Tell Me What You Saw Episode 3 Recap

Tell Me What You Saw Episode 3 “Evidence”

The man that stole a police uniform extracts a metal wire. He kills the peppermint candy killer copycat. After forensics take pictures and samples. They find a piece of peppermint candy. They hold it up so Team Lead Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) and the other RIU officers can see it. They wonder if it could be the peppermint candy killer that murdered the copycat. Section Chief Choi Hyung Pil arrives and is livid. police Officer Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) introduces herself. He wants a report. Team Lead Hwang counters they report once they’ve solved the case. Section Chief Choi gets a phone call and leaves.

The next day Section Chief Choi’s boss gets pressure to wrap up the case. Section Chief Choi believes the culprit might have been an inside man. The boss asks if it could have been the peppermint candy killer. Section Chief Choi agrees. And yet there is a bit of uncertainty. They agree keeping Team Lead Hwang close is the best way to neutralize her. Section Chief Choi declares he’ll give her something but not something crucial.

Team Lead Hwang, Officer Cha and Section Chief Choi’s mole Detective Lee Ji Min got to forensics for the autopsy report. Detective Lee takes a call from Section Chief Choi who hears the latest. Section Chief Choi tells another RIU investigator he better solve the crime before Team Lead Hwang does.

The forensics doctor reviews the death. Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) listen and offers running commentary. He believes the peppermint candy was a message for someone.

Reporters gather for a press conference. Section Chief Choi arrives to brief them. He informs them the peppermint candy killer copycat is dead. He doesn’t offer cause of death and reports there was a piece of peppermint candy at the scene. He’s sure it is another copycat. He promises to find the truth and quickly. The reporter buzz and reports fold the airways.

Team Lead Hwang calls Hyun Jae. She asks his opinion. She wonders if it is the peppermint candy killer. Hyun Jae thinks it was a bold move for a normally subtler killer. He promises to look at the murdered copycat file again. Team Lead Hwang wants to solve the crime before Section Chief Choi. Hyun Jae hangs up.

Hyun Jae’s assistant reminds him to take the diazepam (anxiety disorder drug) properly before leaving.

Officer Cha and Detective Lee review CCTV. She notices the man in the sweatshirt that gave her the coin from the floor. Detective Lee asks if she’s found anything. Officer Cha denies it. They call it a day.

The next day Team Lead Hwang is decidedly cool when Profiler Na Jun Seok tries to engage her and asks about Hyun Jae. She retorts they aren’t friends and he seems to be obsessed with Hyun Jae. She strides away. Detective Jang Tae Sung asks Detective Yang Man Soo about the coldness. Detective Yang loudly says that Team Lead Hwang bested Profiler Na who incorrectly profiled someone. Officer Cha’s father calls. Her former partner gets on the video call. Her father understands she’s busy and lets her go.

A woman’s dog gets loose. She finds him with a man that claims to be vet. He says the dog doesn’t appear well. That gets the woman’s attention. He does a slight of hand.

At the RIU meeting Profiler Na starts the brief to Section Chief Choi. Hyun Jae listens then texts Officer Cha to come to his lair. Team Lead Hwang’s team aren’t excited to learn other RIU team #2 is investigating the copycat’s murder. She tells her team they simply need to catch the killer first.

At the vet’s office he examines the dog and tells the woman he’ll look after her dog. She notices his collection of cameras. He says another day he’ll show her his collection. She leaves.  The vet puts the woman’s dog in a cage. He cracks his neck. Then he disappears through a door in the wall.

Yep that guy radiates creepy vibes.

Later that night the woman returns for her dog. She calls to the vet. He appears behind her starling her. She asks were her dog is. The vet says he’s treating the dog who took a turn for the worse. He asks her to follow him into the treatment room. She starts to follow but notices something that makes her stop. The vet turns and sees her back away. He draws a gun or hammer. She runs to the door but it’s locked. The vet laughs as he comes up behind her.

Detective Jang and Detective Lee review the call history log.

The woman goes through an alley calling for help. The vet follows her laughing. He pulls the hammer and catches up with her. He bashes her. He rolls her onto her back and asks if she’s dead.

Officer Cha arrives at Hyun Jae’s lair.  He puts down the needle (assuming he injected himself with diazepam). Officer Cha finds his police radio. She sees his wall of evidence. Hyun Jae arrives and sees her noticing his wall. He says it is a hobby of his. He tells her he thinks the copycat killer had an accomplice. He wonders if her mind has images that could help. Officer Cha seems surprised by the idea. Hyun Jae suggest they conduct an experiment to find out. He tells her to close her eyes. Officer Cha complies. Hyun Jae tells her to imagine herself at the police station and to rifle through the images in her mind of that location. She remembers the man in that hat entering the building as she, Detective Jang and Detective Yang exited the building on the night the copycat killer was murdered. She remembers the man cracking his neck. Hyun Jae says that is an indication the man was excited or nervous. He tells her to focus. She remembers a mole or tattoo on his hand and an umbrella. Officer Cha recalls the umbrella and the man at the original suitcase crime scene. She remembers the copycat killer holding a leash at that crime scene and the other man from the police station there holding a dog. Hyun Jae is satisfied and tells her to open her eyes. He directs her to go to the copycat killer’s home to find a missing clue.

A man is inside the copycat killer’s home. Officer Cha arrives. She finds the door unlocked and enters. The man inside moves out of her sight. On a headset Hyun Jae tells her to search for what they missed. He says the copycat killer must have left something behind. Officer Cha finds selfies of the killer and his dog. Hyun Jae tells Officer Cha someone else is in the room with her. He tells her to get out. The man in the room comes out from under a table. Officer Cha illuminates the floor as she steps back. When she turns the man pushes a bookshelf on her and leaves. Officer Cha is trapped but okay. She pulls herself out and says she’ll follow the man. Hyun Jae directs her to find what the man took with him or the evidence he destroyed. Hyun Jae warns her the second RIU team will be there shortly. She scans the room. Hyun Jae encourage her to focus. Officer Cha returns to the photos. She realizes one photo is missing. One with a dog. Hyun Jae asks why the man took that photo. Officer Cha scans the photo in her mind and declares she saw the man taking the photo in the side mirror. Hyun Jae smiles that the accomplice is that man. The second RIU team arrives. Officer Cha avoids detection.

Hyun Jae informs Team Lead Hwang that the man used the copycat killer dog to get close to him. Hyun Jae believes the accomplice works with animals. Hyun Jae says Officer Cha is more capable than she knows. He says she’s clumsy, scared and courageous. Team Lead Hwang says that’s exactly why they need Officer Cha.

The next day at the RIU bullpen, Detective Jang and Detective Yang identified a car from footage. They check the license plate and say the owners’ name. Detective Lee identifies the same man from the phone records of the copycat killer. Team Lead Hwang calls Detective Yang to look for animal workers. They identify the man in question is a vet.  Detective Yang, Detective Jang, and Officer Cha depart to pick up the man. Detective Lee says behind. Section Chief Choi notices the threesome running through the hallway.

Detective Lee supplies the information that the man in question has had complaints from neighbors about burning smells.

In the man’s lair the woman begs for her life. The man burns the photo he took from the copycat killer’s house. He walks to the woman and picks up a hammer, then another bloody weapon. He approaches the woman and orders her to bark if she wants to live.


He opens the cage and crouches to her. He orders her to bark. The woman asks why he’s doing this. He pulls her head up. He says blood makes him feel better.

The threesome arrives at the animal hospital but the door is locked.

The woman begs. The vet raises his weapon. Just then the dogs begin to bark. That stops the vet from striking the woman.

The team wonders if he’s practicing in another location. They fan out.

The vet goes back to the woman and laughs.

Officer Cha puts her direct to Hyun Jae earbuds in. She calls for him. Hyun Jae tells her to remember the missing photo. She concentrates. She remembers a flower on a wall behind the copycat killer in the picture the vet took. Hyun Jae tells her to find the flower.

The vet goes back to the woman, raises the hammer and prepares to strike.

The team continues to search the neighborhood.

The woman begs for her life. The vet laughs and raises his hammer.

Officer Cha finds the painting on the wall. She’s standing where the picture was taken. She looks at the animal hospital behind the photo. She tells Team Lead Hwang she’s found the animal hospital.

She enters. Detective Yang enters. The dogs bark. The nurse texts the vet to run. He’s irked his playtime has been interrupted.

Someone needs to arrest that nurse. She’s an accomplice.

The team search the office. The vets looks at the woman and strides away.

The team can’t find the entrance. Hyun Jae tells Officer Cha to find the furnace. Officer Cha notices a gap behind the wall in a photo.

The vet exits out the back door.

The team finds the secret door. Detective Yang enters.

The vet gets in his car and drives away.

Detective Yang and Detective Jang et al enter the cellar with cages. The find driver licenses of women. Detective Yang hears something. Officer Cha shines her light. She finds the woman on the floor. She’s alive. They call for an ambulance.

The vets drives angry. Detective Lee identifies the vet’s car on CCTV. The chase is on. Detective Yang drives aggressively and they pull bedside the vet. Unfortunately, the vet makes a sudden turn and police van can’t follow.

Section Chief Choi asks Detective Lee what the status is. He notes the young officer didn’t answer his call. He asks if their deal is still on. Detective Lee confirms it is.

Hyun Jae tells Team Lead Hwang and Officer Cha that the vet and the copycat killer teamed up for the murders. The vet would find the women through their pets. The copycat killer wanted the photos. The vet wanted to murder. But one day, the copycat killer decided to kill himself. The vet thought he’d be found out and decided to kill the copycat killer.

Detective Lee reports that RUI team #2 is in pursuit. Local police find the vet’s car. He flees on foot.

Profiler Na wonders why the killer put the peppermint candy at the scene of the crime. Hyun Jae watches Profiler Na speculate if the peppermint candy killer is still alive.

The vet ends up at a dock. He goes onto a boat. A security guard does his rounds. He runs into the vet. The vet says he lost his phone and needs to make a call.

RIU team #2 arrives. Section Chief Choi tells them to catch the vet first. They search the docs. RIU team #1 arrives. They find the dead security guard. They fan out.

The vet now clad in the security guard’s uniform hides.

RIU team #1 divides up to search after meeting with nothing to report. Officer Cha and Detective Jang split up.

Officer Cha finds an opened door with blood stains. She reports this but Detective Jang can’t hear her. Officer Cha opens the door and enters. Gun drawn flashlight forward she searches. Hyun Jae listens while she searches. Hyun Jae says there is a frequency jammer and the killer is unpredictable. Officer Cha continues her search. The vet is behind her. He pushes boxes on top of her. He bashes her in the head.

Hyun Jae calls Team Lead Hwang with Officer Cha’s location and the report that she’s in trouble. The vet drags her body across the room. Her earpiece has fallen to the floor. He pulls her through the door.

My Thoughts

Light switches don’t appear to be available in this series. Producer Director Kim Sang Hoon keeps it dark and creepy no matter where the search is held. I have to wonder why Officer Cha never flips a light switch to on to facilitate her search. Of course, that would destroy the ambiance and tension, something PD Kim excels at creating for the viewer. The lineup of weapons the vet selected from reminded me of one of the killers in Voice. The penchant for evoking fear in victims then following with pain seems to be a thing with these dreadful men that like to murder. Writers Ko Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun connected the dots between the vet and the copycat killer. Though convoluted it all made sense. They two men were a team until the partnership was dissolved when the copycat killer turned himself in. The vet wouldn’t allow himself to be identified and went to the police station to kill his partner. That’s a bold move. A move that lead to the very thing he tried to avoid. The phone and CCTV made the connection between the two men and the chase was on. Now Officer Cha is in trouble and she doesn’t have Hyun Jae listening in.

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) appear to have sight. I thought he was blind in the first two episodes but the evidence wall among other things nullified that. I’m all for a profiler that can see. Interesting that Profiler Na popped up. Wanna bet he is jealous of Hyun Jae? He’s still on TV. Hyun Jae watched him ramble about his theories. Will Profiler Na become a bigger character? What I like about Hyun Jae is his cool, calm manner. We saw he takes anxiety medication so that might help with the calm under pressure manner. He’s got scars from his past. I like his growing respect for Officer Cha. He almost complimented her to Team Lead Hwang. Now that Hyun Jae isn’t in Officer Cha’s ear, can he help the team find her?

Police officer Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) pulled search the dark room duty again. She is gutsy. I can’t imagine going into those situations with only a flashlight and creepy dudes someone in the room with me. That is the kind of Marco Polo game I don’t want to engage in. I like how Hyun Jae got her to utilize her memories like a rolodex. He encouraged her to find the missing picture then find the animal hospital in the missing picture. Hyun Jae put it well; she’s clumsy, scared and courageous. I like Officer Cha.

Team Leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) knows her team must be first or Section Chief Choi will have leverage. Section Chief works to suppress Team Lead Hwang and her team. He uses Detective Lee to give RIU team #2 advantages and get inside information. I was glad to see that Detective Lee doesn’t want to be Section Chief Choi’s mole. Men oppressing smart capable women that threaten their perceived status this is a real thing in this world. We’ve all seen it, know someone that has experienced it if not experienced it ourselves. I like Team Lead Hwang and am rooting for her even though Section Chief Choi and his boss are clearly working to keep her down. And then there’s the peppermint candy killer. When does he make his appearance?

I rate this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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10 comments on “Tell Me What You Saw Episode 3 Recap
  1. beezrtp says:

    Oh, OCN. If you didn’t have Jang Hyuk…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrea Dern says:

    Coming soon on Netflix!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Drama Fan says:

    A couple of things: 1) When SY was looking at the wall of evidence, she told OHJ “You are waiting for The Guy” (thats the nickname for the Candy killer) He avoided the question by talking about the copycat, etc By the way, he did say he couldn’t see. I think he is supposed to be blind, but maybe not completely. The wall of evidence could be put together by Hwang’s. If not, then why does he get audio notifications when he answers the phone? 2) I don’t think OHJ told HY that the vet went there to kill his accomplice. I’d have to rewatch but didn’t he say the vet went to check out the status of his accomplice? Anyway, the vet didn’t kill his accomplice.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Too bad Soo Young didn’t think the hooded guy, the killer, seemed out of place. If the still had the coin he handed her, would she be able to get as fingerprint❓⁉️

    What is the “contract” the mole, Detective Lee, signed with Chief Choi❓⁉️

    I like that Hyun Jae is learning to appreciate Soo Young … she is gutsy and may not know the extent of her skills. Too bad she keeps putting herself in harm’s way.


    • I like that Hyun Jae is learning to appreciate Soo Young … she is gutsy and may not know the extent of her skills. Too bad she keeps putting herself in harm’s way
      Gutsy she is…she embodies courage and determination.


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