Crash Landing on You Episode 3

Crash Landing on You Episode 3 Recap

North Korea…

Wol Sook tells state security Officer Jo Cheol Gang that Captain Ri must not be home. Officer Jo orders Captain Ri’s door unlocked. Wol Sook protests. Officer Jo insists. They find Se Ri in the kimchi cellar. Officer Jo arrests her. Outside Captain Ri’s house everyone stares at Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) but she won’t say anything. Officer Jo promises he’ll have her talking soon enough. Everyone notices the general’s car pull up. They murmur when Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) gets out and strides to Officer Jo. Officer Jo points his gun at Se Ri. Captain Ri demands to know what is being done to his fiancé. Officer Jo asks him to repeat himself. Captain Ri tells Officer Jo to lower the gun pointed at his finance. The gathered villagers can’t believe it. Officer Jo lowers his gun and demands the official paperwork.

Captain Ri’s men worry about the situation.

These guys are growing on me.

Captain Ri states his finance is from South Korea is part of Division 11. The villagers gasp. They know this means she’s part of an elite team and their identity is secret.

Captain Ri’s men are sure he won’t be able to lie effectively.


Captain Ri asks to take his shy finance into his house. Se Ri leans against him and feigns being tired.

Inside the house, Se Ri wants to know about Division 11. Jung Hyuk apologizes for not protecting her from the random inspection. He makes sure she’s okay before revealing that Division 11 are spies that work in South Korea. Se Ri doesn’t like being called a spy. Jung Hyuk notes he had little choice considering her lack of paperwork. He notes he couldn’t explain her any other way. Considering she’s returning to South Korea soon, this will get them through.

The ladies of the village lead by the Colonel’s wife arrive at Captain Ri’s door currying food and hoping to meet his finance. Se Ri appears and demurring smiles and murmurs hello. When the Colonel’s wife asks for particulars about her missions, Se Ri is all business and snaps she can’t the divulge that. The ladies back off. They talk smack about Se Ri as they walk away. Se Ri overhears and isn’t happy when they diss her hair.

Se Ri is most concerned that Jung Hyuk tell everyone that she broke up with him. She counsels him to be despondent for six months. Jung Hyuk can’t help but chuckle. He offers Se Ri the floor while he takes the bedroom. She asks if he’s been to Switzerland based on his bookshelf contents. She asks about the music school application.

Flashback…Montage of Jung Hyuk playing classical piano.

Se Ri says she plays piano well. Jung Hyuk stares at his hands and says nothing.


Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) deplanes. Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) deplanes. He notices her. She waves to the the General waiting for her. Seung Jun murmurs that North Korea has beautiful women. His handler Mr. Cheon warns Seung Jun to behave. The General tells Seo Dan that she looks great and he’s happy she’s back from Russia. Seo Dan asks her uncle where his normal car is. He explains he lent it to Jung Hyuk. That gets her attention. She offers to pick up the car after her recital tomorrow. The General explains Jung Hyuk doesn’t know she’s back in town. Seo Dan scoffs that Jung Hyuk will be thrilled to see his finance.

Jung Hyuk has two women in the same role!

Seung Jun is happy to be in North Korea. When it starts to rain, he notices the car has no windshield wipers. The driver explains thieves stole them at the airport. Mr. Cheon assures him this isn’t a big deal. Seung Jun isn’t impressed.

Officer Jo arrives at the secret outpost. Everyone is deferential. His cohort asks why he came. Officer Jo states Mu Hyeok’s brother Jung Hyuk is in the military now. He orders Captain Ri investigated with care. He’s assures Officer Jo with the right equipment they’ll be able to eavesdrop on Captain Ri’s home. Officer Jo says the woman living with Captain Ri is suspicious. Officer Jo believes he can leverage her to destroy the Ri family. Officer Jo offers his cohort a better position and help for his son if he comes through the with needed information.

Officer Jo’s cohort stares into the night rain and remembers….

Flashback…7 years ago…

Jung Hyuk’s brother, Mu Hyeok and another officer drive along the road at night. Little do they know their conversation is monitored by Officer Jo’s cohort in the wiretap room. Mu Hyeok explains Jung Hyuk is an accomplished pianist studying in Switzerland.  He followed his father’s military career path and Jung Hyuk is the better pianist. Mu Hyeok smiles that Jung Hyuk wrote him a piece and he’s happy for his brother. Officer Jo’s cohort reports the jeeps progress along the road. The Russian armored jeep rams into the jeep. Mu Hyeok watches the armored jeep position itself for another hit. Officer Jo’s cohort cringes at sound of the fatal hit and cries.

Nice to know that Jung Hyuk’s brother liked and respected him. Jung Hyuk’s need to find out about his brother’s death is validated with the assumption that Officer Jo ordered him killed. Is he rouge? Or is Officer Jo working with/for others?

Jung Hyuk stares into the night rain.

The next day Se Ri watches the villagers inspect the General’s car. She offers to walk Jung Hyuk to work. He ties up her hair. When they step outside the village ladies lock eyes on the couple. Se Ri teases Jung Hyuk. She murmurs at him to gently touch to her hair to feign affection. He doesn’t want to. She threatens to marry him because he’s her type. Jung Hyuk touches her hair. The village ladies groan. Se Ri smiles in triumph. She prompts him to wave goodbye. He does so while the village ladies watch.

Delightful scene!

While making kimchi most of the village women talk smack about Se Ri. Wol Sook goes to the house and invites Se Ri to join them making kimchi. Se Ri declines and shuts the door in her face.


Captain Ri sends his unit except for his faithful four – Sgt Pyo, Lt Park, Staff Sgt Kim and Private Geum – to practice at the firing range.

Captain Ri stuns the foursome that he introduced Se Ri as his finance. Captain Ri is informed his plan is just like something that would happen in the South Korean drama. Staff Sgt Kim declares getting involved with Se Ri is the next step. Captain Ri disavows any personal interest and isn’t happy with South Korea’s drama knowledge. South Korea apologizes. They turn to discussing getting Se Ri out of the country. Captain Ri tells the foursome to guard Se Ri as the villagers are keenly interested in her.

I like their rapport.

The foursome arrive just as the equipment to eavesdrop on Captain Ri’s home is installed. The officer listening doesn’t understand conversation about two people (not knowing they are characters in a South Korean drama).


Captain Ri visits the accident site. The guard admits he found it odd the three Russian armored jeeps were empty coming and going. The jeeps were from the engineering department. Captain Ri realizes the hitchhiking trader woman that was killed could have been a witness. The guard adds the armor on the jeep was special metal. He recommends Captain Ri check out the jeep. Captain Ri swears him to silence.

Officer Jo goes to Seung Jun’s new home. Seung Jun ignores Officer Jo’s offered hand and complains about the lack of windshield wipers and subsequent hazardous driving conditions. Officer Jo calls Seung Jun comrade. Seung Jun rejects the moniker. Officer Jo counters that he’s a business man in a uniform and doesn’t have to put up with Seung Jun’s complaints. Realizing who has the power, Seung Jun offers his hand and accepts the term comrade.

Interesting that Officer Jo called himself a business man in a uniform. He’s cut throat.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s second brother, Yoon Se Hyung, is irked his men can’t find Seung Jun. His wife Sang Ah suggests that Seung Jun might be hiding in Seung Jun’s stronghold China. Se Hyung scoffs then realizes she might be right. He calls his team and redirects them to China. His wife suggests he leverage her in his quest to become heir.

Se Ri’s eldest brother Yoon Se Jun and wife Hye Ji along with Se Hyung and Sang Ah meet with Se Ri’s father Chairman Yoon to discuss the upcoming shareholder meeting. Se Hyung suggests he’s the best choice to announce as heir because Sang Ah can help them weather the public relations issues with Se Ri’s disappearance. Seung Jun notes that Se Hyung’s money bilking by Seung Jun leaves a whole in the company coffers. Sang Ah suggests Chairman Yoon sell Se Ri’s company to backfill.

Se Ri’s assistant Hong Chang Shik doesn’t believe Se Ri survived the tornado paragliding accident.

North Korea…

A beggar boy steals from Captain Ri’s men and they catch him. Se Ri listens to his tale of hunger and gives him a bag of food. Sgt Pyo tells her the boy is lying. Captain Ri arrives and approves Se Ri’s actions. She smiles. The eavesdropper smiles. The boy smiles when he feeds his hungry sister.

Se Ri presents the men with certificates or gifts for helping her. She gives Jung Hyuk a tomato plant she traded potatoes for. Jung Hyuk points out he doesn’t like tomatoes nor does he have a green thumb. Se Ri counters that he must water and speak kindly to plants as harsh words have a negative impact on plants. The eavesdropper wonders if that’s true or not. When the eaverdropper is pinged for a report, he states that Captain Ri’s finance is odd but excited to return to the city.

Captain Ri’s men have mixed feelings about Se Ri’s departure.

Jung Hyuk drives Se Ri to the docks. He decides to go with her to the boat she’ll board to South Korea. Knowing they won’t see each other again they exchange names and smiles. When the boat is approached by the police, Se Ri and Jung Hyuk hide in the hold. The coast guard boards the boat and search. The officer refuses to be bribed. Se Ri encourages Jung Hyuk to find a way to get out of this mess. He suggests a trick he saw in a South Korea drama. He apologizes then kisses her as the coast guard open the hold.

Bonus Scene…

When the eaverdropper is pinged for a report, he states that Captain Ri’s finance is odd but excited to return to the city. He hears Captain Ri talking and listens to the random words not understanding. We see Jung Hyuk saying words that are positive to him to the tomato plant Se Ri gave him. The last word is piano.

My Thoughts

Charming episode. Writer Park Ji Eun has established the primary characters so that we have a sense of them beyond a good or evil stamp. I especially like Captain Ri’s foursome of soldiers. Sgt Pyo has grown on me and the rest of them are appealing. Se Ri’s family were less irksome. Did Chairman Yoon speak this episode? We finally met the fourth lead, Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye), the General’s niece who claimed to be Jung Hyuk’s finance. Seung Jun arrived in North Korea and complained to Officer Jo but changed his tune with Officer Jo pointed out he could be booted at any point. Writer Park created a pleasant balance of story, humor, and heart in the episode. More please. Shout out to Beez for altering me about the bonus scene before the next episode preview. I don’t watch previews so I initially didn’t know about the bonus scene.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) was kind to the beggar boy and Jung Hyuk’s men. Se Ri gave food and awards. She was softer and kind. I liked the different side of Se Ri. She and Jung Hyuk shared smiles and pleasant moments. I can see their potential.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) has an innate kindness. Jung Hyuk cares about his men. Jung Hyuk shielded Se Ri and put his career on the line with the story that was in the secret spy division. Se Ri seems to have reawakened Jung Hyuk’s past memories. I like this character (he seems more “real”) and find Hyun Bin very appealing.

The second song of the OST “Flower” is sung by Yoon Mi Rae:

I rate this episode as very good, an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale.



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4 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was annoyed with Se Ri’s 🌬👩‍⚖ brother wanting to sell off Se Ri’s company to make up for the money HE lost to the scammer, that we know is hiding out in North Korea 🇰🇵 (who in their right mind would voluntarily go to a communist country known to kidnap and imprison foreigners❓⁉️). Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ has only been missing for a few days … is it that easy to declare someone dead In South Korea 🇰🇷 and usurp thier assets❓⁉️ I had the impression that Se Ri’s🌬👩‍⚖ company is something she started on her own,it is not part of her father’s conglomerate.

    The scammer has to fit into the story for more than for the scam that put him on the lam. I can’t quite figure out how … yet

    I already liked Jung Hyuk’s 👨‍✈️🎖 cadre … they continue to enrich the storyline and the laughs. I 💗 the awards Se Ri🌬👩‍⚖ gave the cadre. Did you recognize Sgt Pyo 👨‍✈️🐴❓⁉️ The actor seems to be typecast as an “Eoyre” 🐴 … again … he was Teo Dae in Arthdal Chronicals, the Wahan tribesman who punctured his carotid artery in front of Eun Seom.

    I cracked up over misunderstandings in the surveillance. But seriously, the whole gang was lucky nothing was said that would give away Se Ri’s 🌬👩‍⚖ identity. Officer Jo 🚛👿 is one scary dude, with his own agenda.

    What will happen when the real fiancée turns up. Is Jung Hyuk👨‍✈️🎖 in love with his fiancée or was it arranged❓⁉️ Will Jung Hyuk 👨‍✈️🎖 kissing💋 Se Ri 🌬👩‍⚖ arouse some feelings in one or both of them❓⁉️ I certainly hope so❣


    • annoyed with Se Ri’s 🌬👩‍⚖ brother wanting to sell off Se Ri’s company to make up for the money HE lost to the scammer
      Exactly. You’d think their father would point that out but he doesn’t seem to say much instead he listens while they squabble.

      Jung Hyuk’s 👨‍✈️🎖 cadre … they continue to enrich the storyline and the laughs. I 💗 the awards Se Ri🌬👩‍⚖ gave the cadre. Did you recognize Sgt Pyo 👨‍✈️🐴❓⁉️
      They give Se Ri someone to talk to and she gives them a chance to leave the military base for other duties. I didn’t recognize Sgt Pyo. Thanks for the information.

      Officer Jo 🚛👿 is one scary dude, with his own agenda.
      That he is, that he is.

      What will happen when the real fiancée turns up. Is Jung Hyuk👨‍✈️🎖 in love with his fiancée or was it arranged❓⁉️
      Looking forward to the other two leads getting more screen time and integrating into the story.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. JoshuaGee says:

    Hii. This had me thinking for weeks. Do you know the title of the song played at the end of episode 3? I believe a guy was singing but the song isn’t still listed in the OST. Please help a fellow fan out. Thaaanks.


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