dramas that have okay rather than satisfying endings.

            • beezrtp says:

              I loved DOTS and I did feel it ended without letting me down but I didn’t mention it because of that weird broken 4th wall at the very end.

              Tunnel’s on my short list (but only because Jane Tilly says it’s a must-see). 🙂

    • hoping until the last second that Seung Jun was not really dead.
      I was disappointed at Writer Park’s choice in killing Seung Jun. It was NOT necessary. What value was there in his death? Did she not want to deal with two couples separated by geography? Did she not want to repeat the same solution for both couples? Writers that allow the secondary couple to shine give viewers more to love. Seung Jun was a cad until suddenly he wasn’t, then he was charming and in love with Seo Dan. Writer Park didn’t do justice to this character.

  2. beezrtp says:

    Sorry, I feel a bit dense right now but can somebody explain to me why Dan felt she understood why Jung hyuk did not look at her in Switzerland but instead took pictures of the scenery? I thought they were eluding to he was taking pictures of Seri instead but – no – there’s only one picture of Seri; the rest are all of the beautiful scenery. So what is Show trying to say that Dan understood?

    • Snow Flower says:

      I guess he liked the scenery better than her?

    • Jane Tilly says:

      There was AT LEAST one picture of Se Ri 🌬👩 on the camera … MAYBE there multiple images as it seems their paths crossed more than once. Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 must have been captivated at first sight and in hindsight (20/20 vision, of course) even Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 can see it.

      • beezrtp says:

        Then why did Show choose to show me SEVERAL beautiful landscape pics and only 1 of Seri? They could’ve had her interspersed in there and then Dan’s comment would’ve made sense.

        • Jane Tilly says:

          From your lips to the writer’s ears. I find the Kdrama writers frequently leave things VAGUE.

  3. Snow Flower says:

    I turned to fan fiction to make myself feel better. This is what I came up with:

    A spring day in Pyongyang. Seo Dan walks carrying her cello, lost in her thoughts. She crosses the bridge and suddenly she sees Seung Jun standing in front of her.

    Seo Dan: “I have been waiting for you. What took you so long?”
    Seung Jun: “I had to take care of some unfinished business before coming back to you.”

    Flashback: Seung Jun makes a dramatic appearance in SK and reveals the schemes of SeRi’s brother and sister-in-law. He returns the money he stole from SeRi’s family by donating it to the music foundation. He spends some time in prison.

    Seo Dan: “Now that you are here, what do you plan to do?”
    Seung Jun: “Well, I could be a shooting instructor. But I also got a master baker and a pastry chef certification while in prison. Don’t you think that the citizens of Pyongyang deserve to be introduced to some glorious sourdough and French pastries?”

    Dan and Seung Jun open a bakery and a restaurant, but not in Pyongyang. Instead, they move back to the village. The restaurant is where the local orphans hang out. Dan’s mom ends up with Captain Chi Soo, of course!

    • we never saw a burial…so here’s my go at what could have happened…

      The medic’s skills in the ambulance were poor and SJ actually has a low level pulse when the ambulance arrives at the hospital. The surgery is successful but SD is told he dies. SD is grief stricken. SJ’s manager whisks him away to a safe house until a full recovery. SJ eliminates the remaining Chinese thugs. Knowing SD is safe, he returns to her on “their bridge”. She’s angry and thrilled he’s back. They know his European passport will allow him to travel freely to and from North Korea. SD’s musical abilities allow her travel to and from North Korea. They marry in Europe. They have children in Europe. They travel to North Korea often so SD’s mother can dote on her grandchildren.

      • Snow Flower says:

        I like this ending too!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur that I couldn’t understand why Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 had to die and found our OTP spending 2 weeks/year together was SERIOUSLY LACKING … it was simply not enough happily ever after for either couple.

        I 💗 these fan fiction options❣ I wanted both couples to have a joyful ending❣

        • I would love to ask writer park if that serious turn was her idea or was pressure applied to get more realistic. And why was it necessary to kill SJ? Though the pretaped Switzerland scenes indicate the 2 weeks a year was the going in solution.

        • beezrtp says:

          Yes! Waiting for Jung hyuk’s parents to die doesn’t seem like a good option. Especially because my fantasy includes this couple having babies and if they wait well, Seri looks good but she’s no spring chicken… ⏰

      • beezrtp says:

        I can see that! Because the poor ambulance extra was just sitting there as Sejeun was dying. Directornim should’ve at least told him “grab his wrist”, “check his vitals”, SOMEthing. lol

        • Jane Tilly says:

          I thought there was negligence, as there was ZERO ATTEMPT to revive Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰. Maybe that is par for the course with NK healthcare.

          Maybe they should have had shown the EMT one of Se Hyung’s henchmen.

          • EMT one of Se Hyung’s henchmen.
            That’s a good idea.

            there was ZERO ATTEMPT to revive Seung Jun
            That either summarized Writer Park’s dismissal of this character or maybe some scenes got cut in favor of the OTP.

        • Agree. The paramedic was worthless.

  4. beezrtp says:

    “Only his harsh words to Se Ri when he lied about his actions to the senior agents was out of step.” kjt
    I think even that was out of love. He was trying to ensure that Seri did not face prosecution for harboring “fugitives” (criminals? illegals? – I’m not sure how to categorize them) – but in any event, he can only assume that Seri would be subjected to the same type of government investigation that the North would give out for a similar crime, then he was willing to hurt her feelings some for her overall safety and well being.

    • I think even that was out of love
      I agree he did that out of love. However, they both knew that he was lying to protect her. It could have been in a more gentle manner because they both knew it was a lie.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I agree with Beez that Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 was harsh to convince NIS that Se Ri 🌬👩 did nothing wrong. North Korean 🇰🇵 State Security would most likely severely punish someone harboring illegals, wouldn’t Jung Hyuk👨‍✈️🎖 expect South Korean 🇰🇷 NIS to be similar❓⁉️

        Besides if “they both knew it was a lie” why would the harshness of his tone matter between them❓⁉️ I felt it was Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 doing his very best to protect Se Ri 🌬👩, which was sweet 🍭 in a harsh way.

        • It’s not what you say but how you say it. He was protecting her, absolutely, but he could have given her a pleading look like “go along with me”. This is a total nitpick. But he’s the near perfect has a higher standard. What other leading men would match or surpass him?

          • Jane Tilly says:

            “he’s [Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖] the near perfect has a higher standard. What other leading men would match or surpass him?” -KJT

            Jung Hyuk

          • Jane Tilly says:

            continued … Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 was the closest to perfect as I have ever seen in a character. So dreamy … but even this dreamy character would NEVER convince me to live in North Korea 🇰🇵. Since his mom was ready to go to the extreme of suicide if things went south, I would think his parents would be willing to defect, why not live in Switzerland 🇨🇭, they are neutral …

        • beezrtp says:

          That’s what I’m trying to say. Since they both knew it was a lie, then it shouldn’t sting quite as much. I guess the problem was JH had no chance to tell Seri he was going to lie and with the electronic proof that NIS had that JH’s father used that (excuse) with the North government, that could’ve made some believe it (I don’t know who) but I think Seri knew what JH was lying to protect her so I don’t think she was hurt by that at all. She was more hurt from moving physically and from worry for him being prosecuted first on the South side before going to the North for more torture.

          Even the NIS tossed that goofy reason out. I don’t know how Jang Hyuk’s dad expected the North government to buy it. (But then again, we’re talking about a government that once thought a good solution to making better movies was to kidnap a South Korean actress. \_(ツ)_/¯ 

          If you doubt if I’m serious, check out the documentary entitled The Lovers & the Despot.

          About the documentary, it’s a testament to how real life love is messy most of the time. The actress’ husband was a repeat offender cheater so she had finally left him. But when Kim Jung il kidnapped her, her husband went after her to attempt rescue. Unfortunately, the Great Leader just saw his ability to produce better films increase doublefold by holding her acclaimed director husband too!

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    My heart wrenched for a heartbroken 💔 Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 when Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 died and just when he was turning his life around.

    It was awesome that Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 arranged for the evidence to convict Se Hyung 🤑👐 and Sang Ah 🤑📸 for intent to commit murder in retaliation for Seung Jun’s 🏃‍♂️💰 death at the hands if their henchmen. Dan’s mom, Go Myeong Eun 💄🇰🇵 was incredibly gracious when she broke the engagement with Jung Hyuk’s mom. I really enjoyed this character, Go Myeong Eun 💄🇰🇵, and the richness she brought to the story.

    Ri Choong Ryeol 👴🎖🇰🇵 KNEW the military director could NOT BE TRUSTED. I was glad to see the demise of the power hungry director who was willing to kill innocents to increase his power. With Jung Hyuk and dad ‘s life in the balance, color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 that Jung Hyuk’s mom was ready to commit suicide if things didn’t go well. I cannot imagine living in such a way that suicide would be preferable to being taken down by you enemy. This family should have defected.

    I 💖, 💟, 💗 that Se Ri🌬👩 made products to commemorate each of the ladies in the hood and Go Myeong Eun 💄🇰🇵 delivered them. It was awesome that Jung Hyuk arranged for Man Bok 🐁🇰🇵 to get a fresh start in Pyongyang with his family (he won’t have eavesdrop or have a reputation as a rat).

    It was soooooo SWEET 🍭 Jung Hyuk👨‍✈️🎖 left a year’s worth of texts for Se Ri 🌬👩. I 💗 that they both found happiness in their daily lives individually as they made opportunities to be together. Two weeks a year isn’t enough to develop a deeper relationship.

    • My heart wrenched for a heartbroken 💔 Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 when Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 died and just when he was turning his life around
      The senseless death cast a pall on the rest of the episode.

      I really enjoyed this character, Go Myeong Eun 💄🇰🇵, and the richness she brought to the story.
      I’d like to think the 1 month tailsman brings love to her.

      color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 that Jung Hyuk’s mom was ready to commit suicide if things didn’t go well.
      Yep, that surprised me too. She meant it when she told her husband to bring him back alive. And he did!

      t Jung Hyuk arranged for Man Bok 🐁🇰🇵 to get a fresh start in Pyongyang
      The scene of Man Bok in the field listening and recording made me think of sound specialist Park Do Kyung (Eric) in Another Miss Oh.

      soooooo SWEET 🍭 Jung Hyuk👨‍✈️🎖 left a year’s worth of texts for Se Ri
      Junk Hyuk is kinda awesome.

      Two weeks a year isn’t enough to develop a deeper relationship.
      But it keeps it fresh as a daisy, no grousing about clothes on the floor and whose turn it is to take out the trash.😉

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yep, “Another Miss Oh” came to mind. More than anything I felt Man Bok’s 🐁🇰🇵 joy at listening to nature instead of conversations was palpable.

        “Fresh as a daisy” 🌼 sounds nice but I would have difficulty enduring the other 50 weeks of the year … with NO communication 😪.

        I just finished reading “The Girl With Seven Names” by Hyeonseo Lee. It was a fascinating read about her life in and escape from North Korea and then helping her family members escape a decade later that I had a hard time putting it down until I finished it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING IT❣

        When I finished the book, I could understand why the Christian Liberal party sued TVN claiming they glorified North Korea. Hyeonseo witnessed her first public execution when she was seven and survived the 1990s famine due to the black market trading done by her parents. North Korea was described as a country that uses a caste system based on family loyalty to the Dear Leader, is rife with corruption and distrust … very few people outside your family could be trusted. The wonderful commaderody of the ladies in the hood was simply not possible due to the distrust caused by people ratting out others to save themselves or to get ahead.

        • beezrtp says:

          Wow. That’s more like what I envisioned based on reports in the media but I was thinking the producers of a S.K tv show would certainly have access to more accurate information. I can only hope that maybe life is diverse that some areas are like the author you read described but maybe, hopefully (?) there are some little bergs as we saw in the show. Although, I supposed it could be that the show didn’t want to depress us all in a rom-com.

          There’s also the possibility of the show’s need to not offend the North’s Great Leader as the South is still hopeful for steps toward reunification. (And yes, I believe Kim Jun-un probably watched Kdramas just like he watches U.S. basketball.)

        • beezrtp says:

          Thanks for the info, JT. I Googled Hyeon-seo Lee and they said she has a TedTalk. I’m going to try to find that since my reading comprehension totally blows these days – I forget from one paragraph to the next.But I’m really interested in hearing what she has to say.

          • Just watched the Ted Talk, it is worth your time. I plan to read the book.

            • beezrtp says:

              I watched it as well. Amazing what some people can endure and press forward through.

            • Jane Tilly says:

              I’m glad you enjoyed the Ted Talk. It is amazing how some people have the courage and resilience to endure. I’ve read several books written by people who visited NK, taught English in NK, grew up in NK or were a tourist who was imprisoned in NK. “The Girl With Seven Names” was the most riveting as it was from the perspective of an every day citizen, that although she was from a higher caste and didn’t suffer starvation in the great famine, she did not have the privileges of those elites who live in Pyongyang.

              It was appalling to see how diabolical the “Dear Leader’s” regime is to brain wash the citizens into following the regime, suffer in silence and get the citizens to rat each other out to maintain control.

              I hope to see the day when the people of NK are free from the oppression of communism and the Kim family.

              • brain wash the citizens into following the regime, suffer in silence and get the citizens to rat each other out to maintain control….I hope to see the day when the people of NK are free from the oppression of communism and the Kim family
                It is an effective strategy as evidenced by other regimes in other countries where the ruling powers are basically dictators (even if they are “elected”). I would imagine the unification of NK and SK would be more challenging than East and West Germany.

                • Jane Tilly says:

                  I agree it will be a greater challenge, but I hope we see it in our lifetime❗

                  • beezrtp says:

                    While Crashlanding was relatively lighthearted, it brings home the plight of all the separated families. And I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad that the people who were alive (north and south) in 1945 have mostly passed on so the current descendants never knew their extended families. And does the fact that it’s no longer pressing for separated families mean there’s less reason to press toward reconciliation? 😢

      • beezrtp says:

        @kjt You ain’t right for that one! lolololol. Although that’s very true.

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    I just saw a clip of Kdramas according to Ju Meok. 💗 Enjoy

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