Crash Landing on You Episode 2

Crash Landing on You Episode 2 Recap

1989…South Korea…

Se Ri chooses her father over the other offered items. Her father is thrilled. Her brothers aren’t.

2019…South Korea…

Se Ri’s voiceover states as she grew her business, she always made the right choice.

2019…North Korea…

Inside the courtyard, Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) looks up at Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin). She tells herself she needs an advocate and Captain Ri is the only person she knows. She smiles. He asks why she didn’t go back. She admits she got lost and ended up here. She titters her relief that he’s there while thinking she can manipulate him. Jung Hyuk looks at Se Ri and tells himself according to the rules, she has to go. She asks if he has food. He wonders if he should kill her.


As she cleans up, Se Ri can’t believe the dirt on her face. She gives herself a pep talk.

Jung Hyuk makes a meal. Se Ri pretends that good manners require he take the first bite. Jung Hyuk counters that she’s worried the food is poisoned. Se Ri admits that she can’t trust him. Jung Hyuk counters that she flew into the Demilitarized Zone, entered North Korea, and ended up in the town he lives at. Is she a spy? Se Ri can’t believe he suspects this. She chuckles that she’s famous and he can check. Jung Hyuk tells her there isn’t any internet. Se Ri is horrified and declares her family must be fraught with worry.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s family agrees to not let the reporters know. The brothers jockey for favor. Se Ri’s mother isn’t impressed.

North Korea…

Se Ri assures Jung Hyuk her disappearance could cause an incident between their governments. Jung Hyuk retorts that he’ll keep her presence a secret. She asks if he’ll get rid of her. Jung Hyuk admits that’s a possibility. She assumes he’s joking. He doesn’t agree. Se Ri says she’s very wealthy. Jung Hyuk doesn’t care. Se Ri asks him to help her and she’ll compensate him. Jung Hyuk isn’t interested. He takes the goods away.

Sgt Pyo arrives and reports that the South Korea woman is dead. Sgt Pyo explains an unnamed woman died. He’s startled when he sees Se Ri. She recognizes him as the soldier that shot at her. Se Ri maintains she’s not a spy. Sgt Pyo suggests they bury her as they don’t show mercy to enemies. Se Ri counters that her hiding her puts them in a bad position.

Three more of his team arrive. They are shocked to find Se Ri there. Se Ri knows enough about them to make them uncomfortable.

Inside, Se Ri tells the men to return her to where she landed. Sgt Pyo retorts she’ll be electrocuted going over the fence to the Demilitarized Zone. Jung Hyuk explains their stint at the Demilitarized Zone ended today, they can’t return her. Sgt Pyo suggests they bury her. Se Ri asks what the protocol is for her situation. Jung Hyuk explains the state security office should interrogate her. Se Ri states they should have taken her yesterday and will surely be in trouble for that breach. They consider getting her out via boat, but there’s a 3 day wait. Se Ri explains she has a stockholders meeting and needs to leave sooner. Jung Hyuk points out she didn’t follow his direction and created this mess. He offers to take her to the state security police who may or may not let her go. Se Ri doesn’t like that option. Jung Hyuk’s other option is to hide her. She must promise not to divulge their aide when she returns to South Korea. Se Ri claims she’ll suffer from amnesia when she returns. Her single request is meal twice a day. Sgt Pyo sputters that isn’t done. Se Ri asks Jung Hyuk for meat.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s assistant Mr. Hong tempers his friend’s boasting that having Se Ri as a client makes him like Teflon at work with the news, she’s been missing 24 hours and might be dead.

Hye Ji prayers that Se Ri’s brother gets chosen to run the company. Se Ri’s eldest brother Yoon Se Jun counters with a prayer that Se Ri live.

North Korea…

The women of the town prepare the kimchi for the winter. They are excited that Jung Hyuk and the other men will return from their border assignment. They’ve preloaded Jung Hyuk’s home with food.

Se Ri is thrilled to see Jung Hyuk pull meat from the salt crock. She’s thrilled to see the kimchi cellar where the kimchi and other sides are stored. Jung Hyuk cooks the meat. Se Ri and the men dig in and enjoy. Jung Hyuk tells her he and his men must leave after lunch. She frets she can’t call him without a cell phone. Jung Hyuk introduces her to the push button land line and tells her how to call his office. She promises to call only if it is urgent.

Se Ri pesters Jung Hyuk for shampoo, body wash, and hot water. Per his instructions she fashions a wet sauna. And heats hot water. She enjoys the bath.

Captain Ri learns that the artifact finders were all killed. He arrives at the state security office to speak with the Colonel and Officer Jo Cheol Gang. He wants to investigate the artifact finders’ deaths. Officer Jo agrees. Captain Ri leaves. Officer Jo claims he can handle Captain Ri. He notes that there isn’t any family background on Captain Ri. Officer Jo reports a man wanting to evade the police might be their next pigeon to pluck.


Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) and his assistant meet with a man that guarantees safe travel to North Korea. He gives Seung Jun a contract to sign. Seung Jun is only interested in the best accommodations. The man explains for $1.2M/yr. a house with sauna, swimming pool, guard, servants, cooks, etc. will be his home. Seung Jun offers to double the price and warns that if he’s hurt, the offshore accounts with the money won’t be accessible. The man counters he routinely hides people evading the law. Seung Jun signs the contract.

North Korea…

When the electricity goes out in the village, Se Ri is frightened. When Jung Hyuk returns home with a candle she bursts into tears, her new reality fraying her edges. The others in the village cope. The ladies gather at the home of the Colonel’s wife trying to curry favors to help their husbands.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s brother’s sisters discuss the current situation. Se Ri’s stock is sure to plummet when her disappearance is made public.

North Korea…

Se Ri cries her frustration. Jung Hyuk snuffs the candle. He tells her things comes in cycle and soon all will be well. He informs her he will be out of town. He assures her his men will take care of her. He gives her items. She asks his name. He refuses to give it reminding her that she’ll forget about this when she returns to South Korea. Se Ri is surprised to find shampoo and beauty products in the bag Jung Hyuk brought her.

Earlier in the day…Jung Hyuk buys cosmetics on the black market. He also buys underwear.

Se Ri realizes that Jung Hyuk has a sweet side. She wishes this were a dream. Se Ri dreams she’s back in South Korea and the North Korea incident never happened. But the dream reveals the lie. She wakes in Jung Hyuk’s house.

When Captain Ri arrives to investigate the artifact finders’ deaths, he’s told he is under investigation. He’s led to an interrogation room and questioned about the exchange with the South Korea soldiers about the artifact finders. The officer suspects Captain Ri because he sent the artifact finders and then they were killed. Captain Ri is cool under the questioning and suggest the questioning is faulty. The officer yells they can make up anything they want. The General walk into the room and immediately ends the questioning. He asks Captain Ri if he’s okay, stunning the questioning officer. Captain Ri leaves for the General’s office. The General reveals that Captain Ri is the only son of the General Political Bureau Director. Captain Ri is accorded respect as he strides down the hall.

The questioning officer calls Officer Jo and demands to know if he knows who Captain Ri is. Officer Jo doesn’t. The officer yells that Captain Ri is from an influential family. The officer stuns Officer Jo with the news that Captain Ri is the only son of the General Political Bureau Director. There were two sons, but one died. Officer Jo hangs up.

Flashback…Officer Jo remembers meeting the second son with the first son Mu Hyeok (also was in the military).

Officer Jo chuckles.

Se Ri is pleased to learn Captain Ri told his men to protect her. Sgt Pyo bursts her bubble affirming they have to watch a spy. Se Ri promises to bury him once the countries unite. She asks why Captain Ri went TDY.

LOL, what happened in Chuno.

The general apologizes for the zealous interrogation. Captain Ri waves that aside requesting permission to investigate the artifact finders’ deaths. The general asks if he believes there is a connection to his brother’s death. Captain Ri cites multiple accidents where everyone died, by the same Russian armored jeep, and the state security office did not investigate. The general suggests that Captain Ri has made up his mind and will fit the facts to confirm. He encourages Captain Ri to put the past behind him.

That seemed to indicate his brother was killed by Officer Jo.

When Captain Ri’s men return to base, they are dismayed to run into Officer Jo who declares he’s conducting random searches of military houses. Sgt Pyo calls and reports this to Captain Ri.  Sgt Pyo states they told Se Ri never to answer Captain Ri’s phone so they can’t contact her. Captain Ri asks the general for a favor.

Captain Ri drives aggressively. The police provide a clear path because he’s in the general’s car.

Na Wol Sook and two other women conduct the searches. They find an illegal ricer cooker and an illegal affair. Next on the list is Captain Ri’s house. Wol Sook puts on some extra lipstick. Officer Jo arrives. Wol Sook reports their progress, stating Captain Ri’s house is next. Officer Jo states Captain Ri is out of town. Wol Sook points out the lights are on in. Sure enough, the lights are on when Officer Jo looks.

Se Ri sips tea and studies Jung Hyuk’s stuff. She finds books, piano music, and an application for a music school. She hears Wol Sook call to Captain Ri that she’s there for a house inspection. Se Ri panics.

Wol Sook tells Officer Jo that Captain Ri must not be home. Officer Jo orders CJ’s door unlocked. Wol Sook protests. Officer Jo insists. They find Se Ri in the kimchi cellar. Officer Jo arrests her. Outside Captain Ri’s house everyone stares at Se Ri but she won’t say anything. Officer Jo promises he’ll have her talking soon enough. Everyone notices the general’s car pull up. They murmur when Captain Ri gets out and strides to Officer Jo. Se Ri gives a quick shake of her head not to Jung Hyuk. Officer Jo points his gun at Se Ri. Captain Ri demands to know what is being done to his fiancé. Officer Jo asks him to repeat himself. Captain Ri tells Officer Jo to lower the gun pointed at his finance. The gathered villagers can’t believe it. Officer Jo and Captain Ri stare and glare.

Bonus Scene…
Se Ri visits a doctor wanting to die. Her family hates her, she’s depressed, and doesn’t see a reason to continue. The doctor suggests she visit Switzerland which has an excellent track record of rejuvenating. In Switzerland, Se Ri is transfixed watching the paragliders in the sky. Standing near her is Jung Hyuk equally transfixed by the paragliders. It’s a moment they share, but they don’t know it.

My Thoughts

We have a villain. Writer Park Ji Eun made it clear, Officer Jo is a villain. His lack of reaction to finding out who Jung Hyuk was, the flashback of meeting a young Jung Hyuk with his older brother, and his aggressive stance about searching Jung Hyuk’s house shows he doesn’t care about Jung Hyuk’s connections. In fact, that may stir his ire more. Jung Hyuk’s statement about the string of accidents via armored jeep that state security did not investigate, indicates Officer Jo murders with impunity from his position. The inference was also made that Jung Hyuk’s older brother was killed in such an accident. Did he find out about Officer Jo’s illegal activities and Officer Jo decided to silence him? Officer Jo makes me uncomfortable, as there is no humanity I can detect. My main issue with Officer Jo is if he’s been like this for years, then it must be known but unacknowledged. Officer Jo must be working in conjunction with others.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) was found in the kimchi cellar. Se Ri refused to give her name to Jung Hyuk’s men. I enjoyed the banter between herself and Sgt Pyo, who grew on me (he was a bit annoying in the first episode). Shout out to Writer Park for the Chuno references in this series. Se Ri’s family and the South Korean scenes are fluff at this point. I’m glad Se Ri was caught. Se Ri can’t stay hidden; she needs to have more to do.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) has a powerful father. The reveal that he is the remaining son of the General Political Bureau Director, gives Jung Hyuk an uncover vibe. He’s investigating his brother’s accident, which he appears to believe was murder. It was sweet when he purchased all the luxury self-care items on the black market for Se Ri. He’s a gentleman. Sign me up for the license plate that provides open lanes in city traffic.

I rate this episode as almost very good, an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale.

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9 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 2
  1. beezrtp says:

    Interesting, kjt. I had the opposite ratings in my mind. I enjoyed this second episode much more than the first.


  2. beezrtp says:

    By the way, kjt, this show seems to have quite long vignettes at the end of each episode. I thought about you because I also don’t watch previews and I figured you would’ve stopped watching as soon as it looked like the end of the episodes – I almost did.

    There’s an add on to the first exposure (which I, of course, can’t remember what it was now) but this episode showed that our OTP’s paths have crossed before and there was quite a bit of information on Se ri’s state of mind prior to her business becoming successful. (At least I think that’s where the scene fits into her timeline.)


    • this show seems to have quite long vignettes at the end of each episode. I thought about you because I also don’t watch previews and I figured you would’ve stopped watching as soon as it looked like the end of the episodes
      Thank you for letting me know. I’ve watched them and added them to the recaps. Both were good scenes. Their mutual fascination with paragliding was cool.


  3. Rosalynn Wong says:

    I enjoyed this episode too! I have no idea how true the depictions of NK’s are to life, but it lends a unique twist to how the events are unfolding.

    Btw, I LOL-ed when there were hints of “chaebol”-ness in the way they revealed Capt Ri’s background. 🙂


  4. beezrtp says:

    Reading the comments reminded me that I’m in the middle of watching Hyun Bin and Son Ye jin in The Negotiation. I fell asleep on it last night (even though it’s very interesting) so I guess I’ll finish it tonight. It’s free on Tubi app. Tubi had a lot of K dramas & K movies although you do have to put up with ads but they’re not too many.


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    “LOL, what happened in Chuno.” … and it ALL goes back to Chuno❗

    I didn’t expect Jung Hyuk to be one of the privileged few in North Korea 🇰🇵, especially the way Officer Jo treated him … KNOWING Jung Hyuk is PRIVILEGED. If it is discovered that Jung Hyuk is protecting South Korean 🇰🇷, who entered the country illegally, will the “dear” leader take away his family’s status❓⁉️

    It seemed surprising to the villagers that Jung Hyuk has a high status. Do you think Jung Hyuk’s cadre are aware of his status❓⁉️ I like Jung Hyuk’s cadre, they seem to bring flavor and additional humor.

    It was a bigger shocker ⚡ that Se Ri wanted assisted suicide in her past. Paragliding and/or Switzerland 🇨🇭 had an amazing effect on her. Se Ri seems so successful and cheery despite having a terrible family. I 💗 that Se Ri appreciated her father selecting her to take over his company; it is clear to me that she is the best prepared of her father’s children for that job.


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