2019 in Review – Date Her – There Can be Only One

2019 In Review – Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? – There Can be Only One

Let’s consider the 2019 characters in “Would I Want My Brother to Date Her” posts and pick the top character to I’d want my brother date…there can be only one…winner.

The women I declared I would want my brother date 👍 were eligible for consideration:

* Melting Me Softly’s Go Mi Ran, portrayed by Won Jin Ah, a cryogenic experiment test subject who ends up frozen for 20 years not 24 hours. She conquers the evolved world to make a new life with determination, straightforwardness, and loyalty.

* Romance is a Bonus Book’s Kang Dan Yi, portrayed by Lee Na Young, a woman unable to break back into the working world after a gap to be a mother. She omits her education and experience on a job application for a contract position at a publishing company her best guy friend works at.

* Kill It’s Do Hyun In, portrayed by Nana, a police officer investigating a series of murders she believes are tied to the death of her boyfriend years ago. It’s a little more complicated than she thought.

* Touch Your Heart’s Oh Yoon Seo, portrayed by Yoo In Na, an actress who agrees to work for a lawyer for three months secure a role in a legal drama. She’s forced to prove herself to her demanding lawyer.

Elimination Round 1 – Timid

* Romance is a Bonus Book’s Kang Dan Yi. She was a bit too meek and mild.

Elimination Round 2 – Emotionally Young

* Melting Me Softly’s Go Mi Ran. She may be physically in her 40’s but she’s emotionally in her 20’s and ready to explore that part of life.

Final Round – There Can Be Only One

Eliminated – Kill It’s Do Hyun In. She’s smart, dependable, attractive, with a kind side. But the baggage from her past would be along for the ride.

The Woman I’d Want My Brother Date Above All Others – Touch Your Heart’s Oh Yoon Seo. She’s smart, kind, attractive, sweet with a sense of humor. She could be the caring partner to laugh and love through life’s challenges. WINNER!

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5 comments on “2019 in Review – Date Her – There Can be Only One
  1. beezrtp says:

    I didn’t watch 2 of these dramas but given the three I did, I’d pick Go Mi ran. I thought Oh Young seo was a bit flighty. (I can’t remember anything at all about Kill it’s heroine.)


    • Oh Yoon Seo’s level of kindness and supportive nature is exactly what my brother deserves. I like Go Mi Ran a great deal, but she’s got some growing up to do.


      • beezrtp says:

        Fair enough. It’s funny because I know most people felt there was more chemistry and sizzle between Park Min young and Kim Jaw wook, but as usual, I’m the odd pony. lol


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I liked Mi Ran every bit as much as Yeon Seo. But when it comes to maturity, Yeon Seo wins❣


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