Cosmo Interview with Crash Couple

Cosmopolitan Philippines Interview with the Crash Landing Couple

The Cosmopolitan Philippines article features great pictures of our couple from Crash Landing on You. I love that the writer was star struck just like I’d be meeting these two actors. Here are some snippets from the article (link to article).

Son Ye Jin on Se Ri
…Yun Se-ri is quite unrealistic—Korea’s top 0.001 percent high-class woman—someone you don’t see every day. She’s unique that way. She’s very much the fictional character. She has a fancy background, and her personality is very diverse. So my approach to how to bring the character to life was very different for this role…Whether it be the lines, their looks, and in other things as well, this character is something quite new for me, so I’m having a lot of fun shooting.

Hyun Bin on Jung Hyuk
First, appearance-wise, not because the character is a North Korean officer but because he has to be able to protect someone, I felt that he needed to appear dependable, so I bulked up a bit. Also, I prioritized the language (accent) part, because I had to be comfortable with the speech to be able to act, which is why I took lessons for about two to three months with an accent coach. And as for challenges, I don’t really think anything was necessarily difficult; I’m focused on how to make the best of the well-written script, so aside from that, no challenges come to mind. I’m just having a lot of fun.

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4 comments on “Cosmo Interview with Crash Couple
  1. beezrtp says:

    That picture tho’! Something about it says it’s not from the drama but instead looks pretty candid. If they don’t want this rumors circling… just sayin’


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