Crash Landing on You Episode 12

Crash Landing on You Episode 12 Recap

South Korea…

Officer Jo searches the cars in the parking lot for Se Ri. She’s hiding behind a post. Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) goes to the attendant office and watches Officer Jo searching for her on the security cameras. He spots the attendant office. He draws a gun and walks towards her. Just as he’s almost there, her phone rings. Officer Jo makes a beeline for the ringing phone. Se Ri exits the attendant office.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) calls Se Ri’s phone but she doesn’t answer Officer Jo does. He tells Jung Hyuk he’s impressed that Jung Hyuk came to South Korea. He says he has Se Ri. He tells him to come right now.

Jung Hyuk arrives in the parking garage. Se Ri sees him walking in the parking garage. She sees Officer Jo has a gun trained on Jung Hyuk. She moves to the lighting switches. Officer Jo directs Jung Hyuk to raise his hand. Officer Jo says he wants to kill Se Ri. Jung Hyuk vows to kill him. Officer Jo prepares to shoot. The lights in the parking lot go out. Both men are taken aback. Se Ri’s voice rings out that Officer Jo is lying. She tells Jung Hyuk that Officer Jo has a gun and he must leave. Officer Jo moves towards Se Ri’s voice. But Jung Hyuk finds her first and puts his hand over her mouth. They stare into each other’s eyes relieved the other is alive and well. Officer Jo is forced to flee when other attendants arrive. He steps on Se Ri’s phone as he exits.

Se Ri instructs security to determine how a man that stalked her got on her team. She wants a fresh night team formed. She wants the CCTV sent to her and kept from the press. She asks if her phone was found. She’s informed it was crushed and will need a new one. She hangs up. The doctor exits her bedroom and tells her it was only a slight cut. He asks who the man is. Se Ri doesn’t answer and asks him to keep this visit quiet.

The doctor gets into the car with Se Ri’s second brother, Yoon Se Hyung, and his wife Sang Ah. They ask if the patient was a man. The doctor confirms it. Recall Sang Ah saw a pair of man’s shoes as she exited Se Ri’s apartment. Sang Ah says treating a man privately in her home is unusual.

Se Ri isn’t happy that Jung Hyuk was stabbed. She isn’t happy Officer Jo infiltrated her company. Jung Hyuk pulls her to sit next to him. He thanks her for protecting her. She tells him to stay until the wound heals. Then she’ll accept when he leaves and returns to North Korea.

The report about the gold mine tunnel plays on TV. Se Ri, her assistant Mr. Hone meet with the gang that beat up Jung Hyuk. She informs them she owns the buildings they occupy. She knows they were involved on the attack of a handsome man last week. She’s got an offer. If they locate the men that hired them or the man that attacked her (she distributes a picture of Officer Jo from the security camera), they can live rent free. She impresses when she switches to Chinese and tells them the sooner they find the man the larger the bonus reward will be. She strides away. The men start making calls to their sources.

Se Ri was bad ass in that meeting!

Mr. Hong is impressed with Se Ri’s handling of the meeting. She asks about the insurance agent Mr. Park, who believed she was still alive.

Unfortunately, even with Se Ri’s rise from the ashes, the insurance company still laid him off. Se Ri’s car pulls up to the bus stop where Mr. Park waits. She thanks him for the hard work he did investigating her disappearance and trying to let others know. Mr. Park demurs it was nothing. Se Ri admires his single mindedness. She offers him a job at three times his former salary. Mr. Park is thrilled. Se Ri smiles.

Nice! She’s evolved!

Jung Hyuk thinks about Officer Jo’s quick access to Se Ri. He does computer work and determines Officer Jo’s illegal activities built a network in South Korea that he’s leveraging. Jung Hyuk realizes that Officer Jo is a better connected in South Korea than he first thought. He knows Officer Jo will try again soon.

The fivesome discuss their days activities. The eavesdropper Jung Man Bok reports he listened to Se Ri’s employee to collect intel. Unfortunately, all the information was gossip about other employees.

Ha! He played to his strength!

Sgt Pyo points out the intel had nothing to do with Se Ri. The eavesdropper asks Sgt Pyo what he learned. Sgt Pyo lays out money and declares he has a plan to find Se Ri by waiting around chicken eateries that Se Ri might frequent. He got paid to park cars as people thought he was a valet. The owner was impressed at Sgt Pyo’s tenacity and offered him a delivery job. Unfortunately, none of the deliveries were to Se Ri’s home but he did get free fried chicken. When the phone rang for a carryout order Sgt Pyo didn’t pick up. Little did he know it was Jung Hyuk calling!

Ha! Love it!

Sgt Kim spent the day watching the final episodes of Chuno. He wept when Dae Gil died.

LOL! All roads lead to Chuno!

Next to Sgt Kim, Private Geum plays video games and duels the player with the moniker of “tomato cultivator”.


Meanwhile Jung Hyuk is equally enthralled in a video game.


Se Ri returns home and tells Jung Hyuk he can’t leave. She knows he purchased a video game. Jung Hyuk admits he has a natural talent and being a wizard requires in game purchases. And he has to give his opponent an in-person smack down. Se Ri tells him he must rest instead of fighting with his opponents. She forces him to logout of the game. Jung Hyuk has no choice but to comply.

Private Geum waits in vain for “tomato cultivator” to arrive.

Jung Hyuk wants to leave so bad; he is tapping his foot. Se Ri informs him she put the internet in kid mode which restricts his internet allowance to 2 hours a day. Jung Hyuk is horrified. She won’t change her mind.

LOL! Se Ri laid down the law and Jung Hyuk groused like a teenage kid that was grounded.

Sgt Pyo chides Private Geum for wasting time playing video games instead of finding Jung Hyuk.

Little does Private Geum know his opponent was Jung Hyuk!

Lt. Park reports he got cards from strangers. We see that talent agencies representatives gave him business cards. Sgt Pyo decides Lt. Park looks to North and will need to lower his eyes when he’s out and about.

They all agree it isn’t as easy to find Se Ri and Jung Hyuk as they’d hoped.

They were so close

North Korea…

The Military Director learns that Officer Jo has located Se Ri and Jung Hyuk. He’s pleased but won’t make any rash moves that could risk his career.

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) calls Seo Dan to report the apartment has had no heat or electricity today. He says he’s sick and his cell phone is almost dead. The phone cuts out. Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) sighs and decides to see if he’s okay.

She arrives to find him on the floor in her apartment.

Flashback…Seung Jun is so cold he can see his breath.

Seo Dan gets a fire going. She cooks porridge. She brings it to Seung Jun who is pleased. She points out the apartment has a furnace. Seung Jun loves the porridge even though it is salty. He relates a story about South Korea. Seo Dan tells him she knows the kind of man he was there.

Flashback…Seo Dan’s uncle has a report on Se Ri which includes Seung Jun but doesn’t understand why she wants the information. Seo Dan claims she needs something to read. She reads all the details on Seung Jun’s less than ethical actions.

Seung Jun is impressed Seo Dan knows all about his past. He calls her the perfect woman. Seung Jun admits the porridge did make him think of his family. He shares his father was conned and they immigrated to England. He says one of the last family meals he can remember was salty porridge. He notes his father died shortly there after and his mother remarried and he was sent to boarding school. Seo Dan asks why he scammed for a living when he knew what it could do to someone. Seung Jun admits it was revenge. Seo Dan asks if Se Ri’s family scammed his father. Seung Jun confirms this. He wanted to infiltrate the family hence his engagement to Se Ri. But Se Ri saw through his machinations. Her brothers weren’t smart, especially her greedy second brother. Seung Jun admits he thought the revenge would be sweet but it didn’t satisfy. He wonders if happiness is the best revenge. He muses that returning the money and living life free of bad actions might be the best option. Seo Dan says that’s stupid. He needs to make those that hurt his family feel the same pain. Seo Dan orders him to get well and take down Se Ri’s family. Seung Jun loves it. Seo Dan starts drinking.

These two are well matched!

Se Ri and Jung Hyuk drink soju. Tipsy, Jung Hyuk admits he doesn’t’ want to return to North Korea and stay with her instead. Se Ri is touched. She encourages him to bare his soul while she’s drunk. Jung Hyuk admits he wants to marry her and have children with her. Se Ri muses she likes girls. Jung Hyuk wants twins. Se Ri takes another drink. Jung Hyuk wants to play the piano again. Se Ri says she’ll arrange a concert for him. Jung Hyuk wants to grow old with her. He says she’d still be pretty in old age. Se Ri agrees she’ll still be a beauty when she old. She admits she’d love him by her side forever too. Se Ri admits he’s darling drunk and orders him not to drink with other woman and only at home.  They pinky swear!

Could this couple be any cuter?!

North Korea…

Seo Dan’s mother is shocked to find her daughter’s bed empty in the morning.

Seung Jun wakes to find Seo Dan asleep next to him still clutching the bottle of booze she drank. He marvels that she was comfortable enough to sleep next to a con man. He pulls up the blanket and shields her eyes from the sun.


Seo Dan’s mother tells her brother it is time to prove the power he holds as a 1 star general. She wants the full story on the man in the lobby.

The village ladies wonder about the Colonel’s wife (recall he was one of the officers arrested). Na Wol Sook warns them not to get involved as state security are watching those that interact with the families of those arrested.

South Korea …

Jung Hyuk puts his brother’s watch to complete his attire for the grand opening. Se Ri enters all smiles at her handsome bodyguard. She sees the watch. She’s surprised. She tells Jung Hyuk this is the watch she noticed in the pawn shop, bought for him, but it was dropped when she was abducted. Jung Hyuk smiles and says this watch saved him. Se Ri smiles happy that she saved him like he has saved her so many times.

The fivesome decide to attend the grand opening. But what should they wear? And will they be admitted?

At the grand opening, Se Ri admits she’s nervous to address her employees, it’s been awhile since she’s spoken in public. Jung Hyuk tells her she looks fabulous and not nervous at all. He tells her to talk to them naturally. Se Ri does just that. She thanks her team for working hard to launch this new segment of the company. She has a present for them. Everyone’s phone pings and they look at the text which gives each employee a bonus. Se Ri smiles and says it is well deserved. She tells her team it is time to open to the public and sell some products. A cheer goes up. Se Ri looks at Jung Hyuk and smiles. He smiles in return.

The fivesome stride into the grand opening. They are positive they look great. They enter determined to bargain like pros. Before Sgt Pyo buys, he wants to meet Se Ri. The answer is no. Sgt Pyo tries again with a different associate. The answer is no. The sales associates talk about the strange men and wonder if they attacked Se Ri last week. The eavesdropper listens to their conversation and reports to the foursome they’ve been compromised. They spy security guards and decide to run. They see Private Geum asleep, wake him and tell him to come ASAP. They rush out of the building. Private Geum falls and Sgt Kim returns to retrieve him. Jung Hyuk sees it from the side.

The fivesome can’t believe that happened. Private Geum is shoeless. Sgt Pyo rips into him for sleeping on the job. The eavesdropper is understanding. Sgt Pyo offers his shoes. Private Geum apologizes. Jung Hyuk arrives with PG’s shoes. They are stunned. Private Geum hugs him. It turns into a group hug, except Sgt Pyo and the eavesdropper.

Se Ri asks Mr. Hong where her bodyguard is. She tells him not to fret. Se Ri’s eldest brother Yoon Se Jun and wife Hye Ji arrive. They pretend to be horrified that Se Hyung stopped Se Ri from returning from North Korea. Se Ri asks where they heard that. They don’t answer that but tell her that Se Ri should support him like mother does. Se Ri points out she was heir to the corporation not him. Se Jun has information that Se Hyung is in cahoots with men that worked with Seung Jun. Se Ri tells them to get proof and get back with her. They consider her asking for help a good sign.

Jung Hyuk calls Se Ri. She’s surprised by what he tells her.

Se Ri arrives. Private Geum hugs her. She can’t believe. Sgt Kim hugs her too. Sgt Pyo and Lt. Park join in. Jung Hyuk smiles at the happy reunion. Then he breaks them up. The eavesdropper introduces himself and says he knows her from the village. Sgt Pyo says the eavesdropper knows all.

Se Ri and Jung Hyuk bring the fivesome to her apartment. They are wowed by the fingerprint door lock. The eavesdropper looks for bugs. She says there aren’t any. Sgt Pyo can’t believe she lives in 5 years by herself. Se Ri rejoins all the rooms and their purpose. They can’t believe all the amenities and endless electricity.

North Korea…

The colonel’s wife is despondent but keeps up a brave face for her son. She tells her son to say put when she hears a knock at her door. It’s the eavesdropper’s wife with bread. Then another arrives with more food. Then WS arrives with firewood. More ladies arrive with food. The colonel’s wife is overcome at the generosity and the personal risk each took to see her. She cries. They hug and console her.

That was touching!

South Korea…

The fivesome enjoyed grilled meat cooked by Jung Hyuk. They bond with Se Ri. Sgt Pyo notes that Jung Hyuk is giving Se Ri all the meet. Se Ri smiles and says they can get their own. Sgt Kim declares Jung Hyuk would be called a lover boy for his actions. Everyone smiles. Sgt Pyo says crossing the border for a woman is crazy. Jung Hyuk explains he was being logical. They all laugh.

Se Ri overhears the eavesdropper tell Jung Hyuk has to return by one month. Jung Hyuk declares he can’t leave until Officer Jo is caught and neutralized. The eavesdropper says Se Ri can hire the best to take care of her. She walks away.

Se Ri’s father and stepmother share a meal. He grouses his sons don’t eat with them unless they want something. He complains about the soup. His wife points out that today is Se Ri’s birthday and the seaweed soup is in her honor. He stands to walk away. His wife assumes he knew that Se Ri was alive in North Korea.

Flashback…Se Ri’s father handles paperwork.

Se Ri’s stepmother asks her husband if he worried that she would find out and use it against Se Ri. He admits that crossed his mind. His wife informs him that SH new Se Ri was stuck in North Korea and hired men to keep her there.

Flashback…Mr. Hong and Mr. Parker play Se Ri’s distress call for her father with SH there. Mr. Hong says SH told the police it wasn’t Se Ri’s voice. SH says this was one of many fake voice recordings. He accuses them of lying. He demands that his father believe him.

Shocked Se Ri’s father demands his wife confirm that SH knew about Se Ri in North Korea.

Se Ri is ready to leave. She tells Jung Hyuk she has a breakfast meeting and he should stay with the fivesome. She confirms he’s healing. She tells him now that he’s healed, he can leave when he needs to. She promises to be startled when he leaves, not worry, nor wait forever. She exits the apartment upset.

At the meeting, Se Ri isn’t engaged.

The fivesome and Jung Hyuk leave the apartment. As Jung Hyuk closes the door, he takes one final look.

Se Ri’s stepmother visits her in her office. She tells Se Ri that she knows what SH did to her. Her stepmother declares she won’t stand for it. Se Ri wonders if it more about supporting Se Jun versus her. Her stepmother knows Se Ri doesn’t believe her. Se Ri agrees she doesn’t believe her. She points out that she never came back.

Flashback…a young rushes to her stepmother on the beach. Her stepmother tells her to wait while she goes and gets them drinks. Se Ri calls her mother and waves. Her stepmother walks away. Se Ri waits and waits but she doesn’t come back. In the morning other people found her.

Se Ri tells her stepmother that day forever changed things. Se Ri wondered why her presence was such a burden. Wouldn’t being dead be better for the world. Se Ri’s stepmother tries to explain but Se Ri tells her never to visit her again on her birthday. She leaves. Her stepmother cries.

Se Hyung, and his wife Sang Ah meet with the point man and Officer Jo. He says they have similar goals. They want Se Ri gone and Officer Jo wants Se Ri to come with him. SH wants to know if Se Ri will be safe. Officer Jo says Se Ri need to verify something so he can get back his status that was taken from him. Officer Jo won’t guarantee Se Ri’s safety. Officer Jo points out that’s exactly what they want. SH tells the point man that he doesn’t do business with this kind of man. He walks about with the point man following. Sang Ah tells Officer Jo he’ll need money and information to accomplish his goal.

Officer Jo drives to Se Ri’s penthouse. He got her address from Sang Ah.

Se Ri walks slowly to her apartment door. She doesn’t know if she’ll find it empty. She enters and finds it dark. She remembers telling Jung Hyuk not to leave her until his wound was healed and promising to take his disappearance well. She calls to Jung Hyuk. No answer. Tears fill her eyes. She can’t believe he left. She cries.

She hears the door open. The lights go on. Jung Hyuk and the fivesome arrive with birthday party gears. They see her crying. PG says happy birthday. Everyone echoes that. Se Ri sobs. She rushes to her room. The men look at Jung Hyuk. He takes after Se Ri.

Jung Hyuk follows Se Ri outside. He apologizes for startling her on her birthday. Se Ri admits she was scared that he left on her birthday. Jung Hyuk steps to her. He gives her a back hug. He tells her every birthday of hers will be good because he’ll be thinking about her. He’ll be grateful the woman he loves is alive and well. Se Ri cries more. She holds his arms closer to her. She turns. Jung Hyuk hugs her.


Bonus scene…

Jung Hyuk loses the video game. He’s determined to avenge his loss. He listens to a recording of Se Ri on top of a bridge saying she has no regrets saying goodbye on her birthday. She says goodbye to her family. He hears his voice interrupting her asking for a picture of his girlfriend. Jung Hyuk realizes it wasn’t coincidence, this was all fate. He gets dressed to leave. Se Ri asks where he’s going. He says he’s going to meet someone.

My Thoughts

Anyone watching this show falls for Jung Hyuk. Writer Park Ji Eun has crafted the perfect man. This love story is wonderful to watch. She’s evolved because of this love. He’s evolved because of this love. And the bonus scene proved to Jung Hyuk their relationship was fated. This is destiny.

The reunion of the fivesome and Jung Hyuk then Se Ri were lovely moments. The group support of the village ladies for the Colonel’s’ wife was a lovely moment. I enjoy all these characters EXCEPT for Se Ri’s family who are downers for such a stellar show. Sang Ah teaming up with the despicable Officer Jo exposed her utter lack of character.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) thought she was ready to let Jung Hyuk go. I love that Se Ri saved Jung Hyuk like he has saved her many times. I felt empathy for her on her birthday relieving her stepmother’s abandonment. I felt empathy for her in the bonus scene when she tried to commit suicide on her birthday. Of course, it gutted her when she thought Jung Hyuk had left her on this difficult day, of all days. But he hadn’t. He and the others found her crying. Embarrassed, she fled the apartment. She didn’t want Jung Hyuk to see her ugly cry. But the beautiful thing about Jung Hyuk is that he loves every side of Se Ri. He assured her that he’ll love her forever and, on her birthday, he’ll be grateful she’s alive. Swoon!

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) supported Se Ri in every possible way. Jung Hyuk is a joy to watch. Hyun Bin completely sells the perfect Jung Hyuk in a humble way. He’s not arrogant. He’s sincere and passionate about saving and loving the woman he loves. He is utterly swoon worthy. Now we come to the point in the show where we wonder, how will our couple manage to be together? Jung Hyuk won’t let his parents nor his men take the fall for this. He won’t rest until they are safe. Can Jung Hyuk have his cake and eat it too?

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) came clean to Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye). Seung Jun continues to fall for Seo Dan. She couldn’t let him be sick and cold in the apartment and came to help. She made him soup. He shared the story of his family. He admitted he was a con man that wanted to bring down Se Ri’s family, the family that conned his father. I’m looking forward to getting the details on that. These two are inching towards each other. Seo Dan isn’t falling yet but she’s opening herself to him, being honest and vulnerable with him. That’s the path to a deeper relationship. Writer Park can feature this budding couple even more.

The sixth song of the OST is “Photo of My Mind” by Song Ga In

I rate this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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12 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 12
  1. beezrtp says:

    “Se Ri was bad ass in that meeting!” kjt
    And let me tell you,that is the baddest combo leather-trench coat I have ever seen in over 50 years of following fashion!


  2. beezrtp says:

    Can someone remind me how the watch came into the possession of Jung Hyuk? I remember Se ri dropped it when Jung Hyuk’s father had her abducted but I can’t remember how it ended up with JH?


  3. beezrtp says:

    I’ve been wondering… is Se ri older or younger than her brothers? If she’s younger, I can kind of understand the step mom not fully embracing an outside of her marriage child (although there’s no excuse for EVER abandoning a child like that).


  4. beezrtp says:

    Well, at least Se Ri’s second brother stops short at wanting her dead. At least that’s something.


  5. beezrtp says:

    “how will our couple manage to be together?” kjt
    I know. This is awful! Jung Hyuk and The Boyz can’t stay because they have loved ones left behind who will suffer if they defect to the South. I can’t imagine Se ri leaving all her wealth and good life behind to live in the North but that seems the only option. But what do you have to do to defect to the North? I would imagine you can’t just go live peacefully to the village of your choosing but might be interrogated and locked up. So that takes us right back to kjt’s question – “how will our couple manage to be together?” 😱😵


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I’ve been wondering the same thing … my guess would be Jung Hyuk’s parents may defect too, if Ri Choong-ryeol’s 👴🎖🇰🇵 position is threatened, they would be much better off in the south. But then that leaves the cadre, which also have their families in the north, I can’t see that mass exodus happening. It is a conundrum.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    The cadre had so many near misses of meeting Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 in their journey in the South 🇰🇷, I’m glad they finally meet … except their mission is to take him back North 🇰🇵. I died of laughter when Private Geum, aka “Desparate Effort” was playing a video game against “Tomato Cultivator” aka Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 … when the guitar music ala “Memories of the Alhambra” started playing during that duel and then Sgt Kim cried as he watched the end of Chuno. (if you haven’t seen “Memories of the Alhambra”, Hyun Bin is stuck playing a video game 24/7 with enemies coming to duel him at will, signaled by similar guitar music … and put this drama on your short watching list along with Chuno)

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Se Ri’s 🌬👩 sisters-in-law are somehow … incredibly MORE GREEDY than Se Ri’s 🌬👩 brothers. These sisters-in-law may or may not the the impetus for their husband’s greedy, but they are BOTH pushing their husband’s forward. I was APPALLED that Sang Ah 🤑📸, gave Officer Jo 🚛👿 Se Ri’s 🌬👩 address, I got the feeling her husband, Se Hyung 🤑👐, wasn’t anxious to have Se Ri 🌬👩 executed, he just wants Se Ri 🌬👩 out of the way.


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