Tell Me What You Saw Episode 4 Recap

Tell Me What You Saw Episode 4 “Signature”

Officer Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) finds an opened door with blood stains. She reports this but Detective Jang can’t hear her. Officer Cha opens the door and enters. Gun drawn flashlight forward she searches. Hyun Jae listens while she searches. The killer vet is behind her. He pushes boxes on top of her. He bashes her in the head.  Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) calls Team Lead Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) with Officer Cha’s location and the report that she’s in trouble. The killer vet drags Officer Cha’s body across the room. Her earpiece has fallen to the floor. He pulls her through the door.

Team Lead Hwang and Detective Yang Man Soo arrive and begin to search for Officer Cha.  The killer vet raises his hand to strike Officer Cha and hears a noise. He calls out to the person making the notice. He searches for him. The man rises and they fight. The killer vet demands to know if he’s the guy that sent him the text. Team Lead Hwang finds the earpiece and tells Hyun Jae she’s gone. Hyun Jae tells her to search. Team Lead Hwang tells Detective Yang and Detective Jang Tae Sung to search. They find Officer Cha. RIU Team #2 arrives and searches. Section Chief Choi orders the room searched. Team #1 takes Officer Cha out of the room.

Officer Cha apologizes to Detective Jang for not waiting for him. Section Chief Choi yells at Team Lead Hwang for not waiting for team #2. He wants teamwork. Team Lead Hwang asks if teamwork is really his priority. He orders Team Lead Hwang to send Officer Cha back to the country police station they found her at.

Body parts are found in blocks of ice. Section Chief Choi reports to the Chief the killer vet fell into an ice vat. They don’t know if there is peppermint candy in his mouth.

Team Lead Hwang reports to Hyun Jae that there wasn’t peppermint candy. Hyun Jae is certain someone was waiting for the killer vet in the cold storage room.

Flashback…killer vet gets a text “run if you don’t want to get caught.”  We see the back of the head of the man that sent the text.

I thought the vet’s nurse warned him that the police were there. It makes more sense that the peppermint candy killer orchestrated that. Can’t allow copycats to ruin his mystic.

The man fells the killer vet. He dumps him into a vat of water.

Hyun Jae laughs as he listens.

Officer Cha asks if the case is closed. She asks if she’s getting sent back to her normal duty station. Team Lead Hwang confirms that.

The commissioner meets with Section Chief Choi, Team Lead Hwang, and Team Lead Hwang of RIU team #1. The commissioner wants the case closed and no whiff of the peppermint candy killer. Team Lead Hwang says a serial murderer might be in play. Section Chief Choi and his boss try and shut her up. Team Lead Hwang states they have evidence someone else was at the scene. She asks for permission to continue to investigate. Section Chief Choi’s boss says he’ll handle her. The commissioner notes that if Team Lead Hwang is doing an end run around their authority, she knows there’s more to it. She says she’ll take responsibility if nothing is found but needs a favor.

Detective Lee Ji Min (Section Chief Choi’s mole on RIU Team #2) tells Officer Cha the paperwork for her transfer has been submitted. Officer Cha cleans her desk. Detective Jang says he’ll miss her even though they only worked together a few days. Detective Lee gets a call. He tells her Team Lead Hwang wants to talk on the rooftop.

Officer Cha finds Team Lead Hwang on the rooftop. Team Lead Hwang says it’s a good place to clear the mind. Officer Cha admits working with her team was challenging and invigorating. Team Lead Hwang agrees RIU Team #2 isn’t for everyone. She thanks Officer Cha for her work. She hands Officer Cha a transfer notice that makes her an official member of RIU team #2. Officer Cha is thrilled. Team Lead Hwang warns her not to make her regret it.

Did Team Lead Hwang slightly smile?

Her former partner is surprised that Officer Cha has been permanently transferred. He calls Officer Cha. He scolds her for not calling him in person. Officer Cha retorts she had to tell the chief first. He tells her to never forget where she came from. He tells her to great things and visit soon.

Officer Cha puts on her new uniform. She smiles. She gets her first salutes from the uniformed officers. She puts in the “direct to Hyun Jae” earbuds. She rejoins the team. She officially reports to Team Lead Hwang.  Detective Yang is surprised. Detective Jang wants a team photo. The wide-angle selfie is taken. Hyun Jae listens to it all.

Section Chief Choi meets the chief for a private conversation outside the office.  They both turn their phones off. Section Chief Choi gives him the peppermint candy found in the killer vet’s mouth.

Flashback… Section Chief Choi personally retrieves the peppermint candy from the killer vet’s body.

The chief asks if this means the peppermint candy killer is really back. The chief and Section Chief Choi don’t want Team Lead Hwang or the press to find out. Profiler Na arrives.

Hmm, the evil trio? What are they hiding that they don’t want found out?

Flashback…a young Soo Young demonstrates her photographic memory to doctors. They explain her ability to her mother.

Officer Cha salutes her mother’s photo. She promises to find the man the killed her in the hit and run.

At Hyun Jae’s lair…he reviews what he knows. He believes the copycat and killer vet were killed by the same man even though no peppermint candy was found in the killer vet’s mouth.

Next to a jar of peppermint candy, the peppermint candy killer reveals his wall of evidence. There are red x’s through those he’s killed. We see Hyun Jae’s photo. We see Profiler Na’s photo.

Profiler Na enters the parking garage. Someone is watching him. He feels that but when he looks no one is there. He finds eggs smashed on his car. He’s not happy. He promises to find the guy that did that. He looks at the dash cam and sees a masked man threw the eggs. He finds a piece of peppermint candy. He drives away and drops the peppermint candy out of the car.

Really? Profiler Na wasn’t taken aback by the peppermint candy? He knows that it the peppermint candy killer’s calling card. Granted it is in the mouth of dead victims, but still. I’d be sensitive to peppermint candy if I found them.

Officer Cha’s partner meets her at the police station. He believes she’s struggling. He’s impressed at the size of the building. He wants to see Officer Cha’s desk. Officer Cha says that can’t happen. Her desk is a mess. He asks if she’s ashamed of him.  She assures him she’s not and takes him for coffee.

Officer Cha admits that joining RIU was a dream come true but scary too. She says she only wants to achieve one thing but won’t share what that is. Her partner admits he wants to live a simple life. He says he must leave to return to his simple job and life. He gives Officer Cha a nice pair of sunglasses. She loves them. He says now she has the RIU look. He leaves. She smiles.


Someone is following Profiler Na and he feels it but he doesn’t see anyone when he looks back. He calls Section Chief Choi and asks for police protection. He looks back and continues walking.

Detective Yang and Detective Jang are bored protecting Profiler Na.  They are shocked when Profiler Na is attacked right in front of them. Detective Jang takes off after the man with a knife. Officer Cha picks up the man and chases. She loses him when she turns the corner. She notices clothes on the ground. Detective Yang, Detective Jang, and Officer Cha meet up then split up. Officer Cha sees a man in the plaid shirt minus a button. She recalls a missing button by the clothes. She lets Detective Yang and Detective Jang know. They tackle and cuff the guy.

Profiler Na thanks Team Lead Hwang for protecting him and catching his culprit. Team Lead Hwang retorts she only did so because she was ordered to.

Detective Yang and Officer Cha interrogate the man. They ask he did this. The man says he became a murderer because of Profiler Na. Officer Cha asks why he left peppermint candy in the car. The man stares at her.

At a book signing, Profiler Na laps up the adoration. A man offers his hand after Profiler Na signs his book. His grip is firm. He asks if Profiler Na will keep his promise. Profiler Na asks what promise. The man say Profiler Na promised to bet his life if the peppermint candy killer was alive. That wipes the smile from Profiler Na’s face.  Then he laughs that he’ll never have to keep that promise. The man smiles and leaves.

The RIU team reviews what they’ve learned about the man that attacked Profiler Na. He was thief that Profiler Na claimed was a murderer when an elderly lady died that he stole from. He went to jail. His sister committed suicide while he was in jail. He just got out of jail.  He put the peppermint candy in Profiler Na’s car to scare him. PJ gets a package. He opens it and finds Profiler Na’s book signed by Profiler Na but with tomorrow’s date.

The peppermint candy killer leaves his neat and tidy desk for the even.

That is OCD tidy!

Officer Cha and Team Lead Hwang go to Hyun Jae’s lair. Hyun Jae believes the peppermint candy was removed from the killer vet’s mouth by Section Chief Choi. He says Section Chief Choi went the autopsy room on that day. Team Lead Hwang asks if the peppermint candy killer killed both men. Hyun Jae believe the peppermint candy killer was making the point he’s the smartest one of all. Team Lead Hwang asks who he wanted to make that point to.

The peppermint candy killer leaves his room. The wall of evidence in full view clearly shows Hyun Jae is his obsession.

Nicely done! Mosaic wall of evidence forms Hyun Jae’s face.

Hyun Jae says he wanted to make the point he is alive. Hyun Jae declares the peppermint candy killer is now thirsty for blood. Hyun Jae believes Profiler Na is the next target to prove the point that he’s wrong that the peppermint candy killer is dead. Hyun Jae says when and how he’ll kill is the point. Officer Cha remembers the book that was delivered with today’s date. Hyun Jae believes the peppermint candy killer will kill Profiler Na public ally and become the killer phoenix rising from the ashes. Officer Cha realizes Profiler Na has an 8pm TV show today. And it’s on in 30 minutes. In addition, a user named peppermint candy asked the question “what if the peppermint candy killer is still alive”?

Profiler Na tells his viewers it’s not possible peppermint candy killer is still alive and he’d bet his life on it.

Worried, Team Lead Hwang calls Detective Lee about the danger to Profiler Na.

Detective Lee tells Detective Jang and Detective Yang. Detective Lee stays at the home base while Detective Yang and Detective Jang head towards Profiler Na’s location.

At the studio, Profiler Na ignores Team Lead Hwang’s call.

Team Lead Hwang and Officer Cha are stuck in traffic.  They use the light to get to him quicker.

Detective Lee notifies Team Lead Hwang that the phone owner for the user named peppermint candy is dead and their location is in the studio where Profiler Na’s show is produced! He rushes out of the station.

Now the entire team is in route.

It’s 5 minutes before the show. The producer gets a call from the police. But this is a live show and they ignore it. The peppermint candy killer positions himself.

The show begins. The host congratulates him on the success of his book. Profiler Na states precise analysis always help the police.

Team Lead Hwang instructs Detective Yang, Detective Jang and Officer Cha to split up and search the building for the while she goes to the control room.

Hyun Jae describes what the peppermint candy killer looks like and mentions his OCD tendencies.

The live texts come for the show. The audience can read the monitors with theses texts and murmur when the text from peppermint candy comes in about whether Profiler Na will kill himself if the peppermint candy killer is alive. Profiler Na tries to laugh off the text but it’s an uncomfortable moment.

Team Lead Hwang bursts into the control room. She and the producer argue about stopping the show.

Detective Yang, Detective Jang and Officer Cha arrive in the studio audience and begin to search.

Hyun Jae wonders how the peppermint candy killer will kill Profiler Na and not reveal himself. He hears static noises and thinks someone it blocking signals.

Detective Jang thinks he spots someone in the audience but that isn’t the man. Detective Lee arrives and they fan out.

Team Lead Hwang directs the cameras to focus on audience members they suspect. Then one of the detectives check them but it’s to no avail.

Hyun Jae tells Officer Cha that soon their communication will be blocked by the peppermint candy killer. He knows Profiler Na doesn’t have much time left. He says the peppermint candy killer is hidden in a corner of the studio, away from the audience, and has a weapon. Officer Cha starts searching. The static cuts off Hyun Jae and the team are one their own.

We see the peppermint candy killer is above the audience in the upper level. He sends the text, who will be the next victim. The show hosts ask and Profiler Na says there won’t be one because the peppermint candy killer is dead. The next text states Profiler Na will be the next victim and soon. The audience reacts to that. The show host relays the text and Profiler Na defiantly states he’s surrounded by people and cameras. He dares the man to try and kill him and smiles. The peppermint candy killer smiles. The show takes a break.

The host asks if those texts scare him. Profiler Na says it’s a hazard of his job because his analysis catches criminals.

Hyun Jae knows that the peppermint candy killer wants to kill Profiler Na to prove that he still has it and is the best. He knows he’ll use someone or something.

The team searches the audience again.

Profiler Na sees a peppermint candy next to his water glass. He leans his head back. The peppermint candy killer lowers a noose that is thin wire that no one can see.

The show returns to live broadcast. Profiler Na leans forward and puts his head in the hose. What happens next is gruesome. Everyone screams and panics and runs. The team can’t find the killer.

Officer Cha spots a man leaving from the upper level. She dashes to the top and gives chase. But the crowd swallows him up. She calls for him to stop. He smiles. Then fades into the night. Officer Cha searches the horrified crowd but he is gone.

Hyun Jae declares the peppermint candy killer has risen from the ashes.

Forensics deal with the scene while the detectives watch. Officer Cha stares at Profiler Na’s body. She sees the peppermint candy next to Profiler Na’s water glass.

My Thoughts

Looking up didn’t occur to the team when searching for the peppermint candy killer. Producer Director Kim Sang Hoon kept the tension dialed high as we all wondered HOW would the peppermint candy killer eliminate Profiler Na on live TV with police searching for him. The colorless noose was a horrifyingly efficient death method. I thought he’d go for the standard studio light crushing Profiler Na. But no, the peppermint candy killer is creative. Writers Ko Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun gave us more insight into the peppermint candy killer – his OCD, his ego, his obsession with Hyun Jae with the best executed wall of evidence reveal I’ve ever seen. Well done visuals!

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) knows the peppermint candy killer is back. He helped the team but was cutoff during the studio search as the peppermint candy killer blocked his communication with Officer Cha. I wonder, does he know he’s the end game for the peppermint candy killer?

Police officer Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) knows the peppermint candy killer is back. She was thrilled to be made a part of the official team. She looked smart in her uniform. I loved the group shot of RIU team #1. Will they all be alive at the end of this series? I appreciate that the team is small and no one is a jerk, something that happens frequently in kdramas. Instead all the jerks are in the management chain, something that happens frequently in kdramas and life.

Team Leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) knows the peppermint candy killer is back. The Chief and Section Chief continue to work together to suppress Team Lead Hwang and her team. Team Lead Hwang wisely took advantage of the meeting with the commissioner to get his permission to pursue the case. He asked if she’d take responsibility for what happens. Team Lead Hwang agreed. With that she secured Officer Cha’s permanent assignment to RIU team #1. Bravo Team Lead Hwang, you just added the ace to the team that will help catch the peppermint candy killer.

I rate this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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23 comments on “Tell Me What You Saw Episode 4 Recap
  1. studiomarie says:

    There’s a few plot holes at this point but I am sticking with this show because of the profiler. I have seen him in other dramas. He is a phenomenal actor.

    • Andrea Dern says:

      You mean JANG HYUK, of course. He is usually the best reason to stick with ANY drama!!
      Great job, KJT. Will wait until it’s on Netflix, but you are making it live for me until then! Thanks!

      • Will wait until it’s on Netflix
        You cancelled your Viki subscription right? I wonder when Netflix will get this series.

        • Andrea Dern says:

          Yes, I did cancel VIKI because I only watch dramas when JH is in them too many shows I wouldn’t be watching seemed rather a waste. Netflix announced this drama will be on sometime in 2020 , but it will be called “ SAY WHAT YOU SAW” .His character sounds interesting. I must admit I’ve been disappointed in most of his recent dramas, being a big fan of his earlier work like ROBBERS, FATED TO LOVE YOU, SHINE OR GO CRAZY, etc…but he is always fascinating to watch. I just keep hoping for another love story!❤️

          • Because I’m “regular” Viki not “upgraded”, I often have to wait for a show to become available which can be annoying.

            Regarding Jang Hyuk, did you enjoy My Country: The New Age and Money Flower? These are two of the recent his dramas I’ve enjoyed. He doesn’t seem to be gravitating to romances anymore.

            • Andrea Dern says:

              Frankly, it’s been downhill all the way on the Jang Hyuk dramas since THE MERCHANT! Just not my cup of tea, but I haven’t given up on him yet. If he keeps his hair long, I’ll keep watching!

  2. Marie A Johnson says:

    Yes I mean Jang Hyuk. He can play drama and comedy equally as well.

  3. studiomarie says:

    I downloaded the main song in a Beautiful Mind. I loved both him and the music.

    • Yep, that prompted me to watch the series video I made for that show.

    • beezrtp says:

      Although Beautiful Mind for me is as if someone stopped Michael Angelo just shy of finishing The Creation. It could’ve been a masterpiece if they had not cut it by two episodes.😢

      • It could’ve been a masterpiece if they had not cut it by two episodes.
        Bad ratings’ consequences can be a brutal reality.

        • beezrtp says:

          Oh no! Beautiful Mind wasn’t cut because of poor ratings (Although I admit to not knowing what the ratings were) — the show was late starting because they were waiting on the lead actress who, if I’m recalling this part correctly, was still shooting Cinderella and the Four Knights. So they filled in two weeks by broadcasting Becky’s Back (personal fav💓) and Beautiful Mind started 2 weeks late. It then needed to be cut short to accomodate whichever show was scheduled to start in that time slot.

          But as long as it came up, I never miss an opportunity to recommend Becky’s Back aka Baek hee Returns. It’s only 4 eps and it features my “oppa” Kim Sung oh and the guy who provided comic relief in My Country. It’s really super quirky and funny. It’s also interesting to see life in rural Kdrama world. As I was watching Carmellia Blooms, I was thinking that community reminded me of Becky’s Back, and sure enough it’s by the same team.

  4. beezrtp says:

    “Looking up didn’t occur to the team…” kjt
    Honestly! In an on-stage scenario where the second thought (after a gun) is somebody messing with the heavy light fixtures to fall.

    But I was already done with this show when the coroner kept insisting that the victim strangled /caroted at the police station “has no defensive wounds” and “usually they would instinctively put up a fight” when the victim was handcuffed-chained to the table AND the camera zoomed in on his severely bruised wrists after the fact. Writers, directors and sub crews need to communicate!

    But I’m not done with watching Hyukie on the show so expect to hear me gripe a bit. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

    • But I’m not done with watching Hyukie on the show so expect to hear me gripe a bit. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.
      This show is about disturbing and shocking the viewer. Logic isn’t the strong suit. And Jang Hyuk is worth watching…as always.

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    The ice block and garrote murders were particularly gruesome. OCN has a knack for selecting dramas that are dark and gruesome.

    • beezrtp says:

      Absolutely. I wouldn’t watch of not for them making the wise decision to cast Jang Hyuk. Mohwhaaahahahaaaa (that’s supposed to be creepy laughter) 😂

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I would agree with that sentiment. Why does OCN have so many dramas that are violent and gruesome … thinking shades of Voice.

        • beezrtp says:

          I can kind of understand it though. It gives variety and does remind us that S.K. has a dark side (like everywhere does). Plus, I’m guessing from OCN’s pov that it’s a way to compete with the larger networks who are experts at and have the rom-coms and higher budget shows on lockdown. And if Melting Me Softly is what they do to rom-coms, then I’m glad to let them stick with their gore. lol

          • beezrtp says:

            oops. My bad. Melting was TvN.

          • Jane Tilly says:

            “if Melting Me Softly is what they do to rom-coms, then I’m glad to let them stick with their gore. lol” -Beez. I didnt hate Melting Me Softly, but there was definite room for improvement. I see your point, that while gruesome, the OCN gory dramas do seem to be put together better..

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