Crash Landing on You Episode 7

Crash Landing on You Episode 7 Recap

North Korea…

As Private Geum drives Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) to the airport an armored jeep comes up behind attacks. Just when things look dire. Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) drives his motorcycle into the jeep and dismounts watching it slide into the jeep and explode. Se Ri rushes to Jung Hyuk. They demand to know if the other is okay. Both confirm they are unhurt. The driver of the second jeep gets out and shots Jung Hyuk in the back. Jung Hyuk spins and dispatches the driver. He slumps unconscious against a Se Ri who cries Jung Hyuk’s name. Se Ri demands the keys from Private Geum pointing he can’t drive with a bullet in his leg. As they drive towards the airport, Se Ri sees a sign for a town. She demands to know if a hospital is there. Private Geum urges her to continue to the airport and he’ll take Captain Ri after. Se Ri points out that Jung Hyuk is unconsciousness and could die without medical attention soon. Unfortunately, the road to the hospital is under construction. Se Ri asks Private Geum if he knows her favorite moment. It’s Mad Max she informs as the jeep bursts through the barriers.

Love her passion!

At the hospital Jung Hyuk is prepped for surgery. The doctor worries they don’t have his blood type. Private Geum bemoans he can’t donate. When Se Ri realizes she can, she offers to. Private Geum points out that if she doesn’t leave know she may never be able to leave.

At the airport the track team are given their passports. The leader is told the reserve member (Se Ri) isn’t at the airport. They are forced to leave without her. Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) and his manager are pleased she didn’t make it to the airport knowing Officer Jo’s plans must have worked. Seung Jun wonders where Se Ri is.

Officer Jo is informed that the ambush didn’t kill Se Ri or Private Geum because an unknown gunman saved them. Officer Jo demands to know where Captain Ri is right now. He also wants the firearms log for Captian Ri’s unit.

After giving blood, Se Ri walks by Jung Hyuk’s gurney as he’s taken into surgery. Private Geum hands Se Ri the bag with Captain Ri’s belongings including his busted phone. Private Geum hobbles away to get more care while Se Ri waits for Jung Hyuk’s surgery. She goes through the belongings and finds an extra passport photo of her. She remembers him declaring they need not take a picture together as no momentous of their time was necessary. She scoffs knowing that was a lie.

Flashback…Jung Hyuk dreams…Switzerland…Jung Hyuk performs a piano concert to a sold out crowd. After the concert he’s informed that his brother has been killed in an accident and he must return to North Korea. As he waits by the water a little girl asks him to play the piano near him. He tells her this might be the last time he plays. He plays a lovely song he wrote for his brother.

Jung Hyuk wakes from his surgery. He sees Se Ri by the window. She turns and sees him awake. Thrilled she praises his recovery. Jung Hyuk asks why she’s there. He’s not happy to learn she didn’t make the flight because of the accident. He wanted her to leave. She wanted to leave too, but couldn’t. Jung Hyuk points out they risked their lives to get her out of the country. He asks how long until she’s sorry for all the trouble she’s caused. Taken aback, Se Ri murmurs he must be feeling the anesthesia because of his harsh words. She leaves the room and informs the nurse Captain Ri is awake.

The doctor examines Jung Hyuk and tells him he’ll need to rest for the next couple of weeks. The doctor says his girlfriend must be fated because her blood donation saved his life. The nurse jokes his girlfriend cried while he slept and cried when he woke. They joke she’s crying somewhere in the hospital as the leave the room. Jung Hyuk sits alone in the bed reeling from the doctor’s words.

Outside the hospital, Se Ri cries at her situation. She turns and sees Jung Hyuk standing there. She snaps that he’s an idiot to be out of bed. He counters it is too cold to be outside. She snaps he need not worry about her. He tells her he didn’t mean what he said earlier. She accepts his apology. He stares into her eyes. He knows she wanted to go home. She cries that for once she had to protect him. She tells him to stop looking her wistfully. He denies it. She doesn’t buy it. He kisses her. She kisses him.


Officer Jo guesses that Captain Ri was the gunman. He orders all hospitals checked in the area for Captain Ri.

Seung Jun doesn’t understand why Captain Ri doesn’t answer his phone. His manager reports they don’t where Se Ri is. Seung Jun isn’t happy to learn that an accident was the mechanism. He yells she could have been killed. His manager retorts he can’t have it both ways, Se Ri stopped from leaving North Korea and safe.

The Colonel’s wife, Na Wol Sook, and another spy Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) and her mother marching into the village. Wol Sook tells the CW that the younger woman is Jung Hyuk’s finance. Seo Dan’s mother approaches other women and asks to meet the head of the village. Wol Sook approaches with a swagger. Seo Dan’s mother says she’s Captain Ri’s finance’s mother. Seo Dan’s mother says she wants an apartment in the village. Wol Sook retorts there aren’t any vacancies. Seo Dan’s mother calls her rude. The CW introduces herself. Seo Dan’s mother suggest they have a civil discussion. She explains her daughter will be marrying Captain Ri and needs an apartment. Seo Dan’s mother explains she runs the department store in the city and offers items to the ladies, promising more when she visits again.

The ladies show Seo Dan and her mother a fifth-floor apartment complete with goat in the bathtub, chickens on the balcony, and a refrigerator used for storage since the electricity isn’t stable. Seo Dan tells her mother she’s heading to Jung Hyuk’s house.

LOL, fridge just for show!

Outside Jung Hyuk’s house, Seung Jun wonders where Captain Ri and Se Ri are. He sees Seo Dan exit a taxi outside of Captain Ri’s house. As she’s primping as he comes up behind her asking why she’s there. Startled, she explains her finance lives here. Seung Jun explains he’s waiting for Captain Ri too. He invites her to wait in his car as it is cold outside. Seung Jun notes she looks better with her hair down. Seo Dan feigns ignorance over her primping.

As the nurse takes Jung Hyuk’s vitals, Jung Hyuk and Se Ri make eye contact then quickly look away. The nurse shares she saw two people kissing in the parking lot last night. As she supplies details Jung Hyuk’s pulse and blood pressure rises. She admonishes him to rest and leaves. Se Ri suggests they ignore the kiss and pretend it was nothing. Jung Hyuk readily agrees. Irked, Se Ri completes the heart patch on Jung Hyuk’s uniform where the bullet hole was and exits the room. Jung Hyuk can’t help but smile at the heart patch on his uniform.

Darling scene!

As Se Ri walks the hallway, Lt. Park, Sgt Pyo Staff, and Sgt Kim arrive with food for Captain Ri. Sgt Pyo is sorry Se Ri didn’t leave North Korea as planned. They visit Captain Ri who pretends to be asleep. Sgt Pyo guesses that Captain Ri couldn’t dodge the bullet. Se Ri insists the Captain Ri was protecting her. Captain Ri clutches his hands in irritation. Se Ri shoos the men out of the room. She tells Jung Hyuk he can open his eyes. Jung Hyuk admits he was embarrassed not to have dodged the bullet. Se Ri guesses he didn’t dodge to protect her. Jung Hyuk confirms that. She tells him not to do that again. He tells her not to void plans to leave North Korea to save him. Se Ri is positive Seung Jun has told her family she’s alive.

While they wait in the car, Seo Dan explains there isn’t an internet app store for cell phones but a physical one in the city. Over noodles, Seung Jun asks how Seo Dan and Jung Hyuk met. She shares this is an arranged marriage. Seung Jun points out that Jung Hyuk spends time with another woman. Irked, Seo Dan states it is a professional relationship. Seung Jun believes that an arranged marriage isn’t exciting because the end state is known where love matches are uncertain from the start. He admits he once had an arranged relationship and he only started to feel for the woman after things fell apart.

Seung Jun has a point about uncertainty.

As Se Ri prepares to sleep on the floor, Jung Hyuk invites her into the bed. She gets in and he starts to get out. She won’t let him sleep on the floor assuring him that sharing a bed is no big deal. They settle. Jung Hyuk pretends to fall asleep first. Jung Hyuk sits up and watches Se Ri sleep. He pushes a tendril of hair off her face.

They find the hospital where Captain Ri is recovering from a gunshot wound. Officer Jo is alerted. He orders Captain Ri watched. He leaves for a mission.

Se Ri calls Seung Jun from a pay phone outside the hospital. He’s stoked she’s okay. He offers to come to her. Se Ri sees two army vehicles pull up to the hospital. Men exit. Se Ri spies Officer Jo and knows that isn’t good.

Officer Jo bursts into Captain Ri’s room and declares it took a while to find him. Captain Ri retorts surgery made it so he couldn’t report his whereabouts. Officer Jo sends the men out of the room. He drops the firearms log on Captain Ri’s bed and demands an explanation. Captain Ri agrees he took the ammunition. Officer Jo asks if Captain Ri fired upon troops to protect a South Korea spy. Captain Ri counters that she’s not a spy, and to protect her from an intentional accident, he fired. Officer Jo asks how Captain Ri can be certain it was an intentional accident. Captain Ri asks how Officer Jo can be certain she’s a spy. He identifies who told him.

Flashback…Seo Dan’s uncle tells Jung Hyuk that Officer Jo asked for information on Division 11 and spoke with a newly assigned officer.

Captain Ri cites the regulations requiring a formal request for information on Division 11 undercover spies. He asks if Officer Jo submitted the formal request. Officer Jo isn’t impressed. He calls for a man to arrest Captain Ri. But Jung Hyuk’s father enters the room demanding to know why a recovering officer is being arrested. Shocked, Officer Jo snaps a quick salute. Jung Hyuk stares at his father.

Se Ri overhears the gossip about state security and now the director of the general political bureau visiting his son, Captain Ri. Se Ri spins away when she sees Seo Dan and her mother striding down the hall. She pushes a girl’s wheelchair.

Jung Hyuk’s father demands to know why state security wants to arrest him. Jung Hyuk says nothing inciting his father’s ire. Jung Hyuk’s mother tells her husband to calm down. His father snaps that Jung Hyuk’s schemes could have ripples effects and take both of them down. Jung Hyuk’s mother snaps that Jung Hyuk is their only remaining son and she won’t let him be badged after being shot. She points out they should be happy he’s in the hospital and not in a body bag.

Seo Dan’s mother bursts into the room with Seo Dan behind her. She declares Jung Hyuk must quit being a soldier so her daughter doesn’t become a widow like she is. She notes Jung Hyuk could return to being a pianist and thanks to his artistic actress mother. Seo Dan apologizes for her mother stating she’s in shock. Seo Dan’s mother agrees this has been a shock. Jung Hyuk apologizes for worrying them. He states he’s doing well and only needs to recover. Seo Dan spies the heart patch on his uniform.

Officer Jo is angry as he and his men exit the hospital and leave.

Se Ri watches Officer Jo leave. The wheelchair girl introduces herself as Hyun Min Ji. Se Ri shakes hands and admits that her favorite man isn’t from a boy band but Jung Hyuk.  Seung Jun arrives and Se Ri gets in the car and they drive away.

Seo Dan asks Jung Hyuk who has been taking care of him. Jung Hyuk admits it is the woman Seo Dan supposes. Seo Dan asks why a professional relationship has become a caregiving one. Jung Hyuk confesses he likes that woman. Seo Dan retorts that is obvious. Jung Hyuk states they shouldn’t marry because of his feelings for another woman. Seo Dan counters that it is the situation, the proximity, the impending separation that is causing him to have feelings for the other woman. Seo Dan snaps the wedding will occur, no love between them doesn’t matter, and Jung Hyuk can continue to like the other woman until she leaves. Seo Dan exits the room.

Knock me over with a feather! I didn’t see his confession coming.

Seo Dan tells herself Jung Hyuk’s feelings for the other woman will disappear when she leaves. She tells her mother it’s time to shop for her wedding dress. Her mother is thrilled.

Seung Jun takes Se Ri to his place. She’s impressed by the nice house. He chuckles. Se Ri asks if Seung Jun contacted her family. He claims it was hard but he found away. He lies her family is thrilled she’s alive. Se Ri asks who in her family is happy she’s alive. Seung Jun claims all of them are. Se Ri states he is lying because her brothers would not be happy. Seung Jun claims even though they fight, family bonds rule. He asks how she landed in North Korea from the paragliding accident. Shocked he knows how she entered the country; she tells him about the freak weather and how they couldn’t detect a nonmotorized object. Seung Jun says her brothers were so worried they hired private investigators to find her. Seung Jun notes her brothers want her to stay put while the politics are sorted out. He claims the shareholder meeting has been postponed until her return.

Seung Jun’s lies fall from his lips with ease.

South Korea…

The shareholder meeting brings the arrival of Se Ri’s family – father, step-mother, her two brothers and their wives. Se Ri’s team arrives too. Se Ri’s father tells everyone that Se Ri is missing and cannot be found. He states they will declare they’ve registered her as dead. The room buzzes. Se Ri’s assistant Hong Chang Shik can’t believe it.

The public buzzes with news of Se Ri’s death. Mr. Hong calls the insurance agent Mr. Park to inform him the family has registered Se Ri’s death.

The stock holders vote Se Ri’s second brother, Yoon Se Hyung, as CEO. He and his wife, Sang Ah, are thrilled. Se Ri’s eldest brother, Yoon Se Jun, and his wife, Hye Ji, are not thrilled.

North Korea…

Seo Dan and her mother go wedding shopping in a black-market hidden store. As Seo Dan flips through the pages of the latest smuggled wedding dress magazine she’s startled to see Se Ri’s face and accompanying article about her disappearance since the paragliding accident. Her mother tells her to look at dresses not articles. Seo Dan declares she must leave immediately. She rips the article out of the magazine.

Jung Hyuk and Private Geum search the hospital but can’t find Se Ri. The hospital gives him access to the security camera footage. He sees Se Ri get into a car and leave. Seo Dan’s uncle runs the plates and reports it is a car that state security uses for long term guests at the lodge. Jung Hyuk learns the location of the lodge.

Se Ri wakes from a nap. Se Ri wants to make a call to her bodyguard. Seung Jun says she doesn’t need him anymore. Se Ri stares at him in surprise.

Jung Hyuk decides to find Se Ri. Seo Dan intercepts him in the hallway. She asks if the woman’s name is Se Ri.

Seung Jun tells Se Ri that she can stay with him and go home with him. The bodyguard isn’t a factor. Seung Jun notes that the bodyguard was in danger because of her. Seung Jun drives the point home…the bodyguard can never leave North Korea, but she can. Seung Jun goes for the jugular and declares the bodyguard could die because of her.

Seo Dan shows Jung Hyuk the article and demands to know if this is the woman he likes. Jung Hyuk confirms it. She asks how Se Ri came to North Korea. Jung Hyuk states Se Ri’s accident created their chance meeting. Jung Hyuk says she’ll return to South Korea soon. Seo Dan points out that Jung Hyuk could lose everything if he’s caught. Seo Dan drives the point home…he could die because of her. Does he still like her?

Bonus Scene…

Flashback…South Korea…Se Ri meets her friend for an intention be seen together moment. When they are alone, she plays a melody of a song she heard long ago and asks if he knows the tune. He doesn’t and asks where she heard it. Se Ri admits when she visited Switzerland, she was suicidal but learned to accept that those she loved would never love her. One day out on a lake, she heard that song. The boat Se Ri is on draws near to the dock where Jung Hyuk is playing the piano. His face is in profile.

My Thoughts

Se Ri’s identity becomes known to Seo Dan. Writer Park Ji Eun couldn’t keep Se Ri’s celebrity identity a secret forever. Flipping through a recent magazine, Seo Dan finds the article about Se Ri’s disappearance. She KNOWS this is the same woman that Jung Hyuk wants to dissolve their engagement for because of his feelings for her. She confronts Jung Hyuk and gets the answer she doesn’t want; he has been hiding Se Ri and she is the woman he cares for. Seo Dan demands to know if Jung Hyuk is willing to die for that woman. Seo Dan, you probably know this, but you shouldn’t ask questions that you don’t want to hear the answer to.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) shares a kiss with Jung Hyuk. Se Ri was upset have Jung Hyuk snapped at her for ditching her chance to leave North Korea. Of course, neither of them knows that escape attempt was doomed to fail. Crying in the hospital parking lot, Jung Hyuk found her, and kissed her, at first gently then intensified the kiss. Se Ri responded in kind. They both like each other. Jung Hyuk admitted it to Seo Dan but won’t to Se Ri because he wants her safely out of the country. After all the times Jung Hyuk saved her, Se Ri donated blood and gave up her chance to leave to save him. But when Officer Jo arrived at the hospital, Se Ri reached out to Seung Jun and he whisked her to his home. But Seung Jun has a secret agenda, sell Se Ri out to her family and keep her for himself. While Seung Jun is NOT a friend (lying about his efforts on her behalf, making deals to keep Se Ri in North Korea, manipulating her to feel bad for putting Jung Hyuk at risk), he does have a certain amount of charm. I can’t call him a cad with a heart because he’s completely self-serving. When will Se Ri realize Seung Jun (the man she undoubtably had an arrangement marriage with) is using her?

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) realized Se Ri gave us her chance to leave to save him. He couldn’t let her cry because of him. He reached out to comfort her and kissed her. It is obvious Se Ri and Jung Hyuk like each other. I’m enjoying this couple and their progression. But long-term happiness won’t happen in North Korea, it must be in South Korea. I was surprised when Jung Hyuk told Seo Dan he likes another and can’t marry her because of those feelings. Hurt and not willing to be embarrassed by a broken engagement, Seo Dan declared they would be married. Do I think she loves Seo Dan? No, I don’t. But Seo Dan has pressure to marry and a loveless marriage was acceptable to both of them. Until Jung Hyuk fell in love with Se Ri. Seo Dan’s question if Jung Hyuk would die for Se Ri has already been answered many times. Jung Hyuk has repeatedly put his life on the line to protect Se Ri. Shout out to Writer Park for the bonus scenes that prove that destiny is driving their relationship.

The fourth song of the OST “Here I Am Again” by Baek Yerin has been released:

I rate this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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5 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 7
  1. Snow Flower says:

    I hope that Seung Jun redeems himself.
    The piano scene was so beautiful. Not only that, it was also meaningful to both Jung Hyuk and Se Ri.


    • Yes, bonus scenes that offer insight into their shared past (that she doesn’t realize they share) are my favorite.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur the piano scene was beautiful. Do you think either one of them remember crossing paths in Switzerland❓⁉️

      I wondered especially if Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 might be the one who remembered, since he deliberately thwarted Se Ri’s 🌬👩 suicidal tendencies on the bridge. I don’t particularly expect Se Ri 🌬👩 would necessarily remember as she was wrapped up in her suicidal angst.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗 that Se Ri 🌬👩 missed her opportunity to leave to save Jung Hyuk. Of course we know that she was not going to leave, as Officer Jo 🚛👿 was waiting to grab her at the airport. I 💗 these two together❣

    It is dangerous that Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 now knows Se Ri’s 🌬👩 identity. Surely Dan won’t rat Jung Hyuk out to Officer Jo 🚛👿 … I think that might be a death sentence for our hunky hero, whether the government sanctioned it or not.

    Jung Hyuk treats his engagement to Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 as an obligation he will fulfill. I don’t think Dan loves 🚫💗 Jung Hyuk … is she made because her pride is hurt❓⁉️ Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 seems to have a tiny spark for Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 … is it because he pays attention to her❓⁉️

    Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 betrayed Se Ri, but now he talks like he will protect her❓⁉️ Not likely, Seung Jun’s 🏃‍♂️💰 life was in peril in the previous episode due to his handlers being offered more money by Se Hyung 🤑👐, which was retracted when he found out his sister Se Ri 🌬👩 was in North Korea.


    • I 💗 that Se Ri 🌬👩 missed her opportunity to leave to save Jung Hyuk. … I 💗 these two together❣
      I totally love this couple too!

      Jung Hyuk treats his engagement to Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 as an obligation he will fulfill. I don’t think Dan loves 🚫💗 Jung Hyuk… her pride is hurt
      It must bruise her ego not have him want her but be willing to marry her out of duty.

      Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 betrayed Se Ri, but now he talks like he will protect her❓⁉️ Not likely
      Saving his own skin seems to be all he cares about. He can emotionally read others and using that to his own advantage.

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