What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Review

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Review

Synopsis. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is a 16 episode kdrama about a vice president and his secretary. Vice President Lee Young Joon has enjoyed the support of trusted secretary Kim Mi So for 9 years. She’s efficient, capable and anticipates his every need in the business arena. One day she announces she’s retiring. Taken aback, Vice President Lee tries to change her mind to no avail. Deciding Secretary Kim cannot quit him, Vice President Lee decides he will win her back. During the process, he falls for her. Will she fall for him?

What I liked.
Romance. Writers Baek Sun Woo, Choi Bo Rim (Poem a Day) let the audience watch this couple as they fell in love with each other. There are many kdramas that promise romance, but fall short. This series delivered romance. We saw them dine, walk, and share experiences that led them to a develop and deepen a personal relationship. Vice President Lee was the first to commit. Secretary Kim was more hesitant. Our couple shared a past and found a future together.
Vice President Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon). Cocky, confident, demanding, self-centered CEOs abound in kdramas. But Park Seo Joon infused Vice President Lee with charm and likability. He knew what he wanted and he went for it, bulldozing her opposition. His past and their interaction was an interesting side bar though a bit overblown. I rooted for him to recognize their joint future was the important prize. Shout out to the young actor, Moon Woo Jin, who portrayed this character as a boy.
Secretary Kim Mi So (Park Min Young). With a blazing smile and seemingly effortless efficiency Secretary Kim aided Vice President execute his demand job. I’ve enjoyed Park Min Young in multiple series, Healer is my favorite. She slayed the pencil skirt. Secretary Kim used her smile to cover her real thoughts and feelings to the world and Vice President Lee. As the series progressed she voiced more of her opinions but deference was generally the initial response.

What I didn’t like.
Lack of passion. Our couple was an adult version of cute. They pressed safe kisses (quite a few) on each other. They would not be classified as passionate. They were respectful and a bit cautious. In the final episode, it was evident their long term commitment would allow them to grow to be more open with each other. While I liked this couple and their romance, they weren’t the most riveting couple I’ve every watched.
Support Characters. Their respective families and the office team weren’t as interesting as our couple. They often felt like filler.

Would I recommend What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Yes, if you want a romance with a dash of destiny, this series delivers. Our couple cared for and supported each other. I rooted for them and enjoyed their journey in this series.

OST. This drama’s OST had nine vocal tracks (link). The 2 disc detailed track list can be found at dramawiki (link). The second disc is instrumental tracks link. My favorite track was It’s You sung by Jung Se Woon (link) and featured below in a video which provides a taste of our couple:

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7 comments on “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Review
  1. Kay says:

    Yep, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim was a good enough watch. It was quite lacking in the story department, but it really sells the romance aspect 🙂


  2. beezrtp says:

    While I agree that the OTP lacked passion…at first…that was purposeful. Have you forgotten, kjt, how hot our couple was once the hero’s cork was popped and once Secretary Kim managed to get him to pace himself? Their couple of “grown up” scenes are among the few Kdrama scenes that are actually hot!


    • Their couple of “grown up” scenes are among the few Kdrama scenes that are actually hot!
      I like they took their relationship to the next level. With 9 years of knowing each other, their past connection, they were more than ready. But for whatever reason, they didn’t heat up the screen. Mi So lacked more than Young Joon. I like this couple, the drama hooked me to see their evolution, but they rated more sweet than sizzle for me.


  3. Siya Gite says:

    Let me just be honest here, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is a classic rom-com! Just the perfect example of childhood trauma! Nice review. 🙂


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