2020 Resolutions

2020 Resolutions

1. Widen how I select a Series to watch. I often watch a series based based on the leading man starring in it. In 2020, I plan to expand my criteria for series selection to include:

a. Writers – Review after review I cite the writer before the actors and the production team. The saying is true; “If it isn’t on the page, it isn’t on the stage”. I plan to select series from proven writers not just the actors I love. Winning 2019/18 writers I will watch out for future series:
** Chae Seung Dae (My Country – The New Age). This was my first series from Writer Chae, but this compelling series has made me want watch future series.
**  Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon (Arthdal Chronicles). This was my first time enjoying Writers Kim and Park. Based on my enjoyment of this series and My Country, I have started watching a previous series Six Flying Dragons from these writers.
** Park Ji Eun (Crash Landing Into You). Though early in this series, Writer Park wrote The Legend of the Blue Sea which I enjoyed in 2016.
** Kim Yi Young (Haechi). This was first series I sampled by this writer. In this chess game of a series she delivered a consistent message “never give up fighting for what you believe in” that the core characters (good and evil) adhered to.
** Kim Eun Sook (Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, etc.). Writer Kim has penned superb series and I’m looking forward to 2020’s The King: The Eternal Monarch.
** Kim Hee Won (Money Flower, Warm and Cozy, Fated to Love You). I adored Money Flower though Jang Hyuk’s performance was a huge reason why, felt Warm and Cozy was light fluff, and enjoyed Fated to Love You where again Jang Hyuk’s performance was crucial. I did not watch 2019’s The Crowned Clown. Did you?

b. Leading Ladies – I plan to select series starring proven female actors not just the male actors I love. The list of female actors I’ll follow will be a work in progress throughout 2020. As I write this I there are few leading ladies that I’ll watch a series for. Kim Tae Hee is one and I’ll be watching her new series, Hi Bye Mama, in February 2020. Seo Ye Ji is another whose March 2020 series, Psycho But It’s Okay I plan to watch. I’ve also enjoyed Yoo In Na in Goblin and Touch Your Heart. I’m unaware of any 2020 series she’s starring in.

c. Stories that catch my fancy – This year I plan to watch a series that seem interesting because of the synopsis provided. I don’t do much research on new series, there are plenty of blogs out there that do that for me (kdramakisses comes to mind). I still won’t watch trailers before a series starts as I prefer a spoiler free viewing experience.

2. Timely Recaps. Time to blog was a challenge in 2019, forcing me to reduce the number of series I recapped in parallel. No more than two series at a time worked. I’ll keep this up in 2020, providing timely recaps within the constraints my real life allows.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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22 comments on “2020 Resolutions
  1. Snow Flower says:

    The Crowned Clown was excellent! Great acting from Yeo Jin Goo, high stakes romance, palace intrigue, plus excellent directing and production design. One of the highlights of 2019.

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  2. Snow Flower says:

    The writer of Haechi also wrote Dong Yi.
    The writer of Crash Landing also wrote My Love from Another Star.
    The writer of Arthdal also wrote Queen Seondeok.
    Those are all very good and highly recommended dramas.


  3. Snow Flower says:

    I usually consider both actors/actresses and writers when choosing a drama to watch. I find short spoiler-free descriptions of the premise very helpful. I am OK with trailers, but still prefer a short verbal description of the story before I commit to watching. Also, other drama fans’ reactions are important.


  4. Kay says:

    You’ve got an excellent breakdown of how you plan to approach your drama watching in 2020 🙂 I tend to choose dramas based on a combination of actors/actresses and writers. I have a few writers I will always tune in for no matter who is starring and several actors that I usually watch for unless it’s a genre I don’t care for. It’s the best when they both come together (can’t wait for The King: The Eternal Monarch for that writer/actor/actress combo!).

    And you should definitely check out The Crowned Clown if you get a chance. Production, script, acting is all top notch.

    I’ll continue to look forward to your recaps in 2020! And thanks for the shout out 🙂


    • Snow Flower says:

      The King: The Eternal Monarch has Lee Min Ho, but I will be checking it for Woo Do Hwan! I loved Mr. Sunshine by the same writer, but found Goblin too long and boring. I have never seen Descendants of the Sun.

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      • 2020’s The King: The Eternal Monarch will have a double shot of the actors I watch with Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan. The 2019 double shot was My Country – The New Age with Woo Do Hwan and Jang Hyuk.


      • Kay says:

        Yep, this drama is covered in the good actors department 🙂 Of course, Kim Eun Sook usually attracts big names to her projects for all of the main actors.

        I have a great track record with her dramas going back to many of her older ones. So this combo of writer, actors, and a fantasy genre is about as promising as a drama can get for me, hehe. Hopefully, this one will fall into the good camp for you too 🙂

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      • beezrtp says:

        A lot of people loved DOTS (and I’m one of them) and a lot of people criticized the writing as overly simplistic or such other sophisticated comments. But it hit all the right notes for me. I don’t recall it dragging…EVER. There’s everything I’ve come to expect (and learned to embrace and love) in Kdrama – witty flirtatious bickering and banter; romamce and bromance; angst and tears; funny; all while avoiding the now dreaded love triangle. And for a bonus there’s military life; medical personnel life both in the hospital and in a war zone; danger and adventure (and sex! k-drama style).

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    • The King: The Eternal Monarch
      Yep, that’s a definite for August 2020!

      Thanks for the second 👍 on The Crowned Clown.

      I could use a service where I input the actors and writers I like and the output is the upcoming dramas for the next year.

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  5. I usually watch the drama if it’s female centric but I need to check them out via writers! If you want some suggestions my top female dramas are Reply 1997, Witch at court, Angry mom, Feel good to die, strong woman do bong soon to name a few.


    • If you want some suggestions my top female dramas are Reply 1997, Witch at court, Angry mom, Feel good to die, strong woman do bong soon to name a few.
      I enjoyed Reply 1997, Angry Mom (review ), and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I’ll add Witch’s Court and Feel good to die to my watch list.

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  6. beezrtp says:

    Chae Seung-dae – oh wow. She also wrote the first 10 episodes of Inspiring Generation, which said episodes are really entertaining. The entire thing was entertaining but that was probably due to the amazing cast because the story after she(/he?) departed went to hell in a hand basket. I just told myself to think of the rest of the show as a video game (or Bruce Lee’s Game of Death) where the point became the hero defeating each new foe while adapting to their style of fighting and I ignored the rest of the story because it lost all cohesiveness. In fact, it was so bad that it was similar to the dubbing of old Chinese martial arts flicks where halfway through the character switches from calling another character “brother” to “uncle”. Netflix has a documentary out that explains how the dubbers of those films in the 70’s and 80’s just made up words that fit the timing of the lips (and we know that didn’t work out very well) with no thought to what the story was about. Some of the dubbers admit to doing their job while drunk. I totally suspected. Anyway, I finished Inspiring Generation because Kim Sung oh actually had a side story as a second couple romantic lead which is rare to see him in.

    Kim Young-Hyun! I’m still not sure about how I feel about Arthdal (although I was happy with the different concept but I’m waiting on the next season, if it ever comes, before I decide) but bard on SGD and Tree, I definitely want to watch some of her other older dramas.

    The ever witty and clever Kim Eun sook. I couldn’t make it through Gentlemen’s Dignity. The guys made me sick to my stomach in the first episode but now that I like Jang Dong gun a little better (thanks to Arthdal) I might give it another chance although it’s hard because I just don’t like Kim Haneul.

    Oh, kjt, The Crowned Clown was width the watch. Yeo Jin goo is really good in giving out acting lessons in a dual role. But I shouldn’t be surprised when you look at how long he’s been acting which amounts to his entire life!

    kjt, I think you’ve confused Oh Yeon soo with that other actress. I’m like you in that I pay more attention to the male leads but Oh Yeon soo is one of my favorites so I actually remember her name. lol

    I’m with you on the previews. Nothing spoils a series for me more than a misleading trailer. If I think it’s supposed to be a comedy I’m sitting there waiting, waiting on the funny so even if it’s a good serious drama, I missed the good part by puzzling on “where’s the funny?” Or where’s the action?; where the music? I thought it was a musical? etc.

    Lastly, I appreciate you and your time. I know it’s pretty draining doing recaps for us instead of just sitting back and enjoying the show.


    • Kim Young-Hyun….I definitely want to watch some of her other older dramas.
      Most of the dramas she’s written have decent ratings from viewers on MyDramaList.
      I just don’t like Kim Haneul.
      Yep, I checked my review and I wroteI was less enamored of the women in their lives… Yi Soo, played by Ha Neul Kang…I felt the actress over acted sometimes but it was consistent throughout the series, perhaps she was directed to deliver that performance.
      Oh, kjt, The Crowned Clown was width the watch.
      It is on the list. I’m hoping to get some binge watching done in January since I’m only blogging one show.
      kjt, I think you’ve confused Oh Yeon soo with that other actress.
      I did indeed. I revised the post. Are you referencing Oh Yeon Seo who starred in Come Back Mister and Shine or Go Crazy? Or Oh Yeon soo who starred in Triangle?
      Nothing spoils a series for me more than a misleading trailer.
      I hear you.
      Lastly, I appreciate you and your time. I know it’s pretty draining doing recaps for us instead of just sitting back and enjoying the show.
      Thank you for the kind words and comments throughout the year. I’m always pleased when I’m recapping a show you are watching because you provide insights and humor in your comments. Recapping 2 shows at a time has allowed me to binge watch other shows (e.g. Tale of Nokdu which allows me to enjoy the from my comfortable chair.


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