Would I Date Him? My Country: The New Age – Seo Hwi

This time on “Would I Date Him?”I reflect upon one of the leading men from the series My Country: The New Age.

Our candidate
: My Country: The New Age’s Seo Hwi, portrayed by Yang Se Jong, is an archer and swordsman. He begins the series happy and healthy. Then he’s forced to leave and fight to survive. When he returns home, everything is different. Now he must carve a new life and world to live in.

Yang Se Jong was an unknown actor to me. He hit the mark with the determined and forgiving Seo Hwi. I plan watch other series with this actor – Still 17, Temperature of Love and Duel have been recommended.

Background. Seo Hwi and his sister have lived alone since the death of their father. Seo Hwi struggles to earn money to purchase food. He and his best friend enter a competition to earn a fast track to a military position. The results of that competition change Seo Hwi’s life forever.

His pluses:

FORGIVING. Seo Hwi forgave his best friend repeatedly, believing their friendship trumped the bad behavior of his friend.
LOYAL. Seo Hwi was loyal to his family, his friends, etc. He kept his promises.
FOUND A WAY. Seo Hwi endured and overcame events that would fell most anyone. He refused to give up. He returned to rebuild and extract retribution.

His minuses
TOO FORGIVING. Seo Hwi forgave his best friend for a litany of actions that would have me counseling him to walk away from the uneven and often negative relationship.
TUNNEL VISION. Seo Hwi became focused on revenge and kept an emotional distance from those that loved him. Thankfully they stuck by him and didn’t allow him to walk the dangerous path alone.

Is he my next date?

👍 Seo Hwi is the kind of guy I’d want to date. He’s good looking, kind, and dependable but has a strategic side too. He is so forgiving, you wouldn’t have to worry that he’d ditch you. Nope, this guy would work on repairing the relationship and not hold past mistakes against you.

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7 comments on “Would I Date Him? My Country: The New Age – Seo Hwi
  1. My Country Fan says:

    This is a good write up 🙂
    Thank you for pointing out good and bad qualities of Seo Hwi. He’s the kind of person that would make a good partner and friend. As for Yang SeJong, I hope you will enjoy his other dramas. He’s a very good actor and very expressive in acting. Still 17 and Temperature of Love are my favorites. I find him to be somewhat shy and a little awkward in real life and it is so delightful to watch a very different person off screen.


  2. Snow Flower says:

    If I were not married, I would definitely date him. On one condition, however: please don’t die!


  3. beezrtp says:

    Most definitely! But in true female fashion,even though he is the best there is, I’d attempt to change him! I’d nag him to not be so forgiving to his friends.


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