Crash Landing on You Episode 11

Crash Landing on You Episode 11 Recap

South Korea…

Se Ri works late at night. She leaves her office. Someone watches her get in the elevator. Someone watches her walk to her car. Before she’s intercepted the parking lot security guards escort her to her car. She drives away. It’s Officer Jo!

The other security guards see Officer Jo and ask why he’s in the parking lot when he should be patrolling the building. Officer Jo agrees and leaves. The security guards discuss how Officer Jo is the Korean Chinese guard just recently hired and how his skill base is an asset.

Se Ri walks the street wondering if Jung Hyuk is thinking of her and if their relationship is true love.

Se Ri sees Jung Hyuk waiting for her in the middle of the sidewalk. She stares. He stares.

Jung Hyuk walks towards Se Ri. She can’t move. When he reaches her, tears fill her eyes. Jung Hyuk says he’s been looking everywhere for her. He didn’t know her address. He smiles. She stares still in shock. She says this kind of dream will make her sad when she wakes. Jung Hyuk says this isn’t a dream. Se Ri hugs him and cries. Jung Hyuk hugs her back. She asks how he came. She frets about the marks on his face. Jung Hyuk says he’s fine.

Flashback…North Korea…Jung Hyuk goes through an old gold mine to go to this South Korea. Unfortunately, it is not stable and rocks fall. Using the cramped offset from the main cave, Jung Hyuk takes 20 hours to crawl through. He ends up at the exit point. He changes into civilian clothes and walks to the sea.

Se Ri says he’s not fine. Jung Hyuk says he is fine. He hugs her again. Se Ri holds on for dear life.

North Korea…

An elderly couple cleans in the cave and finds a pin from Jung Hyuk’s uniform. The police arrive and find the offshoot that Jung Hyuk used to get to South Korea.

South Korea…

Se Ri asks why Jung Hyuk is there. He says didn’t defect and he’s not a spy. Jung Hyuk says he’s just visiting. Se Ri scoffs at that. She asks if his parents know that he’s here. Jung Hyuk points out he’ll answer her questions when she stops asking. He says Officer Jo is after her. He explains Officer Jo was to be imprisoned but escaped. Se Ri asks if Jung Hyuk came to protect her from Officer Jo. Jung Hyuk says he wants to protect her but Officer Jo also wants to use her to destroy his family and he must stop him. Jung Hyuk says he’ll return when he’s caught Officer Jo. Se Ri understands and says to protect her he’ll have to stay by her side. She wraps her scarf around his face and tells him CCTV are everywhere. She says they must go someplace safe where only she and he know about.

Se Ri takes him to her apartment. Jung Hyuk is a bit overwhelmed. Se Ri suggests eating but she only has water in her fridge. He wonders why a wealthy woman has no food. Se Ri tell him she’s a picky eater. Jung Hyuk remember the zealous way she ate in North Korea. Se Ri gets out her phone and asks what kind of food he wants.


The foursome Lt. Park, Sgt Pyo, Staff Sgt Kim and Private Geum sent by Jung Hyuk’s father and posing as athletes can’t believe the eatery choices. The eavesdropper Jung Man Bok chides Sgt Pyo when he calls him comrade. Sgt Pyo suggests they indulge in fried chicken. The eavesdropper suggests being frugal. The four looks forlornly at the eavesdropper.

Jung Hyuk offers Se Ri the chicken first per the manners guide he read about South Korea. Se Ri can’t take her eyes off him. Jung Hyuk asks how things are with her family. She lies and says they missed her and are happy she’s back. She’s happy she can tell him in person all is well and he won’t have to worry about her when he goes back to North Korea.

The security doorbell rings. Se Ri sees it is her second brother, Yoon Se Hyung, and his wife Sang Ah. She wonders why they are visiting her this late at night. Se Ri wishes they’d go away and ignores them. But they won’t be deterred and punch in her security code. Se Ri sends Jung Hyuk to her bedroom. She’s not happy when her brother and sister in law stride into her apartment. They reveal they know she was in North Korea. He threatens her to keep quiet while he takes over their father’s company. Se Ri doesn’t react and asks him to leave. SA plays a clip of Seung Jun and Se Ri talking. Se Ri notes they didn’t try to get her out. SA claims they wanted to but didn’t want shame the family image. Se Ri counters that they can help her, ignore her or corner her. Her brother warns her not to cause trouble for him. They leave. SA notices a man’s shoes as she exits.

Se Ri admits her family embarrasses her. Jung Hyuk hugs her. Se Ri feels better. Jung Hyuk admits her family made him angry for her. He tells her not to keep hate in her heart. She should only think of those she loves. Se Ri asks even if that person can’t be by her side. Jung Hyuk nods and confirms. Se Ri agrees, keeping a healthy attitude and body if the right thing to do for herself.

The fivesome stare at the city skyline and lights at night. They wonder were Captain Ri is. Sgt Pyo wonders where they’ll be staying. The end up in a sauna and love it. Sgt Pyo reminds them not get seduced by capitalism. When PV brings in snacks are amazed. They assume the snacks are free and dive in. They sleep there. The next day they are refreshed. They are shocked at the bill when they leave.

North Korea…

The village ladies are in traditional garb and enjoy being dressed up. The Colonel’s wife looks lovely in pink. They head to a fortune teller. She tells the eavesdropper’s wife that her husband is far away. The wife says he is in the city. The fortune teller says he’s farther away than that and may not be able to come back. The fortune teller says there will be a bloodbath in the village.

The colonel is dragged away by other officers. The same happen to other officers.

Seung Jun’s manager wakes him and says they must flee immediately. He tells them Officer Jo was busted and may be dead. He yells that helping Jung Hyuk created this situation. Officers wait for them by the elevator. Seung Jun gets away with his passport.

Jung Hyuk’s father reads the note he left. In the note, Jung Hyuk states that Officer Jo killed his older brother and is after the woman he loves. Jung Hyuk has intel that Officer Jo has gone to South Korea. Jung Hyuk can’t let Officer Jo kill another person he loves. He promises to return within a month. Jung Hyuk’s father sighs and burns the note. He tells his wife learning where Jung Hyuk is isn’t easy. Jung Hyuk’s mother declares she can’t take if her only remaining son is killed. Jung Hyuk worries at the family disgrace. She snaps that doesn’t matter.

South Korea…

Se Ri gets a new lock on her apartment that is fingerprint activated. She has Jung Hyuk’s fingerprint added. He tells her that’s not necessary. Se Ri begs to differ. Jung Hyuk knocks on her car to see if there are any animals. A cat runs out. Se Ri realizes when she knocks on the car, she’ll think of him. She tells Jung Hyuk not to make too many memories with her. Jung Hyuk agrees to be dull. Se Ri tells him it is time to adopt South Korea style.

They go shopping. Se Ri is impressed with the plum suit she picks out. The shop girl touches him while she praises how good he looks. Se Ri picks another suit in charcoal girl. Jung Hyuk looks even better. The shop girl is effusive. Se Ri makes him try another suit. She tells the shop girl that he’s not her husband. The shop girl says he looks at her with kindness. Se Ri gets a pile of clothes for him. Jung Hyuk balks at the sum total. Se Ri swipes her credit card without blinking. As they leave the store, Jung Hyuk’s kindness has him hold the door for others. He gets a haircut. Se Ri introduces him as her temporary bodyguard to her assistant Mr. Hong. He wonders if Se Ri is getting a bodyguard because she’s getting ready to date a celebrity.

In the elevator Se Ri states she didn’t have long term relationships with men before and now it will be tough to find someone better than him. Jung Hyuk is flattered.

The fivesome are shocked by the size of Se Ri’s skyscraper. Security stops them from entering. They explain they want to see Se Ri. They are informed they need an appointment. They agree to come again another day. They leave. They congratulate themselves on being treated as natives.

North Korea…

Seo Dan’s friends talk smack about her until she arrives. Then they switch to concern that Jung Hyuk has dumped her. Seo Dan notes one of their husbands was originally hers for the asking and didn’t think he could live without her when she dumped him.

Seung Jun wonders where he can go now that his manager is captured.

Seo Dan’s friends admire Seung Jun from afar. Seo Dan smiles and leaves. They are gobsmacked when Seo Dan gets in Seung Jun’s car. He gives them a jaunty wink for good measure.

South Korea…

Mr. Hong motions to Jung Hyuk to follow him. Little does he know that Officer Jo is part of the security team that strides through the hallway. Mr. Hong invites Jung Hyuk to eat with him. Jung Hyuk learns all kinds of things about Se Ri. It doesn’t jive with the woman she was in North Korea.

Later that evening Jung Hyuk says that her employees seem to know her better than he does. Se Ri says that doesn’t matter, he’s her kind of man. That puts a cute smile on Jung Hyuk’s face.


North Korea…

Seo Dan brings Seung Jun to her apartment. She says he can only stay her for a couple of days. Seung Jun promises to leave within a couple of days. Seo Dan warns him to leave it like he found it. She turns to leave. He shows her his collection of ramen and invites her to stay.

They eat together. Seung Jun says in South Korea sharing ramen isn’t a causal thing. He warns her to refuse such offers. Seo Dan says she’s enjoying herself. Seung Jun asks if she’s enjoying the noodles or him. Seo Dan smiles.

Seung Jun thinks about Seo Dan for the rest of the evening. He decides to call her but her phone is off. He wonders where she is. He wonders if she ignored his call. He wonders if she’s playing hard to get.

The next morning Seung Jun isn’t happy that Seo Dan hasn’t returned his call. He tells himself not to fret. But when the phone ring he rushes to answer. Seo Dan asks why he called. He claims it was a mistake. Seo Dan almost hangs up but Seung Jun tells her not to. He asks to visit. She hangs up on him. Seung Jun wonders if she really hung up by him.

Seo Dan’s mother isn’t happy about the text rumor that the marriage with Jung Hyuk is called off because Seo Dan was seen with another man. Seo Dan’s uncle isn’t happy if the man in question was the man from the hotel lobby. They decide to talk to Seo Dan.

Her uncle asks about the man in the hotel lobby. Her uncle says there is a rumor about her and that man. Seo Dan’s mother knows that another man picked her up after coffee. Seo Dan tells her mother and uncle she’s leaving and doesn’t offer any explanation. Her mother declares that if Seo Dan wants this other guy, she’ll support him…as long as he’s not a con man or thief.


Seung Jun is thrilled when Seo Dan appears in the parking lot. He literally stares longingly at her. Seo Dan snaps he has 3 minutes to get down to her. Seung Jun rushes to comply.


South Korea…

Se Ri’s eldest brother Yoon Se Jun and wife Hye Ji tell Se Ri’s stepmother that Se Ri was in North Korea. He tells his mother his brother hid the truth because he didn’t want Se Ri to return so he could hold onto his position as heir. That gets her attention. He tells her that he investigation further.

Jung Hyuk is surprised that a video of him holding a door has been uploaded to YouTube and has plenty of positive comments. He smiles at the flattering comments. Officer Jo listens outside the door. Jung Hyuk gets a call. He steps into the stairwell to take the call. Her returns to Se Ri and tells her he has an appointment this evening. Se Ri asks if Officer Jo has been located. Jung Hyuk tells her know but he is going to talk to the broker Officer Jo used. Se Ri wants to come too. Jung Hyuk doesn’t want her to come because of the danger. Jung Hyuk says if he catches Officer Jo, he’ll leave South Korea straight away. That gets Se Ri’s attention. She asks him to give her his cell phone and puts in her phone number. She tells him they share an app that shows each other’s location just in case.

Jung Hyuk arrives for the meeting. No one is there. Jung Hyuk calls the phone of his contact. He hears it ringing upstairs. He pauses outside the room where the phone is ringing. He opens the door. A man comes up behind him. He dispatches the man. Then more men arrive. The odds aren’t good.

Se Ri watches the YouTube video of Jung Hyuk. She smiles. She worries about him. She texts him.

As she leaves her office a security guard passes her. It’s Officer Jo! She doesn’t see his face. She steps onto the elevator.  She senses something is wrong and decides not to step out at her normal floor.

Jung Hyuk dispatches the men and walks out. But another man arrives with a knife and slashes him. Jung Hyuk dispatches him.

Se Ri walks to her car and taps it. She sees a man in the back seat. It’s Officer Jo! She walks away from her car. Officer Jo gets out of the car. Se Ri runs away and drops her cell phone. Officer Jo keeps chasing her but she disappears in the other cars.

Jung Hyuk calls Se Ri’s phone. She doesn’t answer. He gets her location at the office. He rushes to find her.

Officer Jo searches the cars in the parking lot for Se Ri. She’s hiding behind a post. She goes to the attendant office and watches Officer Jo searching for her on the security cameras. He spots the attendant office. He draws a gun and walks towards her.

Jung Hyuk calls Se Ri’s phone, she doesn’t answer but Officer Jo does. He tells Jung Hyuk he’s impressed that Jung Hyuk came to South Korea. He says he has Se Ri. He tells him to come right now.

Jung Hyuk runs through the streets to save Se Ri.

He arrives in the parking garage. Officer Jo directs him to raise his hand. Officer Jo says he wants to kill Se Ri. Jung Hyuk vows to kill him. Officer Jo trains his gun on Jung Hyuk and prepares to shoot.

The lights in the parking lot go out. Both men are taken aback. Se Ri’s voice rings out that Officer Jo is lying. She tells Jung Hyuk that Officer Jo has a gun and he must leave. Officer Jo moves towards Se Ri’s voice. But Jung Hyuk finds her first and puts his hand over her mouth. They stare into each other’s eyes relieve the other is alive and well.

Bonus scene…7 years ago…Switzerland…

Se Ri throws rocks in the river and walks the streets. Seo Dan gets of the trolley. She and Se Ri meet in a store where Se Ri recommends a candy. Seo Dan doesn’t respond. Se Ri apologizes and leaves. Se Ri picks up the candy and buys some.

Se Ri takes the photo of Jung Hyuk and Seo Dan. Irked to see Jung Hyuk smiling at Se Ri, Seo Dan digs in her bag for the candy. She whirls and looks at Se Ri’s retreating back. She eats the candy and strides away. Jung Hyuk follows.

Se Ri and Seo Dan “met” in Switzerland before the photo op!

My Thoughts

Good balance between South Korea and North Korea moments. I like the North Korea characters and was delighted to have moments with the village ladies, Seo Dan’s mother and uncle, and of course Seo Dan and Seung Jun. The bulk of the episode was in South Korea: the fivesome learned capitalism costs, Jung Hyuk’s kindness made him a hit on YouTube, etc. Officer Jo hunted and planned to kill Se Ri. Thank goodness she avoided his direct capture. She has a brain and a heart. And Jung Hyuk…what can I say…he is romance and a white knight personified.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) keeps Jung Hyuk by her side. After recovering from the shock of seeing Jung Hyuk, hugging Jung Hyuk, and having him there to protect her, Se Ri invited Jung Hyuk to her apartment and treated him to fried chicken. Unfortunately, her younger brother and wife entered uninvited and exposed that Se Ri doesn’t have the loving family she claimed. Jung Hyuk needed to see that her family situation isn’t kind. Jung Hyuk told Se Ri that she should not hold onto hate but instead hold onto love, his love. I totally dig this couple. Song Ye Jin seems to melt into Hyun Bun in their scenes together. There’s a depth of feeling between these two actors draws me to them. This couple has “it”.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) told Se Ri that Officer Jo was after her. He can’t let her fall victim to Officer Jo like his older brother. He must save her, she’s his heart. He also knows Officer Jo will destroy his father and family. I’m a total sucker for Jung Hyuk. He is kind. He is sweet. Others see it too. I could watch Hyun Bin try on suit after suit as he worked through every shade and pattern. Se Ri didn’t like the shop girl touching her man. I don’t blame her. Jung Hyuk continues to dispatch the bad guys with ready speed. But when Officer Jo claimed he had Se Ri, Jung Hyuk could only come as commanded. Thank goodness Se Ri kept her wits and escaped capture. This time she saved Jung Hyuk from Officer Jo’s direct shot.

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun), our cad, has a crush on Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye). Color me surprised that Seung Jun’s heart is beating faster for Seo Dan. Seung Jun is darling as he’s flustered. He misses her. He’s giddy when she’s near. Yep, our cad is falling for Seo Dan. Can’t wait for Seo Dan’s mother to find out that Seung Jun is exactly what she didn’t want. But Seo Dan’s mother is pragmatic, she only wants her daughter’s happiness. As for Seo Dan, I don’t detect her falling for Seung Jun. Frankly I’m enjoying the one-sided nature of Seung Jun’s feelings for Seo Dan…for now.

The fifth song of the OST is the lovely “On One Day” sung by Kim Jae Hwan

I rate this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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13 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 11
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Seung Jun is totally smitten. That’s probably a new experience for him. Hopefully Dan will warm up to his charm.
    JH truly is GGW…


  2. Rosalynn Wong says:

    After binging on one Kdrama after another for the past 4 years, lovey-dovey scenes have gotten quite jaded for me. To borrow a phrase from said dramas, my heart didn’t flutter anymore 😂

    I couldn’t even love Touch My Heart even though I shipped the leads so hard in Goblin!

    But CLU is hitting alllll the right buttons! From the hilarity (reverse makeover scene) to the heart-pumping (carpark chase) and then the swwwwoooooonnnnn scenes (all of them). I have butterflies in my heart!

    I so agree with you – The Leads have so much chemistry. Love them together!


    • beezrtp says:

      @Rosalynn Wong – have you seen Healer? I guarantee heart fluttering. If you’ve seen it and your heart didn’t flutter, then I’ll have to recommend a hardcore American romance but I’ll hold that until I get your answer about Healer.


      • Rosalynn Wong says:

        I have! Healer is one of my all-time faves! Yes, I got a healthy dose of heart flutters from Healer. That was a good one.


        • beezrtp says:

          Looking through my watched list at my favs and I suddenly realize that not many of them made my heart flutter either but I have a couple that did. 1) Secret Life of My Secretary starring Tall Drink of Water Kim Young-Kwang. Which surprised me that I liked it so much. The other one is also surprising 2) The Girl Who Sees Smells in a sweet way. And 3) Chicago Typewriter although there’s only a couple of heart fluttering scenes, the entire show on a whole is heart fluttering in a different way when you consider the writing and the acting performances.


        • beezrtp says:

          Okay, Rachel Wong, now I’m on a mission to challenge myself to find the romance/flutter that I used to get with Kdrama. I didn’t realize I’d lost it until your comment made me start to look for it. Today someone responded to an old comment I made on another blog regarding FoxBride Star. Here’s the comment I made on a scene that still makes me FLUUTTTTTEERRRRRR (although I’m not sure why cause it’s not about sexual tension at all: “The scene where he awakes to see her struggling with the decision she knows is wrong to take unilaterally on his behalf and he sees that struggle and kisses her as he grabs her hand and plunges the needle into his shoulder is the most weighty kiss I’ve ever seen on screen.”

          Have you watched this show?


  3. beezrtp says:

    I’m totally shocked by the actress playing Jung Hyuk’s mom. They finally let her play a good character. This actress has played evil and twisted in every drama that I’ve seen her in, even if her character starts out with a good facade and even good intentions, something would cause her to turn evil. I’m happy for her because it’s got to be tiring to play the evil witch ALL the time. lol


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I don’t recall seeing this actress before, but I look forward to seeing her character, Go Myeong Eun 💄🇰🇵, she adds a lot of zest and laughs to this drama❣


      • beezrtp says:

        @JT – not that actress. I’m referring to Hyun Bin’s character’s mother. I looked her up – her name is Jung Ae-Ri. She has played some truly terrible roles.


        • Snow Flower says:

          She played the evil queen dowager in Conspiracy in the Court. She was also the cold mother in law of the main heroine in SKY Castle.
          But she was a grieving good queen in Eight Days.


          • beezrtp says:

            @Snow Flower – I missed all the of this shows. The most recent thing I saw her being awful in was My Healing Love. Maybe one day I’ll actually begin to appreciate her in those evil roles the way I’ve learned to actually look forward to the shenanigans of Park Jun-Keum (aka Extreme Kdrama Mother-in-Law).


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ made a great choice when she changed the lock for a fingerprint lock to mitigate future intruders. I’ve had about enough of threats from Se Ri’s 🌬👩‍⚖ nasty brother Se Hyung 🤑👐 and sister in law, Sang Ah 🤑📸; it’s not like Se Ri 🌬👩chose to go to North Korea 🇰🇵, unlike Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰. I’m guessing Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 is regretting his choice of North Korea 🇰🇵 as his hiding place. I was glad see that wasn’t just me that thinks Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 genuinely likes Seo Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵. I agree it is one-sided at this point in time … Seo Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 is still obsessing over Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖.

    I 💖, 💟, 💗 that Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ had moxy enough to called an armed Officer Jo 🚛👿 on his lies and that Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖ran to the rescue, yet again. I 💗 this OTP, as they communicate, don’t play games (Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 straight up revealed the mortal threat imposed by Officer Jo 🚛👿) and are there for each other. I concur they have “it”❣

    I wonder if Seo Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 recognized Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ as the woman she met in Switzerland ❓⁉️


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