Crash Landing on You Episode 9

Crash Landing on You Episode 9 Recap

North Korea…

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) smiles holding the watch she bought Jung Hyuk for Christmas. Two men block her path and point a gun at her. At gunpoint she calls Jung Hyuk and tells him she’s leaving. She says she’s returning to Seung Jun who will facilitate her exit. Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) asks where she is. He starts searching for her. She says they need not say goodbye again. Now we see two men have her. One man has a gun pointed at Se Ri as she speaks with Jung Hyuk. He begs her not to leave. He declares if he she’s far away, he’ll be there. He asks her to wait for him. Se Ri sobs and says goodbye. Jung Hyuk tells her he’ll be there soon. Se Ri tells him to have a good wedding and a good life. She tells him to forget about her. Jung Hyuk begs her not hang up. He asks her to describe where she is. Se Ri says she loves him. Jung Hyuk hears a gunshot. We see a gunman shot through the roof of the truck. Jung Hyuk hear the line goes dead. He calls again and again but there’s no answer. He searches for her. The Colonel’s wife calls and says he must return to the village ASAP.

When Jung Hyuk arrives at his house everyone is outside. The Colonel’s Wife says the state security police are searching his house. Jung Hyuk rights a plant. Officer Jo asks where the Division 11 woman he. Officer Jo sneers that he knows she’s not Division 11 and this will bring him and his family down. He warns that he’ll get the truth no matter what. He threatens her. Jung Hyuk attacks Officer Jo. But Officer Jo’s men hit him. Officer Jo handcuffs Jung Hyuk and declares his life is over. He orders his men to take Jung Hyuk away. The villagers watch in shock. Officer Jo and his men stride out. The eavesdropper watches it all.

In the truck, Se Ri tells herself to be positive. She thinks about Jung Hyuk cooking for her, holding the scented candle in the marketplace, tucking her in, tell her he’s fine when he’s not, his determination to save her not matter what, etc. Se Ri murmurs she misses him.

Jung Hyuk is thrown in a cell. He looks at the sky through the cell slats.

Se Ri looks at the sky through the hole in the truck.

Se Ri wakes to find herself in an attic. She bangs on the door and calls out. No one comes. She wonders what they want. Why they didn’t kill her. She realizes she’s being watched. She asks the camera who is watching her.

The foursome – Lt. Park, Sgt Pyo, Staff Sgt Kim and Private Geum – visit Jung Hyuk. They tell him that Sgt Pyo got drunk and told Seo Dan’s mother everything. They wonder if Seo Dan’s mother abducted Se Ri. Sgt Pyo doesn’t believe Seo Dan’s mother would do that. Jung Hyuk remembers Seo Dan warning him. He asks the foursome to help him.

Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) visits Jung Hyuk. He asks who took Se Ri. Seo Dan points out they are marrying soon and Se Ri leaving isn’t a bad thing. She says if he stays locked until their wedding day it is best. She stands to leave. Jung Hyuk asks if Seo Dan went to his father who arranged the abduction. He points out that Officer Jo was looking for Se Ri, so it wasn’t him, and her mother wouldn’t abduct a woman, that’s not her style. Seo Dan confirms his father arranged the abduction. Jung Hyuk tells Seo Dan to tell his father that if Se Ri is hurt, he’ll lose his only remaining son forever. Seo Dan and Jung Hyuk lock eyes. She leaves.

Outside the prison, her uncle asks if Jung Hyuk is okay. Seo Dan tells him not to try and get Jung Hyuk out before the wedding. Her uncle can’t believe it. Seo Dan cries.

The eavesdropper’s son visits his father and tells him that Se Ri was abducted yesterday and dropped a box. He gives his father the box. The eavesdropper open and sees Jung Hyuk’s decreased brother’s watch. His father is shocked and put it in his pocket. He assures his father no one else knows about the watch. He asks the eavesdropper if Se Ri will be okay.

The foursome discusses from the news that Jung Hyuk’s father is the Director of the General Political Bureau. They have the conversation in the restroom where many others overhear. Outside they agree the news will spread like wildfire. They chuckle believing Jung Hyuk told them to spread a lie not the truth.

As the rumor spreads the village ladies gather. The Colonel’s Wife can’t believe who Jung Hyuk’s father is. Wol Sook declares there was always something regal about Captain Ri. The other ladies agree.

The Colonel’s Wife talks to her husband about Captain Ri. The Colonel says that Captain Ri will pay for disrespecting Officer Jo. The Colonel’s Wife points out that Captain Ri is confident for a reason. She barks at her husband that Captain Ri’s father is the Director of the General Political Bureau. She yells at him for locking Captain Ri up.

Se Ri is dragged out of the attic. She meets with Jung Hyuk’s father. He offers her tea. She refuses the drink believing it might be poisoned. She believes Jung Hyuk’s father is Seo Dan’s father. He points out how alike he and Seo Dan look. She brags she spots things most other miss. He chuckles. Se Ri understands why Seo Dan believe she’s trying to interfere. Jung Hyuk’s father asks how she came to be in North Korea. She explains she crossed during a glitch in the security system during a heavy storm. She assures him she’s wealthy and landing in North Korea was an accident. She declares Jung Hyuk tried to help her again and again. She says that Jung Hyuk has been perfect. His father scoffs at that. Se Ri declares Jung Hyuk wanted to report her but she threatened to report his men were slackers and missed her entry into the country. Because of that Jung Hyuk agreed to hide her. Se Ri admits she likes Jung Hyuk and apologizes. That get Jung Hyuk’s mother’s attention who is listening from the hallway. Se Ri asks him to help her get back to South Korea. She knows a lowly captain like Jung Hyuk has no power. She promises he helps her; she’ll help him one day. The men drag her back to the attic.

Se Ri can’t resist wanting the food that a maid brings her. Jung Hyuk’s mother enters and offers to try the food if she thinks it is poisoned. She assures Se Ri the food is safe. Se Ri asks if Jung Hyuk is okay. She doesn’t want him to be in trouble because of her. Jung Hyuk’s mother asks if she really likes Jung Hyuk. She takes Se Ri out of the attack and offers the sleeper sofa in a bedroom. Se Ri sees the books on the bookshelf. She says the books remind her of someone she knows. She remember seeing Seo Dan with her mother in the hospital. She realizes she’s speaking with Jung Hyuk’s mother.

Jung Hyuk’s father wonders what to do next. His advisor points out that Se Ri goes back to South Korea, someone will take the fall because it won’t be quiet event. His advisor believes the Military Director is planning something. He offers to kill Se Ri tonight. Jung Hyuk’s father declines the offer.

Se Ri looks at pictures of a young Jung Hyuk with his older brother. She smiles at how cute he was. She studies his drawings and smiles. She’s surprised to learn he wanted to be a pianist. She touches the piano in the room. She wonders how he ended up being a solider. Se Ri plays the melody of the song she her in Switzerland, the song Jung Hyuk composed for his brother.

Jung Hyuk sits in his cell, stands in his cell, waits in his cell.

The colonel goes to the head of the prison and manages to talk him into releasing Captain Ri. Who Captain Ri’s father is a motivating factor. The colonel tells Jung Hyuk next time he’s in trouble, to reach out to him. Jung Hyuk asks for a favor.

The Colonel’s Wife and the village ladies have prepared a meal for Captain Ri. But he doesn’t arrive with the Colonel who reports Captain Ri asks for a vehicle.

Se Ri eats the food Jung Hyuk’s mother brings him. She compliments her on the food and tells her that Jung Hyuk made her yummy noodles and coffee. Jung Hyuk’s mother is happy that her son was kind to Se Ri.

Jung Hyuk arrives home. He demands his father tell her where Se Ri is.

Se Ri tells his mother she’ll hide so Jung Hyuk won’t find her.

Jung Hyuk asks if his father killed Se Ri. Jung Hyuk’s father says that his son should worry about himself. Jung Hyuk says he can’t live a future knowing he didn’t do all he could to save Se Ri.

Flashback…Jung Hyuk’s father cries at his son’s memorial.

Jung Hyuk declares his life will be hell if Se Ri isn’t okay. His mother bursts into the room and says her son’s pain must end. She pulls out Se Ri.

Se Ri and Jung Hyuk lock eyes. She can’t believe he spoke so much. She’s not happy that he’s hurt. She cries that she’s only trouble to him. He cups her face. His parents can clearly see their son is in love.

Jung Hyuk’s parents, Jung Hyuk and Se Ri talk. Se Ri tells him to apologize to his father. Jung Hyuk can’t believe it.  His father points out that Se Ri’s presence puts them all at risk. Jung Hyuk’s father says that Se Ri threatened to report him. Jung Hyuk can’t believe it. Jung Hyuk says he didn’t want her to be hurt, couldn’t trust state security, so he couldn’t report her. Se Ri is touched. Jung Hyuk’s father wants them to leave. Jung Hyuk takes Se Ri’s hand. His mother tells her son to eat with the her and Se Ri. Jung Hyuk’s father can’t believe he’s the one alone.

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) meets Seo Dan at a bar. She wants to drink and talk about Jung Hyuk. Seung Jun doesn’t want to hear about Jung Hyuk but Seo Dan talks anyway. She met Jung Hyuk when she was 17.

Flashback…All the girls in school drool over Jung Hyuk. Seo Dan secretly likes him and feels like even though they don’t talk, there is something between them. After their parents arrange their engagement, she flies to Switzerland where Jung Hyuk is studying. Seo Dan is shocked when Jung Hyuk doesn’t recognize her when they meet and formally shakes her hand.

Seo Dan bemoans that she met Jung Hyuk first, not Se Ri. Seung Jun points out that doesn’t matter. He takes the drink away and tells her she’s drunk. Seo Dan takes the drink back and downs it. Seung Jun can’t believe that Jung Hyuk doesn’t dig a beautiful woman like Seo Dan. He states she’s the kind of woman that he likes. Seo Dan says that he’s not bad either. She points out because Se Ri dumped him, they are in this mess. She takes another drink.

Seung Jun piggybacks a drunk to her mother’s apartment. She pays off the elevator worker NOT say anything.

I love Seo Dan’s mother.

Seo Dan finds her daughter passed out on the couch.

Seung Jun drunkenly lurches through town. He gets a phone call.

Jung Hyuk finds Se Ri trying to relax in his room. He comments his mother heard her playing the piano last night. Se Ri admits art helps calm her nerves. She asks Jung Hyuk about his pianist past but Jung Hyuk doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks him if he recognizes a song. She plays the song he composed for his brother. Jung Hyuk can’t believe his ears. He asks where she heard the song. Se Ri says she heard the song during her travels in Switzerland. She’s never been able to identify the song she heard and loved. She describes the lake setting where a man played the song. Jung Hyuk knows the name of the lake. Se Ri asks how he knew the name of the lake. Jung Hyuk sits next to her and plays the song. She asks who wrote it. Jung Hyuk says it was an afternoon when he was getting ready to leave Switzerland because his brother had died. He admits he wrote the song for his brother. He played it by the lake. Now Se Ri is shocked. Jung Hyuk plays the song for Se Ri.

Flashback…Switzerland…Se Ri hears the song from the boat. She sees the man playing the piano in profile. When she gets off the boat and she and Jung Hyuk meet.

Now Jung Hyuk and Se Ri look at each other just like they did in Switzerland. She can’t believe the coincidence. She admits that day in Switzerland she was contemplating suicide, in fact that’s why she went there. But he was there. Even then, unknowingly Jung Hyuk saved her life. Jung Hyuk tells her she’ll return to South Korea tomorrow.

Officer Jo visits the Military Director with pictures of an unknown truck with fake license plates his men observed on the day the South Korea woman disappeared. He believes the Director of the General Political Bureau has the South Korea woman in his home. The Military Director points out the woman could be dead. Officer Jo believes that if the Military Director makes a move, he’ll catch a big fish.

The Military Director arrive with men in tow at the house. He calls Jung Hyuk’s father and asks to speak with him.

Inside the house Jung Hyuk’s father asks the Military Director and Officer Jo why they are visiting. The Military Director claims to be concerned that a state security person of interest is in the house. Officer Jo provides the search warrant. Officer Jo and his men search the house.

The foursome discusses Captain Ri and the emergency switch assignment to the front line. Private Geum is quiet. They ask what he knows.

The Colonel’s Wife tells the village ladies that Captain Ri asked her husband to include his foursome in the emergency switch assignment. The ladies wonder why Captain Ri would send his men to the front line.

Private Geum says that Jung Hyuk will take Se Ri to the frontline and get Se Ri across the border.

Officer Jo enters Jung Hyuk’s bedroom and sees the piano.

The foursome agree with Captain Ri has their officer in charge, Se Ri can be returned to South Korea.

Demilitarized Zone North Entrance…

The soldiers arrive.

Jung Hyuk’s father tells the Military Director it is getting late. The Military Director agrees they should be leaving. When Officer Jo returns to the room, the Military Director kicks him for giving him a false report. Officer Jo demands to know if Jung Hyuk recently visited and if he harbored the South Korea woman. Jung Hyuk’s father informs Officer Jo due to a deserter at the border, his son has been reassigned to the frontline. Officer Jo declares this is Captain Ri’s scheme to return the woman. The Military Director hits Officer Jo and tells him to shut up. The Military Director apologize for disturbing Jung Hyuk’s father. Officer Jo is dragged away.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

Jung Hyuk and the foursome take Se Ri to the village in the Demilitarized Zone. She learns people lived there before the war. Sgt Pyo dips out some alcohol but Jung Hyuk’s look has him pour it back. The men explain they respect the former mother that lived her. They believe Se Ri’s mother is waiting for her. They point out the South Korea mountain in the distance. The realize they won’t see her again. Se Ri admits she isn’t close to her step mother. She is empathic about the men be separated from their families. She tells them to stay well and live well. Sgt Pyo tells her to live well and never return. Sgt Pyo says she can leave when the sun sets.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s stepmother and her sister in laws enter Se Ri’s apartment.

Flashback…Se Ri’s stepmother visits Se Ri and asks her not to list her own company. Se Ri points out she worked hard and going public is the next step. Se Ri’s stepmother scoffs that Se Ri is only doing this to get her father’s attention and make her brother’s look bad. She tells Se Ri that if she gives up her company, they can have a good relationship. Se Ri is shocked. Se Ri’s stepmother declares Se Ri has made her life hell.

Se Ri’s sister in laws either covet her possessions or take photos of documents. Se Ri’s step mother sees all the plaques and pictures of Se Ri’s success. She spies a picture of herself.

Flashback…Se Ri takes a picture of her stepmother.

Se Ri’s stepmother realizes Se Ri took the picture on the day she visited and told her to give up her company.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk walks Se Ri to the border. He tells her to return and act like nothing happened. Se Ri assures him to go back to her old life including dating men. Jung Hyuk picks up on her dating comment. He says she told him they should have a 6-month post breakup moratorium. She chuckles. She promises for 6 months she won’t date. She says fate had them cross paths in Switzerland and North Korea. Jung Hyuk tells her to date. He tells her not to be lonely and think about sad things. Jung Hyuk says he may not physically be near her, but she’ll always be in his heart. He tells her to have a good life.

Jung Hyuk and Se Ri get in a small boat. Jung Hyuk rows her down the river. He walks her down a path to the border.

The men imagine their journey. They wonder why Captain Ri isn’t back as dawn approaches.

Jung Hyuk tells Se Ri they took the wrong path. Se Ri thinks she recognizes the spot. She chides him for his lack of direction. Jung Hyuk smiles and apologizes.

Sgt Pyo believes that is spending extra time with Se Ri.

Jung Hyuk and Se Ri walk more. They reach the border. They recognize the moment has come. Jung Hyuk directs her to walk to a point where the South Korea team will perform their search soon. She asks him to walk her there. Jung Hyuk points to the Demilitarized Zone line and says he can’t cross it. Jung Hyuk tells her to be careful.

Se Ri tells him not to forget her. Jung Hyuk says he can’t forget a woman that fell from the sky. Tears fill her eyes. She smiles and says she’ll get going. She starts to walk away. She cries as she steps over the Demilitarized Zone line. Jung Hyuk steps over the Demilitarized Zone line. He grabs her arm. He says a single step will be okay. Jung Hyuk kisses with passion. Se Ri returns his ardor with her own.


Bonus Scene…

Se Ri reorders his books. Jung Hyuk finds the reordered books. They say “I love you Jung Hyuk.”

Se Ri, that was swoon worthy!

My Thoughts

Another romance rich episode. Writer Park Ji Eun had Jung Hyuk’s father snatch Se Ri. Jung Hyuk figured it out and devised another plan to get Se Ri safely home. Jung Hyuk exemplifies if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. When Jung Hyuk went to his father and demanded to know where Se Ri was, his concern for her was evident. When Jung Hyuk’s mother brought Se Ri into the room, Jung Hyuk immediately went to her. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. She lovingly fretted about his wounds. Jung Hyuk’s parents clearly saw their son was in love. Jung Hyuk didn’t want to let Se Ri leave so he dawdled to get more time. But the moment came and she walked into the Demilitarized Zone towards the South Korea border. But Jung Hyuk couldn’t let her go without one more moment. He locked lips with her like it would be the last time. We know it can’t be the last time. Somehow Jung Hyuk will come to South Korea. I’m already missing their scenes together. I love this couple!

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) is reunited with Jung Hyuk. Se Ri’s was initially incorrect believing Jung Hyuk’s father was Seo Dan’s father. I’ve grown to enjoy her confident explanations when she’s completely wrong. But she figured it out when Jung Hyuk’s mother came to her. These two women bonded. They recognized each other loved Jung Hyuk. I enjoyed Jung Hyuk’s mother quiet wish that her son be with the woman he loved but knew it couldn’t be. Se Ri’s “final” farewell to the foursome was sweet again. Se Ri built relationships with the village women, the foursome, that were fun to watch. Frankly Se Ri’s family are losers, except maybe her stepmother, and I don’t look forward to her interactions with them. I knew she’s have to return to South Korea, but I’ll miss all the North Korean characters having center stage.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) was reunited with Se Ri. He realized his father abducted Se Ri and got Seo Dan to admit it. Once he was released, he was ready with a plan to get Se Ri home and save his father and his family from charges of aiding and abetting. Jung Hyuk had put his family and men at great risk, and for their sakes, I’m glad Se Ri is returning to South Korea. Jung Hyuk couldn’t dodge Officer Jo forever. In fact, Officer Jo was hot on his heels. I enjoyed the Military Director giving him a smack down. Officer Jo welds his power effectively and correctly ascertained where Se Ri was. But his timing was off. Thank goodness. I’m still not sure that I buy Jung Hyuk fell in love with Se Ri in Switzerland based on the flashbacks. I did like their face to face moment at the lake. Se Ri didn’t remember him, but he remembered her. But that is the past, now Jung Hyuk has to let the woman he loves go, possibly forever.

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) and Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) commiserate. Seung Jun was forced to listen to Seo Dan tell him about Jung Hyuk, the man who has stolen the heart of Se Ri, the woman he believes he wants. But Seung Jun is a selfish man and while he may want Se Ri, he doesn’t know the first thing about love. Now Seo Dan, on the other hand, has cared for Jung Hyuk since they met in school when she was 17. I felt for her when she went to Switzerland and he didn’t recognize her from the past and held out his hand. Seo Dan’s mother continues to light up any scene she’s in. More please.

If you want to listen to the first 4 songs of the OST, checkout them out below.

I rate this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.




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19 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 9
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Oh, that last scene! Swoon indeed.
    I also liked Dan and Seung Jun together.


  2. beezrtp says:

    I love the villagers so much on this show (they remind me of Camellia’s neighbors (not just because one of them is the same actress. lol)). I really wonder how much of how they depict North Korea is accurate? Are we seeing what South Korea knows about North from defectors or are we being shown whatever will fit to make the script work?

    I’m sure the black outs at night is true because we’ve seen satellite pictures of the darkness there at night, but the show makes it seem like maybe Pyongyang wouldn’t suffer that hardship. Also Pyongyang seems, surprisingly, as advanced as Seoul with its city trains and high rises.

    Also, I wish they’d explain how some people like Dan’s mother can live a life of luxury. Was her husband connected to someone high up in the military?

    Oh well. Show never promised a history lesson. I’m loving it but it’s got me curious about so much.


    • As you noted, this isn’t a history lesson but I’d imagine Writer Park would have done a certain amount of homework on North Korea. I’m loving this series too.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I think what we are seeing is a sugar coated version of North Korea. I think the writer and PD do not want to excessively rile any North Koreans. While the images of the previous Kim’s have been shown in the homes and offices, I don’t believe we have heard any reference to the dictator by his name or calling him the “dear leader”. I’ve read several books about North Korea, but most of them were written by outsiders, but ALL mention how the people treat their current and past leaders with great reverence.

      There are many YouTube videos of interviews of NK defectors who talk about poverty, everyday repression, public executions, starvation and work camps. Outsiders are strictly controlled as to what they are allowed to see.

      I’ve got a book on reserve at the library that should come in within the next few weeks “The Girl With Seven Names”. I can’t wait to read the perspective of a young girl who escaped and came back to get her family members 10 years later.

      I have no doubt that Jung Hyuk’s entire family would have been imprisoned and tortured or executed as traitors if Officer Jo had found Se Ri at their house.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Snow Flower says:

    I grew up under in a totalitarian country (not NK) and some things from the show do look familiar. We did have blackouts, but they were scheduled (in order to conserve electricity or so we were told). I remember doing my homework by candlelight and practicing the piano in the dark. I also remember that some neighbors were using car batteries to power their TV. I knew that there were privileged people and that connections mattered a lot. There was a a big difference between life in a small village and life in a big city.


    • beezrtp says:

      Wow, Snowflower. I try to remember to be grateful for all the things we take for granted.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I remember doing my homework by candlelight and practicing the piano in the dark. I also remember that some neighbors were using car batteries to power their TV. I knew that there were privileged people and that connections mattered a lot.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences Snow Flower. As Beez said, gratitude for what we have celebrates what’s going well in life.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Thank you for sharing you experience Snow Flower, I always enjoy hearing the perspective of others.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Snow Flower says:

    After having to bathe by scooping hot water out of a bucket, I like to indulge in long showers now!


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    I think it was very clear to Jung Hyuk’s 👨‍✈️🎖 parents, especially his mother that Se Ri 🌬👩 cares very much for their son and he cares for her.

    “I’m still not sure that I buy Jung Hyuk [👨‍✈️🎖] fell in love with Se Ri [🌬👩] in Switzerland based on the flashbacks. I did like their face to face moment at the lake.” -KJT

    I don’t think Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖fell in love with Se Ri 🌬👩 in Switzerland. I think they saw each other, but was not 🚫💗romantic in the moment, nevertheless, it was impactful for both in mutually exclusive ways. In that moment Se Ri decided not to take her own life and Jung Hyuk was sad at the loss of his beloved brother and how that loss also took away his music career. While reminiscing the moment they came face to face in Switzerland, did it cause them to think they were “fated” to be together❓⁉️ KJT mentioned earlier that a romance will not work for these two on NK. If Jung Hyuk defects, his family will suffer for his actions; I cannot see him doing that to his parents. His whole family will have to escape … what about his cadre❓⁉️


    • beezrtp says:

      Totally agree, except I don’t think they were face to face on that pier while JH was playing the piano. I think that was just the way they showed us separate shots. Unless you meant when JH saved her on the bridge when she was thinking of taking her life?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Beez, you may be right about the face to face on the pier … the only place we saw the face to face on the pier was while Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 was playing the his brother’s song in present day. I got the feeling that “flashback” may have been embellished with the feelings they currently have for each other.

        It is possible their only real face to face was on the bridge❓⁉️ I felt Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 consciously recognized Se Ri 🌬👩’s suicidal thoughts and casually distracted her by asking her to take a photo of him and Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵. My question is do either of them now remember that interaction❓⁉️


        • their only real face to face was on the bridge❓⁉️ I felt Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 consciously recognized Se Ri 🌬👩’s suicidal thoughts and casually distracted her by asking her to take a photo of him and Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵. My question is do either of them now remember that interaction❓⁉️
          Good question. I think Jung Hyuk remembers her from the bridge which is why protecting her when she literally landed in North Korea was important. Their paths crossing again, his need to protect her, it is fated.

          Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t think they were face to face on that pier while JH was playing the piano. I think that was just the way they showed us separate shots.
        Agree with that. Now I think they were face to face in Jung Hyuk’s bedroom then their memories placed them back in Switzerland in the same face to face position but that wasn’t a flashback of what happened. That was a segway by the director. I believe they did not meet face to face in that piano playing lake scene.


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