Crash Landing on You Episode 5

Crash Landing on You Episode 5 Recap

North Korea…

Lost in the dark market, Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) looks into the crowd and sees a light of a candle. She walks to the light. It’s Jung Hyuk! They are relieved to find each other. Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) says this time he bought a scented candle. Se Ri laughs. Jung Hyuk smiles.

Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) and Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) arrive in the village. He drops her off in front of Jung Hyuk’s house. He hopes they’ll meet again if that fates allow. He drives away.

Se Ri and Jung Hyuk walk home. Se Ri admires his smooth moves. Uncomfortable Jung Hyuk doesn’t want her heart to flutter without him telling her that he’s already has a finance. Se Ri doesn’t react to the finance confessions but is disconcerted that Jung Hyuk has seen that she is attracted to him. She declares she has multiple men in South Korea and must return to them. Jung Hyuk is taken aback. Multiple men? Se Ri assures him they must all be desperately missing her. She firmly states she won’t cross the line and peruse a romance. She marches away from a relieved but confused Jung Hyuk.

Seung Jun drives by Se Ri and Jung Hyuk. He recognizes her. He orders the car stopped. But when he gets out, she’s gone. His handler assures him there’s no one he knows in North Korea. Seung Jun shakes his head believing he saw Se Ri.

Na Wol Sook finds Seo Dan waiting outside Jung Hyuk’s house. She asks her business. Seo Dan refuses to say. Wol Sook demands to see her papers which Seo Dan proves. Wol Sook asks if Seo Dan will share why she’s there. Seo Dan states she’s Jung Hyuk’s finance. Wol Sook’s mouth falls open in shock. She quickly leaves.

Se Ri calls Jung Hyuk a two-timer. Jung Hyuk sputters he’s not. Se Ri points out he’s claimed two women as his finance. She asks what will happen if his finance shows up. Jung Hyuk assures her that can’t happen as his finance is studying in Russia.

Jung Hyuk gets ahead of Se Ri. He turns the corner and sees Seo Dan. He’s gobsmacked. Se Ri turns the corner. Both women lock eyes. Se Ri turns her back and murmurs that the thing that couldn’t happen as happened. Jung Hyuk steps forward and asks when Seo Dan returned. Seo Dan explains she’s been in country for a couple of days and came by to pick up her Uncle’s car that Jung Hyuk borrowed. Jung Hyuk tells Seo Dan she can’t drive the country roads alone and offers to drive her back to the city. He claims Se Ri is working a mission with him and they are colleagues. Seo Dan asks if the two will see each other after the mission is complete. Jung Hyuk quickly says no. Se Ri can’t help but react which Seo Dan notices. Se Ri covers and explains that she’s part of Division 11 which is the reason for her odd accent. Seo Dan says she couldn’t care less. Se Ri says she’ll be leaving. Jung Hyuk grabs her arm and tells her there’s no need to pretend she doesn’t stay there. He tells her to go in and lock the doors. Se Ri wishes them both a safe drive. Seo Dan can’t help but notice when Jung Hyuk looks in his rear-view mirror at the other woman.

Seo Dan tells Jung Hyuk this is only the seventh time they’ve met and it’s been seven years since they’ve seen each other and got engaged. Seo Dan wants to marry but she wants to marry a man she loves. Seo Dan declares they will marry and Jung Hyuk must cooperate. Jung Hyuk promises to try. Seo Dan calls her mother to let her know they are on their way.

Seo Dan’s mother tries on multiple party dresses. Her brother tells her to tone it down. Seo Dan’s mother says she’s meeting her son-in-law after a long gap. Her brother notes Seo Dan isn’t married yet. She sends her brother outside to ensure Jung Hyuk comes into the house.

Jung Hyuk salutes when he sees the General outside. Seo Dan’s uncle guides him into the elevator and tells the operator which floor. He brags to Seo Dan that Jung Hyuk is an honest sincere man, not a two-timing man that would have a relationship with another woman and live with her. Seo Dan asks him to be quiet.

Ha! Of course, Jung Hyuk really is a good guy but he is two timing his finance due to Se Ri’s appearance in his life.

Seo Dan’s mother is dressed in traditional garb and welcomes Jung Hyuk warmly. She notes it is time to proceed with marriage plans. She invites Jung Hyuk to dinner. Jung Hyuk declines. She insists. Jung Hyuk can’t say no. Over an elaborate dinner Seo Dan’s mother claims that matchmakers want to pair Seo Dan with others. Jung Hyuk glances at his watch.

Seung Jun wonders if he sees Se Ri or a look alike.

Flashback…South Korea…
Seung Jun and Se Ri share a meal. Seung Jun says that she’s prettier than her brother told her. Se Ri counters that her second brother seems to be under his spell dazzled by his investment reputation. Seo Dan is pleased. Se Ri bursts his bubble and tells him she understands that’s he’s laying to groundwork for something bigger and she won’t be a victim to his schemes nor would she marry a man that only wanted her money. She assures Seung Jun she knows his type. Se Ri tells Seung Jun to finish dallying with her brother and go.

She’s a tough cookie!

Seung Jun smiles at the memory and murmurs that Se Ri was the smart one of the family. He wonders how she’s doing.

Se Ri waits for Jung Hyuk to return. She rushes to the gate when she hears banging. It’s the village ladies lead by the Colonel’s wife and Wol Sook to console Se Ri. They enter the house to drink and commiserate. The drinking begins but Se Ri doesn’t know why they are there. They inform everyone that Seo Dan declared that she was Jung Hyuk’s finance and he drove her home. They assume Se Ri was just dumped. They declare they’ll take their revenge on Jung Hyuk. Se Ri assures them she can handle it but they won’t hear otherwise. Se Ri realizes that falling from grace is harder than being hated.

The eavesdropper can’t believe that Jung Hyuk is a two timer.

The Colonel’s wife declares she’ll tell her husband to make things difficult for Captain Ri. Se Ri tells everyone that even though she loves Jung Hyuk, she understands that his finance was the choice his parents made. The Colonel’s wife asks if Jung Hyuk’s parents are blocking their relationship. Se Ri confirms it declaring she understands Jung Hyuk’s obeying his parent’s wishes. The women are impressed that Se Ri respects Jung Hyuk’s parents that much.

Jung Hyuk says goodbye to Seo Dan and the General. He takes a taxi to his parents’ home. It’s a large home complete with peacocks. His mother is thrilled to see him. Jung Hyuk sits down with his parents. His father notes that Seo Dan is back and he should marry her this year. Jung Hyuk’s mother chides her husband to give the couple time to get to know each other again. Jung Hyuk tells his father he’ll marry but he needs a big favor.

The village women depart. The Colonel’s wife promises to help Se Ri if she needs it. Se Ri suggests that if Jung Hyuk is promoted, then Jung Hyuk’s parents might be more open to their love. The Colonel’s wife sees the logic and promises to help. A drunk Wol Sook interrupts and yells that Se Ri needs to dump Jung Hyuk. Wol Sook then insults the Colonels’ wife. Aghast, the village women drag Wol Sook away.

Alone in the house, Se Ri drinks.

The next morning Jung Hyuk returns home to find a row of empty beer cans just inside the door. Se Ri tells Jung Hyuk not to step over the Demilitarized Zone. Jung Hyuk assumes she’s upset with him. Se Ri points out that he promised to return home soon but did not. Jung Hyuk tells her he was working on making her part of the international track team so she can leave the country and travel to Europe. The anger is wiped away. Se Ri admits she’s not an elite runner. Jung Hyuk assures her that she’ll be part of the reserve track team. She’ll be able to return home soon. Se Ri asks when the flight leaves. The eavesdropper listens to them plan. Jung Hyuk says she’ll need to go to the city for a passport picture. He recommends she switch it up.

Hanging with the village ladies, Se Ri gets a new hairstyle. She shops for clothes but doesn’t have money. The pawn shop isn’t impressed with her designer watch because it’s too light and they pay by weight. Se Ri can’t believe it. She’s forced to accept the low price. She notices a man’s watch on the tray. She’s told the man didn’t sell it just gave it to them for safe keeping years ago.

Wanna bet that’s Jung Hyuk’s brother’s watch?

The eavesdropper reports to Officer Jo that Se Ri is leaving the country disguised as an athlete next week.  Officer Jo asks if the eavesdropper really believes she works for Division 11. The eavesdropper is sure. Officer Jo smiles knowing otherwise. Officer Jo asks the eavesdropper why Captain Ri’s brother’s watch was never found.

Flashback…the injured eavesdropper reaches out to the Mu Hyeok (Jung Hyuk’s older brother).

Officer Jo tells the eavesdropper that if that watch ever falls into Jung Hyuk’s hands, they are both in trouble.

Captain Ri looks over his troops. He notices his foursome are missing. The officer explains Lt. Park, Sgt Pyo Staff Sgt Kim and Private Geum, are being questioned by state security. Jung Hyuk is immediately concerned.

Officer Jo messes with Private Geum’s head saying the one that talks lives. He demands to know the identity of the woman from Division 11 and what is the plan for her. Private Geum points out that if he’s the last man to be interviewed then the others didn’t talk and he won’t either. Officer Jo hits him. Captain Ri enters the room. Officer Jo declares Captain Ri can’t interrupt the interrogation. Captain Ri tell Officer Jo to talk to him instead of his men. Captain Ri says Officer Jo has things that only he knows about. A phone call interrupts them. The senior Colonel complains that not only the truck drivers and Officer Jo have been summoned, but he’s being questioned too. Officer Jo stares at Captain Ri knowing he’s behind this. Captain Ri says that Officer Jo appears to be busy, so he’ll take his men and go.

As Captain Ri guides Private Geum down the hallway he runs into the eavesdropper who hides a report behind his back. The men nod at each other.

Walking through the village in her new clothes, Se Ri spots a group of children harassing another child. The children claim the boy’s father is the rat. Not understanding she shoos them away warning them not to harass as a group again. Se Ri tells the boy to eliminate the harassment he’ll have to fight to establish himself. She shares she had to do the same, now others leave her alone. She believes loneliness is better than pain.

Wanna bet his father is the eavesdropper?

South Korea…

Se Ri’s assistant Hong Chang Shik and the insurance agent Mr. Park listen to a brief recording from a radio transmission. They recognize Se Ri’s voice. They take the voice recording with them.

Se Ri’s older brother’s wife Hye Ji visits Se Ri’s step mother. She suggests moving in. That’s rejected. She suggests her mother-in-law vote her 8 percent of company stock. That’s rejected. Hye Ji calls her husband urging him to find Seung Jun who swindled money.


Se Ri’s second brother, Yoon Se Hyung, searches for Seung Jun. He finds a man that works for the handler that has Seung Jun in North Korea. Se Hyung offers him big money for Seung Jun’s location.

North Korea…

The man calls the handler and tells him about the big money offer. The handler hangs up when Seung Jun enters the room. Seung Jun complains about boredom. He asks to go to the city tomorrow. The handler agrees.

Captain Ri feeds his foursome and apologizes for the interrogation and physical bruises. Se Ri thanks them for protecting her. She gives the four of them the same sign that she gave Jung Hyuk. Now they all believe she’s signaling giving her heart to them. Captain Ri tells his men he’s taking Se Ri to the city tomorrow for a passport picture. He sends them back to base.

When Jung Hyuk reenters the house, he asks Se Ri if she has multiple hearts. She doesn’t understand. Jung Hyuk declares he’ll sleep in the bed and she can have the floor. He can’t believe that Se Ri is that free with her heart.


The eavesdropper tells his wife being the rat isn’t much fun. She points out he has no choice. He tucks his wife and child in bed.

Flashback…9 years ago… eavesdropper is roughed up for informing on other soldiers. Just as they are about to cut him with a knife, Mu Hyeok (Jung Hyuk’s older brother), arrives and order them to stop and leave. Mu Hyeok holds out his hand to help the eavesdropper up from the ground.

The eavesdropper cries at the memory while his wife and child sleep.

The eavesdropper is a terrific side story, I like him, the wife and his son.

Seung Jun and his handler are on the train to the city. Jung Hyuk and Se Ri occupy a private car. Se Ri worries that when she goes missing in Europe, Jung Hyuk will get in trouble.

Flashback…Jung Hyuk’s father warns him that if his friend on the track team goes missing, he won’t be able to help Jung Hyuk, nor would he. Jung Hyuk tells his father he’ll take responsibility.

Jung Hyuk tells Se Ri he won’t get in trouble. Se Ri is relieved.

Jung Hyuk promises things he can’t deliver.

Se Ri is dismayed when the train stops and hears the announcement that train won’t move for 10 hours.  Seung Jun is dismayed at the announcement too. Locals rush to the train to sell their wares. When night arrives, Jung Hyuk tells Se Ri they’ll have to sleep outside next to the fire. He helps her down the slope and arranges a bed of hay by the fire. Se Ri spies others with blankets. Jung Hyuk procures some for her. Se Ri is all smiles. Then she spots others with food. Jung Hyuk sights and purchases food. Se Ri is all smiles. When she asks for hot water, Jung Hyuk calls her greedy. She pulls out her money and explains she pawned her designer watch for the cash for clothes. She mentions there was a beautiful man’s watch, but Jung Hyuk doesn’t have a reaction. When Jung Hyuk peels a hot potato for her, Se Ri tells him he’s s a good man that will make a good husband and father. Jung Hyuk admits that he likes things to go his way, but that doesn’t always happen.

Flashback…Jung Hyuk as a pianist. Jung Hyuk returns for his brother’s funeral.

Se Ri sees his pain and pats his shoulder. She tells him that sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station. She admits she’s felt like she was on the wrong train and once felt like jumping off the train. She laughs and says she took the wrong train again and ended up here. Jung Hyuk smiles. Se Ri tells him to think about the future even if things doesn’t go as he wants. She wants him to have a happy future and end up at the right station after she leaves. They look into each other’s eyes.

Seung Jun can’t believe he’s sitting outside with his handler falling asleep on him. He worries that he won’t be able to make it for a long time. He watches a man (Jung Hyuk) drape his coat around a woman.

Jung Hyuk drapes his coat around Se Ri and pulls her head to rest of his shoulder while she sleeps. He looks at her and adjusts his coat to keep her warm.

Jung Hyuk is the North Korean Mr. Darcy!

The next morning the train arrive in the city. Se Ri is excited to be in a city. Jung Hyuk chides her not to look like a country bumpkin. Se Ri retorts she’s no country bumpkin.

Seung Jun gets off the train. He doesn’t understand why his handler has that much luggage.

Se Ri gets her passport picture taken. She tells Jung Hyuk they should get their photo taken as a memento. Jung Hyuk says there is no need. Se Ri smiles and agrees but isn’t happy with his response.

Seung Jun notices his handler’s tension when they check into the hotel. He notices men in the lobby watching him. When they enter the room, Seung Jun claims he wants to wash up before they eat. The handler calls his contact and reports they’ve arrived and Seung Jun is no the wiser. He’s worried the big money might not be real and suggest they get the money upfront. Seung Jun puts a gun to his handler’s head. He takes the cell phone and exits the room.

In the hotel lobby, Seung Jun calls the last number. He recognizes his manager’s voice and chew him out for the betrayal. He demands to know who is paying the big money. Se Ri’s second brother Se Hyung snatches the phone and tells Seung Jun that he is smart enough to find him. He promises Seung Jun will pay once he’s caught and brought back. Seung Jun sees Se Ri in the lobby. He asks Se Hyung about his sister. Se Hyung says his sister is dead. Seung Jun is surprised and asks how. Se Hyung won’t say and promises that Seung Jun will meet Se Ri in heaven soon. Se Hyung tells Seung Jun to give Se Ri his regards when he sees her. Seung Jun promises to do so.

Seung Jun hangs up and approaches Se Ri. He sees it is really her. Se Ri is shocked. Seung Jun grabs Se Ri by the hand and pulls her into the elevator. He tells her he won’t die today. Before the elevator doors close, Jung Hyuk is there. Seung Jun asks who he is. Jung Hyuk sees Se Ri’s hand in the other man’s. He enters the elevator steely determination on his face.

Bonus Scene…

South Korea…Se Ri dumps boyfriend after boyfriend. One of them tells her one day, she’ll wait for someone to love her back instead of being the one with the power. Se Ri scoffs that she’ll never wait for someone. North Korea…Se Ri waits for Jung Hyuk to return from the city and drinks another beer while she waits.

My Thoughts

Seung Jun and Se Ri finally intercept. Writer Park Ji Eun continues to build the tension. How much longer can Jung Hyuk avoid arrest? Officer Jo knows that Se Ri isn’t in Division 11. Officer Jo knows that Captain Ri is helping Se Ri leave the country under false pretenses. Frankly, Jung Hyuk has been crazy lucky that all his lies have stood up so long. But the day of reckoning must come. I was glad to see Seung Jun and Se Ri run into each other. Jung Hyuk’s protective nature was evident as he glared at Seung Jun for leading Se Ri away and holding her hand. Seung Jun has yet to make an impression other than spoiled brat. I’m ready for this character to matter.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) cares about Jung Hyuk but tries to hide it. Se Ri wasn’t happy to learn Jung Hyuk had a real finance. She handled their introduction with grace. Seo Dan’s coldness made sense. I loved how the village ladies turned out in mass to comfort Se Ri with beer and their company. There’s something to be said for the grapevine. I had to laugh at the Demilitarized Zone created by the cans of beer the women consumed the previous evening. Se Ri is growing some but she’s still an entitled woman that expects to have her wishes fulfilled. Jung Hyuk graciously does so again and again. I was glad to see Se Ri question if Jung Hyuk would get in trouble when she deserted in Europe. She seemed to accept his lie that he wouldn’t be affected.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) is like Mr. Darcy, aloof but kind. It’s been awhile since a male character has been swoon worthy but Jung Hyuk is. He’s determined to get Se Ri out of the country. He’s putting himself at great risk. His father was clear, if the friend gets caught, Jung Hyuk would suffer the consequences without any family help. Jung Hyuk was willing to do so. The bonus scenes have established that Jung Hyuk saved Se Ri from killing herself was drawn to her all those years ago. One the flip side, Jung Hyuk’s utter confidence that he can save Se Ri, save his men, and nail Officer Jo, is overblown. His luck must run out. Will he have someone to act a knight in shining armor for him when that day comes?

I rate this delightful episode as almost terrific, an 8.5 on a 1 to 10 scale.

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4 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I laughed out loud when Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ stated to Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 she NEVER crossed lines … I beg to differ … Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ crossed the “line” between South Korea and the DMZ and then crossed the “line” between the DMZ and North Korea … which is why she is in her current predicament.

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Seo Dan 🕵️‍♀️🇰🇵 was as calm and collected when she came across Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 and Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ … even though wants love in her marriage…she had to be seething with anger and jealousy 💚. Right now Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 is just doing his duty with the marriage arrangement, his heart is not in it.

    The cadre’s eyes popped 👁👁 when Se Ri gave Jung Hyuk’s👨‍✈️🎖 cadre the “heart” signal. I chuckled that Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 seemed irritated that Se Ri gave the signal so freely. OMO Jung Hyuk’s 👨‍✈️🎖 pouting 😾 was seriously funny, as it just seemed unrealistic. Is Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 falling for Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ or just being kind❓⁉️

    Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ did a kindness to the eavesdropper 🎧🇰🇵 by stopping the bullying of his son. I feel bad for the eavesdropper 🎧🇰🇵 … it’s not like he has a choice in leaving his job … unless he wants to die. I concur that I like him and his family too. Hopefully the eavesdropper’s 🎧🇰🇵 guilt towards Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 will get to the point he will protect Jung Hyuk👨‍✈️🎖 and Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ from Officer Jo 🚛👿 … a scary 😱 prospect.

    Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ was disappointed Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 said a remembrance photo was pointless, when in fact it would be down right FATAL for Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖, his family and cadre … evidence that he harbored a South Korean illegally. Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 KNOWS he WILL have to take responsibility for Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ escaping with the track team. “Frankly, Jung Hyuk has been crazy lucky that all his lies have stood up so long. But the day of reckoning must come.” -KJT. I agree that there will be a day of reckoning … will it be soon❓⁉️ Will this be an impetus for Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 to defect❓⁉️ I think he would be worried about what would happen to his parents … PLUS … he wants to find out what happened to his hyung.

    I can’t believe Seung Joon 🏃‍♂️💰 was so stupid as to flee to North Korea. Se Hyung’s 🤑👐 money is just as “green” as Seung Joon’s 🏃‍♂️💰 … and if the offer is more … so much for the “safe harbor” of North Korea. I think Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ running into Seung Joon 🏃‍♂️💰 might offer them both temporary comfort, but will be more trouble than help … Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ could be exposed.

    Have I mentioned how much I 💗 the epilogue bonus scenes❓⁉️ I feel like these bonuses add context to the characters and the story.


    • I laughed out loud when Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ stated to Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 she NEVER crossed lines
      This series has had several LOL moments. Writer Park has crafted a terrific balance of humor, suspense, and romance.

      Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 KNOWS he WILL have to take responsibility for Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ escaping with the track team.
      Yes, Writer Park has stretched the credibility of the narrow escapes our couple has had. My primary concern is for Jung Hyuk, Se Ri’s knight in shining armor.

      Have I mentioned how much I 💗 the epilogue bonus scenes❓⁉️ I feel like these bonuses add context to the characters and the story.
      Agree, agree. I’m so glad Beez pointed out the bonus scenes, which I’d missed the first week of the series.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ele says:

    Hi there! Does anyone happen to know which song is playing when captain Ri leaves in the car with Seo Dan to bring her back? I shazamed it, but it didn’t work. 😦


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