Would I Date Him? My Country: The New Age – Sun Ho

This time on “Would I Date Him?”I reflect upon one of the leading men from the series My Country: The New Age.

Our candidate
: My Country: The New Age’s Nam Sun Ho, portrayed by Woo Do Hwan, is a swordsman and illegitimate child of the powerful Nam Jeon. He begins the series happy in his friendship but tortured by his negative relationship with his father. He makes a series of dreadful choices whose ripple effects destroy his best friend’s life and family. He clings to a path to achieve power but finds it doesn’t bring satisfaction.

Woo Do Hwan is an actor I watch regularly and in my cadres of cuties. I first fell for him in Save Me.

Background. Sun Ho may physically reside in his father’s house, but his father discounts his worth and pushes his son to achieve to reflect well on him. Sun Ho and his best friend enter a competition to earn a fast track to a military position. The results of that competition change Sun Ho’s life forever.

His pluses:

FOCUSED. When Sun Ho set his mind to achieving something, he went for it hard. His focus was also a double edged sword as ethical behavior was a challenge at times. He could become close minded and react in decisive anger.
SOFT SPOT. Sun Ho had a soft spot for his best friend’s sister. After wrecking the family’s life, Sun Ho took the sister under his wing and protected her as best he could. Her love and support was his talisman throughout the series. When he thought of her, you could see his humanity and heart. He also saved his best friend multiple times, even when pursuing other goals.
STRATEGIC. Sun Ho quickly advanced to engage in power games with the authoritative characters in this series. Sun Ho wasn’t in awe of his opponents, he considered them conquerable no matter how much power they welded.

His minuses
CRUEL ACTIONS. Sun Ho forced his best friend into the army and tried to kill him many times…this was how he treated his friend! You’ve heard the saying “fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me”. Sun Ho was willing to fool repeatedly to get what he wanted.
SELF SERVING. Sun Ho’s focus was gaining power and respect. What he had to do to get the power was fair game, no matter who he had to steam roll over.The respect was an elusive goal, never quite achieved by those Sun Ho originally sought approval from.

Is he my next date?

👎 Sun Ho’s actions are difficult to forgive. Sun Ho lied consistently for his own gains. And yet there was a heart of a hurt and abandoned man that desperately wanted love and acceptance even if his actions relayed the opposite. I could not trust that Sun Ho would always treat me with kindness, knowing that he could form a negative opinion which could obscure his view and skew his actions.

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4 comments on “Would I Date Him? My Country: The New Age – Sun Ho
  1. Snow Flower says:

    An excellent assessment of this tragic and conflicted character.


  2. beezrtp says:

    My brain says “NO WAY IN HELL!” but I must admit my penchant for bad choices in men would cause my answer to be different had you posted a pic of him from the swimming scene… 😜


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