Crash Landing on You Episode 15

Crash Landing on You Episode 15 Recap

North Korea…

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) rushes to the roof believing state security is searching for him. On the rooftop, Seung Jun believes he’s done for. He wonders why he’s thinking about Seo Dan. He hears someone come onto the roof. He turns. His eyes widen in surprise. It’s 5 men dressed all in black. Then a man with a shotgun comes to the roof top. It’s his manager who takes aim at Seung Jun.

I didn’t expect that.

South Korea…

Officer Jo Cheol Gang reads the encrypted email informing him that Jung Hyuk’s father has claimed Jung Hyuk will return to North Korea soon and he’s on an operation to bring Se Ri to North Korea. The email states Officer Jo better kill Jung Hyuk or not bother coming back. He puts his laptop in his bag and prepares to leave. But then Jung Hyuk is there, gun drawn and pointed at Officer Jo.

The South Korea agents swarm outside the building were Jung Hyuk and Officer Jo are.

Lights flood the windows and a voice can be heard instruction them to drop any weapons, come out, and their sentences might be mitigated. Officer Jo chuckles and puts his hands up while telling Jung Hyuk has always been lucky but now luck has visited him. He tells Jung Hyuk to drop the weapon, he’s lost his chance to kill him. Lasers sight Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin). The voice tells him to drop the weapon. Officer Jo turns toward the lights with his hands up. As a tear rolls down Jung Hyuk’s face, he knows his chance to rid himself of the man that killed his brother and tried to kill Se Ri is gone. Officer Jo taunts Jung Hyuk about his hesitation and says someone of noble birth can’t die in a dump like this. Then Officer Jo draws a gun from his waistband and spins towards Jung Hyuk who dodges to the right. The lasers sight Officer Jo. Regardless, Officer Jo aims at Jung Hyuk and shoots. Then a myriad of shots rings out. Officer Jo is hit multiple times.

He falls to his knees and collapses on the ground. Officer Jo taunts that he sent North Korea the evidence that Jung Hyuk came to South Korea to be with Se Ri. Officer Jo says his parent will be executed. He asks the rhetorical question, why couldn’t your father to the bottom of your brother’s murder? Because once he knew he didn’t really want the truth and didn’t pursue it. Officer Jo claims Jung Hyuk’s father hopes he dies in South Korea. Officer Jo says they both don’t have a country to return to. His parents will die because of his actions. Officer Jo says they should die in South Korea together. Then finally, blessedly, Officer Jo expires. Tears fill Jung Hyuk’s eyes. He puts his gun to his head.  He puts his finger on the trigger. The agents rush in and order him to drop the gun.  He waits a moment then drops the gun. He bows his head.

Good serious scene. This is a grave situation for Jung Hyuk and his family. And may I say, good riddance to Officer Jo.

Lt Park and eavesdropper Jung Man Bok stare into the rain. Se Ri asks if he’s thinking about his family. Se Ri wond
ers where Jung Hyuk went. He doesn’t answer his phone.

North Korea…

Na Wol Sook (villager) tells the Colonel’s Wife’s wife and her friend to shave her head as penance for her actions. They hear a commotion outside.

Two men drag an unwilling eavesdropper’s wife and child to their car. The son declares they won’t go with them. The Colonel’s Wife’s and the ladies appear and order them to stop. She announces who she is. Wol Sook announces who she is. She declares they can’t appear and take villagers without notification. One of the men announce he’s from Mr. Min from state security. The Colonel’s Wife asks them to give her regards to a named person at state security. They agree to do so. As they turn to leave, the Colonel’s Wife declares the named person is her brother. Everyone realizes the men just lied. They take the eavesdropper’s wife and son into their fold. The Colonel’s Wife order the thugs to leave. They do so with the villagers shaking their fists after them.

Way to go Colonel’s Wife!

The Colonel’s Wife tells eavesdropper’s wife and son to stay at her house declaring it the safest place in the village. The eavesdropper’s wife thanks her friends. They head to the Colonel’s Wife’s house.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s second brother, Yoon Se Hyung, sits on the stairs reeling from his father’s expulsion. His wife Sang Ah tell him all is not lost. Se Ri’s bodyguards are from North Korea.

Private Geum, Sgt Pyo, and Staff Sgt Kim discuss the magic of the small people in vending machines. They run when agents stride down the hall.

Agents enter Se Ri’s room and take Lt. Park and the eavesdropper away. Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) pulls out her IV and follows obviously in pain.

The threesome discuss their families back home. Sgt Pyo offers to lure the agents so his comrades can flee. Unfortunately, Sgt Pyo takes a dead-end route. The agents escort the fivesome. Se Ri intercepts and declares she’s the reason they are here. She wants to be questioned first. The agents say they’ll talk to after she’s been discharged. The agents lead the fivesome away. Se Ri’s stepmother holds Se Ri as she sobs. Her brother and wife watch with satisfaction.

Back in her room the doctors work to stabilize Se Ri.

Jung Hyuk is loaded into a van with the agents and taken away.

Sgt Pyo asks for the poison he believes the eavesdropper has. The eavesdropper says he doesn’t have any poison. Staff Sgt Kim suggests they stay positive. Sgt Pyo believes they will be tortured.

At the National Intelligence agency, the fivesome are given new shoes and a box with basic clothing. They are logged as inmates. They are medically examined. They are given lie detector tests which Sgt Pyo is sure is torture in disguise. Sgt Pyo declares he will not succumb to their torture. He’s surprised to learn he is hooked up to eh lie detector machine.

They give Sgt Pyo food. Private Geum is excited to be fed. He says the agents knew about his hometown.

Flashback…the agent shows Private Geum his hometown from satellite photos.

Sgt Pyo wonders why the agents showed his hometown.  He believes it is a mind game. Private Geum wonders where Jung Hyuk is.

Dressed in the same basic clothing, Jung Hyuk refuses to talk. The agents know who Jung Hyuk is or rather who Jung Hyuk’s father is. The agent says Jung Hyuk is the kind of guy that would want to take responsibly for all of them.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk’s father learn that his son was arrested. He’s relieved to know that Jung Hyuk is alive and Officer Jo is prepared. His officer friend warns him there will be fallout.

Seung Jun tells his manager he’s disappointed he turned traitor. The manager says they’ll return to China.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s eldest brother Yoon Se Jun and wife Hye Ji believe soon they’ll be the family heir. Her brother doesn’t believe it’s quite in the bag. His wife insists with Se Hyung’s expulsion, he’s the only choice his father can make. He wonders why his father hasn’t called him.

Se Hyung and Sang Ah discuss Se Ri’s involvement with the North Korea men with Chairman Yoon. Se Hyung notes when Seung Jun returns to South Korea, he’ll confirm Se Ri’s actions. Chainman Yoon isn’t interested in Seung Jun’s version. He tells them to leave. Se Hyung declares Se Ri is a spy. Sang Ah urges him to be logical. Se Hyung urges him to disown Se Ri. Chairman Yoon points out all they care about is themselves and leaves. They tell each other Seung Jun will sink Se Ri when he returns to South Korea. Se Jun and Hye Ji overheard them.

At the hospital Se Jun and Hye Ji complain to Se Ri about her actions and the ripple effects. Se Ri tells them to pipe down. They tell Se Ri the plan Se Hyung and Sang Ah have hatched. Se Ri is surprised that Seung Jun will be returning to South Korea.

North Korea…

Bounded and gagged, Seung Jun sits on the floor. When the state security men fall asleep, his manager unties Seung Jun and motions for him to tie him up and then escape.

In the village marketplace Seung Jun can’t find a cab. He sees the state security agents searching for him.

Anyone notice the North Korea and South Korea agents where the same outfit?

Some beggar children help hid Seung Jun. He’s touched at their wiliness to help him, even in the face of danger and poverty. He tells the oldest one, he’s an orphan too. He gives him money and tells him to spend it wisely. He thanks him for saving his life. Seung Jun leaves. The boy stares at the money.

Nice moment!

He sees the pawn shop. He remembers Se Ri telling him she’d pawned the engagement ring he gave her.

Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) is shocked to arrive at the apartment and find it tossed. She calls Seung Jun put his phone is off. She’s relieved to see his suitcase is still there.

Interesting how the suitcase was important, because he’s important to her.

South Korea…

The agents review the footage of Jung Hyuk doing good deeds all over town. The senior agent can’t believe he wasn’t working a covert mission. He demands the footage that proves that. He’s told there isn’t any.

The senior agent interviews Jung Hyuk. He urges Jung Hyuk to be honest. He asks why he came to South Korea illegally. Jung Hyuk claims he came to persuade Se Ri to come to North Korea. He says he failed. The agent asks about his men. Jung Hyuk claims they came to participate in the military games but he selfishly involved them in his plan to convince Se Ri. Jung Hyuk declares it was all his idea. The senior agent says Jung Hyuk’s punishment will be great if this is the truth. Jung Hyuk is okay with that.

Se Ri tells the senior agent that Jung Hyuk is lying. She tells him that Jung Hyuk tried again and again to return her to South Korea but something always wrecked the plan.  Se Ri says that he repeated risked his life to keep her safe and vowed to return to South Korea. Se Ri says Officer Jo came to South Korea to kill her and Jung Hyuk came to South Korea to keep her save. Se Ri says she hid Jung Hyuk and his men. She tells the agent that Jung Hyuk must be sent back to North Korea and she’ll accept whatever punishment is needed.

The senior agent briefs the situation and the opposite stories Jung Hyuk and Se Ri are telling. Another agent says Se Ri wouldn’t take a bullet for a man that kidnapped her with intent to harm.

Flashback…the fivesome get questioned individually. They offer nothing.

The agent wants Se Ri and Jung Hyuk must have a face to face interview.

Jung Hyuk isn’t happy to see Se Ri. He didn’t want a face to face. Se Ri counters they must talk as they have different stories. The agent leaves them alone noting they are being filmed.

Se Ri asks Jung Hyuk to sit. He does so. He doesn’t look at her. She asks him to look at her. He does. Se Ri says she’s understands his stance is to protect her. Jung Hyuk says that isn’t it. He says his father is a high-ranking officer and wouldn’t help her without an agenda. Jung Hyuk claims it was because who she was, he helped her, he used her. Se Ri tells him to stop lying because he’s too good at it. Jung Hyuk says he did get attached to her. But that’s over. He pulls back declares he held her hostage. Se Ri cries that’s not what happened. She says he took a bullet for her, her can to South Korea to protect her. Jung Hyuk declares he came to take revenge on Officer Jo because he killed his brother. Se Ri demands to know if he’s willing to lie until he’s considered a criminal. Jung Hyuk says he doesn’t want to see her. He asks her to leave. Se Ri takes the emotional blow like a physical one. She says this is hard for both of them. She stands and walks out. Tears fill his eyes. Se Ri struggles to walk away. She collapses. Her stepmother rushes to her side. The agents carry her away.

Jung Hyuk hangs his head. The agent tells him Se Ri passed out. He mutters she wasn’t healthy enough for the interview. Jung Hyuk rushes out of the room to see Se Ri being carried away. He cries at the pain he’s inflicted on the woman he loves.

Awk! Tears!

Se Ri lays in bed with doctors and nurses tending her. Her step mother, Mr. Hong and her other assistant wait. The doctor says she has blood poisoning. They’ve given her antibiotics but there’s a 40% chance she won’t make it.

Jung Hyuk cries and ignores his food.

North Korea…

The Colonel’s Wife asks the eavesdropper’s wife if she’s heard from her husband. Unfortunately, not. The Colonel’s Wife suggests the fortune teller. Wol Sook shares the fortune teller told a state security officer’s wife about his affair. The officer shut her down. Their children arrive after school. Seung Jun passes by and explains the rice seems yummy. He asks to charge his phone. The Colonel’s Wife invites him inside for supper.

Seung Jun eats like he’s never eaten. He’s grateful. They ask if the South Korea dialect is expected in Europe. He confirms this while he continues to stuff his face. The ladies tell him to relax. Wol Sook asks if someone is after him. He laughs and denies it.

After supper Seung Jun goes to Jung Hyuk’s house. Seo Dan calls him. She’s furious his phone was off. He explains his battery was low. She demands to know where he is.

Seo Dan arrives at Jung Hyuk’s house. Seung Jun grabs her and admits he’s hiding. Seo Dan goes to look for a candle. Seung Jun draws the curtains. Seo Dan admits it’s odd to be in the house of the man she’s engaged to. Seung Jun says Jung Hyuk owes him much and he’s being chased because he helped Jung Hyuk. Seo Dan ask who is after her. Seung Jun explains Se Ri’s brother sent Chinese gangster to extract him. She offers to take him to the city. He doesn’t want to put her in trouble. He assures her he has a plan.

Seo Dan’s mother is livid that Jung Hyuk had another woman. She vows he’ll never live in the city again. Her brother reminds her that she didn’t believe Jung Hyuk had an affair last week. Seo Dan’s mother says the woman was from South Korea. Her brother points out comrade AL (Seung Jun) was from South Korea too. He reports that Seung Jun is leaving North Korea soon.

Seung Jun tells Seo Dan he’s leaving North Korea soon. He admits he’s been busted and must leave. Seo Dan asks when. Seung Jun says he’ll leave tomorrow. Seung Jun says he’d prefer to be chased on his turf. He asks Seo Dan to take him to the airport. She agrees. He thanks her for everything she’s done for him. Seo Dan tells him it is okay. Seung Jun admits he’ll miss her. He holds her hand when she stands. He admits he’s tried to live a good life lately. But he’s out of breath. So now he’s hit rock bottom. He stands on one knee. He knows he shouldn’t do this but he wanted to give her something. He slides the engagement ring he got Se Ri on her finger. He apologizes that the ring is used but it is the one Seo Dan picked out. He says it is the best he can do under these circumstances. A tear rolls down her check. He hopes if he’s able to return and she’s’ still single, she’ll give him a chance. A tear rolls down his check. She tells him to stop talking nonsense. He stands, hugs her and admits he likes her, and will live life as a better man because he met her. She cries.

Bittersweet moment for our couple.

South Korea…

The agent needs information on what the fivesome did while they were in South Korea. He learns they had Se Ri’s credit card. They bought food, game items (with a discount), downloaded kdramas (Staff Sgt Kim is a CJW fan), karaoke, etc. The agent wants hard evidence but the fivesome spent money on trivial items. Another agent brings Officer Jo’s computer (which has been restored).

The agent shows Jung Hyuk the email Officer Jo received before he died. The email that said Officer Jo couldn’t return to South Korea. Jung Hyuk recalls Officer Jo’s last words saying his parents were doomed. The agent says his father stated Jung Hyuk would return in a few days. The agent suggests Jung Hyuk be honest with him. Jung Hyuk asks about Se Ri. He learns she’s in the hospital suffering from blood poisoning. He chides Jung Hyuk for being mean to her.

North Korea…

Seo Dan takes Seung Jun to the airport. He thanks her. He tells her to stay healthy. She won’t look at him. She gets in the taxi and drives away.

Seo Dan cries in the taxi. She looks at her ring and cries more. Little does she know she’s being followed by two cars with men in black.

Seung Jun sees military men at the airport and ducks out of their view. He gets a call. He’s told that he doesn’t come, the woman will be hurt. He hears Seo Dan’s voice in the background. Seung Jun claims not to care about Seo Dan. The man declares they’ll kill her. Seung Jun says Seo Dan’s family is powerful. He’s told to come to the texted address in 1 hour or the woman will die. Seung Jun looks at his plane ticket. He must choose to leave North Korea now or save Seo Dan.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s vitals sag. Her stepmother keeps vigil.

Se Ri’s dream…She goes back to the day of the accident. She paraglides into North Korea. She meets Jung Hyuk. She’s shot in South Korea. Se Ri knows the accident. The difficulties that would occur after that.

The agent receives a phone call. He tells Jung Hyuk that Se Ri is in critical condition.

Jung Hyuk rushes to the hospital. He stares through the ICU window. Se Ri’s father, stepmother, and assistants watch his fixation on Se Ri.

Seung Jun has to decide…get on the plane…or go to Seo Dan. He smiles. He can’t NOT save the woman he loves. He rips his boarding pass. He enters the warehouse with a shotgun and dispatches the Chinese goons. He makes the final assault to save Seo Dan. He gets shot in the shoulder. There are two men remaining. He loads his gun and shots one of the men but the other is behind him. He gets shot but not before he shoots the remaining man. Seung Jun falls to his knees. He thinks he won’t die alone. He watches Seo Dan rush to him. He thinks there is someone that cares for him. He’s happy and sad the woman he loves is Seo Dan.

Awk! Tears!

South Korea…

Se Ri thinks that at the end of her dream, she makes her choice.

Se Ri’s dream…Seung Jun stands to go paragliding knowing what will happen to her. But she can’t say no to the destiny that waits for her. She tells Mr. Hong it’s time for her to fly. In order to meet Jung Hyuk, it was worth the risk. Even if she could turn back time, she wouldn’t. Meanwhile Jung Hyuk thinks if he could turn back time, he wouldn’t meet her. Se Ri thinks if she could turn back time, she wouldn’t because she had to meet Jung Hyuk.

Awk! Tears!

North Korea…

In the ambulance as Seo Dan’s sobs, Seung Jun thinks If one of us must die so the other can live, it’s only right that I die and you live. He opens his eyes and looks at the woman he loves.

South Korea…

Se Ri says it was right she made that choice. We hear the equipment indicate a flat line.

Jung Hyuk stares in shock.

Bonus Scene…

The agents say that Jung Hyuk’s behavior towards Se Ri shows that he mirrors her, he protects her, and the verdict is love. The senior agent snaps it’s obvious Jung Hyuk loves Se Ri. Jung Hyuk and Se Ri walk happily in the rain.

My Thoughts

The serious situation of our couple had to be dealt with. Writer Park Ji Eun surprised me multiple times this episode. I’ve been entranced by this fun romantic drama. I’ve wondered how our couple could find a way to be together and have Jung Hyuk’s family safe. I wasn’t sure how that could occur. Last episode I thought maybe Writer Park opened a door if Se Ri returned to North Korea. But that door might have been shut this episode. First the good – Officer Jo died, Seung Jun acknowledged his feelings for Seo Dan and gave her the ring she picked out that became his engagement ring to Se Ri, and Se Ri’s parents seem to have rejected her idiot brother and hateful brother and be there for her. Now the bad – Jung Hyuk lied that he used Se Ri in North Korea and refused to validate her story, he rejected her, she wasn’t physically strong enough and collapsed, now she’s on death’s door. I cried more this episode than any other.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) had a dream that foretold what she’d experience in North Korea and she still went. Writer Park posed the question, if you could change anything in the past, would you? Se Ri’s answer was no. She would still go to North Korea, she would still meet and fall in love with Jung Hyuk, she would still take the bullet for him. Se Ri was in a less than ideal situation in South Korea before she left. Her family was dreadful. She didn’t have love. Why not take the chance? Now do I think the entire series, Se Ri KNEW what would happen because of the dream? No, I think that dream was created for this serious episode to show her that loving Jung Hyuk was the greatest thing she’d ever do and was worth the risk to her own life.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) rejected Se Ri and her story of the truth. Jung Hyuk is a white knight kind of guy. He CAN’T let the woman he loves suffer because of what happened. He claimed he manipulated her in North Korea and came to South Korea only to kill Officer Jo. Even when they were face to face Jung Hyuk wouldn’t change his stance. Nor did I expect him to. He LOVES her. How many times have he proven that protecting her is how he shows his love? He didn’t want her to protect him and risk her status and future. But can he live knowing he squandered potentially his last moment with her?

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) became a gun toting knight in shining armor to save Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye).  I was surprised when Seung Jun’s manger was the man that appeared on the rooftop with the shotgun. I was pleased when he cut Seung Jun loose. I was surprised when the orphan children helped Seung Jun. I was touched when he admitted he had no family too and gave money to the oldest boy. I was pleased when the village women helped him. Seo Dan’s feelings for Seung Jun were revealed. Feelings broke through her impassive shell, she loved the ring he gave her, she was willing to let him walk out of her life because that was best for him, and then the Chinese gang captured her. Seung Jun didn’t have to think long about leaving North Korea or saving the woman he loves. He ditched the airport, got a shotgun and dispatched thug after thug. Unfortunately, he got shot taking out the last of the thugs. He LOVES her. He protected her. Seung Jun became Jung Hyuk’s mini-me.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?

  1. Everyone lives. I don’t want to sob over Se Ri’s dead body or Seung Jun’s dead body in the final episode. I’d rather have them apart than dead.
  2. Our couple finds a way to be together. The South Korea agents have clearly seen that Jung Hyuk is a man in love, and came to South Korea to protect the woman he loves. What options are available? Immunity? Won’t Jung Hyuk’s parents be killed if he stays in South Korea? Se Ri returns to North Korea to live with Jung Hyuk? Could they really have a safe life in North Korea? All that pesky logic aside, it’s simple, I want a happily ever after ending for this couple. I’ve not been entranced by a couple like this in a while. They are marvelous.
  3. Seung Jun and Seo Dan find a way to be together. Writer Park needs to perform another bit of magic for our secondary couple. Having Seung Jun stay in North Korea seems like a possibility considering the state police aren’t after him and he’s dispatched the Chinese goons. I’d like to Seo Dan enjoy having a man love her back. She deserves it. I’d like Seung Jun to live to be the better man he’s evolving to be because of Seo Dan. It’s simple, I want a happily ever after ending for this couple.
  4. The fivesome live happy lives. While it’s been fun watching them enjoy the lifestyle of South Korea, they have family in North Korea and they need to go back for their own emotional well-being. I’ve truly enjoyed the comradery of the fivesome and their obvious caring for and loyalty to Se Ri and Jung Hyuk.

The next OST song by Sejeong is pretty and titled “All of My Days”:

I rate this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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17 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 15
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Nooooooo! Please Seung Jun, don’t die! Writer-nim, don’t you dare kill anyone!


  2. Snow Flower says:

    Anxiety aside, I am curious where and how SJ got the shotgun.


  3. beezrtp says:

    I agree with your rating chart, kjt. 70% of this episode was “meh” to me compared to other episodes. I hope the reason for all the filler is they’re saving up some good stuff for the final episode.

    I do wonder about Seri’s dream though. I seem to recall, in episode 1 or 2, her secretary saying something along the lines of “it seemed like Seri knew she would be leaving for a while”.


    • The dream could be real. Right now it seems like that could cheapen her experience if she knew it was coming. Let’s see what writer park does in the finale.


      • beezrtp says:

        I guess it’s all in how you look at it. For me, that puts more value on it – of knowing all the hardships yet still choosing them for love. But you’re right that it would feel tracked on because if she knew, that negates any of her surprise reactions to her whereabouts and situations.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. beezrtp says:

    Did anyone else feel like Officer Jo’s death was anti-climatic? Not that I know what I was hoping to see… I probably just hated the character too much because while a part of me felt his death was over too quick, another part of me was thinking during his death speech – “shut up! Why are you still talking?! He shouldn’t be given so much to say!” I think I wanted to see him confronted with his friend and Jung Hyuk’s brother’s death and crying and begging…


    • Officer Jo’s death was anti-climatic? Not that I know what I was hoping to see… I probably just hated the character too much because while a part of me felt his death was over too quick, another part of me was thinking during his death speech – “shut up! Why are you still talking?! He shouldn’t be given so much to say!”
      I certainly see your point. And I’m not sure what would have been more satisfying either. He would never cower and beg forgiveness. He believed his actions were justifiable to get and stay in the power based he craved, carved and maintained. Completely agree his death speech was too long and that it led Jung Hyuk to consider suicide, albiet briefly, was disturbing. Officer Jo was a terrible man and death was the right choice.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Officer Jo’s death may have been anticlimactic, but I was glad it happened, regardless of the means.

        “This is a grave situation for Jung Hyuk and his family. And may I say, good riddance to Officer Jo.” -KJT. I’m glad Officer Jo 🚛👿 is gone, but to the very end (끝까지) he figuratively twisted a knife into Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 with threats about his family … I think Officer Jo 🚛👿 was bluffing about Jung Hyuk’s 👨‍✈️🎖 family … could this be the catalyst for dad, Ri Choong Ryeol 👴🎖🇰🇵, to defect with his wife or will they be safe despite Officer Jo’s 🚛👿 threats❓⁉️ I’m keeping my eyes out for the opportunity for a happy ending for our OTP.

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  5. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought it was a HUGE RELIEF that the ladies in the hood called Officer Jo’s 🚛👿 state security impersonators’ bluff and rescued Man Bok’ 🐁🇰🇵 family❗ I 💗 this group of neighbors❣

    I was irritated Se Hyung 🤑👐 and Sang Ah 🤑📸 continued to plot against Se Ri 🌬👩 after Chairman Yoon 🙊🙈 ousted them from the family. My heart sank as the cadre were arrested. Well, granted they were there illegally, but they were not doing anything nefarious. I 💖, 💟, 💗 that all the CCTV footage NIS had of Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 was him doing good deeds. I thought it was interesting that NIS had so much information on the cadre … was NIS already looking for them since they didn’t return to North Korea 🇰🇵 with the other military athletes from the games❓⁉️ Then I wondered if NIS had debriefed Se Ri 🌬👩 when she returned from North Korea 🇰🇵❓⁉️ It is hard to believe Se Ri 🌬👩 could have avoided being interrogated about being in the DMZ; was NIS already aware of her experience in North Korea 🇰🇵❓⁉️

    I was glad Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 escaped
    Se Hyung’s 🤑👐 henchmen with the help of his NK handler. When Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 appeared toting a shotgun, I kept wondering how in the world he could get his hands on a gun in such a short time … then when I read your recap I realized he must have gotten it from his NK handler. I 💖, 💟, 💗 Seung Jun’s 🏃‍♂️💰 evolution in turning his life around to the point he would sacrifice himself for Seo Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵. When Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 thought he might be in his last moments, he was truly joyful that there was someone to mourn his death. I truly like this couple and hope the get a happy ending too.

    KJT, your wish list is PERFECT❣ Happy endings for the remaining main characters.


  6. beezrtp says:

    @JT I am totally grinning ear-to-ear thinking about the good deed footage.😀

    I thought they made the NIS (or whomever that is that’s in charge of North Korean spies/defectors) appear somewhat lax. I’m referring to Jung Hyuk being able to walk out of the interrogation room when they told him Seri had passed out in the hallway. I expected him to react and TRY to leave, but the fact that there was noone standing outside the door or no one to deter him at all… I’m sure it’s not that way in reality.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur they made NIS look lax. I suppose in reality Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 would not have been allowed outside of his interrogation room. I also don’t think NIS would have let Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 even go to the hospital 🏥, let alone run so far ahead of them, that I thought he must have been released, all the while knowing there was NO WAY the NIS would allow an illegal alien roam free, especially someone from special forces.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Another bone of contention I have is the choice of a shotgun for Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰. A couple of times I heard more than two consecutive shot, which is impossible as a shotgun will only hold 2 cartridges at a time. The trajectory of Seung Jun’s 🏃‍♂️💰 shotgun ammo was another issue … it seemed to penetrate the targets like a bullet with incredible accuracy with a few scattered pellets very close to the wound. Shotgun cartridges contain only small pellets, like BBs that scatter when shot, unless you weapon is pressed into the target, which would have left a large gaping wound. At a distance pellets would scatter and be embedded in the target … along with EVERYTHING/EVERYONE else in the vicinity. The farther you are from your target, the more widespread to pellets would scatter and the shallower they would be embedded; Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 would have been hit with pellets with distances shown. Unless you were in close range, it is not likely the target will be incapacitated at a distance as depicted. If you are not squeamish, Google images of “shotgun injuries”. ✳ WARNING ✳ the images are VERY GRAPHIC and not for the faint of heart, especially close range injuries, which are more likely to be fatal.

      A shotgun is not a good choice of weapon for a rescue mission … too much potential injury for the rescuee.


      • beezrtp says:

        Yup. I was thinking what an odd weapon the Show decided to use but then I thought maybe not so odd in a country not littered with guns.

        I’ll decline to Google those images. Back when I was working, I saw some pictures of a client’s wound that was almost completely healed and that was bad enough for me, thank you, very much. *head shaking vigorously back and forth*

        Liked by 1 person

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