2019 in Review – Date Him – There Can be Only One

2019 In Review – Would I Date Him? – There Can be Only One

Let’s consider the 2019 characters in “Would I Date Him” posts and pick the top character to date…there can be only one…winner.

Guys I declared I would NOT date 👎 were NOT eligible for consideration:

* Kill It’s Kim Soo Hyun, portrayed by Chang Ki Yong, a killer for hire

* My Country: The New Age’s Nam Sun Ho, portrayed by Woo Do Hwan, a swordsman and illegitimate child of the powerful Nam Jeon.

* My Country: The New Age’s Lee Bang Won aka Prince Jeongan, portrayed by Jang Hyuk, a leader that fights for his father and then for the throne.

Guys I declared I would date 👍 were eligible for consideration:

* Haechi’s King Yeoninggun Lee Geum, portrayed byJung Il Woo, a prince then king that believes the Government should be for all people.

* Haechi’s king of the streets, Dal Moon, portrayed by Park Hoon, the defacto leader of the streets.

* Haechi’s justice driven sidekick, Inspector Park Moon Soo, portrayed by Kwon Yoo.

* Romance is a Bonus Book’s Cha Eun Ho, portrayed by Lee Jong Suk, a successful author and founding member of a publishing member that is lacking one thing…love.

* Level Up’s An Dan Te, portrayed by Sung Hoon, a corporate restructuring specialist.

* Welcome 2 Life’s Lee Jae Sang, portrayed by Rain, a lawyer that begins the series working to keep guilty rich clients out of jail who finds himself in another universe as a prosecutor working to put the guilty rich in jail.

* Melting Me Softly’s Ma Dong Chan, portrayed by Ji Chang Wook, a director of a television series that does outlandish experiments.

* My Country: The New Age’s Seo Hwi, portrayed by Yang Se Jong, an archer and swordsman

Elimination Round 1 – Rigid

* Haechi’s Inspector Park Moon Soo. He is a more ethically rigid man than I want.

* Level Up’s An Dan Te. He is more emotionally rigid than I want.

Elimination Round 2 – Tentative

* Romance is a Bonus Book’s Cha Eun Ho. He was initially tentative pursuing the woman he loved.

* Haechi’s  Dal Moon. He was too tentative eliminating the toxic woman from his life.

Elimination Round 3 – Other

* My Country: The New Age’s Seo Hwi. He put the love of his life on hold during his quest. He denied them time to work the problem together for too long.

* Melting Me Softly’s Ma Dong Chan. He’s a nice guy, more traditional, just didn’t pull my heart.

Final Round – There Can Be Only One

Eliminated – Haechi’s Lee Geum. He was strategic, made and learned from mistakes, and put his country before his own needs.

The Man I’d Date Above All Others – Welcome 2 Life’s Lee Jae Sang. He was smart, made and learned from mistakes, and evolved to put his family first. He picked love first, duty second. WINNER!

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4 comments on “2019 in Review – Date Him – There Can be Only One
  1. Kay says:

    A very fun way to narrow down who the most dateable man of 2019 was for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beezrtp says:

    I liked your final choice. I would’ve said Hwi from My Country but he’s the type of guy who would be so loyal to his friends that his wife would be frustrated with the pull of that loyalty as he constantly loaned out our money or left for risky battles to support some friend who gets himself into constant trouble. Before watching him, I never thought there could be such a thing as too much loyalty.


    • Before watching him, I never thought there could be such a thing as too much loyalty.
      Well said. Second place isn’t the slot I want in a relationship.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Second place isn’t the slot I want in a relationship.” -KJT Yep, that would be my only problem with Seo Hwi, but it is a BIG problem.

        I REALLY liked Lee Geum, but love wasn’t his priority, neither was HIS WIFE. Sorry, I don’t want to be second, third or fourth … NOR do I want to share my man with anyone else.

        While I found some of the candidates more attractive, I am drawn to Moon Soo’s loyalty and sense of justice, even though he was a bit more rigid than I care for.

        Logically Lee Jae Sang makes sense as the winner 🏆 with putting love first and the overall package he offers.

        Liked by 1 person

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