The Game Towards Zero Episode 2

The Game Towards Zero Episode 2

Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) tells the young reporter Yi Ji that boring days at a police station should be considered positive as  crimes aren’t being reported.

Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) sees the dropped cake on the ground. Mi Jin’s mother arrives and he gives her the cell phone. He motions to the cake and says her daughter bought that. Immediately suspicious how he knows this, Mi Jin’s mother grabs Tae Pyung and demands to know if he saw her daughter abducted, knows the abductors or is one of them. She won’t let him go.

Mi Jin is buried alive. She bangs on the coffin ceiling and scream for her parents. She hears a cell phone but her hands are tied and she can’t reach it.

Tae Pyung takes Mi Jin’s mother to the police. She’s distraught but manages to convey the information to the officer in charge. Tae Pyung adds details. Tae Pyung watches her explain and knows he can’t tell her about Mi Jin’s death that he saw when he looked into Mi Jin’s eyes.  Tae Pyung looks at the people in the police station and thinks about their peaceful deaths when Mi Jin’s will be terrible. He wonders why. Mi Jin’s mother apologizes for accusing him and moves to a table. Tae Pyung offer his handkerchief.

Joon Young learns that a high school girl was abducted. The young reporter overhears. Joon Young heads to the station where the mother is. Officers Jong & Bong follow. The young reporter calls the office and reports the abduction. He tells her to get the facts and call back.

The reporter tells Captain Lee that young workers don’t exercise the basics. Captain Lee is engrossed in his work and doesn’t see his wife’s call.

Mi Jin’s mother tells Tae Pyung that her husband is a busy man and not picking up. Tae Pyung spots Joon Young and officers Jong & Bong walking towards them.

At the café where Tae Pyung saw Mi Jin and where the girl bought the birthday cake, the police and mother review the CCTV footage. Joon Young notices Tae Pyung looking at Mi Jin while she admired the cat on the window sill then rushing out after the girl. She knows this isn’t a coincidence. They go to where Tae Pyung found Mi Jin’s cell phone. Unfortunately, there aren’t CCTV at that location. Joon Young directs the team to get the footage at the entry points to the road. She tells the mother to return home and wait for their call. An officer escorts Mi Jin’s mother to a taxi stand.

Joon Young touches Tae Pyung’s chest noting he’s not wearing the bullet proof vest he claimed yesterday he always wears. She lays into him for lying. She declares if he followed the girl, he saw her death and the situation is dire. She demands to know if he can see death. She asks how Mi Jin dies. Office J returns. Tae Pyung tells her that she will find Mi Jin in an abandoned factory buried alive in a wooden coffin. Tae Pyung tells her she’ll perform CPR but Mi Jin will die before midnight today. Joon Young eyes widen at the image he paints. She asks how he knows the time. Tae Pyung tells her there’s a cell phone in the coffin and he saw the date and time. He tells Joon Young she has 3 hours to save Mi Jin. Joon Young reels with the realization the serial killer, Jo Pil Doo, (who killed eight people over a decade ago including her father) is back at it.

Mi Jin gets her hands free and answers the ringing cell phone. The man asks how she got his cell phone. Panicked Mi Jin tells the man she’s locked in a coffin and doesn’t know why his phone is with her. The man doesn’t believe her and hangs up. Unable to unlock his phone, she calls emergency but only gets out that she’s locked in a coffin before the call ends.

Tae Pyung explains to his handlers, Lawyer Lee Yeon Hwa and Teacher Baek, that even though Mi Jin’s fate won’t change maybe the things will improve for the parents. Lawyer Lee can’t believe he told Joon Young. Teacher Baek isn’t as hard on Tae Pyung and rolls away in his wheelchair telling Lawyer Lee to follow him.

Team Leader Han Dong Woo can’t believe that the serial killer is back and tells Joon Young they don’t have enough evidence to make that assessment. The young reporter listens avidly. Her ears perk up when Team Leader Han scoffs at someone seeing another’s death. Joon Young relates he told her about a cellphone in the coffin and the girl will call for help. Team Leader Han doesn’t want to hear it. Joon Young yells they must check 911 calls. Team Leader Han tells Officer Bong to check the 911 calls. Joon Young pleads that they can’t let Jo Pil Doo begin again. The young reporter googles Jo Pil Doo and her eyes widen. Officer Bong reports there are no abduction cases. Team Leader Han understands that Joon Young is sensitive about Jo Pil Doo because her father died because of him. The young reporter laps the information up. The report of an emergency call of a young girl locked in a coffin comes in.  They request assistance. Team Leader Han, Joon Young and Officer Bong rush out.

The young reporter calls her boss. She reports an abduction case similar to Jo Pil Doo method is underway. The gets her boss’s attention. He looks to his boss, Captain Lee.

It must be said, the police allowing a reporter to sit in the bull pen seems ludicrous.

Team Leader Han, Joon Young and Officer Bong listen to Mi Jin’s 911 calls. She begs for help. Joon Young uses her name. She tells Mi Jin they are going to find her. Mi Jin calms down to say more about the phone and how scared she is. Joon Young assures her they’ll find her. Mi Jin begs that the police contact her parents. Joon Young says her mother already reported her missing. Officer Bong reports they can’t track the cell phone location. Joon Young tells Mi Jin the next time the man calls her cell phone to memorize the number and call them back with it so they can more easily find her.

Captain Lee drives his team to dig up everything to do with Jo Pil Doo. Captain Lee calls the young reporter. She reports the victim is 17 years old, in a wooden coffin, and a guy that can see death told the police those details. That gets Captain Lee’s attention. The young reporter says Joon Young is in charge of the investigation. Captain Lee raises his eyebrows at that news. He tells the young reporter to call when she knows the victim’s name. Captain Lee says the article is copy cat crime and will officer catch the criminal just like her father tried to do. Captain Lee says the focus is the young victim and Joon Young’s involvement. They’ll do more when the victim’s name is known.

Joon Young looks at the home screen of Mi Jin’s phone. She sees the family photo. She remembers a young Captain Lee in the police station many years ago.

Joon Young tells Team Leader Han this isn’t a simple copycat crime. She explains the victim is Reporter Lee’s (aka Captain Lee) daughter. That gets Team Leader Han’s attention. Joon Young believes they need to bring the mother into the case. Team Leader Han says that brining the mother in could backfire. He warns if the girl dies, Captain Lee will blame her. Joon Young doesn’t care, saving the girl is all that matters.

Captain Lee implore his troops to work hard on this one.

Joon Young calls Mi Jin’s mother and asks her to come to the police station. She reports they got a call from Mi Jin.

Chief Nam arrives at the station and stares at Joon Young. He tells her good work.

Chief Nam, Joon Young, Team Leader Han et al talk to Mi Jin who says today is her mother’s birthday.

Chief Nam, Joon Young, Team Leader Han, Officer Bong discuss if Jo Pil Doo is still in Seoul. Joon Young believes he’s still in the city. She notes Jo Pil Doo used abandoned factories for his 1st, 2nd, and 7th crimes. Officer Bong is charged with making a list of abandoned factories. Chief Nam says the mother can stay when she arrives. The young report tries to get a picture of the mother but Officer Bong blocks her. The young reporter’s boss arrives as well as many other reporters.

Joon Young tells Mi Jin’s mother her daughter is buried alive. She falls to the ground. Joon Young helps her up and tells her to be strong for her daughter.

Mi Jin listens to her daughter’s phone calls and weeps when her daughter asks that her mother hear this recording. Mi Jin’s mother tells her daughter she’s there. Mi Jin sobs. Her mother tries to calm her daughter. Mi Jin apologizes for the situation. Her mother tells her it isn’t her fault.

Officer Joon can’t find the suspect’s car. Joon Young knows time is running out. She leaves Mi Jin’s mother talking to her daughter. She sees the gaggle of reports outside the building. Officer Bong bets the young reporter leaked the information. Joon Young looks at the list of abandoned factories and declares there are too many. Officer Bong wishes the death seer had given them more details. Joon Young realizes she can talk to Tae Pyung again. She tells Officer Joon to text her a photo of Mi Jin. She dashes out the back.

Chief Nam, Team Leader Han, et al divide the factory list and begin the search.

The reporters report what little they know. The police officer burst out of the station. The reporters follow.

Coroner Goo Do Kyung (Im Joo Hwan) listens to the report on his radio. He pauses his autopsy of the butcher (died in episode 1) when Jo Pil Doo’s name is mentioned and that Joon Young is working the case. Officer Ji is surprised that the man really died of a heart attack. She murmurs Tae Pyung is something. Coroner Goo tells her he hopes Joon Young finds the abducted girl. He says if the girl dies, he’ll do the autopsy. Officer Ji thanks him and leaves.

Joon Young arrives at Tae Pyung’s house.  She reports they haven’t found Mi Jin. Joon Young believes she can change the outcome if they can find Mi Jin earlier. Tae Pyung says his visions are never wrong. Joon Young doesn’t like that. She asks him to help find Mi Jin’s body and she’ll hope to save her. Tae Pyung agrees. Joon Young shows Tae Pyung Mi Jin’s photo. He stares at the photo. He sees Joon Young and others pulling Mi Jin out of the coffin, Joon Young giving CPR, Mi Jin’s mother screaming, and the cell phone reading midnight 10/16. He looks in the vision and realizes it is a factory with a train he can hear nearby.

Officer Joon finds the suspect’s truck. Team Leader Han tells him to check the dashcam. Officer Joon opens the car. He sees a shovel. The owner comes out. Officer Joon puts him against the truck and identifies himself. He demands to know where the abducted girl is. The man sputters he doesn’t know what Officer Joon is talking about.

Tae Pyung and Joon Young deduce which factory on the list is nearest a train station. She tells Tae Pyung to come with her.

Officer Joon reports the truck driver is the abductor. He’s the owner of the cell phone Mi Jin has. That gets Team Leader Han’s attention. Officer Joon says the last call was tracked to Area A. Team Leader Han tells Officer Bong to find the factory on the list in Area A.  They identify the factory. The reporters watch and follow. Captain Lee’s reporter searches around the area. Team Leader Han calls other patrol cars to the factory.

Chief Nam and Mi Jin’s mother hear Team Leader Han’s call to officers.  Mi Jin’s mother tells her daughter police know where she is. Mi Jin doesn’t answer. Mi Jin’s mother rushes out of the station. The young reporter follows.

Chief Nam reports that Mi Jin is unconscious to Team Leader Han.

Tae Pyung and Joon Young arrive first. The begin searching the factory.

Lawyer Lee and Teacher Baek follow the progress of the case. Teacher Baek says the only way to stop Tae Pyung is to tie him up. Lawyer Lee asks why Tae Pyung can’t see Joon Young’s death. Teacher Baek refuses to say.

Tae Pyung and Joon Young search in the factory. The other officers and reporters arrive.

Captain Lee is livid that they don’t know the victim’s name yet.

Chief Nam recognizes the father’s name. He looks at Mi Jin’s cell phone and confirms that Reporter Lee is the father.

Joon Young pulls up every tarp. Tae Pyung recognizes something from his vision. The other officers rush in and search. Joon Young spots Mi Jin’s shoe. Tae Pyung trips over the tarp over the coffin. The visuals from his vision tell him this is the spot. He yells for the police. Everyone comes running. The police dig. They find the coffin.  Tae Pyung watches. Joon Young opens the coffin. They lift Mi Jin out. Joon Young administers CPR. She calls to Mi Jin.

Mi Jin’s mother rides to the factory. The young reporter reports she’s following the victim’s mother. Captain Lee is frustrated they still don’t know who the victim or her mother is.

Captain Lee gets a phone call. The man says it’s been a long time. Captain Lee recognizes Chief Nam’s voice. He tells Chief Nam that he’s no longer a lowly reporter. Chief Nam tries to tell him but Captain Lee cuts him off declaring they’ll find out soon enough. Chief Nam says the victim is Captain Lee’s daughter. Chief Nam says the victim is Mi Jin. Chief Nam says his wife called him a million times but he wouldn’t pick up.

Finally, someone informs the father!

Captain Lee listens to his wife’s voicemail as he rushes out of the building and to the crime scene.

Mi Jin’s mother arrives at the crime scene.

Captain Lee rushes out of the building.

Mi Jin’s mother screams for her daughter as the police hold her back.

Captain Lee looks up and sees his wife screaming their daughter’s name on the screen. The young report takes a photo of the mother. She sees Mi Jin’s shoe. She’s wearing the same kind of shoes.

Joon Young’s CPR doesn’t revive Mi Jin. Team Leader Han takes the phone, it’s midnight. Tae Pyung hears the train go by. Joon Young won’t give up. The medics arrive. Joon Young begs Mi Jin to open her eyes.

Captain Lee tries to get a taxi.

The medics take over. They determine Mi Jin isn’t breathing. Mi Jin’s mother falls to the ground.

But wait!!!!

Mi Jin gasps a breath. Joon Young calls to Mi Jin. Tae Pyung stares in shock. Mi Jin’s mother rushes to her daughter. They put Mi Jin on the stretcher. Mi Jin’s mother falls on her knees next to her daughter.

Tae Pyung thinks this is a miracle.

Mi Jin’s mother thanks Joon Young. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Tae Pyung thinks “Until that day, I thought fate couldn’t be changed. For the first time, my prediction changed. For the first time, I met someone I couldn’t read. For the first time, my heart raced.”

He locks eyes with a beaming Joon Young.

My Thoughts

Riveting Episode. Wow, that was a break neck paced episode. My fingers were flying! I’m surprised and pleased that the victim lived. What a rush this episode was! Well done Writer Lee. Shout out to Director Jang’s production team. One gripping example, from the moment Chief Nam told Captain Lee the victim was his daughter, to when he rushed to the street, to seeing his wife sobbing on the massive TV on the building, to flagging down a taxi, the shock and tension was palatable. I can’t imagine future episodes will match these first two. What an opening week!

I’ve got to grouse a bit about the young reporter sitting in the police station eavesdropping and reporting everything. I remember the series Pinocchio where reporters were assigned to police stations. So I’ve seen it before. But it doesn’t make sense to me that reporters have that kind of access to ongoing investigations.

Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) convinced Tae Pyung to help. He didn’t think helping would matter but Joon Young was adamant even if they could find Mi Jin one minute early, fate could be changed. And it was. Can you imagine saving a young girl from the serial killer that murdered your father? What a high of satisfaction that must be!

Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) helped and fate was changed. He didn’t thinking helping would matter. But he engaged. At the factory he used his vision to locate the coffin area. That gave the police the edge and the victim the minute to change her fate. Teacher Baek knows the significance of Tae Pyung not being able to see Tae Pyung’s death. Is it love that changes everything? Will that lead to losing his ability? We saw Tae Pyung dying as an old man clutching a necklace, is it Joon Young’s necklace?

The first song of the OST by Jun & Chan (A.C.E)  is called “Where You Are. Check out the video of featuring the first two terrific episodes:

I rate this episode as excellent, 10 on a 10-point scale.



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2 comments on “The Game Towards Zero Episode 2
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    A stellar episode❗ Saving the little girl was a thrill ride 🎢 that culminated in her live rescue. It was awesome to see that Tae Pyung’s prophecies could be changed.

    I wondered if Capitan Lee will change anything in his reporting style, now he became the father of a victim❓⁉️

    It’s interesting that the killer chose a victim whose dad is related to the old case.

    I wonder if we have been introduced to the character that is the villain❓⁉️


    • A stellar episode❗ Saving the little girl was a thrill ride 🎢 that culminated in her live rescue. It was awesome to see that Tae Pyung’s prophecies could be changed.
      It was awesome…and so early in the series!

      It’s interesting that the killer chose a victim whose dad is related to the old case.
      Yep, I’m sure that isn’t a coincidence.

      Plus I really like the first song of the OST, catchy!

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