Fabricated City Review

Review. Fabricated City is a 2017 Korean film about one man’s quest for justice. Kwon Yoo (Ji Chang Wook) is framed for a murder he did not commit. His posse is crucial as they search for the truth. But there’s a big bad villain that doesn’t take kindly to their efforts. Who will win the end? Will justice be served?

Synopsis. What if you were an unemployed gamer and are offered money to return a phone you found? What if the next day you were arrested for murdering the person you returned to the phone to? What if you were convicted, sentenced, and sent to prison? If given the chance, would you seek justice? This is the basis for Fabricated City.

What I liked about Fabricated City:

Director Park Kwang Hyun and his production team of 3 producers created slick and stylish movie. All the typical elements you’d expect – courtroom scenes, prison scenes, car chases, etc. – were in this movie. They were captured a similar but different way that made this film a treat to watch. Lots of dark lighting with a touch of gritty, with a strong technology element. It’s tough to make computers cool, this movie managed. I liked that the first scene tied to the last act.

Story You Know with a Twist. Writers Park Kwang Hyun (also the director) and Oh Sang Ho generated a screen play of a tried and true story – a man is framed and he won’t stop until he proves his innocence or dies trying. You rooted for the framed man, Kwon Yoo, to find the truth and prevail. Even though search for the truth was familiar, it had interesting elements. Kwon Yoo’s posse was not a slick established team. However they faced the challenges, each using their skills to contribute to a solution. The villain was impressive in his own right. His methods were intricate and well executed. I had to laugh when he groused about millennials.

Ji Chang Wook as Kwon Yoo, an unemployed gamer
Kwon Yoo was stunned as he was neatly framed and sent to prison. He tried to find out the truth alone but thankfully his posse intervened. I liked Kwon Yoo. From the start he was a good guy that was used for a purpose he spent most of the film trying to decipher. He took several lickings and kept pressing forward. Ji Chang Wook infused Kwon Yoo with confidence, likability, and made you root for this character to unearth the truth.

What I did not like about Fabricated City:
Good not great. All the elements of this movie worked. But it didn’t grab me completely. The emotional tie to Kwon Yoo and his plight wasn’t as strong as I wanted. I liked his posse but didn’t delight in them. I wanted more “why” than the film offered.

Final Thoughts:
Fabricated City had violence (prison isn’t fun), teamwork, and peeled the onion to find the truth. I rooted for the protagonist Kwon Yoo and his posse. I wanted to see the villain unmasked and justice served. This wasn’t a boring ride. In the end, I liked but didn’t love this movie.

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5 comments on “Fabricated City Review
  1. beezrtp says:

    Me too. I liked it but something was missing.


    • Glad I wasn’t alone in feeling like it could have been better. No emotional connection for me.


      • beezrtp says:

        I did connect with JCW’s character and his mom. But I felt as if enough time was not spent with his crew. I liked the time that we did spend with them but it wasn’t enough. And the bad guy was just… I don’t know.

        I’ve watched this movie are least 3 times, keeping my eye out for Kim Seulgi, and I always miss her, even after people told me she’s the journalist. I just don’t know.


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