Melting Me Softly Episode 12

Melting Me Softly Episode 12 – To Die or to be Mad


CEO Lee and his henchman arrive at the secret lab. CEO Lee is giddy that he finally found it. He’s livid to learn his twin brother is no longer in his people pod. Recall CEO Lee is Lee Hyeong Du, not his twin brother Lee Seok Du and that Seok Du’s wife (now dead) recruited him to stand in for her husband who was cryogenically frozen after an injury. A gun is put to Doctor Hwang’s head as CEO Lee demands to know where Doctor Hwang has stashed CEO Lee’s twin brother.

Assistant Jo calls Doctor Hwang. He says Mi Ran and Dong Chan will suffer a reaction soon. He tells Doctor Hwang to come quickly. Doctor Hwang tells Assistant Jo to exercise his brains and gives him a coded message. The henchman grabs the phone to see how Doctor Hwang spoke with. CEO Lee takes the gun and aims at Doctor Hwang’s head. He demands to know where his brother is. Doctor Hwang closes his eyes, ready to die. CEO Lee recalls Ha Young told him not to kill Doctor Hwang. He lowers the gun and orders his henchman to bring Doctor Hwang with them.

Overheated Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) tells the emergency room doctor to call Assistant Jo. The doctors call Assistant Jo.

Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) runs to find Dong Chan. She’s heating up too. She hails a taxi.

Na Ha Young (Yoon Se Ah) takes the call from CEO Lee livid that his twin is gone. He orders her to find him and hangs up. She calls Dong Chan and nurse informs her Dong Chan has been hospitalized.

As Ha Young arrives, she sees Mi Ran down the hospital hallway.

Assistant Jo tells Dong Chan the shot will only stave the situation for 48 hours. Assistant Jo confirms Dong Chan’s suspicion that Mi Ran will suffer the same fate. Mi Ran bursts into Dong Chan’s room. Assistant Jo sees a bruise on Mi Ran’s arm and states Mi Ran will succumb soon. Dong Chan declares he must find Doctor Hwang. He orders Mi Ran to go home and rest. Ha Young watches from the hallway.

When Assistant Jo exits the room, Ha Young asks to speak with him. She learns that Doctor Hwang is crucial to solving the situation Dong Chan and Mi Ran are in. She asks where Lee Seok Du. She assures Assistant Jo she’s no threat as she learned all from Dong Chan.

Dong Chan and Mi Ran hang out in the hospital room. Neither want to get sick again. Mi Ran agrees to go home and rest. They admit they love each other.

While waiting for the bus, the professor that asked Mi Ran to write an essay on love calls. Mi Ran admits things have been hectic and she’s made no progress. She looks at the other couples at the bus stop. She sighs at the difficulties of her own life.

Dong Chan can’t connect with Doctor Hwang. He worries about Mi Ran.

Mi Ran sees more bruises on her body. She stares at a picture of Doctor Hwang, the man she loves. She worries they won’t have time to explore their relationship. She calls the professor and declares she’ll write the essay. She admits her love relationship is in jeopardy and she wants to capture it should their love not survive.

Mi Ran writes that at 44 she fell in love for the first and possibly last time.

She rushes outside. Dong Chan arrives. They stare. He approaches. The chide each other for leaving the home and hospital. Mi Ran takes Dong Chan’s hand and suggest they get a drink.

The soju is poured and Mi Ran complains she’s a terrible drinker. She complains their time could be cut short. She doesn’t want to have an abbreviated love. She asks why Dong Chan made her love him. She recalls the prediction that 20 years in the future she’d find love. She believes death is imminent for both of them. Tears fill her eyes and she exits.

Dong Chan catches up with her. He declares they won’t die like this. He vows to drink, spend the day, and cherish their time together. Mi Ran cries. Dong Chan holds her while she cries.

Assistant Jo arrives at the lab to find the CCTV disabled. Dong Chan arrives to find the lab a mess. Dong Chan believes CEO Lee abducted Doctor Hwang but won’t kill him until he knows where his twin brother is. Assistant Jo asks if the person arriving in Korea tomorrow can help. Dong Chan hopes so. Assistant Jo reports that Ha Young questioned him about CEO Lee’s twin’s whereabouts. That gets Dong Chan’s attention. He asks if Assistant Jo shared the location.

CEO Lee’s twin sleeps in a hospital room.

CEO Lee drinks and realizes that his brother could be revived. He wonders if Jung Woo was contacted. Ha Young arrives. He declares Dong Chan has a scheme and she must find out what it is. She doesn’t like to be ordered around. She points out she has the power of the network. CEO Lee counters that Dong Chan will die unless Doctor Hwang saves him and that is her Achilles Heel.

Dong Chan meets Jung Woo. As they drive, Jung Woo asks how his father is. Police investigator Young Tak (Dong Chan’s sister’s ex-husband) calls to inform him they haven’t found Doctor Hwang yet. He reports Ha Young met with CEO Lee last night. Dong Chan realizes he is being followed. He tells Young Tak the time has come. Working together, Young Tak stops the following car while Dong Chan drives past.

Jung Woo enters his father’s hospital room. Assistant Jo is there along with a doctor. Jung Woo calls to his father. The doctor tells him they must start the transfusion if they have any hope of saving his father.

Dong Chan sees a bruise on his hand. He calls Mi Ran. He asks if she’s okay. He tells her to rest at home and not come into work.

Dong Chan bursts into CEO Lee’s office. He declares they can make a deal. He offers CEO Lee’s twin brother for Doctor Hwang. That gets CEO Lee’s attention.

Dong Chan calls Assistant Jo and learns CEO Lee’s twin’s treatment is underway. He assures Assistant Jo that Doctor Hwang won’t be killed while CEO Lee’s twin is at large.

Director Son calls Dong Chan and demands to know why on the eve of the first show his director is missing. Dong Chan states he’s busy but will be there soon.

Dong Chan arrives at the broadcasting station to find Mi Ran and Ji Hoon talking. He overhears Ji Hoon asking Mi Ran to dinner. He tells Ji Hoon to treat Mi Ran with respect. Ji Hoon doesn’t understand why his friendship is bothering Dong Chan.

Dong Chan takes Mi Ran into the editing room and sees more bruises in Mi Ran’s arms. She find bruises on Dong Chan too. Director Son finds them talking. They assure him it is work related. Director Son leaves.

In the hallway Director Son inform Dong Chan he’s determined the IP address of the person that wrote the unflattering article about Mi Ran. Distracted with other matters, Dong Chan wants to know where Ha Young and CEO Kim are. Dong Chan finds Ha Young exiting CEO Kim’s office. He asks her about what happened that night.

Meanwhile CEO Kim assures his former boss that Dong Chan won’t cause trouble for CEO Lee. He hangs up when Dong Chan enters his office. Dong Chan cuts to the chase, he asks if CEO Kim knows where CEO Lee’s twin brother is. He informs CEO Kim that CEO Lee’s twin brother has been cryogenically frozen for years just like he was. He warns CEO Kim that CEO Lee is evil and he better find another sugar daddy. CEO Kim claims to be confused by Dong Chan’s revelations. Dong Chan walks out.

Ha Young isn’t happy that Dong Chan is suspicious of her actions.

Mi Ran works on the closing credits. Ji Hoon asks Mi Ran to think of him without his father. Ji Hoon’s mother calls.

Young Sun tells Mi Ran she cannot date her son. Mi Ran assures her that she doesn’t consider Ji Hoon someone to date. Mi Ran comments that Young Sun has evolved. Mi Ran admits she’s in love.

Director Son determines the person that wrote the unflattering article is at the café. He sees Mi Ran and Young Sun talking. He interrupts and Mi Ran introduces him to Young Sun. Director Son walks away quickly.

Dong Chan calls Mi Ran to see where she is. There’s no answer. She’s not in the editing room. He finally sees her returning to the building. Dong Chan tries to pull Mi Ran to come with him. Director Son sees them and wonders if they like each other.

Assistant Jo works to find an antidote. He wonders what Doctor Hwang’s coded words meant. Dong Chan and Mi Ran arrive and show Assistant Jo their respective bruises. Mi Ran requests that Assistant Jo save Dong Chan before him. Dong Chan knows he’s in a race against time before his symptoms return.

Ha Young finds Dong Chan waiting for her. He asks why she meet with CEO Lee and asked where his twin brother is. He tells her to stop walking the wrong path. Ha Young retorts that it is hard to watch him be young and bright while she’s old and rejected. She tells him to leave. Dong Chan asks her to help him find Doctor Hwang.

Director Son and CEO Kim know something that makes them anxious.

Ha Young considers Dong Chan’s plea for help. She calls CEO Lee and demands he return Doctor Hwang or she’ll report him. CEO Lee turns the tables and replays her request that Mi Ran be put in a cryogenic people pod. Ha Young can’t believe CEO Lee has the incriminating recording.

Dong Chan gets a recording from his former camera man. He hides what he’s doing when Director Son enters. He reports Young Sun wrote the unflattering article about Mi Ran. Dong Chan doesn’t seem to care. Director Son notes that Dong Chan and Mi Ran are items. Dong Chan warns him that Young Sun, Kyung Ja (Director Son’s girlfriend) and Mi Ran are friends. He warns him not to talk about what he knows.

Kyung Ja and Director Son meet. She coos over him. Director Son says Dong Chan knows about her. Director Son says Dong Chan and Mi Ran are dating. Kyung Ja quips a baby by those two would be an ice baby. Director Son also shares that Young Sun wrote the unflattering article about Mi Ran. When Young Sun calls Kyung Ja rips into her friend and hangs up. They agree to dine to sooth their stress.

A new worker thanks Young Sun for the job. She declares she didn’t want the internship at the broadcasting station.

Ha Young considers her predicament.

Ha Young calls Dong Chan. She tells him Assistant Jo is in danger. She admits she gave CEO Lee inside knowledge. Dong Chan hangs up. Ha Young cries. Dong Chan calls Young Tak and asks him to find Assistant Jo.

Mi Ran watches Assistant Jo work in the labs.

CEO Lee’s henchman prepares to enter into the lab with a sledge hammer but the arrival of Young Tak and the police force him to run away. Dong Chan texts that she needs to stick close to Assistant Jo. Something Mi Ran asks prompts Assistant Jo to decipher Doctor Hwang’s clue. He stares at the solution in the journal. He stares at Mi Ran.

Professor Hwang returns home. Young Sun tells him to leave. Ji Hoon arrives home.

Young Sun marvels how both her husband and son like the same woman. Professor Hwang says he’s no longer pursuing Mi Ran because Ji Hoon is more important. Ji Hoon wants to date Mi Ran. Professor Hwang is irked. Young Sun is irked. She blurts out that Mi Ran is already dating someone.

Assistant Jo looks hopeful as he distills a potential antidote. Dong Chan arrives. He and Mi Ran smile in hope. Assistant Jo sends them home vowing to complete the work.

Dong Chan walks Mi Ran home. Mi Ran says her father will walk her tomorrow. Dong Chan is hopeful that Assistant Jo’s solution will solve their situation and they’ll be able to live a normal life.

Inside her bedroom, Mi Ran recalls telling Assistant Jo she’d be his test subject for the fluid.

The next day Assistant Jo tells Dong Chan that Mi Ran was the test subject for the medicine.

Dong Chan arrives to find Mi Ran on the bed receiving the flue. Assistant Jo believe the antidote works. Dong Chan chides her for going fist. Dong Chan receives the antidote. Mi Ran and Dong Chan look into each other’s eyes. Assistant Jo comments that for 20 years he watched them sleep. He admits seeing them date doesn’t surprise him. Mi Ran says they were meant to be. Dong Chan and Mi Ran hold hands. Assistant Jo that the antidote reverses the situation but doesn’t eliminate the need to keep their body temperature cool.

A refreshed Dong Chan and Mi Ran enter the broadcasting lobby. They admire their lack of bruises. Director Son spots them when he enters the lobby.

Director Son holds a team meeting. When he wonders where Dong Chan is, he’s told the editing room. Director Son grouses about Dong Chan taking so long. Director Son tells the team not to date coworkers. Everyone looks at Mi Ran. She looks down.

Dong Chan is thrilled to be done editing the episode.

Ji Hoon tells Mi Ran he’ll wait for her after confirming she’s dating Dong Chan.

Director Son and CEO Kim are thrilled about the variety show’s opening episode.

Dong Chan sends the file to be aired. The first episode airs. In the middle of the episode, it cuts to the CEO Lee’s wife’s voice and footage of Assistant Jo’s exploding car. Dong Chan’s voice and footage explains what happened 20 years ago and how it is connected to one man, the TV zooms in on CEO Lee.

From his hospital room, CEO Lee’s twin brother states he’s the real CEO Lee.

Everyone is shocked.

CEO Lee is angry.

Dong Chan walks out of the broadcasting station. He smiles as he strides.

My Thoughts

The sci-fi side of the story takes center stage. Writer Baek Mi Kyung put both Dong Chan and Mi Ran in jeopardy with similar bruises from a situation in their bodies that required an antidote. Luckily Assistant Jo figured out Doctor Hwang’s coded message and derived the antidote. But it wasn’t a cure for everything, Dong Chan and Mi Ran still have to keep their body temperatures low. I was surprised how many times Assistant Jo was left unguarded when his work was critical.

Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) survived the situation. Dong Chan’s body had fluctuation but Assistant Jo’s temporary then permanent antidote (hopefully) solved the situation. Dong Chan didn’t like Mi Ran taking the antidote first. Dong Chan was betrayed by Ha Young when she made a deal with CEO Lee. Dong Chan figured out that Ha Young wasn’t walking the right path. He appealed to her to help him figure out where Doctor Hwang was believing that he is the only person that can save Mi Ran and him.

Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) agreed to be the test subject again. She took the first shot of the antidote. Bully for her. Director Son though he learned that Young Sun uploaded the unflattering article but it appears it is someone else using the computer system at Young Sun’s eatery. I did like Young Sun’s confrontation with her son and husband regarding their mutual attraction to Mi Ran. That was the most subdued I’ve seen Professor Hwang this entire series. Mi Ran admitted she’s in love. In fact, Dong Chan and Mi Ran admitted they loved each other. It was so subtle, it was almost a non event.

Na Ha Young (Yoon Se Ah) gathered information for CEO Lee not knowing he would blackmail her when she tried to gain the upper hand. CEO Lee has Doctor Hwang hidden. Doctor Hwang knows where the real CEO Lee is. Assistant Jo and Dong Chan know this too. Ha Young tried to get Assistant Jo to divulge this, but he kept his lips shut. Ha Young was shocked when CEO Lee forced her to continue by threatening to reveal her spoken wish that Mi Ran be returned to the people pod and frozen. Her lame excuse to Dong Chan that her heart is involved doesn’t grant latitude to work with CEO Leo to eliminate Mi Ran.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as good. My rating chart is below:

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3 comments on “Melting Me Softly Episode 12
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur Director Son 📢💩 jumped to conclusions about Young Sun 👩👒 being the culprit who outed Mi Ran 🌬❄. The cafe employee disillusioned with the TV station is a more likely candidate … ANYONE using the cafe’s internet could have made the post.

    While it was good to see Hwang Byeon Sim 👓📚 act like an adult and parent, was there anyone else who miss the wacky antics of Hwang Byeon Sim 👓📚❓⁉️ He can be wacky without chasing Mi Ran 🌬❄. Cutie Ji Hoon 🙋‍♂️🎒 was foolishly optimistic about wanting to wait for Mi Ran 🌬❄ … she’s just not into you Ji Hoon 🙋‍♂️🎒 … you will NEVER be able to relate to Mi Ran 🌬❄ like Dong Chan 🥶🎬 does with their shared ❄cryogenic❄ experience and melting aftermath.

    It is a relief that Mi Chan 🌬🥶 received a temporary antidote … hopefully a cure is not too far in the future … we need more romance💞❣ “I was surprised how many times Assistant Jo [👨‍⚕️📋] was left unguarded when his work was critical.” I whole heartedly agree KJT … and what happened to Dr Hwang’s 👨‍⚕️🧫 “protective police detail”❓⁉️ I would have thought after he was kidnapped the first time the police 🚔 would have doubled down the protection.

    OMO, Dong Chan 🥶🎬 knows how to make “MUST SEE TV”❗ Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Dong Chan use “Gogo 99” to out Lee Hyeong Du 👿 as an imposter and the cause of Mi Chan’s 🌬🥶 cryogenic awakening being delayed 20 years. Did Dong Chan have this plan in mind for the program all along or was it his last resort when Ha Young refused to report on Lee Hyeong Du 👿❓⁉️

    ✳RANT ALERT✳ I’ve never been fond of HaHa Young 👩‍⚖🎙, but now I HATE her for making a deal with the imposter that included freezing Mi Ran 🌬❄. Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 knows Dong Chan 🥶🎬 is done with her … how vindictive of Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 to try and put Dong Chan 🥶🎬 in the same position as her (being old when your loved one is young) at the peril of Mi Ran’s 🌬❄ life … could she even survive another ❄freezing❄❓⁉️ Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 betrayed Dong Chan 🥶🎬 20 years ago and again now with the fake CEO 👿 … Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 DESERVES to be destroyed with the audio clip of her making the deal with the devil, Lee Hyeong Du 👿.


    • was there anyone else who miss the wacky antics of Hwang Byeon Sim 👓📚❓⁉️
      The subdued Professor Hwang was a bit jarring.

      but now I HATE her for making a deal with the imposter that included freezing Mi Ran 🌬❄. Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 knows Dong Chan 🥶🎬 is done with her … how vindictive of Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 to try and put Dong Chan 🥶🎬 in the same position as her
      Her actions are misguided. Will she ever see the error of her ways?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Korean citizens must have complained about the characters’ behavior being too crazy, which were, except Hwang Byeon Sim 👓📚 was not just tolerable, he was funny❗ Let the zany man be crazy and funny❗

        Liked by 1 person

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