Crash Landing on You Episode 6

Crash Landing on You Episode 6 Recap

North Korea…

Se Ri gets her passport picture taken. She tells Jung Hyuk they should get their photo taken as a memento. Jung Hyuk says there is no need for them to remember each other. Se Ri covers by smiling and agreeing but isn’t happy with his response. After she walks out of the photographer’s office, Jung Hyuk asks for an extra print.

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) finishes his phone call with Se Ri’s second brother when he spies Se Ri across the hotel lobby. They see each other. Seung Jun guides her into the elevators. Jung Hyuk sees and enters the elevator. He quickly has Seung Jun against the wall and is looking through Seung Jun’s wallet. Seung Jun asks Se Ri to intervene. Se Ri confirms she’s knows this man. Seung Jun asks who the man is. Se Ri claims that Jung Hyuk is her bodyguard, Mr. Ri. Jung Hyuk’s look of incredulity is evident. Se Ri tells Jung Hyuk to release Se Ri. Jung Hyuk doesn’t comply. Se Ri asks to be released. Jung Hyuk doesn’t comply. Se Ri repeats her request. Jung Hyuk complies.

Outside the elevator Seung Jun asks how Se Ri came to be in the city. Se Ri asks if he heard about her. Seung Jun recalls Se Ri’s second brother telling him that Se Ri was dead. Seung Jun lies and says he heard nothing. Realizing he better move on, Seung Jun suggests they meet later that evening at the hotel’s coffee shop. After tipping Jung Hyuk for his good work, Seung Jun gets back on the elevator.

Se Ri apologizes for calling Jung Hyuk her bodyguard but notes he kinda is one. Jung Hyuk begs to differ. But as they walk through the lobby his actions say otherwise. Se Ri smiles at the validation. Jung Hyuk doesn’t agree with the moniker.

Darling opening!

Jung Hyuk tries to evade capture but Jung Hyuk’s handler finds him.

At the hotel coffee shop, Se Ri explains her relationship with her two brothers has always been competitive. She says they wanted to marry her off to Seung Jun, a Korean that lived out of country, to get her out of their lives. But Se Ri refused to marry. She muses her brothers a likely thrilled she’s potentially dead. Jung Hyuk refuses to believe that Se Ri’s brothers would wish her dead. He is adamant family isn’t like that.

Jung Hyuk’s lucky that he can’t conceive family would be hateful, but Se Ri knows differently.

A friend of Seo Dan calls her to report that Jung Hyuk is in the hotel coffee shop with a woman. Seo Dan lies and says she’s meeting them later and knows the woman. When she hangs up, Seo Dan tells her hairdresser to finish her. She says she’s meeting Jung Hyuk. Her mother is thrilled. Seo Dan suggests her mother arrange dinner with Jung Hyuk’s parents. Her mother loves the idea. Seo Dan suggests dinner at the hotel eatery. Her mother agrees to make the arrangements. Seo Dan leaves to meet Jung Hyuk. Seo Dan’s mother tells the hairdresser to make her look spectacular.

Seo Dan’s mom is amusing!

On the hotel’s rooftop, Seung Jun’s handler calls Se Ri’s second brother, Yoon Se Hyung, and reports that Seung Jun has been captured. Seung Jun tells Se Hyung that he’s got big news. Se Ri is alive. Se Hyung demands to know where his sister is.

Jung Hyuk searches Se Ri’s hotel room. She’s shocked at the number of listening devices he finds. He tells her to keep a low profile. Tomorrow she’ll get her passport photo and passport. Se Ri worries that she’s so lovely, keeping a low profile is impossible. Jung Hyuk says she’s crazy. Se Ri wonders if she could leave with Seung Jun. Jung Hyuk wonders if Seung Jun is trustworthy. Se Ri notes she and Seung Jun share an odd destiny reconnecting in North Korea. Jung Hyuk is aghast that Se Ri doesn’t consider their circumstances of meeting and then reconnecting the unique one. Se Ri scoffs that Jung Hyuk need not be competitive about it. Jung Hyuk sputters he’s pointing out the difference between destiny and coincidence. Se Ri smiles and says it’s obvious that Jung Hyuk wants to be her destiny. Jung Hyuk denies it but Se Ri only smiles.

Darling scene!

Seo Dan arrives at the hotel and uses her influence to get the room numbers for Jung Hyuk and Se Ri. She stares at the side by side rooms with irritation. Jung Hyuk steps into the hall, shocked to see her. Se Ri steps into the hall telling Jung Hyuk he left his key. She’s shocked to see Seo Dan standing there. Seo Dan asks if she should be worried. Se Ri admits this doesn’t look good but points out they have separate room. Seo Dan demands to speak with Jung Hyuk. Se Ri retreats into her room after handing Jung Hyuk his key. Jung Hyuk enters his room. Seo Dan stares daggers at Se Ri before following Jung Hyuk.

Seo Dan’s glare is glacial!

Jung Hyuk asks why she’s there. Seo Dan points out that she learned he was in the city by someone that saw him with another woman. Jung Hyuk apologizes. Seo Dan says they are having dinner with their respective parents tonight. Jung Hyuk notes he promised to cooperate and he will. He asks if she needs anything else. Seo Dan tells him to meet her at 7pm in the hotel eatery.

Seung Jun negotiates with Se Hyung for half the money in return for learning Se Ri’s location. Se Hyung is frustrated but fears he can’t say no to the offer.

Seung Jun’s handler tells his men to watch Seung Jun like a hawk.

Seo Dan goes to the rooftop to think. She finds Seung Jun doing the same. He recognizes her. Then she recognizes him. She admits her finance was caught with another woman. Seung Jun advises Seo Dan not to stay upset, that men don’t like that. Seo Dan asks what she should do. Seung Jun tells her to ignore it now and she won’t be ignored later. Seo Dan approves of the advice. She asks why he’s on the rooftop. Seung Jun admits he has problems with money, something he loves. He says his face reflects his trouble. Seo Dan advises Seung Jun to ignore money and it will come to him. Wanting something badly pushes it from your life. Seung Jun approves of the advice. He holds out his hand and introduces himself. Seo Dan hesitates then shakes his hand and introduces herself.  Seung Jun smiles.

Good scene!

Se Ri remarks that Jung Hyuk’s finance was shooting daggers earlier. Jung Hyuk warns her not to trust Seung Jun. Se Ri knows he cares for her and states it will only make matters harder. Jung Hyuk can’t believe it. He touches her forehead and notes she’s not running a fever. Se Ri pushes his hand away and tells him to stop crushing on her. Jung Hyuk shakes his head. Se Ri smiles.

Se Ri joins Seung Jun leaving Jung Hyuk watching her go. Seung Jun waves to Se Ri.

Seo Dan is taken aback by her mother’s over the top makeup. Her mother declares Jung Hyuk’s family will be brought to heel. Tonight, they will agree to schedule the wedding. She won’t wait any longer. She strides into the hotel lobby. Seo Dan follows and is taken aback when she sees Seung Jun talking to Se Ri.

Seung Jun claims he’s doing market research for a wealthy friend. Se Ri asks about his snafu with her brother. Seung Jun claims they’ve come to an understanding. Seung Jun’s handler takes pictures from the bar.

Seo Dan’s mother grouses about the slow roll of the marriage. Jung Hyuk’s father suggests the wedding be held the end of next month. Jung Hyuk will be transferred back to the city and a house fully stocked will be provided. Seo Dan’s mother is thrilled and lists electronics that should be included. Jung Hyuk agrees with his father’s plan stating they’ve waited long enough. Seo Dan’s mother calls for champagne.

Seo Dan and Seung Jun meet in the bathroom. She notes that Se Ri travels with one man and has coffee with another. She drops the bomb that she and Jung Hyuk just set a wedding date. Se Ri is surprised. She offers congratulation. She says she won’t be in town. Seo Dan states that’s the best wedding gift that Se Ri could give her. She flounces out. Se Ri is impressed how Seo Dan bested her.

Seung Jun has his cell phone on speaker so Se Ri’s brother can listen to their conversation. Se Ri won’t say how she ended up in North Korea but is positive she’ll return to South Korea soon. She asks Seung Jun to tell her father she’s alive and to proceed with the plan. Seung Jun promises to tell her father. Se Ri’s brother is not happy with what he heard.

Se Ri’s uncle and mother are thrilled with the outcome of the night. Seo Dan tells Jung Hyuk she’ll call him later.

Jung Hyuk finds, loses, and finds Se Ri and Seung Jun walking and talking. Jung Hyuk says it’s time to leave. Se Ri taps Jung Hyuk’s shoulder and promises to call Se Ri later.

Love the symbolism of Jung Hyuk on one side of the road and Se Ri on the opposite side of the road.

Jung Hyuk isn’t happy that Se Ri gave Seung Jun his cell number. Jung Hyuk tells Se Ri she’s safest when she’s in his line of sight. Se Ri scoffs that he can’t predict success of the unknown future. Jung Hyuk retorts he usually wins in life. Se Ri wants to drink beer at a local bar.

Se Ri and Jung Hyuk drink beer and talk. It begins to snow. Se Ri informs Jung Hyuk that the person you watch the first snowfall with will be your love. She scoffs that can’t happen between them. After she’s drunk a bit, Se Ri lays her head on Jung Hyuk’s shoulder and murmurs he need only put up with her for a little while longer. They watch the snow fall.

The longing between them.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s assistant Hong Chang Shik and the insurance agent Mr. Park listen are hopeful now that the Se Ri’s brief recording from a radio transmission is in the hands of the police. Mr. Hong admits while he’s happy the Se Ri is alive, he’s also enjoyed the relaxing work life wither out of town.

Se Hyung, and his wife Sang Ah decide they want Se Ri to stay in North Korea forever and offer to pay handsomely to make that happen. Seung Jun’s manager relays that to Seung Jun’s handler.

Seung Jun’s handler tells Seung Jun if he can stop Se Ri from leaving North Korea, Se Hyung will forgive being swindled by Seung Jun and let him keep the money. Seung Jun notes that Se Ri has a swell family. He believes they have to consult with Officer Jo.

The interrogation of Officer Jo starts out with the inspector believing Officer Jo sent the armored jeep with the intent to kill. Officer Jo suggests a one-on-one discussion with the inspector. He refuses. When Officer Jo identifies the fancy apartment his daughter moved into, the inspector sends the others out of the room. Officer Jo declares the inspector and others (director of investigation, directory of state security, etc.) have benefited from the sales of the artifacts he’s found and sold. Officer Jo boats most people have taken a bribe from him. Officer Jo smiles and declares they’ve shared the profits, now he needs to be released.

As Officer Jo leaves the building, his boss intercepts him impressed that he wiggled out of the mess. Officer Jo retorts that the free lunches he’s provided over the years come back to help him later. He promises his loyal to his boss who helped him, a poor orphan, rise through the ranks. He calls them family. His boss hears the underlying threat in the statement.

Seung Jun and his handler meet with Officer Jo. Seung Jun shows him a picture of Se Ri. Officer Jo’s eyes widen. Seung Jun asks how Officer Jo knows the woman. Officer Jo demands to know how Seung Jun knows the woman.

Back in the village, Se Ri tells the ladies she’s letting Jung Hyuk go to be with the other woman. She muses that you don’t have to be together to be in love. The women offer best wishes to Se Ri. Only Wol Sook speaks plainly to Se Ri and they argue. The both try to leave at the same time.


Officer Jo visits the eavesdropper and shows him a picture of Se Ri. He says that someone wants to keep Se Ri in the country.

Flashback…Seung Jun tells Officer Jo that the woman in the picture is a wealthy heiress and his friend. Officer Jo tells Seung Jun that the woman is living in a nearby village and will be flying out of the country soon. Seung Jun declares she must be stopped.

Officer Jo tells the eavesdropper he can get rid of the woman and make money. He smiles saying there’s only one road that leads to the airport.

Seung Jun announces to the foursome – Lt. Park, Sgt Pyo, Staff Sgt Kim and Private Geum – this time she’s really leaving. She suggests a going away picnic. Sgt Pyo grouses that he has better things to do on his day off.

Se Ri’s going away picnic is fun. She refuses to have the pig slaughtered so they catch fish and crabs instead. Sgt Pyo reads a poem that wishes her well and warns her not to reveal his name if she’s caught. Se Ri sings a song to them. Jung Hyuk arrives while she’s singing and they lock eyes.

Se Ri is surprised to learn that Jung Hyuk won’t be going with her to the airport. Jung Hyuk says it’s best they part now. Se Ri admits she’ll think of him often. Jung Hyuk urges her to forget about him and this experience. He offers his hand. Se Ri requests a hug instead. Jung Hyuk keeps his hand extended. With tears in her eyes, Se Ri shakes his hand.


The eavesdropper has tears in his eyes listening to their goodbye. He reports that Se Ri is on the way to the airport.

Private Geum drives Se Ri to the airport. They noticed an armored jeep coming up behind them fast. A second armored jeep appears coming towards them. A motorcyclist appears parallel to the road and shots the tires of the armored jeep. The second jeep continues to pursue. Just when things look dire. Jung Hyuk drive his motorcycle to the second jeep and dismounts watching it slide into the jeep and explode. Se Ri rushes to Jung Hyuk. They demand to know if the other is okay. Both confirm they are unhurt. The driver of the second jeep gets out and shots Jung Hyuk in the back. Jung Hyuk spins and dispatches the driver. He slumps unconscious against a Se Ri who cries Jung Hyuk name.

Bonus Scene…

Flashback…Jung Hyuk tells Private Geum to drive Se Ri to the airport. He’ll follow secretly and prepare for the worst-case scenario. Jung Hyuk prepare the motorcycle with special springs. He goes the armory and checks out weapons. The officer asks if everything is okay. One the day of the flight, Jung Hyuk follows the jeep on a parallel road. He thinks “I made a promise, as long as she’s in my sight, I will protect her, no matter what”.


My Thoughts

Jung Hyuk is utterly swoon worthy. Writer Park Ji Eun has crafted a leading man that ticks the boxes for me. Honorable, trustworthy, caring, always delivers, believes in himself, handsome, kind…you get the idea. How would Se Ri not fall for him? Jung Hyuk is the kind of man every woman wants. His actions speak louder than words.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) wanted to leave but didn’t want to say goodbye to Jung Hyuk. Se Ri knows she cares for Jung Hyuk. She all but admitted it to him. But Jung Hyuk is engaged to another and refused to admit his feelings. Se Ri senses he cares for her but respects his refusal to admit it. Se Ri trusted Seung Jun enough to ask that he take a message to her father. Unfortunately, Seung Jun isn’t worthy of her trust. Unbeknownst to Se Ri, Seung Jun schemed with her second brother and Officer Jo to keep her in country. Officer Jo saw it as a clear-cut opportunity to kill Se Ri. Officer Jo is a slippery sucker. His bribes to others put him in a position to ask for favors. He did that this episode when he escaped the interrogation. Se Ri’s goodbye with the village ladies and the foursome were sweet and humorous. Writer Park has a knack for blending romance, humor, tension, into a story that has hooked me. The bonus scene adds to every episode.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) puts his life on the line for Se Ri. Dubbed a bodyguard by Se Ri, that is in many ways what Jung Hyuk is. He protects Se Ri. He asked for an additional photo of the passport picture as a memento though he refused to take a couple picture. He prepared to do battle to protect Se Ri. He’s keeping his word to Seo Dan and will marry her. He is honor incarnate. I completely dig Jung Hyuk in a way I haven’t dug a male lead in quite a while.

The third song of the OST “Sunset” by Davichi has been released:

I rate this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.




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  1. Snow Flower says:

    Just finished binge watching the first 6 episodes and I want more! I hope for a happy ending for all the good guys. I want to tell the writer that being together in the next life does not count as a happy ending.

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